What is the Best Heated Dog House for Winter? Warm and Insulated Option

We all prefer to allow our dogs to sleep inside at night, but this is not possible in all situations. If you don’t let your pup sleep inside, then you’ll want to provide your pup the best thing in an insulated dog house. So he can stay warm, comfortable, and dry through the night, especially in the extreme cold weather. In the snowiest season and when cold winds howl, dogs need a heating arrangement; the very first and basic requirement is the best-heated dog house for winter, which can separate the external environment from the internal.

Below we’ll discuss some of the best quality insulated dog houses that you can use in freezing weather to keep your dog warm and comfortable, as well as in summer to keep your furry friend cool.

Buying and setting up the best dog house for winter helps your dog avoid hypothermia, which can be life-threatening in the cold season. This disease usually takes up dogs when their body temperature falls below 100 ° F. they reduce intake and become weak quickly because it damages their digestion system severely.

The worse side is during the disease; dogs cannot produce the required heat and become colder, which results in a lethal shut down.

During the cold season, you must provide sufficient insulation and heating armament in the form of a dog house heater and heating pads or install and best-insulated dog house, particularly made for winters. Below we discuss some of the best available models that you can use in the winter (extreme cold season) without any doubt. Let’s move on to the product review:

1. Pet Zone Heated Dog House

  • Ideal to keep the dog warm in the winter season.
  • Large enough to accommodate 125lbs dog.
  • Height-grade insulation made with double-wall, 10X more insulating properties.
  • Easy to clean and no tool required for assembly.
  • Proudly made in the USA, with elevated floor panels.

Pet Zone Best Heated Dog House for Winter is made of durable material, and it is coated with a UV protective coating to make it long-lasting. This outdoor heated dog house comes with double-wall construction. That provides ample space for insulation and effectively increases the distance between the outer and inner environment, which helps control the inside temperature in the cold and snowiest season.

We find that its floor contains double insulation and thick enough to stop the cold coming from the earth. All of its features make it a warmer and more comfortable and best outdoor heated dog house.

You will love this top heated dog house because it’s easy to assemble and keep the inside temperature stable, and it features a window at the upper part of the wall for ventilation.

The double-wall construction is not only beneficial in the winter; it also helps to keep the house cool in the hot weather.

More it weighs only 23 pounds and a lightweight option to move. Like in extreme weather, you may use it under shelter or garage to keep your dog warm and in moderate season, use it outside. Keep in mind that it is made to use outside, and it is durable enough to last for many of the coming years.

No tools are required to assemble the house; Pet Zone dog house with heat for winter comes with holes to tie down the house for added security.

Drawbacks, Warm bedding is necessary for frigid weather. If you do not tie it down, then fill the tie-down holes in the floor with calk; otherwise, rain could begin potentially seep in through the floor.

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2. ASL Dog Palace with Floor Heater

insulated dog house
  • Each panel is insulated with 4-2 inches of foam (Styro/EPS).
  • Featured with an insulated self-closing door, easy pass-through for dogs.
  • Ideal winter warm dog house for small and large-sized dogs.
  • The self-storing window for proper ventilation.
  • Made with 4 inches raised the floor to keep the dog dry and warmer and suitable for proper bedding.
  • Equipped with the automatic electric floor heater for your dog’s comfort that provides the required heat to stay warm in extreme weather.

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater is the absolute best dog house for winter. It is engineered to comfortably protect your pup in the extreme cold and snowiest weather as well as from the harsh elements. It is an insulated dog kennel with an electrically operated floor heater that can provide sustained warmth regardless of how freezing it is outdoors. Its insulation stops the cold outside and retains the heat; its walls are stuffed with the professional-grade EPS Styrofoam material.

This professional insulation material is used in building as thermal insulation and water barrier, so when your pup rest in the Asl insulated dog house, you can stay worry-free.

Fitting plays an important role in the construction of an insulated dog house for winter, and ASL engineered it to fit sturdy and leave, so space for breeze and cold to make its way into the house.

Even ASL equips this winter-proof dog kennel with the self-closing door, which is also insulated and, when closed, leaves no space for any element to enter inside the house. You will be amazed to see that there is no space between door and frame, while in the industry, most of the manufacturers use flaps instead of doors. If you own an anxious dog, he can see through the window in the door to keep an eye outside, helping him stay calm.

ASL design cold weather dog house with a sloped floor, which makes it easy to wash and clean, and its drain hole can evacuate all the water inside. If you consider versatility, it is the best available option in the market but an expensive one. You can get the benefit of this home in the hot summers.

Its insulation keeps the inside cool, and this feature makes it the best Dog house for winter and summer. To be used in summer, it’s equipped with air vents that you can open in the hot season to keep your dog cool inside.

Drawbacks, Not portable when assembled need to disassemble to move, Light dog training required to use it.

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3. Petmate All-weather Dog kennel

best bedding for dog house in winter
  • An igloo-type dog house that keeps the dog warm in the cold season.
  • Microban Antimicrobial Product, Protect dogs effectively from rain.
  • Equipped with roof vent to circulate fresh air.
  • Featured with raised floor and side moats to keep drain water and keep the dog dry.
  • Eco-friendly product is available in three sizes.
  • Additional accessories available, indigo door and the heating pad, etc.

Petmate All weather Dog kennel is a Microban Antimicrobial product that prevents the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. If you are looking for a dog house for winter and summer, which is equally beneficial in both seasons, then you can surely buy Petmate’s all-weather dog kennel.

It is a best-insulated dog house made for the winter season with an extended offset doorway that shields pets from rain and wind. The Petmate best cold weather dog house is ingeniously igloo-shaped and provides year-round housing for your four-legged friend.

It is designed for easy cleaning and expansive space inside so your dog can feel comfortable and warmer and provides perfect insulation for cold and snowiest weather.

The offset doorway makes the entry easy in both cold ad hot weather and supports keeping the inside temperature constant. If you planned to consider only insulated dog kennels, then be sure this one is fully insulated and practical to keep the outside temperature away from the inside environment. For comfort and ventilation, Petsafe warmer dog house for winter is equipped with a roof vent that circulates the air and makes its design unique.

We are sure Petsafe’s Best cold weather dog house features that you will like most are its Microban antimicrobial protection, its design, and its insulation to keep your dog warm. It encourages a dry and comfortable resting place and easy to assemble without any need for a tool. If you live in the extreme cold, you can buy an Indigo door and heating mat to keep your dog warm.

It is proudly manufactured in the USA and a perfect choice to live at ease while enjoying the heat in winter and air in summer.

Drawbacks, Not easy to clean, in extreme cold you need warm bedding with this house.

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4. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

best dog house for winter
  • The roof can be opened for ventilation and cleaning or to provide sunlight to your dog.
  • Easy to clean removable bottom.
  • Available to accommodate large size dogs.
  • Come with pre-drilled holes for easy and hassle-free assembly.
  • Featured with a door flap.

Petsfit Outdoor Dog House is the best cold weather dog house made with wood and finished with the natural cedar pair. Its roof is painted with a water-based color to make it fully weather-resistant from the outside. Petsfit is building the best outdoor dog houses for cold weather, insulated to keep the inside temperature regular.

The product in the spotlight is available in three sizes; the last size is large enough to accommodate your full-size dog. Its roof can be opened for ventilation and cleaning. You also can open it if your dog love to rest inside on sunny days. Whole for easy cleaning purposes, its floor is designed as removable, and you can wash it to refresh.

Petsfit warmest dog house cleverly designed with the off-center entrance, which provides benefits like an increased shelter for dog and space for turning around, and the support of keeping the temperature in control. If you have multiple small dogs, you can accommodate all of them in this large super insulated dog house.

While buying this house, you can work on your insulation ideas if you have any. Its roof allows you to implement any insulation inside that you buy or make at your end to make the dog kennel insulated for more warmth and comfort for your dog.

Drawbacks, In the extreme weather you need additional insulation and warm bedding.

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5. Tangkula Wooden Pet Kennel

insulated dog house for winter
  • Stylish and beautiful draft-resistant tongue and groove design.
  • Featured with asphalt rain roof to prevent rain and snow from entering.
  • High-quality fir wood is used in construction.
  • Environment-friendly and durable to last for many of coming years.
  • Perfect to use on uneven grounds with adjustable feet.
  • Designed with a removable floor for easy cleaning.

Tangkula Outdoor Wooden Pet Kennel makes a spot on our list because it is different from others in this category. The manufacturer put a lot of thought into the construction of this dog house for a cold climate. It withstands rain and extreme weather. A new style with high-quality construction, featured with the raised floor to keep your furry friend warm in the winter.

It’s easy for your pet to get in and out because of its elevated floor, and it’s good for drainage purposes as well. Tangkula best cold weather dog house made with the fir construction, which is fully waterproof and groove design.

If you have to put your dog house on the ground, which is uneven, then this winter dog kennel is the best choice for you.

It’s featured with adjustable feet to fix it on uneven ground. Moreover, do not worry about the cleaning and messes that your dog creates. This all-season dog house is designed with a removable floor, which makes cleaning easy.

Drawbacks, Its floor is thin to stop the cold from the ground side. It would be best if you used quality bedding. Moreover, it’s not suitable for extreme weather without proper inside insulation and heating arrangement.

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6. Pets Imperial Extra Large Kennel

warm dog house for winter

  • 150% thicker as compare to any other product in the market.
  • Can take weight up to 154lbs because of two supportive rails.
  • Rood open with two supportive locking arms.
  • Easy to maintain with a removable floor.
  • Spray foam and timber, and plywood make perfect insulation to keep your dog warm in the winter.
  • Featured with the feet cap and adjustable legs.
  • It comes with a flap door and is designed to last for years.

Pets Imperial Extra Large Kennel is a weather-resistant dog house made to keep your large dog warm in the extreme cold season. Wood is one of the best materials for insulation, especially on cold nights, because it naturally keeps the inside warm. This wooden winter dog shelter is a perfect choice; its professional insulation consists of:

1. Out layer of timber (Tongue and groove)
2. The inner layer of plywood
3. A layer of Styrofoam between inner and out layer

It is an ideal combination to keep the dog house warm in winter if you are looking for a winter-proofing dog house where you may not need another heating arrangement. Then Pets Imperial heated dog houses for large dogs is made for you.

It is designed and made to last for years, even when mistreated by the rain, storm, and snow. It is featured with the removable floor for easy cleaning and well ventilated with the opening roof. You may open the roof for cleaning or to provide fresh air to your dog.

Drawbacks, its door is only a problem; instead of self-closing door manufacturer equips these dog houses to keep dogs warm with a flap door. You may arrange a better door for this house to make it warmer for your dog.

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7. Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House

how warm is an insulated dog house
  • It comes in one piece; no installation is required.
  • Easy storage, folds flat when not in use.
  • Made with a solid wood frame that is durable enough and lasts for years.
  • It can be used as an outdoor table for dogs up to 30lbs.
  • Odorless, no chemical used, no need to paint.
  • Featured with a raised floor, ideal to use inside or outside.

Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House is a dog house to keep dogs warm in the cold and snowiest season. The feature that most buyers like most are its portability. It comes in one piece and folds flat, and takes only a little space in your store. If you are looking for a portable house and you can keep with you on your adventures, then it is Petsfit Portable Wooden Dog House.

It can be used as an outdoor table and a dog house that can accommodate dogs up to 30lbs.

Its construction is solid and durable to last for many of the coming years. It is made with pure wood and no chemical used in construction. Insulated dog houses for medium dogs made with solid wood treated with a waterproofing finish. It provides superior protection from cold drafts.

Its exterior panels are stylish. Overall it’s a lightweight option to be used as an outdoor table and dog house to keep your dog warm at any place you want. It is designed to keep the moisture away with the 2 inches.

Drawbacks, for extreme weather you need warm bedding and inside insulation to keep the dog warm.

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8. Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel

best outdoor dog house for hot and cold weather
  • Outdoor dog house for large and medium-sized dogs.
  • Made with durable and tough plastic.
  • Provides large internal space for your dog.
  • Fully waterproof, with a raised floor.
  • Sturdy and leakproof, with proper ventilation arrangement.
  • Available in three sizes.

Confidence Pet Plastic Dog Kennel is a cheap insulated dog house made with an innovative design while using sturdy plastic. If you are worried a lot about your dog’s chewing behavior and his messes that he creates at any time, then this product is for you. Its plastic construction makes it easy and practical to clean. You can thoroughly wash it with pressure when every required. It provides ample room inside, and this is the reason it makes a spot on our list.

Genuine buyers confirm that it never leaks even when mistreated; it provides the sturdiness you are looking for in a warm dog house.

It’s best insulated for cold weather, cold air cannot make its way in, and its appealing house resembles a conservative suburban home. If your dog does not feel comfortable in the small space, then you must buy this insulated and heated dog house for your pup. It provides ample room for your dog to feel the comfort that he deserves.

Drawbacks, in extreme weather, you need to cover it with a blanket or install any foam insulation inside, as well as you can provide warm bedding with a pillow to keep your dog warm and comfortable.

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Heated Dog House for Winter Buyer Guide

The primary purpose of an insulated, heated dog house is to isolate your dog’s home from the outside environment. Dogs can naturally heat their bodies and immediate surroundings when there is no external interference of air in the dog’s house. It would help if you considered the buyer’s guide before buying the best-heated dog house for winter. Any company can slap together a few planks or plastic wood or any other material than cover it with cute paint and start selling it as a heated dog house.

But you need a high-quality dog house to ensure that your dog can stay warm and comfortable inside. If you live in an area where which is not extremely cold, you may choose to buy a medium insulated dog house.

Keep in mind there are significant differences between good dog houses and not good counterparts, and it’s important to be selective when making your choice. Either you are looking for an insulated dog house for 2 dogs or for one, the requirement is the same for a well-insulated dog house like:

Materials used

You need to pay special attention to the material used in construction. Wooden insulated dog houses are recommended mostly because wood is natural insulation. Buying a dog house for winter is a matter of understanding what measures you want the dog house to take care of.

The first requirement is to look for the flooring designed to block the cold from the downside or earth and thick walls that can separate the external and internal environment. Some materials are good insulators and can protect the dog from the cold.

Metal is not good to be used for heated dog house as it keeps the cold and retains the cold for more time if used. In comparison, grids are useless and cannot provide the required shelter and extreme weather protection.

A playpen-style dog house or an indoor dog house is absolutely the wrong choice. Dog houses made with thick wood or dog houses made with layers containing insulation material and igloo style dog houses with thick plastic walls are recommended for winter to use outside. Foam board insulation for a dog house is recommended if you need to insulate an existing dog house.


It is also essential to consider buying top-rated insulated dog houses or building a winter-proof dog house. Because if you keep the door in the center and full in height and width, that will be a worse design.

I prefer to buy a dog house with a sloped floor that is easy to clean and with a roof open feature, making further insulation easy and maintenance hassle-free. Moreover, a raised floor or floor should be at least 4 inches thick to block the cold from the ground.

These winter dog kennels are good to use in the summer to keep your dog cools, so look for a proper ventilation arrangement.

Closable door/ Auto-close door

We consider it a life-saving feature. The heat that dogs produce to warm up the surroundings is enough for the dog to stay warm, but only when air from outside does not enter inside the dog house.

Regardless of the heat inside the dog house, if the door is open, the house will get cold again and again in a matter of seconds. Look for a dog house for winter and summer with that closable door or auto shut door; otherwise, you can use a homemade remedy like such a thick curtain to block the entrance.

If you place the dog house in your garage or at the place where direct air cannot get into the house, then the door in the dog house needs lees since it’s already sheltered from air drafts.

Size of the dog

Before buying a dog house, consider your dog’s size, maybe the extent that you are looking for is not available, and you have to make a DIY heated dog house. We ask you to consider it because small dogs require a lot more warmth due to their body type, lack of fats in their body, thin skin, and fur.

Some dogs with double and thick hair need less care in the cold season. Naturally, they have the arrangement to deal with the extreme cold weather. There are big dogs like Greyhound who get cold quickly when not active. They need a fleece blanket of a thick coat to compensate for the lack of natural insulation.

It’s tough and challenging to buy the right dog house for a large breed; here in our list, we include the best-heated dog house for winter to accommodate giant-sized dogs.


Winter and the snowiest season are not only harsh for dogs. It’s also harsh and damaging for the gears, but Cold, dirt, mud, dust, rain, snow, and other potential issues can also damage the extreme weather dog house. It wisely depends where you place your dog’s house.

Like if you place it under shelter, then it becomes less exposed to the likely problems.

When you place it outside every week, you need to spend some time on the inspection and check for issues to deal with promptly. Rain, storms, and strong winds are two factors that deteriorate the dog houses quickly. Look for a durable option that is washable because it helps to keep the dog house clean.

Adequately blocks the wind

You will get chill when your house has a draft, and the same happened with dog houses. If the wind blowing into the abode, your dog will feel colder. It’s your responsibility to make sure there are no wide gaps in the house, and every vent is closable so you can close them in extreme season, and when you use a heater floor with the temperature regulator, you can open the small vent only.

Completely avoid the wind blowing in the door; you can use a double plastic flap door. If not, come with a dog house; you can make it ay your own, so you can keep the chill outside and warm air inside the dog house.

Keeps your four-legged friend dry

It’s connected with the waterproofing and floor, prefer buying a dog house with the waterproof roof and raised floor without any holes. If you find any holes in either of them, close them to protect your dog from the water that can be dangerous in the cold season.

It falls at your end that any house you buy for your pooch has a solid roof that does not leak in the rain, and seepage cannot make its way to the inside dog house. It is also essential to consider a house that does not allow water to splash or drip in from the door.

Easy entry and exit

Dog houses come with a different door that is different in height and width as per models. Your dog will feel most comfortable using the new winter dog house if he can easily enter and exit through the door. In case the door is small, your dog will remain hesitant to enter; the door’s height and width must be comfortable for the dog.

While the extra-large door can be harmful because it allows air to enter into the house, measure the dog height, and then look at the product’s door specification. If you own a large dog house, you must look for insulated dog houses for extra-large dogs.

Ample space inside

You must buy a dog house that provides ample space inside so your dog can turn around easily and can lay comfortably inside the house. Moreover, you can provide warm bedding and a pillow. Do not buy a too large or small dog house.

An extra-large dog house, as compared to your pooch, cannot keep it warm, and your dog may not fit comfortably in the small heated dog house. So, buy the right size dog house for your pup.

Sturdy fix and safe

Cheap and lower quality dog houses may collapse and injure your dog or remain to fail to provide benefits that you expect. You do not want the house to collapse with your dog inside; it can be dangerous, so look for the sturdy option and look for quality and craftsmanship when making your final decision.

Adjustable feet are beneficial

You have to place a dog house directly on the floor that may be uneven, and if it is, then your dog may not feel comfortable inside. If you get a house with adjustable feet, you can balance the dog house on uneven ground. Adjustable feet allow you to keep the dog house level on uneven ground. Without adjustable feet, you can use plastic under the house as a moisture barrier.

Encourage heat retention

A dog house that encourages heat retention is easy to warm up for the dog, and when you use a heating pad, it takes less time to reach the optimal level. Ensure any hole that can be shut down and material used in construction is of good quality to retain the dog house.

Good quality dog house focuses on the flooring, too, to avoid passing the cold temperature from the ground to the dog house. If you doubt your dog house floor, then you can place a plastic sheet under the dog house to avoid cold from the ground.

Heated Dog House for Winter FAQ

How to keep dogs warm in the dog house?

Dogs can generate the heat that they need to stay warm, but they need a heating arrangement in extreme weather. You can provide warm bedding or heating pads that can keep the environment warm. A good blanket is also a good addition, and you may cover the whole dog house with a blanket for additional protection.

Can I use an Electric heater in the dog house?

Yes, you can, especially when you are using an insulated dog house with multiple pets, and even in extreme weather, it’s very much required with the climate master plus insulated dog house. An electric heater is an efficient device to keep your dog warm in the cold and snowiest weather.

Can I install additional foam board insulation in the dog house?

Yes, you can; if you think that extreme weather can harm your dog and existing insulation is not enough to stop the cold, you can add your wish.

Is it good to buy a single dog house for multiple dogs?

Yes, its recommended, more dogs can heat up the environment quickly and It will be easy for them all to stay warm. If you own a pair of dogs then prefer to buy a single house for them, it will be more warm and comfortable for them.

Do heated floors leave burns on the dog skin?

No, if you use a good quality heating pad, then it’s safe to use; we recommend using a heating pad with a thermostat to keep the temperature in your control.

When Is It too Cold for Dogs in Winter?

As soon as you observe any of such conditions in your dog, shivering – lethargy – snuggling – frostbites – skin color change.

What are dogs which need more protection from the cold?

Under listed dogs need more protection in the cold, it’s just a shortlist:
Doberman pinscher
Fresh Bulldog
Great Dane

Tips to keep your Dog House Warm

Best heated dog house for winter


It’s hard to find the best-heated dog house for winter that can keep your dog warm and comfortable. As we write earlier, there are many manufacturers involved in this business and make a choice difficult. We follow our criteria and find the above listed best options for you; we recommend most the ASL Dog Palace with Floor Heater. Because it is budget-friendly and offer all other featured that are possible with other costly dog houses.

It is a complete solution for extreme winters. If you buy this option, then there is no need to consider any other accessories or equipment to keep your dog warm. It contains a floor heater, and its insulation is good enough to retain the heat inside so your dog can stay warm all winter.

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