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10 ways to get rid dog body odor

Pew-Yeah!! This is the often uttering sound when you open the door of your home. The home smells like a kennel. And a couple of starry eyes staring at you, the eyes of your pooch are glittering. The culpability of this disgusting stench lies on your adorable mutt. Nonetheless, the dog itself is not a despicable creature, but the smell is annoying to the bones. Here we are discussing ways to get rid of dog body odor.

The next thing that comes into your mind is how to get rid of this noxious smell without harming the man-dog heavenly relationship. We will have to dig out the stench’s root cause; simultaneously, we will also discuss the possible solutions with a detailed stepwise guide.

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1. Bathing With Caustic Soda Comes at First

get rid dog body odor

The first significant cause of a stinking dog can be sweat. Amazingly, the dog sweats from paws, not from the skin. As the pooch traipses around, the sweat is daubed all over the household of the sweet home. Everything starts stinking. Linen sheets, curtains, chairs, and sofa sets all raise the stinking alarm bells and turns and tosses your head around. What a pity!

When you have to get rid of dog body odor the caustic soda is the most cost-effective and easily available solution.

  • The Wonders of Caustic Soda

The sweet solution to this sweating problem is bathing your dog in caustic soda. Caustic soda is naturally absorbent. It sucks out the humidity and all the slippering material from a particular body.

The caution you will have to take is to avoid applying caustic soda to the dog’s eyes and other delicate parts. PetAg Fresh ‘n Clean Baking Soda Shampoo is a most trusted product made with baking soda that you can use on your dog to get the full benefits of baking soda.

Here is how you need to do it.

Steps to Follow

  1. Bathe your dog in lukewarm but not hot water.
  2. Pour caustic soda in a jug of 500 ml.
  3. Drip the caustic soda slowly onto the dog.
  4. Massage the foam gently, especially on paws. 
  5. Rinse the applied layer after a while.
  6. The dog has gotten rid of its nasty sweat. It’s time to dry the pet with a cotton towel.

The additional caution you will have to take to cleanse all the households once after finishing your pet.

Beware not to bathe your dog so often as daily bathing remove the natural layer of oil from the skin and coat that will make skin and hair dry and rough. Simultaneously, there is no issue with bathing your dog once a week, while most vets suggest bathing twice a month.

2. Make Changes in Diet.

shutterstock_1017431794 whiped cream

There are higher chances that your dog smells foul if it is being fed substandard or spoiled food. Many dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot digest dairy products. Foods higher in starch and glucose are also anathema to the dog’s wholesome health.

As per a survey by the Federal Dog Association, the U.S.A. in 2018, most pet owners force-fed their dog’s inorganic food, which reduces the dog’s life expectancy. Substandard food can also be a cause of malnutrition and the shabby health of the dog.

It is legally and morally incumbent upon the pet parent to facilitate the basic hunger needs. If he cannot facilitate, it is better to hand the little soul to the orphanage rather than mauling it to a home prison.

  • A double-check on the supper

The solution is to sneak into the menu of your dog. Look how bad it is eating. You can easily get a comparative healthy diet chart online. Do tick the right things and make a cross against the bad ones. This evaluation will help you in selecting a suitable dog diet.

In case you figure out it’s because of diet, you may move to Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Formula. It is the most widely used formula that does not cause any odor in dogs.

Steps to Follow

  1. Look into the diet chart of your dog.
  2. Go to the search engine.
  3. Evaluate all the items separately. Read about the product description and accompanying benefits and hazards for dogs.
  4. Remember, all that is good for a man may not be good for the dog, so analyze the diet scientifically.
  5. Tick the excellent and wholesome items.
  6. Cross out the bad food.
  7. The diet chart is ready to be implemented tomorrow. Oops. Not tomorrow, but from today.

Bathe the dog regularly for good hygiene

Just like us, the dog also requires bathing, brushing, and nail sharpening. Well, the duration varies. The dog needs around four baths in a month, and you can give it a cozy bath on weekends. This is comfortable enough, but many negligent pet parents are reported to have derelict this obligation. If you are one of them, then you will have to be ready to face the stinking wrath.

3. Bath Your Dog Regularly

bath your dog regularly

The solution is super simple. You will have to take care of the hygienic needs of your fur baby. That’s enough. Regular grooming helps in not accumulating germs and rotting bacteria. The bacteria, if not removed properly, start stinking like dead flesh.

Vet’s always recommended using a high-quality shampoo to bathe your dog like we recommend Oatmeal and Aloe ingredients perfectly found in Dog Shampoo with Oatmeal and Aloe. Shea Butter for Smelly Dogs. It can be used as described below.

To get rid dog body odor you still can use the ordinary bathing products that you are already using but can increase the bathing frequency.

Steps to Follow

  1. This is a complete guide to a dog’s grooming. You may conduct this exercise after a week
  2. Take the dirty fur boy to the washing area.
  3. Bath it in lukewarm water.
  4. Apply shampoo.
  5. Take appropriate care of the delicate areas, i.e., eyes, nose, and ears.
  6. Take pea size toothpaste and brush the teeth of the canine. First up-down and then left-right.
  7. Rinse the puppy with water.
  8. Please give him a blow of hot air or dry the wet with a cotton towel.
  9. Comb or brush the fur with soft bristles.
  10. After deep refurbishment, the dog is ready to no longer smell foul due to the bad hygienic condition.

We humans take a bath daily to stay fresh and get rid of toxins and foreign elements, and bathing daily does not harm humans in any way. But when it comes to dogs daily, bathing can harm their skin and coat.

Dog owners usually take regular bathing as daily bathing that ends in a bad way. In the start, you may bathe your dog twice a week but later one, not more than four times a month.

4. Don’t Forget Ear Waxing

Do not forget ear waxing of your dog

Sometimes the dog smells foul because of the accumulated wax in the deep curves of the ear. Dogs have a habit of licking their paws and applying these to different body parts. When the dog touches the ear with its paw, the wax sticks into it and lays the stepping stone of profaning the air with the stench.

Wax also causes the blockage of the eardrums and makes the dog partially deaf.

  • A swipe of cotton buds wipes the wax

The solution is simple; you need to extract the accumulated wax and keep the ears neat and clean. The clean ear also raises the dog’s audio sensation and makes it a perfect pet (smart and obedient).

Steps to Follow

  1. Take pure cotton and make little buds out of it
  2.  Stick the buds into a wooden, plastic, or metal stick (the stick should be the index finger).
  3. Kiss the dog and get him ready for quick pruning.
  4. Insert the buds with extra care and start extracting the stuck wax by waving and curving the stick.
  5. Go deeper and deeper, keeping in view the proximity of the eardrum.
  6. Replace the buds, if necessary,
  7. The ears are clean now and can be wet for a while to make a soothing feeling after the drenching.

The ZYMOX Ear Solution and Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Pet Ear Cleaner are the best products to clean the ear of your dog at home while without these solutions you also can use cotton swabs with long sticks to fully was the ears.

5. No Carbohydrates, Please

get rid dog body odor

Flatulence is also a concomitant factor of foul-smelling dogs. If the dog is near you, a sudden smell arises from nowhere with a bumpy sound. The dog is flatulence.

Flatulence also disturbs the digestive system of the dog and can open the Pandora box of intestinal diseases. Flatulence can be noisy or mute. The luck is yours.

  • Cut down the supply line on this bubbling menace

You will have to consider the physical behavior of the dog. Many dogs are lactose intolerant while being fed high carbonic diets that turn the stomach upside down. So avoid carbohydrates when you have to get rid of dog body odor. When it comes to low carbs food, nothing can replace Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Dog Food.

The belly becomes a smoke emitting factory and pumps out a hell of loathsome gas.

Steps to Follow

  1. Firstly, confirm whether the smell is emanating from flatulence. It would help if you spent an hour with a dog.
  2. Once confirmed quickly, go to step two and jump into the menu.
  3. If the diet consists of high carbohydrate items, cut it down, and replace the omitted items with protein and fiber-rich products.
  4. Reduce dairy items up to a minimum level.
  5. Besides changing the diet, do add some physical activities after supper. This agility will help in consuming the taken food timely sans nuisance.
  6. You may get the results soon.

6. Anus Sacs Treatment

anal sacs treatment of dogs

The dog has two anus sacs, which are natural glands. Apart from many vital functions, the sacs sometimes, if swelled or distended by infection, cause a foul smell. The smell indicates a deeper underlying problem. Disturbance of anus sacs requires urgent attention.

  • Treatment of Anal Sac

Hormonal changes cause the disturbance of the glands of the dog. The body gets disturbed and starts behaving unnaturally. The anus glands are vital enzyme secreting glands to provide necessary hormones.

You cannot cut off the glands. But proper treatment can be ensured by the prescription of medics.

Steps to Follow

  1. If the dog smells foul and the anus sacs situated right below the anus, they are distended. It spells infection.
  2. Try any antibiotic to mitigate the effects of bacteria.
  3. If not relieved, you must contact the vet ASAP.
  4. Proper medication and treatment will fix the issue.

You will be amazed to know that it can be treated with treats and chews! Yes, it becomes possible with the Glandex Anal Gland Soft Chew Treats. It may not heal fully, but it is a solution that comes with pumpkin and digestive enzymes, which will make the life of your dog comfortable.

7. Call the Dentist in Case the Teeth are Rotten

Call the Dentist in Case the Teeth of dog are Rotten

Decaying teeth are also a reason for foul smell emanating from the dog. The dog is prone to eat a variety of things because of its omnivore’s disposition. Constant decaying of teeth may result in the total collapse of the teeth line. The smell rings alarm bells and a blessing in disguise as you come to know about lousy tooth health.

Timely treatment wards off the total collapse of the teeth. Teeth are a treasure of real pearls for the canine. When you have to get rid of dog body odor and it comes to teeth only a vet can have a solution.

  • A clarion call to my dentist

If the problem is of a basic level, it can be overcome by the constant usage of a quality toothbrush. You will also need to consider the diet of the dog. Teeth health is a whole subject on its own.

If the situation deteriorates and considerable damage has been done to the teeth, a dentist can correct it by a root canal, polishing, or whatever the veteran deems fit.

Steps to Follow

  1. Observe the teeth’ health keenly by opening the mouth of the dog.
  2. Watch for the markers; if the teeth are yellowish, they can be solved with proper brushing with a quality toothpaste.
  3. But if the characteristics are black and the cavity is found, then there is no home remedy; you will have to consult the veterinary doctor.
  4. The doctor will decide the way of treatment after the X-ray.
  5. Proper treatment will nip the evil in the bud.

As a dog owner, if you care about your dog and find a little problem with your teeth, you need to act fast, and you can deal with the issue without consulting to vet. Virbac CET Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs formulated to keep the teeth in good health. Early use of these chews can save you on medical bills.

8. Mouth Freshener for Bad Breath

Mouth Freshener for Bad Breath of dogs

Most dogs are accustomed to play, sleep, eat, and spend time with the family. The pet has become an essential member of our family. Some of you have observed the bad, loud breaths of the dog. Just like the pumping smoke engine of a wrecked train, this sensation puts you in hot water.

The presence of a bad breathing dog spoils the taste of prime time shows of the idiot box.

  • Hand it a mouth freshener, please:

There are two solutions; one is short-term but immediate. A mouth washer or freshener may mask the foul smell for a while, but the problem stays on in the longer run. Simultaneously, the second solution is to delve into the root cause by consulting a doctor.

We recommend Arm and Hammer Advanced Care Dental Spray/Fresh Breath and Whitening for Dogs as an instant solution. It’s completely safe for your dog and can be used for other animals. It contains ingredients that strengthen the teeth and gums.

Until then, adopt the stop-gap measure of the mouth freshener.

Steps to Follow

  1. Select a quality mouth washer and freshener for the dog. You may also select one from the men’s specifics.
  2. Moist the dog’s mouth.
  3. Pour a few drops of the mouth freshener into the dog’s mouth.
  4. Rinse the jaws.
  5. At least for the time being, the dog will be bearable.

9. No Junk for the Junk Junkie

get rid dog body odor

Some dogs are scavengers by nature. They can be found roaming around trash cans and kitchens remaining regardless of how much they are pampered. The same derelict dog has become a carrier of diseases, and its footprint is an ever-present bin smell.

This trademark endorses your dog’s naughty behind-the-scenes shows.

Well this is the least respectful way that many of dog owners do not like but hence it is a solution on our list of way to get rid dog body odor.

  • Back to Kennel:

A handy solution is to restrict the dog’s movement, but doing it right away may incur psychological and physiological harm to the naughty soul. Proper training can tilt the behavior positively.

If the dog’s wanton behavior is adamant, then an animal behaviorist may help you in this regard.

Steps to Follow

  1. You have to take some training solutions to break the chain of this behavior.
  2. Before adopting the training session, make sure that the dog is being provided all the necessities at home, and there is no compelling factor that incites it to venture out in dirt and mud.
  3. Once assured, try some behavior patterns.
  4. The list of patterns is available on different social media sites with detailed tutorial videos.
  5. If the home tricks did not work on the habitual offender, you might consult animal psychologists.
  6. The worst-case scenario is to confine the dog in a kennel. A dog prison!

10. Use Smell Suppressants for a Natural Smell  

Use Smell Suppressants for a Natural Smell

The dog has been domesticated, but the forefathers are wild beasts, and the wild has its identification. The dog’s glands secrete foul smell mainly in a negligible manner, but this is not the same for all. The secretion may be noticeable for some dogs.

For a dog, the smell is familiar, but for us humans, this becomes unacceptable.

We are very clear when recommending a deodorizer for dogs, as we only depend on TropiClean Lime & Coconut Deodorizing Spray for Pets. It’s formulated with natural ingredients, completely safe and non-toxic for dogs, and does not cause any allergic reactions.

  • Ignore it, or eat your heart out:

Either live with this odor or stop-gap measure can be the usage of smell suppressants. Applying perfumes directly on the fur coat is a bad idea and harms the dog’s tender skin.

Steps to Follow

  1. Choose a quality smell suppressant.
  2. Read the user manual thoroughly.
  3. Do check for downsides and cautions to be taken.
  4. Apply gently on the body of the dog.
  5. The dog may behave aggressively, so you need to apply caution.


Hopefully, you must have enjoyed the piece of informative content. This helps identify the root cause of the dog’s odor and the ways to combat it. This is one one-size-fits-all scenario. The gist of the article identifies before the act. Act with sanity!

In most cases, dog owners identify the cause of bad smells, and with little effort, they get rid of dog body odor, but if there is something serious that needs medical attention, then consult with your vet.

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