15 Best Gifts for New Dog Owners

gifts for new dog owners

When you get a new pet, they are more than just a pet but your family. They become a major part of your life, and you fall head-over-heels for them. So, if your friend, family, or colleague has just got a pet and cannot figure out the basics, you can gift them something they need.

However, given the choices available in the market, narrowing it down to something your friend needs when dealing with pets could be a journey on its own.

So, here is a quick list of the best gifts for new dog owners.

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Buying Guide for the Best Gifts for New Dog Owners

Before we get to the products, here are some criteria you can narrow down your search to.

1-Dealing with the Pee:

With new pets, it is obvious that there would be pee all around. So, the best gift you can get your friend is something that can keep the pee off the floor, furniture, carpet, or bedding.

You can get dog diapers, washable pee mats, and similar items to help until the training is complete.

2-Personalized Gifts:

Nothing speaks love more than a personalized gift dedicated to the arrival of a new pet. Most pet parents love to memorialize these moments by getting their paw prints or a t-shirt or mat with their pet’s name or picture.

So, if you are confused about getting a new pet parent, make sure you get them personalized to make them smile from ear to ear.


We all know puppies love to play with toys and chew on them. This is especially relevant when they are teething and need something constantly to chew on.

Gifting them chew toys will help keep the pet’s attention away from other things in the house, such as your furniture, electrical cords, gadgets, and so on.

4-Feeding and Drinking Bowls

A great way to keep your dog hydrated and fed is to ensure that their bowls are made of the best material. This helps keep the food and water fresh without causing any type of mold growth.

So, you can look for some quality bowls to gift your friends and help them keep the pet healthy and happy.

1. Custom Catch Store Personalized Dog Mat

Available in small, large, and extra-large sizes, these personalized dog mats can be an adorable gifting option for new dog owners.

The mat is crafted from high-quality fleece soft on your pet’s skin and provides warmth on cold winter mornings.

You get to choose from multiple color options: grey, purple, blue, maroon, brown, and beige. The fill material used in this mat is polyester which adds to the durability factor.

Its cushion-like design features the pet’s name imprinted with beautiful fonts adding a touch of personalization.


  • It comes in 5 colors with 4 different text styles to choose from
  • Machine and hand-washable design
  • It can easily fit inside a 36-inch dog carrier or crate
  • Lightweight design can be carried around with ease
  • Thick cushioning that doesn’t lay flat on the ground


  • Seams need to be reinforced to ensure durability
  • Must not be dried in a dryer; it might shrink

2. Baby Mushroom Store Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Creating memories with your fur baby is something we all look forward to. If your friend has recently brought home a new pet, the baby Mushroom Pawprint Keepsake Kit is something of a great gift.

This kit has everything necessary to create a beautiful pawprint memorial.

You can also add your pet’s name to the keepsake with the help of a stencil kit. The kit has enough material to help you create 2 keepsakes of 4.5 inches each. The usage is easy and safe, with no baking or mixing required.


  • It dries up in 48 to 72 hours and is very durable
  • It doesn’t crack easily due to flexible material
  • Light in weight post drying
  • It comes with a risk-free lifetime replacement manufacturer warranty
  • The package includes a sturdy stand that doesn’t bend or break


  • Stencil kit might get stuck to the clay at times
  • Clay is a bit too rubbery

3. Top Dog Pet Gear Airline Approved Travel Bag

Ask any new pet parent, and their goal would be to travel the world with their fur friend. So, if yours is such a friend, the best gift you can get them is this airline approved travel bag by Top Dog Pet Gear.

The bag allows you to organize the pet’s accessories before heading out on a journey with its ample-spaced design.

The bag features a magnetic pocket and zippered pockets on the side to hold water bottles. Moreover, the internal divider helps you organize things and avoid any messy packing experience.


  • Easy & convenient design to help you feed while travelling
  • Collapsible design to store post-use
  • It can be washed easily in the dishwasher
  • It comes with silicone-based dog bowls for food and water
  • Ideal for camping trips, long hikes, or backpacking


  • The collapsible bowl is a bit flimsy
  • Zippers aren’t as sturdy

4. PetCube Pet Monitoring Camera

When you have a new pet at home, leaving them alone can keep you worried while handling your daily business. You do not know if they will get agitated, disturbed, sad, or show any emotion.

To ensure that you are present with them even when you are miles apart, the PetCube Pet Monitoring Camera should be your go-to choice.

The camera features a 1080p high-definition video camera. Moreover, it also supports night vision with two-way audio features. Petcube also comes with a magnet mounting device to help with complete surveillance.


  • Wireless design for portability
  • Night vision monitoring works up to 30 feet
  • Features a 110o view with a wide-angle design
  • Instant motion and sound alerts
  • The quick set-up can be completed within a minute


  • User needs to pay a monthly fee to active prime camera features
  • Video isn’t real-time and delays about 3-5 seconds

5. Buibiiu Dog Rope Toys for Teeth Puppy

New puppies love to chew on things, especially when they are teething. So this is the perfect opportunity for you to gift your friend the BuiBiiu Dog Rope Toys if they have recently got a pet.

This combination of 12 dog toys is perfect for small dogs.

The gift set for teething dogs has some amazing gifting options in toys such as plush, chew, ropes, squeaky, & Frisbee toys.

These attractive and pretty toys are designed to draw the dogs’ attention and help keep their teeth clean.


  • Uses safe, non-toxic material
  • Keeps your dog’s teeth free from tartar or plaque development
  • Improves the dog’s relationship with their human friend
  • Squeaky sounds help keep the dogs engaged for hours
  • Chew ropes are made of 100 percent cotton


  • Some toys are a bit flimsy
  • It doesn’t last too long if the dog is an aggressive chewer

6. Della Pace Funny Mug for Dog Parents

Sipping a cup of coffee after running around after your puppy can be a blessing in disguise. What can make this experience more special? Some quirky quotes could add a hint of fun to this.

If you are looking for an amazing gift for your friend or coworker who recently brought home a pet, the Della Pace Funny Mug is just what you need.

The mug can easily hold 11 ounces of fluid and is microwave/dishwasher safe. Made of 100 percent white ceramic, this gift comes with a 100 percent money-back option if the product isn’t up to the mark.


  • Perfect gift for women and men that love coffee
  • Dishwasher-safe design
  • Lead-free ceramic mug for safety
  • The quote is printed on two sides to provide full coverage
  • A decent weight that doesn’t weigh down your wrist when holding for long


  • Letters might start smearing after a few uses
  • Handle joint starts to chip

7. MIWOPET Warm and Soft Fleece Blanket for Pets

Puppies tend to get cold very soon, and as a pet parent, one needs to be cautious about this. However, if your friend or colleague is a new pet parent, the MIWOPET fleece blankets could be a perfect gifting option.

You can purchase the fleece blanket in small, medium, and large sizes.

Available in pink, white, and brown colors, the blanket uses fleece flannel material to keep your pet warm regardless of the temperature outside.

The material is soft with a fine texture that doesn’t rub against the pet’s hairs.


  • Fluffy design with zero fading issues
  • Keeps your pet comfortable in summer and winter
  • It can be washed in the machine and by hand
  • Hemming design keeps the blanket intact
  • Lightweight design ensures an easy folding experience


  • Ideal only for small pets due to sizing factor
  • Loses thickness after a few washes

8. Did You Feed The Dog? DYFTD Feeding Tracker

It is common for new pet parents to forget feeding their fur babies now and then as they are accustomed to changing lifestyles. To help them keep track of things, you can gift them this unique feeding tracker designed for pet parents.

The DYFTD feeding tracker has sliders that can be pushed to green if you feed your pet.

This helps ensure that your pet never goes hungry. It is similar to the way you would keep track of your medications. In the tracker, green denotes that your pet was fed, and silver states that they haven’t been.

Moreover, the tracker doesn’t use batteries and works on manual operation.


  • It helps prevent any instances of overfeeding
  • Operates with a click-in-place design without any power supply
  • Created from high-quality ABS plastic for durability
  • Features a magnet backing to ensure easy mounting
  • It helps ensure responsible feeding in new pet parents


  • Some buttons don’t stay put and slide right back
  • Silver colors chip off, revealing the green color within

9. SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy for Pet Anxiety Relief

When you are away from your pet for hours, they might suffer from separation anxiety issues. To help ease this behavior and ensure anxiety relief, you can bring home the SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy.

This cute little stuff toy comes with a heartbeat machine stuffed within to create a sense of relaxation.

This snuggle puppy will help reduce any negative behavior in your pets while reducing instances of whining, barking, or separation anxiety.

In addition, this soft toy helps your puppy, and you sleep with ease at night. The heartbeat generator uses AAA batteries that operate in 2 different real-feel modes.


  • Uses certified and safe materials for teething puppies
  • It can be washed in the machine or by hand
  • It comes with a heat pack that keeps your pup feeling warm and snuggly
  • Functions 24/7 continuously & 8 hours when operating on auto-off feature
  • Pulses generated by the heart device feels like a real heart


  • Heartbeat generator tends to malfunction at times
  • Palpitations are too strong and might scare some pets

10. The DogFather Pet Humor T-Shirt

As new pet parents, it is exciting to proudly wear a mark representing their love for their fur baby. So, what could be better than a wearable like the one by The Dogfather?

This cute and funny T-shirt is printed using a unique silk-screening technique by Michigan artists.

This unisex t-shirt has a modern design that fits users of any size. The T-shirt is on the tapered end, which doesn’t make you look boxy. However, remember that any t-shirt would shrink a bit if made of cotton.

So, you should get a size larger than your regular one.


  • It uses a soft fabric that wicks away any sweat during hot summers
  • Ringspun t-shirt with higher thread-count to ensure its gentle on skin
  • Lighter than most t-shirts available in the market
  • Thick enough, which doesn’t make it see-through
  • Durable and vibrant ink, which is crack-resistant


  • Shrinkage is a lot after being washed
  • The neckline is a bit constricting

11. Toozey Pet Heating Pad with Timer

It isn’t always possible to keep your pet tucked in the bed and safe from the dropping temperature on cold winter days. But, with the Toozey Pet Heating Pad, you can keep your fur baby warm and cozy at all times.

This heating pad is available in small, medium, and large sizes, along with color choices that include beige, green, navy blue, and grey.

The heating pad comes with an alloy steel frame to keep up the shape regardless of how clumsy your pet is. It also features a controller to help adjust the temperature as required with 6 different temperature settings.


  • Features four auto-shut options that range between 4 and 24 hours
  • Design to conserve energy & prevent burns
  • Prevents any possibility of burns caused due to excessive heating
  • Uses UL-certified 7-layer heating wire to ensure zero electric hazards
  • Cleaning the heating pad is easy with a simple wiping action


  • Requires the use of a cover to ensure there isn’t any direct contact
  • Some coils might not heat up

12. Pet Parents Pawtect Washable Dog Pee Pads

Puppies tend to pee around a lot and require many training hours to be put in. With the Pet Parents Pawtect Washable Dog Pee Pads, you can train your puppy to pee in a designated location instead of peeing all over the house.

In addition, this pack of 2 washable pee pads can be washed in your machine with ease.

Moreover, the pee pads and highly absorbent and help with odor control. The proprietary fabric used in these pee pads quickly wick away the pee and helps avoid the mess in the house. The pee pad’s no-slip grip helps keep the pad in place.


  • Ideal for multiple uses during travel or long trips
  • It can be used to help your pet pee post-surgery
  • Economical design that comes at a pocket-friendly pricing
  • The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • It can be used as a crate liner or to protect the furniture


  • Isn’t completely leakproof
  • It might not be slip-resistant on ceramic tiles

13. AGECASH Collapsible Dog Bowls

Collapsible dog bowls are a boon when traveling with pets. The AGECASH Collapsible Dog Bowls are great gifting options for pet parents.

Available in small and large sizes, these collapsible bowls are made of silicone and do not break or chip in any manner.

The collapsible bowl can hold as much as 12 ounces of fluid and is completely dishwasher-safe for an easy cleaning experience. It is perfect for hiking, traveling, walking, camping, or even indoor usage.

The bowls can be clipped or collapsed flat and kept within the backpack without taking up much space.


  • Fitted with durable colored buckles to help keep the bowls separated
  • The bowl’s size can be adjusted as required
  • Brightly-colored bowls that look as beautiful as purposeful
  • Portable and convenient design to keep your pets hydrated
  • Excellent stability and strength with dishwasher-safe design


  • Clipping plastic section tends to break off fast
  • Pricey for the quality provided

14. UPSKY Dog Portable Water Dispenser

When on long walks or trips with your fur friend, it is important to keep them hydrated. To help in such cases, the UPSKY Dog Portable Water Dispenser is just what a new pet parent needs.

This leakproof water bottle holds about 400ml water while being light in weight as you scale those roads with your pet by your side.

The water dispenser has a one-hand operation design to fill or release water if and when required. The entire piece can be disassembled and cleaned with ease. To ensure zero leakage, the dispenser also comes with a sealing rubber-based ring.


  • Durable and safe material that is reliable and harmless for pets
  • Features a big trough to help pets drink water easily
  • Leakproof lock with one key open design
  • Holds enough water to last for hours
  • Ideal for small and middle-sized dogs


  • The Top & bottom portion might not screw together completely
  • It doesn’t come with a filter, as stated in the package

15. Pet Parents Premium Washable Male Dog Diapers

Wiping off piss from the floor now and then can be a hectic task. This is especially true if your pet is sick or just had surgery.

The Pet Parents Premium Washable Male Dog Diapers come in extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. These highly-absorbent belly bands fit in well on male dogs and come in a pack of 3.

It is also ideal for young and untrained puppies or those in the habit of marking the “spot”. The material is soft and comfortable and doesn’t make any crinkly sound. The Velcro closure design is quick & easy to put on, and doesn’t come off easily.


  • Highly absorbent with waterproof layering on the exterior
  • Prevents contamination on carpets, sofas, rugs, or upholstered chairs
  • Velcro doesn’t stick to the pet’s fur
  • Features sewn-in super-absorbent pads
  • An elastic edge that provides a snug and leakproof fit


  • Some dogs might be sensitive to the material
  • The sizing is a bit inaccurate

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As new pet parents, one can be bombarded with a range of choices that might overwhelm them. So, it is your prerogative to get them something they need as a friend.

This will help them overcome the overwhelming responsibility of being a good pet parent.

This collection of gifts for new dog owners can help them prepare for years of fun, hearty laughs, kisses, hugs, and whatnot! If you are looking for a quick suggestion, you can never go wrong with a personalized dog mat.

You can get your friend Custom Catch Store Personalized Dog Mat and watch their pet rest and relax while enjoying the comfort!