9 Best Great Dane Doggie Doors of 2022

Great Dane Doggie Doors

The Great Dane is a friendly giant of a dog. The biggest Great Dane on record, Zeus, stands at just four inches short of four feet. While that is abnormal, the average Great Dane is a big dog that stands at least two feet tall when fully grown. So, if you own a Great Dane and want a doggie door, you might wonder if you can ever get excellent Great Dane doggie doors. This post will review five of the best great Dane doggie doors that you can find right now. Read on to find out our best picks.

A best Great Dane doggie door allows this large pup to cross easily without bending. To get the right door for your Great Dane, it’s always good to measure your dog’s real height and width. Here is the full height and weight of fully grown Great Danes:







120 – 200 lbs.



100 -130 lbs


When you are not sure about the right size, you can follow the above-listed guidelines. Or choose anyone from the below-listed dog doors.

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1. Best Great Dane Doggie Door

great dane dog door


The first option on this roundup is from one of the most popular doggie doors on the market. The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door comes in several sizes, including an extra-large model that serves as an excellent Great Dane doggie door.

This model comes with a plastic frame. But do not fret – the plastic construction is very durable. You can paint it as well to fit in with your aesthetic tastes.

The door comes with a soft vinyl flap that is very comfortable for your large dog to pass through easily. This Pet door comes with a magnetic closing system that allows your dog to pass through by applying pressure while keeping out any intruders or unwanted pets from your house.

The unit also comes with a snap-on closing panel that comes in handy when you do not want the dog to go out or come in. This panel also comes in useful in inclement weather because it keeps wind, rain, and other weather elements out of the home.

The PetSafe Plastic Pet door comes with an easy-to-install build. It is designed to be installed through doors and set up in different doors of thicknesses of up to two inches. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find the installation kit with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. You also get all the hardware required to set it up.

If you run into any trouble using the door, you can contact PET Safe through email or telephone.


  • Durable construction
  • Paintable
  • Good customer service


  • Fragile closing panel
  • Poor energy efficiency

2. Top Rated Great Dane Doggie Door

great dane doggie doors


Another excellent door for Great Danes is the Ideal Pet model. As with other options on this roundup, it comes in various sizes, but what you want is the super large size. This model comes with an opening that fits dogs as tall as 24 inches.

With the Ruff-Weather, you get a doggie door with double flaps. These flaps are built to last despite the strength of the dog passing through. Apart from its durability, the double flap contributes to energy efficiency.

This unit comes with a durable frame as well. The structural foam molded plastic is billed to last for several seasons. Aside from being durable enough to survive a large dog’s passage, the foam serves to improve insulation around the door.

Like the PetSafe Plastic Pet door, it features a magnet mechanism to ensure that the flap remains shut when your dog isn’t passing through.

Installation is somewhat trickier than your average doggie door since it can be installed through the wall. In such cases, you might want to call on the services of a professional. You can get the door-installed model – although Ideal Pets has failed to stipulate the door’s thickness, it can be installed through.

If you have any issues, you can always contact the manufacturer via email customer service.


  • Energy efficient
  • Durable build
  • Large enough for Great Danes


  • No warranty
  • Tricky installation

3. Budget Buy Great Dane Doggie Door

dog door for great dane


It was hard for owners of large dog breeds like Great Danes to find suitable pet doors in the past. The traditional options couldn’t stand up to the power produced by a Great Dane hitting it at a run. The PlexiDor dog door is made for such large breeds – including Great Danes. It comes with several features that make it one of the best dog doors for Great Danes.

First, it has one of the most durable frames you can find in a doggie door. The frame is an aluminum frame that is resistant to cracking. It also has see-through panels that your dog can, well, see-through.

Great Danes come with powerful jaws. Hence, it can be tempting for it to try chewing the door when bored. Thankfully, this extra-large PlexiDor comes with aluminum chew-proof trim. This would make it very difficult for the dog to chew and destroy the door.

As the door is extra-large, security is a valid concern for dog owners. PlexiDor addresses this by providing a lock and key and a security plate made of steel attached to the frame. Hence, you can rest assured that no intruders would be coming through.

The door comes in three frame colors, so you can choose any that tickles your fancy. With the ability to serve dogs weighing up to 220 pounds, the PlexiDor dog door is one of the best Great Dane doggie doors.


  • Chew resistant
  • Large, durable door
  • Excellent height


  • Relatively expensive

4. PetSafe Freedom Aluminium Pet Door

best dog door for great dane


We love many things about this door, but chief among them is the easy installation. With this product, you do not have to alter your excellent door or make a hole through the wall to install it.

It comes in a sliding glass door design that will be convenient for your dog while complementing your home décor.

It is one of the most energy-efficient doors on the market as the door can maintain internal temperatures. Therefore, it is awesome in winter and summer.

To ensure that your dog’s size doesn’t damage the door, PetSafe has made this model with a sturdy aluminum frame. Thus, try as it may. Your dog would not be able to smash through. This frame is also rust-resistant.

With its overall smart design, you can control the entry and exit of your Great Dane. The frame is available in different colors too. The inside lock panel helps you determine if you want your dog to be able to move in and out of the home.


  • Easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Durable
  • Shatter-proof glass


  • Costly

5. Best Great Dane Doggie Doors

dog doors for great danes


Last but not least on this roundup is the Endura Flap Pet door. It comes in various sizes, but the best option for your Great Dane is the XL size.

This doggie door is, among other things, highly energy efficient. Thus, you can use it without suffering from drastic temperature changes within the house. It also ensures that you do not spend extra on heating or cooling during hot and cold periods. Aside from the energy efficiency, this model comes with UV-resistant flaps that also block winds and drafts. Thus, you get an efficient insulation system.

With its magnetic mechanism, this door can be opened and closed whenever you like. The magnetic mechanism also means that the doggie door doesn’t depend on electricity or batteries to work.

This magnetic door has three-sided adjustable power magnets that ensure that it stays shut even when buffeted by strong winds. The magnetic force can be adjusted as well to allow your dog to pass through easily.

It is a durable door made with an aluminum frame to withstand a Great Dane rush through the tunnel. The flap is easy to use and comfortable, and it won’t take a long time before your dog figures out how to use it. You can limit your dog’s entry and exit via the clip lock.

Overall, this is an awesome dog door for Great Danes.


  • Excellent thermal quality
  • Energy efficient
  • High-quality flaps


  • Difficult installation

6. Top Rated Doggy door for Large Dogs

great dane doggie door

This next model is activated by an Ultrasonic collar and is an excellent option for large breeds. The unit features a directional sensing system that ensures that it only opens when the dog directly approaches it.

There are also four modes to choose from that control access to the door. It is one of the strongest and most durable doors on the market today with its bulletproof, super strong panel. Since the panel is air-tight and doesn’t swing, you don’t have to worry overmuch about intruders kicking it down or other animals entering unauthorized.

7. Best Great Dane Doggie Door

doggie door for great dane

Toddleroo by North States is ideally made for the kids, but it is an ultimate solution that can be used for kids and four-legged friends, either the large one or puppies. It’s an ideal solution for wider areas and stairways. Its hardware is designed to fit anywhere between 28.68” to 47.85” while 31” tall. So ideal you can fit it anywhere.

It’s a multipurpose gate that can use anywhere in the house and a single investment that will overcome most of your common problems, equally beneficial for kids and dogs. Best raw materials are used in its construction; it’s safe for all family members as well as for all pets in your home, non-toxic, and there are no sharp corners that can harm the kids and pets.

It allows easy walkthrough you can open the gate with just one hand, and click require a little and nice push. No threshold and extra wide door allow to pass through easily. It fits with the proper wall mounting hardware that holds it sturdy in its place; it will not slip in any case and prevent accidental crossings.

We recommend this durable and sturdy solution as a single solution to a section of one floor or prevent kids and pets from restricting their access to the staircase. Its height makes it difficult for dogs, even the large ones, to jump the door. Heavy metal and vertical bars keep your loved ones secure—ideal for large openings and wide staircases.

We recommend it most and keep it on the first spot because it does not have a threshold, so there is no tripping risk, and due to permanent hardware, the gate will not swing over the stairs. It swings only in one direction; this feature makes it more secure and safe.

8. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door, Includes 4-Inch Extension Kit, Pressure Mount Kit and Wall Mount Kit

Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door is a pressure mount solution that does not leave any mark on the walls and prevents future repair. It comes with two options, one pressure mount kit, another wall mount kit, and a 4” extension kit, which is also included in the package. Its core features are;

It includes multiple safety lock features that make it perfect for small to medium-sized dogs, and it’s certified by ASTM and JPMA standards. Pressure mounted design not only makes it quick and easy to fix but also makes it sturdy enough to stay at its place.

It can be used at doorways, bottom and top of stairs, and hallways. It can fit in an opening of 29” to 36.5”, so measure the place where you need to fit it. Measuring your opening before purchase will save you from future problems. When you use a wide extension, that total width will become more than 40”.

We recommend it for small and medium-sized dogs as they cannot jump over its height of 30.5 inches. And your cats will not bother this door because you can keep the small door open for them, so there will be no sectioned-off area for them.

9. Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate

great dane door

Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate makes its spot on our list because of its adjustability and style. It allows an easy walkthrough, and it features a gate stopper that prevents the gate’s opening on stairways. Its finishes and narrow steel bars make it an attractive dog gate that can fit anywhere in your house from 28.5” to 48” in width.

Dogs can easily jump up to their heights, but when it’s 36” inches tall, even the large pups cannot jump this gate. Safe for kids and animals when used as the baby gate, you can stay sure that; there are no sharp edges, and its paint is non-toxic.

Its door needs a push to get locked; leave it nicely, and it will be locked itself. No drilling is required to install this dog gate; it fit sturdy with pressure mounting points and can hold the pressure of large dogs.

We recommend it because it can hold your large pups, a true multi-purpose gate that can be used for small dogs and babies. So, it’s a one-time investment that will solve most of the common problems. Metal with a bronze look gives it a real beauty that will increase your house’s interior look.

Pressure mounting adjustment allows using the same gate at a different place in the house when required, and amazingly no tools are required to set it up. It’s our last recommendation on the list of great dane doggie doors.

4 Tips to Keep Large Dogs Contained Without a Door

If you do not have a doggy door, letting your dog run amok in the house asks for trouble. He might destroy your furniture and drop wastes all around the house. This section will see practical ways to keep your dog contained in the house without it causing a ruckus.

  • Schedule Playtime: You can draw up a schedule of playtime for your dog. If your large dog loves playing with other dogs, you can introduce them to a canine companion. These interactions are effective ways to dispel the dogs’ energy and reduce boredom.
  • Play Indoor Games: Playing indoor games can help your dog remain happy despite staying indoors. You can play fetch down the hallway or engage the dog using interactive toys. The extra stimuli will ensure that your dog remains mentally alert despite staying at home almost all day.
  • Create a Safe Space: Inside the house, you can create a dog area for it to relax and have fun. This can be a soft surface to sleep on or a basket of chew toys for it to play with.
  • Establish a Routine: A routine is important for dogs that depend on you for bathroom breaks. Keeping feeding and bathroom times consistent will reduce discomfort and can lower the risks of accidents.

Doggy Doors & Your Dane

While a doggy door might seem to be nothing more than an easy passageway for your dog, it is more than that. Several benefits come from installing a doggy door in your home. Here, we will see some of them.

  • Comfort: A doggy door provides loads of comfort for your dog. If your dog feels like passing waste, it can be hard to hold it. If you are away at work or someplace else, the dog might have to hold it until you return. However, with a doggie door installed, the dog can go out to do its business even when you are not around. It also lets your dog leave and come in with ease.
  • More play and Exercise: With free access through the doggy door come more avenues for play, exercise, and mental stimulation. As long as the yard is secure, your dog can have a fun-filled day playing in and around the house without needing your help getting past the door.
  • Lower risks of accidents: A doggy door lets your dog enjoy the outside world while you aren’t around. If it were cooped up in the house all day, it could lead to boredom, which is sometimes responsible for destructive behavior.
  • Timesaver: Since the doggy door grants access to the dog, you can sleep in longer and do other things other than playing doorman to your dog.

So stop looking for the best great Dane doggie doors, make your decision to make your Dane’s life easier.


In this review about Great Danes’ best dog door, we have seen five of the best units available. These five models are durable, large, and comfortable for your gentle giant. Would you please go through the review to see which of them you prefer?