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We love our four-legged friends, but sometimes they don’t listen to us and it would create a situation to handle, especially when they are excited or depressed. With the dogs, there is always a chance of loud one and even a friendly dog becomes frustrated, sometimes. You will need high pitched dog sound to stop barking means ultrasonic sound device.​

Either you brought home a dog from a shelter or rescue one and may choose one from a breeder there is always a chance you’ll get a louder one. It is always frustrating for a human being to hear barking on a continuous basis.

Barking behavior is common in dogs because it is natural with them and they use this way to communicate but that loud bark becomes resonating bark for a human being and that echoes strongly throughout the home and especially the room. A strong bark collar also can be an option that does not require any efforts from the owner’s side.

This natural instant of dogs creates a challenging situation for owners and many times there is a need a solution. Because some time dogs keep barking for days and weeks that can create a headache for the whole family.

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Are High Pitch (Ultrasonic) Anti-Barking Devices Safe?

This is a question which every new dog owner asks in the start, in fact its normal with us (human beings) we are very socially attached so we want safety of our family members as well as our furry friends.

The basic goal of using an “high pitched dog sound to stop barking” is behavioral training to stop unwanted barking of the dog which hurt you, you will be amazingly surprised to know that most nearly all of devices are complete safe to use and even human beings cannot hear the sound which these devices create.

High-quality products from the renowned manufacturers undergone various test to make sure they do not hurt animals and humans. But before buying make it sure you are buying a certified device or explore our “Loudest Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent of 2019.

Some people may view that this training method is inhumane because these high-pitched devices emit a sound which get’s detect dog’s attention. These devices are hard because these create noise not the sweet songs which dog like, these sounds are scary for dogs and it is a reason they nut.

But these devices create nuisance rather than producing pain. It is always better to discuss with your vet or with a person who knows well before investing in such a product.

Do My Dog Need an Anti-Barking Device?

It is unnecessary if you can give ample time for training you can change the behavior of your dog with the human training. But if you are suffering with the chronic barking and looking for some immediate solution, then under listed solution can help you on the immediate basis and with these you also can train your dog. Like in the very first you can use e collar for the training but again this will only helpful if you consider regular sessions, secondly you can consider bark collars which your dog can wear all the time and in the last there are ultrasonic dog deterrents which can really help you.

These options can be used very effectively against barking. Dogs will bark regardless of how well they are trained, sometimes. You will have time when even trained dog’s bark with no reason.

Try to figure the reason of barking, if your dog bark when someone rings your dog bell or a stranger enter home then there is reason to punish your dog for the barking, but when you feel that he is barking with no reason there you must implement a solution. Do not use high-pitched dog sound to stop barking to totally stop the barking, use it gently and take a slow start.

How to Choose High Pitched Dog Sound to Stop Barking?

These devise which produce ultrasonic sound to quite the dog in fact produce high frequency noise which a human ear cannot hear but a dog can because a dog can hear high frequency and it is normal for them. It’s not a song for them its scary sound for them and this is the reason this sound nuts them. And there are two popular solutions to create this sound,
    1. Whistle
    2. Ultrasonic automatic devices
Well, whistle are manual choice, every time you need to shut your dog you have to manually blow the whistle while on the other side ultrasonic high pitch devices are automatic, these devices features with the automatic bark detection sensor and on detection of a bark, an ultrasonic sound is emitted from these devices which helps to stop the bark.

For a new user it is also important to not that these devices are training devices and not meant to be used for all the hours in a day means for 24/7. You can use these devices for a particular time. At the time when they bark more and disturb you, it is possible they change their behavior in a week of two. This will result in learning to stop barking, and when this happens, stop using the device.

Do Some Research preferably for your breed?

At first research a product and secondly also consider your dog breed seriously and research that such devices are how much effective and ho which level these devices work well and how much time it will require you to train your dog. Your research for high pitched dog sound to stop barking will help you find a better device.

In fact, nowadays it is hard for a dog owner to find a right device because a variety of devices are there, but we have a solution to high-pitched dog sound to stop barking in form of our top picked Ultrasonic dog deterrents.

Do not fell for a company because of extra advertising, prefer to consider the genuine customer reviews and try to figure out potential outcome of product. On the other side always visit website of manufacturer and see that what manufacturer is claiming about the product. Stick to the top companies that offer high quality pet products.

Look for Adaptive Settings

Some dogs are hard of nature and they are more resilient than others, such devices are only effective you’re your dog respond to it, in else case it is useless. Only from a light indicator or signal you can get information that it is emitting sound but if that is ineffective for your dog then you cannot train your dog. In such a case your dog will ignore the warning sound and keep barking.

So, to avoid this situation look for a device which offer multiple setting and even can change the setting automatically if dog do not respond to the warnings.


The range is the only limitation with these devices, barking detection sensor and their emitted sound both are configured for effective range, the most sophisticated devices offer a range of 50 feet, which you can adjust with different settings.

These devices also not work against bark of puppies so if you selecting these for puppies then prefer to buy whistle instead of automatic device.

Final Thoughts

It is recommend to buy an automatic device and use that in particular hours and for a continuous time of one month, you will notice the difference. these training devices are very effective and if used with care, you can get the results in two weeks. you can pick any of ultrasonic device from our best picks. We try to cover all the aspects of high pitched dog sound to stop barking if you still have questions you can ask us in the comments. 

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