What is the Best Heavy Duty Automatic Dog Feeder?

The best heavy duty automatic dog feeder can dispense the right quantity of food at a specific time, bear the outer circumstances, serve for a more extended time period, and configurable as per needs. An automatic dog food dispenser is a single solution to multiple problems, and it isn’t easy to buy because many options are available in the market. Everyone is different concerning manufacturing quality and durability.

You can do overtime, can spend time with friends, attend parties, travel to outstation for multiple days, and can enjoy your routine without worrying about the meals of your dog. All of this is only possible when you own an automatic dog feeder. To support your decision-making and selection process, we discuss features that make a dog feeder best and durable and include a detailed review of heavy-duty machines you can buy with confidence. Our list includes:

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Important Features to Consider

Availability and competition in the market make it difficult to choose the right product. The same happens with pet automatic feeders, a wide variety is available, and every food dispenser is not created equally. Here are some important things to consider when buying a heavy-duty food dispenser for your pet:

1. Durability/Construction 

Look for durable options that can serve for a long time. You are going to invest a reasonable budget. A quality option can help you for a more extended time period. All of such devices are made with plastic and hardly any available in metal, so look for a feeder made with ABS plastic and thick in nature so it can bear the outer circumstances. 

Durable and high-quality products also ensure to keep supplying food through the wheel without any error, poorly constructed options may be stuck during operation when you are not near, and your dog remains hungry at that time. 

2. Security

Poorly constructed options that are easy to open be an easy hunt for dogs. They can break in and access the whole food. A feeder that may allow your dog to breakthrough will definitely cost you a lot, the machine will be damaged, and food will be wasted. 

Look for options that are securable and also provide protection against tilt. If you own excessive chewer, prefer to buy a food dispenser with thick walls and heavyweight. 

3. Quality and design of the feeding dish

Some products come with a bowl, and some with a tray. It would help if you looked for an option from which your dog can eat quickly that should be wide enough to allow the dog’s mouth. Narrow bowls do not allow to eat freely, and a tray where food is scattered really makes eating a challenge for dogs.

Dogs lick them and leave moisture on trays and bowls, so it’s necessary to clean them either with a damp cloth or wash them to keep sanitized. We advise you to look for a sturdy non-toxic option that can ensure the safety of your dog.

4. Large food capacity 

Look for a feeder that comes with 3 liters or more capacity. A capacity of 3 liters will make it possible to use the food inside for a large dog to the extent of one week, while most of the heavy-duty feeders are available with 6 to 7 liters capacity. The size of food also matters.

If you are using average size kibble food, then a standard option is right for you, but for large kibble, you need to pay special attention to the releasing wheel, either it can process it or not.

5. Air-tight food container

The food reservoir should be air-tight, it’s necessary to keep the food fresh if moist can make a way to food then definitely it will affect the quality of food. Your dog may not like that, and even in some cases, the fungus takes over most of the food and spoil it badly. An air-tight reservoir will keep the food dry and fresh for longer and keep it from going stale.

6. Dual power source and battery life

To feed the dog without any interruption, most manufacturers are making feeders with two power sources: a replaceable battery and another through electricity. It will keep the branch running even if one is not available. Replaceable batteries are most important. You need to consider batteries that can provide a continuous operation of ten days so you can replace them conveniently.

In most cases, batteries last for more than a quarter because most machine runs on electricity.

7. Easy to assemble and easy to clean 

Even if you are not a tech guy, but you need to open it, again and again, to clean it properly. A dog food dispenser that is easy to assemble will bring a lot of ease for you. You have to clean them often, so select carefully. You may look for a tray that is dishwasher safe.

8. Recorded voice message for dogs

Some dogs do not pay special attention to food, and even some old dogs need multiple calls to come to the dish because they spend most of their time sleeping. For all of such dogs, a recorded message is a lifesaver.

They can recognize the owner’s commands, and definitely, when they hear that, they will follow the instructions and start eating their meal.

9.Wifi connectivity and two-way communication

It is the most advanced option that allows staying connected through a mobile app and the internet to the food dispenser. Through the app, you can change the setting and can customize it at any time.

Also, modern equipment allows establishing two-way communication to send a command to hear the dog and watch his live video.

1. Programable Heavy Duty Dog Feeder

heavy-duty automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 6L, made to feed your dog on time and in exact quantity to bring better health results.
  • Programmable meals – 4, with the setting from one to ten each incremental with 15 grams of the meal, minimum 15 g maximum 150 g. 
  • A Voice recorder can record voice for up to 10 seconds to give your pet a feel that you call for the food.
  • A dual power source is equipped to work with batteries and electricity, so you have a wise option to run this easy to assemble dog feeder.

Uterip 6L Automatic Pet Feeder is the most advanced way to automate meals of your large dog, it’s designed to dispense the right quantity of food at the right time which is essential to keep your dog healthy. Its programmable meal setting allows controlling the quantity as you desire and each meal can have different. 

When you program this automatic feeder then you may stay out of the home without worrying to feed your dog, your automatic dog feeder will feed on your behalf and in the right way as you wish. Even you can go on your business trips with ease of mind. Timing and quantitative meals are some professions for this food dispenser.

It’s easy to use and easy to assemble all you need to take care of settings and power then it will feed your dog on time and exact quantities that you set. It makes the first spot on our list because this is the most durable option in the market which can serve you for many of the coming years. During our review, we find that it’s made with durable thick plastic, and all of its dispensing parts are strong to perform the job for many coming years.

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2. Large Automatic Dog Feeder For Multiple Pets

  • Capacity – 32 cups/each bin; with this maximum capacity, it is designed to prevent overfeeding, ultimately saving cost.
  • Programmable Meals – 6, designed to provide the meal at the right time to multiple pets at home, each of its feeder/meal can be customized individually.
  • Patented Rfid Tag System, which is design to provide access to a particular pet wearing the tag.
  • Prevent food stealing, and it’s the ideal solution o handle the food-stealing, especially when you have multiple pets at home.

PortionProRx Automatic Pet Feeder is a heavy-duty automatic pet feeder for your home. It’s an intelligent and innovative feeder that is capable of doing more than just delivering meals. The feature that we like most and convinces us to give it a spot on our list is its access control system. Most customers show satisfaction towards its access control. It works well and completely prevents food-stealing among pets.

If you own aggressive pets, then it’s the right solution for you because it prevents food access to the wrong pets. We recommend it most for pet owners who are feeding expensive therapeutic foods to their pets. It’s patent tag system can detect a pet when he is within a range of two feet and allow him to eat the food by opening the bowl cover. 

Its equipped with several meal settings that allow you to customize it for pets from two to six meals from a range of ½ cups to 6 cups that can be enough to fully the belly of your most giant dog at home. It’s an innovative design that is most easy to assemble and clean also. Some of its features that are not available in other conventional feeders are:

  • Hygiene Ceramic coated steel food bowl.
  • Equipped with several safety features.
  • Made with food-safe material.
  • Easy to attach a water-resistant tag.
  • Large LCD for configuration and to sort out errors.

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3. Wi-Fi Enabled Pet Feeder

extra large automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 6 L, elegant design with durable auto feeding mechanism which never jams and durable to serve you for years.
  • Programmable meals – 10, each portion is individually configurable with an incremental of 5g and a maximum of 100 gram.
  • Compatible with Alexa, all of its features can be controlled from the app, and it’s fully compatible with Alexa, equipped with the most modern Wi-Fi.
  • Modern concept, design to keep food fresh and healthy with double lock system and the app allows interacting with other users.

PETKIT Automatic Pet Feeder is the most modern concept in the market, which is equipped with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, which enables connecting it with Alexa and makes it possible to control the complete feeder from the app. Its sensors display information about every aspect of the app, which helps in decision-making and keeps it in working condition and full of food. Its equipped with five sensors, which are:

  • High sensitivity sensor
  • Weight sensor
  • Hall sensor 
  • Current sensor
  • Infrared sensor 

You will be amazed to know that it’s designed by one of the most famous designers and currently its fashion symbol and equipped with a modern and heavy-duty serving mechanism that can work for years without any complaint. During our review, we found that its high-impact impellers provide each quantity. We tested the food weight 100 times, and with a variation of 1% each time, this got the position of most trustworthy pet feeder.

To serve the food to your pet even when the power is cut Automatic feeder depends on the replaceable batteries. You can expect hassle-free operations and enjoy your trip outside and get every information on your mobile. Many customers show satisfaction towards this product and express that it dispenses food at the right time, and once the meal program is set, all went on the automatic mode you need to refill the bin.

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4. Best Automatic Food Dispenser

heavy-duty automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 17 cups, its exterior made with ABS (Thermoplastic Polymer), is durable and makes it attractive.
  • Programmable meals – 4, made to follow the routine dependent on a timer, quantity of each food is individually configurable.
  • A Voice recorder is also built in this dog food dispenser, which sends a command to call your dog and remind him of its mealtime.
  • Safe food storage, keep the food dry, and prevent any mistake magnetic lid to ensure the safe supply of food.

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder is another heavy-duty dog food dispenser which dispenses a pre-set quantity of food on a specific time, for this purpose, it depends on a timer which is fully controllable. Each meal can have a different quantity, and time can be chosen through easy to use panel. Its outer body is made with heavy-duty and durable ABS plastic. Your dog’s claws cannot damage it.

We believe that it’s the most secure and easy-to-use dog food dispenser because it comes only with a few buttons and an LCD, which makes setting easy, and buttons come under the top food cover so kids and paws of your four-legged friends cannot accidentally change the location of food. 

Once the bin is filled with food and the timer is set, all you need to ensure replaceable batteries are in place and the dispenser is plugged in.

It keeps providing an uninterrupted supply of food until you keep replenishing the bin with fresh food. Usually, it just needs a little configuration, and you can start getting the benefit of its automatic operations. 

The feeding tray is dishwasher safe, and you can record a message to call your dog conveniently.

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5. Digital Dry Food Storage Meal Dispenser

heavy duty automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 6 L, Certified pet-safe made of BPA-free plastic, equipped with a programmable timer to feed on time.
  • Programmable meals – 4, with increments of 12 grams, add up to 39 increments; electable portion size makes it ideal for small and large dogs.
  • Spil over protection, this heavy-duty machine is equipped with an infrared sensor to serve only a specified amount at a time.
  • Two power sources, yes, depending on two power sources the first one is electricity and second is replaceable batteries to ensure the food at the right time.

SereneLife Automatic Pet Feeder is the most secure pet food dispenser. Its serving mechanism makes it different from others. Made to serve the right amount to a dog and other small pets. Maximum can serve four meals a day, and all are highly configurable in quantity and time. We recommend it most for large dogs because it can dispense more than 200 grams in a single serving. 

The setting of all four meals is individually accessible from the buttons and LCD display makes it easy to understand the current scene. It’s a simple plug & plays electronic design that comes with a voice recording function, while on the other side it’s easy to clean and stain-resistant so that it can be a fashion icon inside your home.

Its container is designed with a closed fitting that keeps the food fresh for a long time, so even if you use it for small pets, you can store food in its container. Other than the automatic operations, it also allows to dispense the food manually, and for this purpose, a button is positioned at the top-front side.

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6. Heavy Duty Smart Pet Feeder With Timer

extra large automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 7 L, made to serve food automatically to large and small dogs, offers fully automatic operations dependent on a timer.
  • Programable meals – 4, each meal’s size is selectable through portions, and portions also have two choices, 5 g and 10g, and in total, it can dispense 39 doses.
  • Durable internal and external parts, its internal components are made with heavy-duty think plastic which never broker or stuck and capable of serving for years.
  • Dispense smooth feeding, thanks to its angled food chute that dispense the food outside so the dog can get that quickly from the tray-style bowl.

Balimo Automatic Smart Pet Feeder is an ideal choice for small and large dogs because it comes with the option of two wheels that you can use optionally, small for small pets and large for big dogs. This is a great option that allows dispensing food in the right quantity each time. Voice recording and programmable timing make it a product to consider your pup.

It is designed to break bad eating habits, especially when you cannot follow a schedule to feed, a right product to develop the right food timing for your dog to help him stay in good health. The top lock design is another feature that most customers like a lot because it helps keep the food fresh. The dishwasher-safe tray-style bowl is also a piece that will grab your attention and definitely you will like it for your pooch.

It will improve your dog’s lifestyle also keeps you worry-free, so you can attend your late meeting and have trips with your friends, and this fully automatic machine can take care of your pet meals. If you own multiple pets, then it’s best for use. 

You can use it either for large or small pets. An individual button for each setting makes it an easy to use and easy to configure option.

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7. Automatic Dog Feed With Camera & App

large automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 6 L, made to develop healthy eating habits the most innovative and heavy-duty design for large and small pets.
  • Programable meals – 8, can dispense 10 portions in total where each of portion is equal to 11.5 g, that is enough to feed a large dog.
  • WITH the HD camera and Playback Voice, you can view and ensure the safety of your pet, and your pre-recorded voice help to call the pet for food automatically.
  • Motions sensor & remote feeding are two remarkable feature that allows you to keep an eye on your pet ad feed irregularly and change timing as you want.

CrazyFire heavy duty Automatic Cat Feeder is a Wi-Fi-enabled dog food dispenser that is fully controllable from the app. Additionally, it has many other features that make the monitoring easy and you can make it sure your dog gets the food on time and can interact with him whenever you want. Now you can spend time with your friend, attend the late-night meeting, and go on trips without worrying about your dog’s meals.

The app allows adding five family members in the monitoring, so each one has access to the same setting and features and receives alerts. So if one family member misses something, others can interact and send instructions to this full app customizable dog food dispenser. It’s ideal for dog owners who love to do overtime and spend time out of home and for those who remain busy at parties.

Live video and night vision are the options that customers like most. It allows seeing the same view at night that you can see in the day. The motion sensor is an automatic feature that sends a message to all mobile users when it detects motion in your home. 

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8. Top Rated Automatic Dog Feeder

heavy duty dog feeder

  • Capacity – 7 L, automated feeder with single-click operations and fully programmable timer to provide food to your dog at the right time.
  • Programmable meals – 4, its 39 portions setting makes the selection of the right quantity and keeps your dog healthy while providing food at the right time.
  • Simple and durable, it’s a heavy-duty machine that is quite simple. Kids and dogs cannot damage it, and its mechanism is made to work smoothly.
  • Dual power and Voice recorder, dual power keep it in working condition even when electricity is not available, and voice recording helps call your pet.

RICHDOG Automatic Feeder is a choice that everyone wants for his dog. It comes in two modes, one for small pets and one for large pets, so consider your pet’s size before setting the food dispenser for your dog. You will love its bin and bowl. The container is made to accommodate a large quantity of food that can last up to a week for giant dogs, and the bowl is a design that gives it a stylish look and allows dogs to pick the last piece of kibble easily.

Its display and setting panel is simple to understand and easy to adjust the required setting while it comes with a two-wheel that you can change to shift from large to small pet as required. Providing the right food at the right time is not easy, and it’s the ultimate need for dogs, especially at dinner time when dogs have to take some rest. 

Its simple mechanism is easy to assemble and easy to clean and most effective until now there is no complaint of stuck up or halt because of the quality inner wheel which ensures safe operations due to its design. Definitely, it has some feature that other does not, like:

  • Tip-over protection
  • Top lock design
  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Adequate to provide the exact quantity 
  • voice playing
  • Made with environment-friendly material
  • Humanized design

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9. App Control Food Dispenser with WiFi

heavy-duty automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 6.5 lbs, 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi enabled dog feeder can take care of feeding time and quantity once set.
  • Programmable meals – Multiple can be controlled from the app, and you can set multiple times we tested it for twelve meals a day.
  • Fully customizable, through the dodginess app, it’s customizable, and without pressing buttons, you can customize settings from the app.
  • Two-way audio and cam that is the necessity of modern days and much needed to communicate with your dog.

DOGNESS Automatic Smart Camera Feeder is a food dispenser designed while keeping in view the most modern requirements. We know that nowadays it’s hard for a person to follow a schedule especially traveling, parties meeting brings a lot of challenges in a dog owners life, and he can miss his pets and a meal that he only can offer when he is at home.

The product in the spotlight is a solution that can connect to the outer world through wifi, and an owner can access the feeder from any place through the app can customize all settings and feeding schedule, and also can check the remaining quantity. The feature that most customers like and praise is its two-way communication ability. Yes, an owner can communicate with his pet remotely to motivate him and keep him calm. 

Its removable food container is equipped with a lock that dogs cannot open, and even all of their tries will remain useless. An easy to clean and easy to assemble option that is convenient to set and operate.

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10. Auto Pet Feeder with Timer

heavy duty automatic dog feeder

  • Capacity – 20 cups, a durable design made to last for a long time and provide exact quantity, and two wheels highly configurable.
  • Programmable meals – 6 can be adjusted from 1 to 39 portions; such adjustability provides excellent control over the quantity.
  • Made from environment-friendly material that is durable enough to serve for many coming years and internal parts are made to dispense every type of dry food.
  • Customizable through the app, install the app, scan the QR code, and connect to the most modern dog feeder, which you can set up from your mobile.

WOPET Smartfeeder is the most trusted device in the market entrusted by hundreds of customers until now. It’s enjoying an outstanding repute in the market for a few reasons. If you are a dog owner who never earlier has experienced an automatic dog food dispenser and wants a heavy-duty option that can serve you for a long time, then WOPET Smartfeeder is the right device for you.

Its food bin is removable, you can wash that before every fill, and the tray is removable and easy to clean with a wet or damp cloth. The manufacturer knows it well. Being a pet parent demands responsibility, and hence they crafted this product which one can trust blindly. Once set, you can stay out of home worry-free.

Another most important feature is that you can keep an eye on your dog and interact with your dog, so when you are missing your pooch, you can see him and listen to his bark. This machine will take care of the food of your dog in your absence. It’s not necessary to stand in front of the device to change the setting. You can do it from any place, just from your app.

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Who Needs an Automatic Feeder

Many experts are feeding the dogs twice a day, and dogs thrive best on it; dog owners, rather than providing more meals a day, need to follow a strict schedule that sometimes becomes hard to achieve. An automatic dog food dispenser helps to feed the dog at his typical time, and dog owners can enjoy their time as usual. So if you are a busy one who cannot spare time to feed your dog on time, you should depend on an automatic dog feeder.

Instead of feeding your dog at the wrong time, which can invite some serious health issues for him, depending on the right product will solve all of your problems and save you a lot of money. You can configure the automatic dog feeder while considering your dog’s routine, and it will not bother him. With the most advanced branches, it possible to stay connected with your dog.

Recording, playback messaging, and two-way communication are some modern concepts that give your dog feels that he is not alone at home and helps to stay with him when you miss him. It can soothe their nerves and helps to manage the anxiety. Such devices also are known to feed multiple pets at a single time if they are well behaved.

Final Thoughts

It’s not only a dog’s requirement that matters when buying an automatic dog feeder, but the requirements of a dog owner also matter similarly, so to make a good decision, you need to account in both, and a single product cannot suit all dog owners.

This is why we list products that come with different features so you can buy one for your pet but before that, spend little time figuring out what options you really want in an automatic pet feeder then choose the right product. 

We consider more than forty products during our review and read nearly five thousand reviews on different portals, but RICHDOG Automatic Feeder grabs our attention. It’s not a new product, a few months old, but it’s one that has all the features we discussed above.

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