5 Best Giant Breed Dog Doors for Extra Large Pups of 2022

Giant Breed Dog Door

If you are an owner of a large dog, you know the struggle to get up to let your dog in and out constantly. Sometimes they’ll go out to turn around and want to come straight back in. Here the need for a giant breed dog door arises.

One way to give your dog the freedom to come and go as they want is to have a dog door. Dog doors are usually small doors installed on main doors that lead to the outside of your house, most often into an enclosed backyard.

The giant breed dog door allows your pup to come and go as they please, through a two-way flap, without you needing to get up to open a door for them.

Nowadays, there are dog doors that install through a wall, a screen door, a sliding glass patio door, and of course, a regular door. There are even all-season doors that have two doors to prevent snow and rain from getting in.

When you think of dog doors, you might think of small square openings and wondering how your Great Dane or Saint Bernard will ever fit through there. Well, we looked at the 5 best dog doors for giant dog breeds.

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1. PetSafe Plastic Pet Door for Giant Breed Dog

PetSafe is a trusted brand for pet products as they have been providing some of the highest quality products for the past 30 years. They make several dog doors, and we could’ve easily chosen any one of them to be on this list, but we stuck with their more generic version.

The extra-large version of this dog door is good for dogs under 23” at the shoulder and weighs up to 220lbs. These dimensions will allow most dogs, even extra-large dogs, to use this door with ease.

You may be wondering why weight would come into play for a door. If your dog bumps up against any of the sides while going through, the frame needs to be able to support that extra weight put on it. Keep in mind that the material to which the door is attached will need to support it.

The durable plastic dog door frame comes in white but is paintable so that you can match it to any décor in your home. If you change colors in your house, you can always ensure that this dog door matches instead of getting a new one.

The door flap itself is made of soft vinyl and flexible enough to make it easy for your dog to walk through it from both directions. The bottom is magnetic to keep it closed when your dog is not going through, to help keep out drafts and debris.

The vinyl flap is tinted, providing privacy into your home, as you cannot see through it into the house.

This door comes with a snap-on closing panel that prevents your dog from using the dog door when you don’t want them to. Also, the closing panel prevents drafts, rain, snow, and other materials from coming through. This is great for those who live in areas that experience different weather in each of the seasons.

The PetSafe pet door comes with full installation instructions, a cutting guide, and all the hardware you need. Installation is easy and can be installed on doors between 1/16” to 2” thick. If you run into any installation or replacement parts issues, you can always contact someone at their U.S.-based custom care department.

2. Endura Flap Pet Door for Giant Breed Dog

The Endura Flap Pet Door is made in the United States and built for the different seasons in North America. Not only is this door great for your dog, but it’s also great for your energy bill as well.

The double flap doors are magnetic on three sides, allowing the doors to remain shut, even in gusts of wind up to 50 mph. In addition, the Endura Flap’s patented technology resists energy loss caused by drafts in temperatures as low as -40°F.

The door flaps are non-toxic and can be recycled if they become damaged or are no longer needed. Though, with an industry-leading 15-year warranty, you probably won’t have to worry about that anytime soon.

The door pivots on a rod when opening and closing, which prevents it from cracking and tearing. The door will even remain flexible in the cold and is rated for all 4 seasons.

The high-quality aluminum frame and interior wall tunnel ensure durability and security for the life of the door. The mount is suitable for doors with a thickness between 1 ¾” to 2 ¼” and comes with easy-to-understand, step-by-step installation instructions.   

3. Ideal Pet Giant Breed Dog Door

Ideal Pet Products have been around since 1979, and they have created some great products over the years, including their Designer Series Pet Door. As well as the Designer Series doors, Ideal Pet Products has also created other dog doors for specialized needs that we recommend as well.

The plastic dog door frame is impact-resistant, so your extra-large dog will not damage the frame if they ram into it. The frame is suitable for doors between 1 ¼” to 2” thick.

The vinyl flap is flexible to allow easy movement through the door. In addition, it is built with a patented technology that prevents the vinyl from warping due to extensive use or extreme temperatures.

While this door does not have a magnetic flap, it does come with a floating bottom threshold that allows for a perfect seal every time the door is closed.

In addition, the door comes with a lock-out slide that prevents your dog from using the dog door when needed. It also provides added security when nobody is home.

The tamper-proof mount comes with easy-to-understand installation instructions, and in case you run into any issues, you can contact the customer care department, and they will be happy to help.

4. Extreme Performance Aluminum Dog Door

The Extreme Performance dog door comes with a durable aluminum alloy frame and a slide-in security door that locks on two sides. The mount is suitable for doors that range between 1 ¼” and 2” in thickness.

Available in either single or double polyurethane flexible flaps, this door is built to last, so you don’t have to worry about flaps warping or cracking. With a five-year warranty, with an option for an extended warranty, you can rest easy on the door that this door is sturdy and durable.

The polyurethane flaps are thicker and heavier than vinyl but are still easy enough for your dog to come and go as they please. The flaps are also rated to endure, even in rugged weather; with magnetic sides, the flap remains sealed and shut, allowing for a weather-proof door.

Included in the contents are everything you need to install the energy-efficient dog door, including a cutting guide, instructions, exterior frame, interior frame and flap, slide-in security panel, and the hardware required to secure everything in place.

5. BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door for Giant Breed Dogs

​The BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door is made with a thermoplastic, impact-resistant frame that is stylishly designed to match or complement your home décor. The dog door has also been tested and considered bite and chew-proof and durable enough to handle day-to-day use.

The clear vinyl flap is energy efficient and weatherproof with magnetic closures to protect against weather, including wind and rain and other debris and insects. In addition, the vinyl flap will not warp over time nor in extreme temperatures.

The door comes with a tamper-proof sliding, self-locking door panel, which will prevent your dog and anything else from using the dog door when you are out or do not want it in use. The door panel will also help cut down on drafts in cooler temperatures.

The recommended door thickness for the plastic frame with aluminum lining is between 1 ¼” and 2”. The frame can easily withstand dogs that are up to 100 pounds in weight. The telescopic frame is easy to install and can be done in about 25 minutes with the included instructions.

Things to Consider While Buying a Dog Door

  • Magnetic Closure: A magnetic seal that keeps the flap closed when it’s not in use; nowadays, every dog door has this feature, but you need one that has a strong magnetic closure; we believe that the more magnet, the stronger the seal. It will greatly reduce the chances for the flap to let in the cold air. Moreover, magnetic closures in cold weather dog doors make the use of doors easy for dogs. In short, it provides a seal which is the first required to use a dog door in cold weather.
  • Low-Temperature Tolerant Materials: Yes, filmy material cannot stand against extreme cold weathers that will tear off and let you invest again. The majority of cheap options are made of vinyl and flex material shrink in cold weather and leave gaps for the cold air. We researched well and find that; few manufacturers do a lot of engineering into the material to design a perfect dog door for cold weather.
  • Draft and Wind Resistance: frankly speaking, it’s hard to discover; only you can observe a door for this feature when you can inspect that physically, pictures do not show this feature well, and you can only make a judgment about a door. A dog door is a hole in your wall or the door that can be the ultimate source of drafts. The best dog door for cold weather leaves no gap around the flap, and it resists the strong winds to keep them out of your house.
  • Double Flap Offer More: double flap means double insulation and fewer chances left for wind and draft to make their way inside. Its insulation of a door makes it energy efficient. We recommend looking for double flap options that can surely be more useful for extreme cold weather when compared to single flap doors. They conserve the heat inside and keep the drafts out.

When you consider these things while selecting a dog door for cold weather, you will surely get a dog door that will save you cost and serve you for a longer period; here, we list few options that we found good enough to use in cold weather.

5 Tips to Make Dog Door More Useful

Size is another consideration while selecting the right door; for small dogs, it does not matter a lot because many choices are available in the online marketplace and large pups. You may face difficulty finding the right size, but surely you can trust our above-listed products. Here are few other factors that can make the door a more effective and cost-saving option for you:

  • Location of Dog Door: You know your area well, do not install the door in the direction where winds flow most of the time and ensure the dog door’s place is not an isolated one. So, others can see that either the door flaps are correctly shut or not. Many of us prefer to place the dog door at the front side or facing the yard, but you need to be extra cautious when in cold weather and choose a place where the wind pressure is minimum.
  • Add Extra Insulation on Fittings: Examine the door well and if there is an opening on the sides that might be left during the fixation, then fill that opening with silicone or any material that can stay firm in cold weather. It will help you to ensure there is no way for air to get inside.
  • Lock the Door in Nights: Most of the doors are lockable, and it’s always convenient as well as necessary to lock the dog door in extreme weather hours; it not only keeps your dog safe but also keeps the inside temperature constant, and drafts cannot freeze your dog sitting inside.
  • Avoid Electronic Dog Doors: There is no good to use an electronic dog door when located in an extreme area. Electronic dog doors become faulty due to mist in the air, especially the moist air, wet paws, or the snow cause the damage. The seepage makes its way inside and harms the sophisticated electronics, and then it may remain open or close. So, avoid such doors and prefer to use only mechanical doors.
  • Train Your Dog: When it comes to using a dog door in cold weather, you must train your dog to use that because sometimes it needs little bit more pressure to open and a hand to close it. A trained dog can take care of it and surely make way for himself, and in case you train him well, he will not leave that open.

Why We Recommend Magnetic Dog Doors

Getting a magnetic doggie door offers plenty of benefits to you and the dog.

  • Comfortable: The magnetic door lets the dog leave the house whenever it wants. If you spend hours at work every day, the magnetic door ensures that your dog can leave the house and pass wastes.
  • Exercise: Since your dog requires regular exercise to remain healthy, a magnetic doggie door comes in pretty handy. These doors let your dog out of the house and allow it to run around in the yard. Thus, it can get the correct amount of play and exercise that contributes to healthy living.
  • Mental Stimulation: The sounds, smells, and sights outside the house can mentally stimulate your dog. Dogs that suffer from boredom will enjoy the ability to have fun without your physical presence. As the dog remains mentally stimulated, it releases any pent-up energy that might have been channeled destructively.
  • Convenience: Magnetic doors greatly contribute to your convenience. With this door installed, you can say goodbye to waking up to let the dog out. You can catch more sleep and spend your time on more important things than playing doorman to your dog.
  • Security: These doors let your dog move in and out but also keep intruders and other animals away from your home. These doors also come in handy during emergencies since it allows your dog to leave home without needing your help.
  • Door Protection: Some dogs resort to scratching the wall or doors when they want to go out. With a magnetic doggie door installed, your dog won’t do such because it wants to go out.

Wrap Up

All of the above-listed doors are from patent companies, durable enough to bear the weight of large dogs; their height and width allow the large pups to pass through easily.

You can choose any of these that seems best to you. Hopefully, our resource helps you find the best giant breed dog door to make in and out easy for your pup.

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