How to Build Dog Kennel Under Stairs (Top 4 Designs)

How to Build Dog Kennel Under Stairs

If you have a house with stairs, then there is a good chance that you are looking for ways to utilize the space beneath them. Well, look no further because this blog post will introduce some creative ideas for building dog kennels under stairs. You may be thinking… how?!

We’re here to show you three of our favorite designs and walk you through the process of building one from start to finish!

You’ll also find tips on what breeds can’t live in these spaces, as well as considerations when choosing your design. If that’s not enough, we’ve got more info at the bottom of the page, including links to all 3 plans! Let’s do this!

Let’s see How to Build Dog Kennel Under Stairs?

Steps to Make a Dog Kennel Under Stair

  • When it comes to exterior walls, it is easy enough to put on another layer of wood. Pine or some other appropriate material that you can usually find at a hardware store and works with your built-in tools should be the first choice.
  • Place a piece of cardboard on the ground next to your doorway. Roll it out and back so that you can measure how much space is needed for your dog’s entry to be big enough for them.
  • Clean the inside of your dog’s soon-to-be kennel – there will probably be dust transferred from the outside.
  • If the inside is unfinished, you should place some material- be it lumber, finishing board, etc.- to protect your dog from debris.
  • Ensure that any interior structure is attached to the studs and is sturdy.
  • Sand down any rough spots on the floor to make them safe for your dog.
  • Prevent your dog from coming into contact with anything sharp on the crate’s exterior by attaching it using glue, nails, and screws.
  • Place shims or a frame along the outside with framing nails. This will keep your house standing.
  • Remember to clean the area before you introduce your dog to it.
  • Set up the new space for your pet and show them that this is their new hangout.

In case you are living in the apartment, you can simply buy an apartment crate for dogs, and for large dogs instead of underneath stairs you might need a Best Indoor Dog kennels for Large Dogs while on the other side you also need an outdoor dog kennel and dog crate for a truck to transport your four-paws companion.

Location and Size

The top thing to consider when designing your kennel beneath the stairs is where you’ll be putting it. Sure, there are some universal elements like the size and location of doors.

But, what about concerning your current family members (including kids or babies)? Will they get along with pups?

Do you have any other pets? Where will the dog food go, or how will that smell not make its way into other parts of the house? Also, if you don’t want dogs crawling up the front steps, then tuck yours under those stairs!

Place Some Fencing Posts Underneath Your Stairs To Make it Sturdy.

These posts come in different lengths for different purposes, but I’ve found that eight feet work well for most setups.

It’s not too tall for your pup to climb, and it gives them enough room to eat, sleep or potty without any obstruction from the stairs.

As you can see in the image above, multiple holes will allow you to secure the post using different methods (e.g., wood screws) and put away some of that extra dog food inside a little storage box while keeping it dry… as long as you provide proper ventilation!

The simplest option is two posts, but some people like three or four depending on their setup and need/want.

If You Build It… They Will Come

Okay, so this one is kind of tongue-in-cheek, but hey, we already know dogs are smart, so it makes sense that they’d be able to find out where their new amenities are.

When designing your space, you can make it as big or as small as you like, but I think it’s best to keep the size reasonable so that your pet doesn’t overheat.

It is certainly possible for a dog to stay in this little area for an entire day (depending on breed and activity level), but there will probably come the point when he needs some fresh air and time outside.

The rule of thumb is 2 square feet per pound of animal, so if you have a 50-pound dog, then 100 square feet would be ideal.

3 Under Stair Kennel Designs

  • Simple Under Stair Dog Kennel
  • Decorative Front Dog Kennel
  • Under Stair Dog Kennel Using Pallets

Decorative Front Dog Kennel

If you love dogs and want to make them feel more comfortable during the hot summers or cold winters, building a dog kennel underneath your stairs is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it can be quite useful, especially when you don’t have time to take care of your pet outdoors.

To build this kind of dog home, you will need to have some basic tools and skills in woodworking. It would help if you also had a total commitment since it will take some time before you are done with the project itself.

But if you already know how to do things well enough, then there should be no problem for you in making one of these for your own dog. As mentioned above, the first thing that needs to be installed is the posts. After that, nails and screws are needed for this particular kind of project.

You will need to find a good location to secure your posts firmly on the stairs that you have under your house. The best material around is wood, but you can also use cement and steel bars if you aren’t sure.

After installing these six-ply boards, it’s time to construct the dog kennel itself by using plywood or heavy-duty plastic sheets as its base. Make them so that it has two doors; one at the front and another at the back. Both of these doors should be made highly secured since they might act as an entrance for other animals into your home itself.

Many people who do not wish to use cement or steel bars for the frame of their underground dog kennel would opt to use something called pallets.

The materials used to make this kind of dog house are usually discarded wood pallets left behind by a nearby business. You can actually ask these businesses if they’re willing to give away any unwanted materials so you can turn them into something beneficial at the same time.

But make sure that whatever material that you choose should be durable enough not to fall apart after several months from now on. This is what most owners do for building an underground canine home under your stairs.

Under Stair Dog Kennel Using Pallets

Before you purchase any dog kennel for your pet, it’s important that you find out what breed he is and the size of his mature body.

This will help you in finding the perfect size for him! For example, if he’s a medium-sized breed, go for something bigger than a small breed. You would also need to check how much room doggy has at home already.

If there are cages or food bowls taking up a lot of room, I’d suggest going smaller so that everything can fit well inside. Adding a dog crate under your stairs might not be that easy, but definitely possible with some modifications and creativity!

Another thing to consider is what type of dog do you have?

Is he crate trained, or is he okay to be free around the house? Would it be better for your dog if he was able to come and go out of his kennel at will, or would you prefer him to stay in there all the time unless let out by you?

If the dog is comfortable enough to be in a small confined area, why not add a few improvements to make his life more convenient? One of these could be adding an “upper-level” within the kennel.

This gives him a place to lay down, run around and do whatever else he wants while still staying below ground level.  It’s all about making your pet feel safe, secure, and happy!