A duck dog that is not contained in a crate would become a flying doggo if your vehicle met with an accident because of a human error. This all happens in a matter of seconds, and you cannot react fast to keep your dog safe. Having your dog riding beside you is a good idea, and you may enjoy the ride more and your partner too. But it’s not safe and secure for your four paws hunting partner. When you are on the road, a chance of sudden brakes or smash into a vehicle always remains there. You need to take safety measures for your hunting partner, and hunting dog crates for trucks is the best option. It can keep your dog safe and sure during an unexpected event. We reviewed some of the best available models, and our list includes:

Sr.ProductMade ofProfile
1Gunner Kennels G1Plastic & SteelS, M, L
2Aspen Pet Porter Plastic & Steel Wire
3MIM Safe Variocage Steel
4IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel CarrierPlastic & Steel WireL
5Zinger Winger PR4000AlluminiumM, L
6SportPet Designs Plastic KennelsPlastic & Steel WireM, L
7Dakota 283 G3 KennelPlastic & SteelL
8Petmate Sky Kennel Plastic & Steel M, L

A quality kennel is an excellent insurance policy against something terrible happening to your favorite duck hunting partner. A vehicle is made with all the necessary life-saving measures for human beings but not for dogs, and the same solutions can be life-threatening for dogs. While a strong hunting dog crate for trucks can keep him unharmed and alive. Let’s move on to the reviews:

1. Gunner Kennels G1

  • Top-rated crash tested and bulletproof, the only five-star crash-tested crate in the market
  • Heavy-duty dog crate made to accommodate dog up to 110 lbs
  • Doublewall Rotomolded provide maximum protection against human errors
  • Equipped with paddle latch door for maximum safety and to prevent escape
  • Easy to clean, built for all weathers, fully weather-resistant

The hunter who needs to haul their dogs in the truck needs special kennels like Gunner G1, which designed for hunters and to place on the flatbed of trucks. But it is similarly beneficial for non-hunting owners who love to travel with their dog. It is the safest and most durable dog kennel in the market with five-star crash testing. Its double-wall construction provides extra protection against the UV rays, impact, and cold temperature. Features water-repelling windows that help the dog to stay dry in the rain.

Gunner G1 kennel is easy to clean and to keep the inside dry drain plugs featured on the floor that has the ability to drain the water if splashed inside. The manufacturer only trusted stainless steel hardware that lasts for a lifetime without rusting and causing discoloration. It is featured with the supper sturdy handle to lift it up and load, equipped with elevated feet and a broad base that help this kennel to stay sturdy on the flatbed. It contains dedicated tie-down pins to fix it sturdy on the back of the truck, and when fixed properly, it stays in place even on rough roads.

The Gunner Kennel is available in three sizes so you can choose the right one as per your need and size of your dog. A lot of reviews available about this kennel and most of the customers show their full satisfaction with this kennel. Among the hunting dog crates for trucks, it deserves to be at number one. It is a rigid and escape-proof option for the hunter as well as non-hunting dog owners.

Drawbacks, it’s a costly choice and requires a little bit of assembly.

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2. Aspen Pet Porter

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Carrier
  • Large pet carrier, suitable for outdoor use and hunting dogs
  • Air travel approved
  • Its design allows ventilation and dogs can see what happens outside
  • Also, come with a handle that makes lifting and shifting easy
  • Leash cable tie out keeps the pet contained
  • A stylish and durable choice

Aspen Pet Porter is made to keep your pet comfortable and confined during a car trip. It’s not only steel or aluminum that can provide you’re the required strength to keep the energetic and powerful dogs confined. Plastic is also among these materials that have the strength to hold the dogs; Aspen Pet Porter is a good example here; it is made of plastic and wire mesh. This hunting dog crate for trucks is strong enough to hold the hounds, and its construction makes it best to use outdoor either at the back of your truck, in the cargo areas, or on the ground where you are waiting for your hunt.

The ventilation wire mesh design on the four sides of the heavy-duty plastic shell allows the fresh air to pass through and also provides space for your pet to keep an eye on you and the environment around that helps to manage the anxiety. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, take less space when not in use as well as plastic is easy to clean. You can wash this hunting dog crate for trucks whenever you want and can provide your dog bedding for comfort.

Drawbacks, not tested for the crash, not properly equipped to tie the straps on the backside of the truck.

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3. MIM Safe Variocage

4x4 North America Variocage Single Crash Tested Dog Cage - SXS
  • Tested for front and rear crash, only in class
  • Featured with an emergency escape hatch
  • Made with durable and rustproof material
  • Available in multiple sizes

MIM Safe Variocage It is the most sophisticated dog cage in the market, which is equipped with a lot of features that only professionals can understand. It’s strong enough to hold rowdies and made to last forever. It is a crash-tested certified and approved dog cage on the market and one that is the most rigorously tested and proven dog cage for safety and security. It is designed for maximum security; it proves to stand firm against all types of collisions. It is capable of keeping your dog safe from the devastating effect of a collision.

It is certified to meet the stringent crash test safety standard established by UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe). If you want real protection, then this is a device for you.

Drawbacks, Its heavy that makes it hard to load. Only suitable for cars with significant cargo areas and trucks.

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4. IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier

IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier
  • Pet travel carrier for dogs up to 80 lbs
  • Ideal for hunting dogs
  • Made with durable plastic and wire mesh and equipped with push lock to prevent escaping
  • Features handle that makes lifting easy
  • Can be sturdily tided on the flatbed of the truck
  • Comes with removable food and water tray
  • Made to keep the dog well ventilated

IRIS Medium Deluxe Pet Travel Carrier is a multipurpose dog crate that can be used for air travel and to keep your dog with you on any trip and best to use for hunting. It is made to contain rowdies and features with the best options. Basically, it’s a plastic shell that is designed with wire mesh to keep the dog ventilated — featured with a durable door that contains a push lock to prevent any escape.

It comes with an attachable food and water tray so you can feed your dog when they are on the move, and its perfect for keeping your dogs confined when you are on the hunting place, it will not allow your dog to move a lot, and it saves his energy that he can spend on chasing. It is a collapsible pet carrier that can be conveniently stored when not in use. Easy to wash and no assembly required — ideal for large breeds.

Drawbacks, not tested for the crash, not made to hold anxious dogs.

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5. Zinger Winger PR4000

Zinger Winger PR4000 Professional 4000 with Escape Artist Upgrade Package
  • Lightweight aluminum dog crate with maximum strength
  • Featured with flush-mounted slam latch
  • Made to place side by side
  • Fine finished durable silver hammer tone powder coat both inside and out
  • Made to keep the dog safe from unexpected events

Zinger Winger PR4000 crate is made to keep the dogs safe during a car ride; it’s silver finish makes it more attractive among its class. The manufacturer knows how tough it is to keep the hunter dogs secure, and this is a reason they come up with a strong and durable option that can be used in any weather condition. Its hardware is rustproof, and it prevents any chance of escaping. This crate offers incredible strength, and due to its aluminum material, it lasts for every and lightweight carry, as per our experience it one third in weight of a steel cage that is really an added advantage and hunters can load it easily.

Drawbacks, not tested for the crash, it is a costly device.

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6. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels Rolling Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate
  • Available in multiple sizes the large size is 48″ high
  • Airline approved, ideal for hunting dogs, perfect to carry at the backside of the truck
  • Comes with two dishes and 4 animal stickers
  • Made with durable plastic, easy to assemble
  • Featured with wheels that make rolling easy

SportPet Designs Plastic Kennel is a right hunting dog crate for trucks, choose the correct size for your dog, and this multipurpose dog crate serves you in many ways. You can use for your hunting dogs traveling and to keep them confined on the camping place as well as at home. In this class, this is the only crate that is equipped with the wheels, which you can lock to fix it in one place sturdily. These wheels are removable that you need, especially when placing the crates on the flatbed of the truck.

It is designed to allow the pet to enjoy fresh air through its mesh windows and door. While its door is fully securable and easy to open, no special tools required to assemble this crate, and you can disassemble in the same way to store it when not in use. Your most energetic and rowdy dog cannot escape from this hunting dog crate for trucks.

Drawbacks, nothing found not to love.

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7. Dakota 283 G3 Kennel

Dakota 283 G3 Kennel
  • Compatible with most Tonneau Covers
  • Rear Positioned Easy-Grip Handle
  • Keyed Paddle Latching Door for security and to prevent escaping
  • Large Side Ventilation Holes to keep inside ventilated
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole, fully washable

Dakota 283 G3 Kennel is an ideal dog kennel for hunting and large dogs that can be used to transport the dogs. It is a perfect solution for hunting dogs; the maximum height is supportive of your pooch to easily settle down and enjoy his trip in the well-ventilated kennel. It is equipped with the most advanced door, which is durable enough and made with steel while coated nicely to match with the kennel color. It is a lightweight and durable option for hunters. On the back of the truck, it fits sturdy with the straps as the place for the straps is designed beautifully, and on the right road, it will not leave its position.

If you are fond of style and quality, then this is a product for you, its most comfortable kennel for the dogs. You can place comfortable bedding inside for long trips. Dakota 283 G3 Kennel is trusted by thousands of dog lovers in the USA, and it is durable enough to serve for life.

Drawbacks, it is a costly item.

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8. Petmate Sky Kennel

Petmate Sky Kennel
  • Secure and adaptable with the four-way vault door
  • For dogs up to 70 lbs
  • Constructed with the durable material to last for a longer time
  • Ideal for the hunter and to keep the pets contained at any place
  • Made for safe travel and it fits anywhere
  • Satisfies Natural Denning Instincts

Petmate Sky Kennel is made for multipurpose like you can use to keep your pet confined for a small period when there is a party at your home, and you can use it on the backseat or front seat of your vehicle when traveling along with your pet. It is an ideal product to use at the back of the truck and for camping. Its mesh design allows ventilation and the durable plastic shell is indestructible, during an accident, it will keep your dog secure and safe. Vault style door is a secure option to prevent escaping. This product is trusted by thousands of customers and a perfect solution for traveling with pets.

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