What are Best Heating Pads for Newborn Puppies? (Buyer’s Guide)

In the cold season without external heat, it doesn’t take long for a puppy to become hypothermic (chilled), which can be life-threatening. In the typical weather, it depends on the mother to maintain their body temperature, but in the cold season, you need to step in and arrange a source of heat for them. A quality heating pad for newborn puppies is the right solution because with the thermostat you can maintain a constant temperature and can accommodate all puppies on a single mat.

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Medically newborn puppies cannot develop their heat for the first two and a half weeks, so they remain dependent on the mother. But cold season and large litter size can invite some severe challenges for mothers. Newborn puppies develop a shivering reflex after two and half weeks and start producing the heat they need to stay warm.

The average body temperature for a newborn baby is 95 ° F to 99° F. Any temperature below this level can cause hypothermia. In the next three weeks, the body temperature of the newborn rise, and he can survive in the normal temperature.

Under normal circumstance, a newborn shouldn’t need additional heat; his requirement can be met through his mother. Here is some information about the average temperature for newborn puppies.

What is the normal temperature for newborn puppies?

  • Newborn to 7 days Normal room temperature 85° to 90°F
  • Day 8 to 14, 80° to 85°F
  • Day 15 to 21, 75° to 80°F
  • Day 22 to 28, 70° to 75° F

Puppies suffering from hypothermia cannot eat or digest, so it’s dangerous for the newborn. The above list is the normal temperature that you need to maintain. You need to follow the temperature level even when you are using a heating pad for newborn puppies, and you can adjust the thermostat to get the exact temperature level.

What are important things to consider while buying a heating pad for newborns?

A heating pad for newborn puppies can keep them warm and alive as hypothermia in the first two and half weeks can be a life-threatening disease caused by cold. Here are some important things that you must consider while buying a heating map.

Quality Thermostat

You need to provide a constant level of heat to newborns, and for that purpose, a high-quality thermostat is necessary to keep the temperature consistent. Many of the options are available with a rheostat. We do not recommend using such solutions because they can burn the skin if the heating pad remains unattended. We recommend buying a heating pad with a quality thermostat.


The heating pad should be large enough to accommodate all of the newborns, and if you buy a smaller size, you may remain to fail to accommodate some of the newborns.


It is also important to move the newborns for cleaning purposes or any other purpose. If you buy a portable heating pad, you can move that easily.

Material and cover

Most of the heating pads are made with high-quality plastic, do not allow your newborns to contact warm plastic directly, consider buying an option that comes with a fleece cover or arrange a thick cloth or towel to cover the heating pad.

Safety features

The heating pad must be equipped with the safety feature to auto shut off when thermostat failed and pad reaches to maximum heat

We review dozens of heating pads to find the best suitable heating pads for newborns and finally made a list of the five best heating pads for newborn puppies. Let’s move on to the list.

1. Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat

Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat for newborn puppies
  • Made according to the USA safety standards.
  • Automatically adjust to perfect temperature.
  • Durable and water-resistant can be used outdoor.
  • Can regulate the temperature between 40 to 105 F.
  • Come with plastic ties and screw holes.
  • Easy to install and use, it comes with holes to fix it on the floor.

It is the most sophisticated heating pad on our list, equipped with the most reliable thermostat to keep the temperature constant and protect against burning and hypothermia. It is made according to the US standards and a perfect heating pad to use with the kennels, crates, pens, whelping boxes, dog houses, porches, garages, or wherever your pet sleeps. It is an ideal puppy heating pad.

It’s not only for puppies; we recommend buying it for puppies to use it for your adult dogs. It is made with high-quality material and can be fixed permanently on the floor; the material is scratch resistance, so chewing and scratching your big pups cannot harm them. Once the temperature is adjusted, you can leave this device unattended for the night.

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2. K&H Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad

K&H Lectro-Kennel Outdoor Heated Pad
  • Outdoor dog heating pad perfects to use for newborn puppies.
  • Come with a free fleece cover.
  • It is made according to the USA standard and to use anywhere.
  • 5.5 inches steel wrapped cord for added security.
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • Thermostatically controlled heater design.

It is a rugged heated thermostatically controlled pet heating mat that can be used outdoor or indoor. It’s featured with a free, fully machine washable fleece cover, to add more comfort for your puppies. It can be used anywhere; it’s engineered with an internal thermostat that warms the pet mat to the normal body temperature. Available in three sizes you can choose the right one as per the number of newborns. It is the most suitable heating pad for newborn puppies.

Drawbacks, when using a product for the newborns there you need to set temperature manually, this device lack this capability.

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3. FLYMEI Pet Heating Pad

Best Heating Pads for Newborn Puppies
  • Fireproof material, durable enough to last for many of coming years.
  • Suitable for newborn pets, with seven adjustable heat levels.
  • LED indicator display makes the monitoring easy.
  • Safe heating technology.
  • Save energy, low voltage device.
  • Pet-friendly and easy to use.
  • Comes with 30 days money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

FLYMEI Pet Heating Pad is made with durable PVC material and featured a seven-level temperature that you can monitor and set from a LED display. It’s easy to use and a perfect heating pad for newborn puppies. You can control the temperature manually, and its intelligent system will maintain that temperature.

It’s soft, long-lasting, flexible to adjust at any place, waterproof, dust-free and comes with a free cover that is machine washable so; there is no need to worry about cleaning — equipped with the Anti-electric shock technology to ensure pet’s safety.

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4. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad for newborn puppies
  • 4th generation heating pad suitable for newborn puppies.
  • Auto shut off function for additional security.
  • comes with a removable polyester cover that is fully machine washable.
  • Engineered with 7 layer protection with UL-approved wire.
  • Chew proof and scratch-resistant.
  • Comes with one year guarantee.

It is the most economical option on our list. Basically, it’s made for small pets, and due to its adjustability and feature, it can be used for newborn puppies. You can set auto shut off at a specific time, and its 7-layer protection system keeps the newborn secure and safe. Engineered with a temperature sensor inside to avoid overheating and its safety functions, turn it on when the temperature reaches a dangerous level. We recommend it as the best heating pad for newborn puppies. A reliable heating mechanism makes it a suitable heating pad for puppies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do puppies need a heating pad?

You need to keep them warm until they reach to four week of age, in this age they naturally start producing required heat and you can keep them in the room temperature.

What temperature should I keep a heating pad on for puppies?

Newborn to 7 days Normal room temperature 85° to 90°F
Day 8 to 14, 80° to 85°F
Day 15 to 21, 75° to 80°F
Day 22 to 28, 70° to 75° F


Your first preference should be a pad that allows controlling the temperature with the fully functional thermostat. Here only a few are available for newborns. We recommend buying Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat because it allows controlling the temperature with the thermostat that you can set manually. The automatic heating up mats functions well with the heated bodies of adult dogs.

Unfortunately, not for newborns, so avoid the pads that claim automatic temperature control when especially buying a heating pad for newborn puppies.

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