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how to make dog toothpaste

There are a variety of dog toothpaste brands available in offline and online marketplaces. Still, a considerable portion of the pet owner population is making or trying to make this cleaning agent home. Surprisingly today, we will discuss how to make dog toothpaste at home with a step-by-step guide.

Keeping in view the high demand, this blog is solely dedicated to an easy step-wise guide to preparing this essential item of the kennel. The recipe for developing an over-the-top dog toothpaste is super simple and handy. Let’s delve into the details. 

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Ingredients Required to Make Dog Toothpaste at Home

Before preparing the dog toothpaste, make sure that you have the following items in the refrigerator. Take the edibles out of the storage and place them on the kitchen shelf. 

  1. Coconut oil
  2. Bentonite clay
  3. Sea salt
  4. Mint

Keep bear in mind that just like the variety of toothpaste brands, there are also many ways of preparing the toothpaste at home. You may add flavoring substances, i.e., garlic, parsley, meat, inter alia. Still, the final choice is pure of your dog and yours.

However, we are here detailing a mainstream, conventional, but effective toothpaste recipe.

Let’s Start Preparation and Make Dog Toothpaste at Home

  1. Prepare the base that is coconut oil.

    Three tablespoons of coconut oil need to be placed in a bowl. The bowl must be a food-grade and microwave-resilient product. Now place the coconut oil-laden bowl in the microwave and turn it on for just 10 seconds. The oil will be melted. Take the bowl out of the microwave and stir the solution gently. Coconut oil is commonly used as a base for any dog toothpaste product owing to the antibacterial nature. In the same vein, coconut oil is a bulwark against the accumulation of tartar, cavities, and foul breath.

  2. Include bentonite clay in Coconut oil.

    Add one tablespoon of bentonite clay into the base solution of coconut oil and store the solution gently unless the bentonite particles truly get dissolved into the base. Bentonite is used as a binder in toothpaste that sticks out the residual fine food particles out of teeth. Bentonite clay must not be added up more than a single tablespoon as the overdose might be detrimental to the dog’s health.

  3. Adding Sea Salt.

    Take the ¼ teaspoon of sea salt and grind the sat finely by bludgeoning or using a grinder. Never use a coffee grinder as the residuals of coffee leaves might be toxic for the dog. When the salt is finely ground, add it to the existing mixture of coconut oil and bentonite clay. Stir the solution until all the inclusions get dissolved into each other.
    Sea salt is used in dog toothpaste to give an abrasive effect. The sea salt helps in scrubbing the hard tartar lines and thwart the bacteria population inside the orifice. This acidic salt helps prevent foul breath and teeth deterioration.

  4. Now sprinkle the mint.

    Take dried mint and grind in the same way you adopted for the sea salt crushing. Add ¼ teaspoon of finely-ground mint into the existing mixture and stir the mixture gently unless the whole plasma becomes homogeneous.
    The dried mind is used to give a refreshing feeling to the dog. The breath quality gets better, and the fear of foul breathing minimizes to zero. Mint is also a natural bulwark against bacteria infestation.

  5. Here comes the wait and watch phase.

    Leave the solution idle for ten minutes. After this, you will find that the solution is settling down and shaping itself. Your toothpaste is all set to chuck the nasty germs out of the dog’s teeth line.

  6. Final step – store the home-made toothpaste in a glass jar.

    Scoop the dog toothpaste from the bowl and place it into a glass jar. A glass jar is emphasized owing to its banal effects. Conversely, plastics jars may ensue chain chemical reactions, so you should refrain from using these.
    The average expiry duration of the dog’s toothpaste is three months. However, if the home-made toothpaste smells foul or the color gets changed, you must dispose of the rotten stock.

5 Benefits of Manufacturing the Dog Toothpaste at Home

how to make dog toothpaste

The easy-to-core recipe is revealed from the secret book of commercial dog toothpaste connoisseurs. The revelation was solely for the public good. Many pet parents speculate about making the dog toothpaste at home instead of buying high-end products.

Below are some of the reasons that compel you pondering the home manufacturing of dog toothpaste.

1. Homemade Dog Toothpaste is Economical

As you have read above, only four simple, cheap items are enough to make a dog toothpaste. All the required products are available in an economical range. The home preparation of dog toothpaste will ensure complete organic cleaning.

While on the other hand, this home trick would reduce the kennel budget. Both dog and parent remain exuberant.

2. Assurance of Banal Nature

Whenever you opt for a commercial dog toothpaste for your dog, you always go deep into the lengthy, tedious description to find out the inclusion of noxious elements. As per a study by the National Research Centre on Rodents and Canines (N2RC), South Korea, “70% of the commercial dog toothpaste is mixed up with  Xylitol or Xanthum gum.”

The gummy factors are included in dog toothpaste to give the paste a toothpaste-like traditional shape. This inclusion is the compulsion for the commercial makers owing to the large enterprise size and production targets.

When you prepare this simple but effective toothpaste at home, you get relieved from all the concomitant worries.

3. Enhances the Dog-Man Camaraderie

The pooch is an intelligent and loyal partner. When the pet dog sees that the owner is putting in extra efforts for its comfort. In turn, the mutt’s golden heart kindles with the good sentiments of gratitude and compassion.

The bond between man-and-dog becomes inseparable and stronger than ever.

4. Reliable and time-efficient

The home preparation mode is reliable and time-efficient. Otherwise, you will have to scroll tens of web pages and then passionately wait for the order delivery. Until then, the dog would keep mocking you with a display of nasty yellowish teeth.

Brick-and-mortar buying is also a kind of hassle during this pandemic era. An adage goes by, “God helps those who help themselves.”

The self-preparation of dog toothpaste just takes a quick five minutes with the deep assurance that the product is 100% genuine and effective.

5. Stay Home – Stay Safe

Social distancing is a new normal. The second wave of covid-19 is reclaiming the past gains. While in most of Europe, smart lockdowns are being enforced. Workspaces are turning into virtual spaces, and brick-and-mortar outlets are being transformed into online vendors.

This is an opportune time to have hands-on practice in preparing the nifty toothpaste for your dog.

5 Limitations of Home-Made Dog Toothpaste

However, some limitations need to be taken seriously during the execution of this home process, such as;

  1. The gauges must be properly measured. The under or excessive sprinkling might have long-term noxious effects on the dog.
  2. If anything goes wrong and a repugnant smell or change of color is observed. You must halt the procedure, and the dustbin must be the resting place of the botched attempt.
  3. For grinding, a near and clean grinder must be used. The residuals of before-ground substance would devastate the recipe.
  4. Proper hygiene must be ensured—this a new norm in the backdrop of Covid-19.
  5. Flavoring should be added with caution; you must consider the combined effect of any individual flavor before inclusion.

Downing Curtain

You must have had a clear idea about the preparation, application, limitation of homemade toothpaste for dogs. If properly executed, with limitations considered, homemade dog toothpaste will help you in many ways.

In short, homemade dog toothpaste is a way better, economic, and cost-effective choice for the dog and dog-parent. We can hope that our guide on making dog toothpaste at home serves you well to make it on your own.

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