Homemade Dog Cone Collar

If your dog suffers from the rashes, injuries or had a surgery, you need cone for your dog to wear to prevent any rubbing that allows to quickly heal the wound/rash. But here the problem is most of dogs and owners get frustrated with the plastic cons and look for the alternative to that.

Homemade dog cone collar can be a quick solution and it is possible to make it with multiple materials, but these are not useful enough and may your dog tear them in a single hour. This is the reason vets always suggest to buy a cone with the plastic material or non-chewable material which can withstand the notoriousness of your dog and can help to heal.

The cone collar certainly gets the job done effectively but being a dog is tough while wearing the cone collar, sleeping, drinking and eating is a challenge with cone collar. It is hard to force a dog to wear the cone collar but it is necessary because dogs have a thing about licking at their incision sites, and using paws to rub the infected area, it’s natural with them to chew the body parts they should not when injured.

How to make a dog cone collar at home?

Alternatives to Homemade Dog Cone Collar

Here we rounded up a few of great options that work fine to heal the rashes, wound, and Surgery. These are,

    • Cuddle cone soft E-collar
    • Noah recovery collar
    • Cloud E-collar
    • Comfy Cone
    • BBZone Protective dog recovery
    • Dora Bridal Dog Recovery

Instead of homemade dog con collar, these alternative are trustworthy can serve on multiple occasions and incidents, whatever you choose to prefer to select one that can adequately protect the injury site.

1. Cuddle Cone Soft E-collar, Medium - Pink Hawaiian

homemade dog cone collar


    • Made in the USA
    • Easy to clean, hand washable
    • For neck size from 13 to 15 inches, the length of the collar is 8 inches
    • Adjustable sizing, Comes with easy Velcro closure
    • Great alternative to plastic and poor quality cones
    • While using do not leave your pet unattended 
    • It is an effective grooming aid
    • Soft, comforting fleece lining “cuddles” your pet’s head, pet feel comfortable in it 

2. Alfie Pet - Noah Recovery Collar


    • Available in different sizes
    • This cone collar is ideal for post-surgery, injuries sand rashes
    • Lightweight, soft and comfortable
    • Unique closure offers to make it tight or may make it lose
    • While wearing this collar pets can drink, eat, sleep normally
    • Pet may chew this collar

3. KONG Cloud E-Collar for Cats and Dogs


    • Available in five sizes and can fit any size of the neck
    • Inflatable collar for rashes and post-surgery and also can be used for injuries
    • Premium protective collar
    • Will not tear with the count of time
    • Easily to clean and washable
    • Scratch-resistant and bites will not harm it  

4. Comfy Cone The Original, Soft Pet Recovery Collar with Removable Stays

homemade dog cone collar


    • Available in nine sizes
    • Soft cone-shaped; foam-backed padded by nylon
    • Come with Velcro closures for custom adjustment
    • Removeable plastic
    • Medical graded, recommended by vets.

5. BBZone Protective Dog Recovery Cone Collar

homemade dog cone collar


    • Available in three sizes
    • Scratch and bite-resistant
    • Costume design recovery collar
    • Protect the pets from rashes, injuries and post-surgery wounds
    • Come with the unique Velcro closure
    • Work great with all type of pets

6. Dora Bridal Protective dog Recovery cone collar

Dora Bridal Protective dog Recovery cone collar Soft Cats Dogs


    • Available in three sizes
    • Bite and scratch-resistant
    • Fully adjustable
    • Made of fabric
    • Velcro closures

Understanding Purpose of Dog Cone Collar

It is not being naughty when the dogs lick their wounds, it is natural with them, it’s simply instinct telling them to lick for natural healing. As we know well dog saliva is known for the natural remedy that contains beneficial compounds that are capable of destroying the bacteria. Simply the saliva helps the healing and inhibit bacterial growth.

Sometimes excessive licking can cause more problems and keep the wounded area wet and which become a hurdle in the cure and may lead to further infection. So, it is necessary to prevent your dog from licking and rubbing, and in such situation, vets prefer to advise dog cone collar, especially when you cannot monitor the wounded dog all the time.

Proper Fit

Make it sure that the cone collar is properly fit to your dog, if it remains tight then might your dog face problems in breathing and eating and if fit lose then the real benefits will remain far away. Simply measure the neck size of your dog and then make a buy.

Help your Dog to Adjust

For dogs it is not normal to wear the cone collar and when you put it on, they might stop drinking and eating. It many of cases dogs do not sit properly when wearing these cone collars.

So, it’s you who can help them to feel comfortable while wearing the cone collar, like you can help them to eat while offering the food they are standing and same with drinking. This will let them know they can eat and drink while wearing the collar

Test the product before leaving your dog alone

You buy one and your dog is wearing that collar, that does not mean it will work well many times it doesn’t. So, when you put it on stay with your dog for some time and monitor either it works well or not, only leave your dog along when you are sure that collar is properly fit.

Final Thoughts

Homemade dog cone collar can be cost effect and quick solution for the problem but homemade collars are not reliable enough, you cannot leave your pet with the homemade collar as that be tear off any time. So, for proper care buy a homemade cone collar alternate so you can stay sure it will work all the time.

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