How to Stop a Dog from Whining at Night (Quick Tips & Guide)

If you are itinerant to know “how to stop a dog from whining at night,” then you will be surprised to know that. There is the number of reasons your dog whine at night, and it would create a situation for you to handle that result in having a broken night’s sleep. To deal with the same situation and to avoid your dog’s whining in the coming days, we bring 16 quick tips that can help you reach a solution and could bring peace to your hours when the lights go out.

how to stop a dog from whining at night

Quick Tips to Stop Your Dog Whining at Night

Access the situation with little or no experience and try to figure out that which tip works well for your dog; there is no need to try all of these, but when you have these tips in mind, it will become easy for your to find a solution for whining dog, and in normal days consider these tips to avoid whining completely & to provide more comfort to your dog.

      1. Work out Why Your Dog is Whining
      2. Make Basic Checks Before You go to Bed
      3. Stop feeding your puppy at an appropriate time
      4. Check That Your Dog Isn’t Cold
      5. Deal with Dog Separation Anxiety Issues
      6. Prepare a place for your puppy in your room.
      7. Make Sure Your Dog is Tired
      8. Reach down and pat your puppy
      9. Take him to do his business
      10. Soothe Your Dog with Sounds
      11. Appease Your Furry Friend with Smells
      12. Make Sure Your Dog is Pain-Free
      13. Carry your puppy outside or to her soiling place
      14. Get Your Dog a Crate
      15. Limit your puppy’s time in your bedroom to the first two nights only.
      16. Ignore Your Dog’s Noise

1. Work out Why Your Dog is Whining

Do not consider your dog whining at night for no reason; if you can work it out, you can find the reasons behind it are, and it will give you a better chance of choosing the right approach/solution and bring success in stopping the whining of your dog. As per our experience, the three most common reasons are discomfort, anxiety, or attention-seeking.

If you watch your dog closely, you can find exact clues if you are near notice, your reaction to whining and dog’s reaction when you look at him because this will give you all the information that your need to handle the situation, and do not consider your dog whining at night for no reason.

2. Make Basic Checks Before You go to Bed

Dog crying at night meaning you cannot have a restful sleep, sometimes we all miss the most common reasons, and this happens because we did not pay a good night visit to our dogs like if we do, we can check the necessities and can provide something is missing like maybe dog is thirsty he needs water, or he is not feeling comfortable at the dirty place, needs cleaning.

When you have a dog, it should be the last thing in your schedule to visit your dog. If you are dealing with the puppy crying at night, it might be due to urine infection that most of the puppies suffer from this issue, especially those who frequently pass urine.

If you figure out they need a walk, then provide them with the least attention because if you give attention and play with them, they become habitual.

3. Stop Feeding Your Puppy at an Appropriate Time

We recommend not feeding your dog after 7 p.m; you must take away the food. Take your puppy out to digest before you retire. Definitely, this will limit the number of times your dog to do his business during the night, and he can take a restful sleep.

When you offer food late, that creates problems, and a dog needs some activity or a long walk to eliminate that food.

4. Check That Your Dog Isn't Cold

The majority of the dogs whine at night because they are cold; they cannot warm themselves independently. It’s your duty to check either they are comfortable and warm enough about the weather.

Like if they sleep in a kennel outside, you need to make sure it is out of the wind, and if you provide a space within your house, make sure that the bed is warm enough, and the bed is not in a draught.

You may use bean bags that can warm up a dog and provide cozy sleep all night. If you can afford it, then buy a heated blanket for your pup. If you are buying a heated blanket, then also take care that your dog does not get overheated.

5. Deal with Dog Separation Anxiety Issues

Separation anxiety is a major cause of whining at night, especially in puppies and mid-aged dogs. You can find the symptoms easily like your dog sleeps separately from you and start whining when you leave him alone, which means he is suffering from separation anxiety issues. Calming treats for dogs that are readily available in the market can be a solution because they help fix the behavior.

It may cost you a while because you need to invest and provide new treats to your dog every day until you train him to sleep alone.

Desensitization training is another solution for dog separation anxiety; with this training, dogs usually take time to respond and learn to keep patience, so they respond positively. You also can use a way to learn how to show your dog that you are a pack leader or decision-maker that can reassure a dog dealing with separation anxiety.

6. Prepare a place for your puppy in your room

This is a good way to deal with the nighttime fears and loneliness of your dog. You can prepare a good bed for your dog with an old blanket or an old bedsheet, a place in the creation of a cardboard box, next to your bed, and offer a right comfortable bed to your dog in your room where he will never feel alone.

If you prepare a bed on your own, make sure it is large enough for your dog, and he feels comfortable in this bed. In this way, you also confine your dog to prevent him from eliminating in the room.

7. Make Sure Your Dog is Tired

This is a most important tip; if you take care of this only, then there will be no need to search for “how to stop a dog from whining at night.” Your dog will start whining at your if he gets restless at night; he struggles to settle down, and, in the end, he creates a situation for you. Offer them a long walk or an exercise for one hour in the late hours that make them tired.

Many dogs will instantly flop down to their bed to sleep after a long exercise or walk. Walking late at night may not appeal to you, so if this is the case, then try the energetic games in your backyard or the house.

This Dr. Andy’s video will help you find the right game for your dog to tire him at home. 

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8. Reach down and pat your puppy

Sometimes appreciation and patting really help to calm down your pup. When you visit your dog’s place, you also check for the basic requirement and patting deliver a message to not being alone and stay motivated.

Patting is a way to express love and affection. Dogs love it and want to receive it off, and on so try it; this will have a magical impact.

9. Take him to do his business

Suppose your dog begins to cry after being quiet for such long hours that is a clear sign he needs to go out. This is your dog’s way of communication that he needs to go outside. So, offer him a walk and an exercise to get him out of the frustrated mood.

Nowadays, dogs live with us in the homes, but they do not love to do it, so they always want to go outside, and it’s your duty to offer them a walk at regular intervals.

10. Soothe Your Dog with Sounds

This is also a good idea if you invest in this one; there are many sounds and music gadgets for dogs that you can buy, and, in such a situation, you can turn them on, and it will keep your dog quiet. Sometimes placing a ticking clock is also helpful; It can keep a dog calm as the ticking resembles another dog’s heartbeat, so the dog thinks he has a companion in the room.

If you are dealing with a puppy crying at night, then placing an old ticking clock can really help you. Just make sure that the clock is not reachable by puppies; otherwise, they may use it as the chew toy. Here you can see what type of music your dog likes!

11. Appease Your Furry Friend with Smells

A dog has the ability to sense you from the smell so always remain in search for the same, it is a trick in which you need to place your old shirt or cloth near the dog or in the bed of your dog so he can smell you. This may provide enough comfort to your dog and he stays quiet. This is very helpful especially when you are dealing with an older dog whining at night. 

So, until now you explore a lot of answers to “how to stop a dog from whining at night” and maybe found a suitable one to stop your dog whining at night. 

12. Make Sure Your Dog is Pain-Free

If your furry friend is feeling pain at any part of his body, then he cannot rest, so pay attention and try to find a solution because the pain will cause your dog to wake up and keep whining.

As per our experience, a dog does not feel the joint pain until he lay down, so if you are dealing with an overweight dog or an older dog whining at night, this can be a reason, and you can arrange a checkup as soon as possible.

13. Carry your puppy outside or to her soiling place

Sometimes this bad habit developed in dogs because of owners’ carelessness; they prefer to walk away and urinate along the way, and when this becomes a habit when they do it daily. Whenever you are on a walk with your dog, notice such things, and if you found any, you need to discourage it by punishment.

For the immediate solution to the whining of you, consider that this is a reason to offer them a visit to their soiling place.

14. Get Your Dog a Crate

A crate is like a den to the dog. If your dog feels insecure or along a create, it can be a solution because this is the place they consider their own. Especially this tip is handy to deal with a rescue dog crying at night. Keep in mind when you introduce them to a crate, make it nice with treats and toys. You need to gradually build up the time that they spend at their own place/crate.  

So, they become comfortable and feel that they will be right while left alone overnight—no dog whining at night in a crate if he is healthy and active.

15. Limit your puppy's time in your bedroom to the first two nights only

Suppose you want a permanent solution and do not want to deal with the whining issues repeatedly. So, when you bring a puppy home, you need to limit his time in your bedroom; you must not allow more than two nights in your bedroom. Otherwise, he may become habitual of it.

First, two nights are considered difficult for a puppy and thereafter offered him a separate place to rest.

16. Ignore Your Dog's Noise

how to stop a dog from whining at night

Should I leave my puppy to cry at night? Not all the time; you need to move on for a solution. If your dog is not a habitual one, then try to ignore his whining. He is creating nighttime noise to get your attention, and when the efforts are paid off, he will stop automatically.

This means not speaking to them, touching or patting them, making eye contact when they whine. For a dog owner, it’s difficult to break this pattern of behavior, you can feel guilty for few days, but it can be a solution for our whining. If your dog is healthy and provides all of the necessities, this tip can work for you.

This tip will bring you the result in few days. When they are not getting attention, they will change their behavior, and they should stop.

Do I need to prepare for a few sleepless nights?

Yes, you may need to do it in a few cases, like if your dog is suffering from some serious medical issue, then you need to take care of him while sacrificing our rest. And if you brought home a rescued dog or a puppy, that may invite the same situation as most of such dogs are suffering from health issues and behavioral problems that will take time to cure.

Arrange a complete checkup of your new dog, and the doctor may advise some calming medicine that can also offer restful sleep at night. 


Until now, you see that in response to “how to stop a dog from whining at night,” a lot of soft options are available. You can pick one, and this list will help you find one, and when you know about the issues, you can figure out one. We do not advise any electronic gadget for the solution until you try hard all of the available soft options.

Hopefully, you find one suitable solution for your dog whining night, but still, if you have any questions, ask us in the comments.  

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