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So, you are a new owner and have an excitable puppy who pulls on his leash, and you want to decide about harness vs collar for the puppy. The superb thing about your curiosity is, your early decision can help you and your dog to become comfortable with the harness and putting it one and off in the coming day will become easy and your puppy will start cooperating with you.

We can understand it well you are afraid of choking with the collar and tugging problems so you are searching for the better options, here in this article try to cover all the benefits which a harness offer especially when you adopt it from the very early days, there are three basic types of harness to decide which are,

harness vs collar for puppy
PHOEPET Updated No Pull Dog Harness
harness vs collar for puppy
PUPTECK Basic Nylon Dog Collar

Harness that hugs the chest, it is suitable for stronger pulling puppy, the second one is the gentle leader that is also a type of harness but we do not recommend it for a puppy and a third is Rugg harnesses these are also not suitable for small dogs and puppies.

So here the ultimate choice is basic harness which hugs the chest because it offers all the benefits of harness which you are looking for.

Advantages of Harness

      • The harness is a good training tool for puppies that haven’t learned to walk on a lead
      • A harness will prevent your puppy from tangling in the leash
      • Offer better control over puppies especially in a walk, event and in busy public places.
      • Also easier on your back when the puppy pulls
      • It solves tugging on the leash because it disperses pressure over the large area and puppy become comfortable
      • Discourage pulling, harness offer no reward to pulling so it is good for training
      • Harness offers to pull the puppy gently when he is resting or sitting, so will never cause any discomfort or pain
      • The best and ultimate solution for escape artist, if your puppy skips from the collar or leads then the harness is the solution as he cannot slip from it.
      • Harness offers better control over jumping of your puppy, as most of the puppy become nasty when they go outside and it becomes a challenge to control them, the harness offers the control over such actions without worrying of choking
      • The best solution for puppies allergic from the collar or leash
      • With Harness, you will never lose your puppy
      • Frequent walks become easy with harness
      • Say GoodBye to neck issues while using harnesses, with the overtime use of collar the tissues and veins may be injured and invest many of serious issues because the collar is the main reason of choking and pressure on the neck muscles and respiratory. While selecting a harness, you can avoid these issues
      • Harnesses are very helpful for dogs who are suffering from collapsing trachea

Are Harness Ideal for Every Breed?

There is not a reason to avoid harness; some dog breeds may show some concerns and dislike and need some time to adjust with the harness. If you have to decide harness vs collar for puppy, decide about the use of harness and start using from the early days will offer some great advantages and your dog will become comfortable with it. You might find that on and off a process of the harness is a challenging job to do especially when your dog refuses to corporate. But if start this practice from the early age of your pup then this process will become easy for you and your puppy.

So, if you have finally decided about the harness than please check out some of our top picks which are selected on the basis of quality, price and customer reviews.

1. EcoBark Gentle Dog Harness

This product from EcoBark comes in different eye-catching colors and sizes, there small and medium sizes are best for puppies, check their sizing chart before buying will help you know the exact required size. It is made with a double-layered mesh fabric and built in a way to last for many years. We are recommending it at very first because it if comfortable and stronger than other typical harnesses for puppies.  They feature this product with anti-rubbing technology that will save your puppy from getting injured with the rubbing. It is escape-proof when you choose an exact size for your puppy 

2. PUPTECK Soft Mesh Puppy Padded Vest Harness

You will love the stitching quality of this product and quality of buckles, if we compare quality and price then this is the best product which deserves to be at number two.  They make it with the 100% polyester material soft to touch and breathable air mesh, so your puppy will remain comfortable while wearing this harness, it will not hurt when running. A lot of color and sizes are available you can match the harness with the leash and other accessories.

3. Copatchy No Pull Reflective Harness with Handle

The handle is helpful to support your puppy too many tasks, that he is not familiar with and even you can use the handle to wake him up and stand on his legs. Overall, it provides good control over the puppy. This is the reason we recommend harness with the handle. This product is made with breathable high-quality mesh material and sewn in a way to last for many coming years, colors and sizes are available. It is good with all types of puppies; it buckles makes it easy to apply and provide full control over a puppy.

4. Pawtitas Pet Reflective Mesh Dog Harness

This is a step-in design which is most easy to wear, your dog just needs to step in his two legs or your need to inset the legs and then buckle it up on the top side, this easy to walk harness is great for your adventures. It is a padded harness and will remain very comfortable for your puppy even when he is running. Colors and sizes are available from small dogs to adults.

If you are fond of fashionable products, then colors and style of this product will suit you best and I will be a prestigious gift for your puppy

5. INVENHO Mesh Harness with Padded Vest for Puppy

This is a product from fashion lovers; the company “INVENHO” is known for its innovative and quality products. The colors and style of this harness make it different from others, and it will make your puppy a talk block. This product featured in the clips around the body which make easy on and off and there is no need to instruct your pet to get in you can do it yourself, even if your pet does not cooperate you can apply it with ease. Choose the size carefully and it will be a great lightweight gift for your puppy 

Harnesses are not always a perfect alternative to collars, as a basic function of collar is the identification of dogs, and collars can be used with the normal routine means dogs can wear it all the time, but harnesses do not offer this benefit and you cannot leave your dog with the harness. You need to put it on when you are going out and put off when your dog has to rest or you are back at home. In the event of loss of a dog, the dollar is an identification that it has an owner and he is around and searching for his four-legged friend, a tag on the collar at that time is helpful. So, a harness cannot be a complete alternative of the collar, your puppy can wear both at a time.

Final Thoughts

Harnesses offer a lot of benefits over traditional collars but there are some disadvantages too like if you dog is a breed which can bite specially when is outside, pulls hard or having chewing habit then they need a collar that choke them. Because in such situations, choking helps you to get a control over your puppy easily.

To get better results is recommended to start using harnesses from the early days of your puppy as it will develop a lot of positive things in your favorite four-legged friend.  In this topic harness vs collar for puppy we try to cover all the benefits of harnesses and the basic use, if you still have any question about the topic then please ask us in the comments.

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