The Best Indoor Dog kennels for Large Dogs (Heavy Duty and Extra Large)

It is really delightsome to have a dog in the house who can play and create some beautiful memories with family members. Most of us love to spend time with dogs like we love to see them playing inside and want to keep them with us when watching TV serials and even when we play games on our PlayStation. The large dogs also want to participate in every activity and change expressions and react as per the situation, which is really worth watching. While dogs also remain engaged the whole day with kids and old family members. 

But all the things never run all the time smoothly; the time comes when you feel the need to confined your four-legged friend but cannot afford to leave him unattended outside. Here, the need for indoor dog kennels for large dogs comes in a heavy-duty & Extra-large crate is a necessity to confined and crate train a large-sized dog. 

A heavy-duty & extra large indoor dog kennel for a large dog can keep the dog confined and cannot be damaged with the pressure of the dog and claws, as well as it looks beautiful inside.

Indoor kennels are also necessary to crate, train the dogs and keep them confined when they are in a bad mood or a party inside the house. It’s necessary for every large dog owner because it is not always possible to allow your large pup to roam freely inside the house. There may be a situation when you are expecting a guest who is allergic to the dogs, then definitely you will need to keep your four-legged friend confined for some time.

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Things to Consider While Buying Indoor Dog Kennels for Large Dogs

When you are buying an indoor dog kennel for your large four-legged friend, you need to consider a few features very seriously because these will help to keep your dog calm and healthy; those are:

  • Ventilation and Clear Visibility: indoor your dog can hear you, and when he can see through the walls of the crate, it will help him stay calm and only voice can keep him disturbed, and ventilation is necessary for him to stay healthy.
  • Pet-Friendly: either your dog chew or not, but when confined, he will definitely give it a try; prefer to look for a dog kennel made with non-toxic material so the chewing and staying inside will not harm your large furry friend.
  • Easy to Set up and Fold: you may not use the indoor dog crate all the time, so it’s better to look for a foldable option that is easy to set up and fold, so you can spare up space when there is no need for the kennel.
  • Comes with Rubber Feet: it’s an important feature to consider because a metal object can really damage your floor; a kennel with rubber feet will not scratch your floor.
  • Floor Tray/Plastic Pan: it’s small equipment inside the crate which will save you from tons of extra cleaning job and make sanitation easy.
  • Security and Safety: select an option that is strong enough o hold its shape, a collapse may harm your dog, and look for securable latches.

Many options are available in the market, and every manufacturer claims that their product is perfectly made for indoor use. Still, in reality, only a few are good enough to use indoor. To make your selection process easy to consider more than 20 products initially, make criteria based on the requirement that a dog owner looks in an indoor kennel. We narrow down our selection and finally found five durable options for you. Our final selections are listed below:

1. Best XXL Giant Dog Crate for Indoor Use

large indoor kennel

MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate is a structure that is specifically made to use indoor, its durable construction and look make a piece that you will love to keep inside. Moreover, it’s lightweight and easy to clean comes with a removable tray that you can wash or clean with a damp cloth.  

It’s a raised lips/border tray, so even if your dog met with a mistake and tilt the water bowl, the tray will hold it inside, and it will not splash onto the floor. So while using an indoor dog crate, you can keep your floor safe and secure, and it does not create any additional cleaning job for you. Some of its other features are:

  • Drop Pin Construction: that makes assembling and disassembling easy.
  • SEcured slid bold latches: dog cannot make a way to get out when it’s locked; keep your dog secured.
  • Patent-Pending L-Hook: its feature that will prevent sidewalls from bowing in.
  • Rubber Feet: these will prevent scratching on the floor.

Extra-large double door metal dog crate is ideal for the largest breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs, Bernards, etc. Its two-door configuration and leak-proof pan, as well as above listed features, make it an ideal crate. This ginormous dog crate offers maximum durability, and its coating will protect the metal from the outer elements to keep it clean as well.

Three slide-bolt latches on each doo will keep the pup confined until a human hand unlocks these latches. Safety and security of your will not be an issue when he is inside.

It weighs nearly 80 pounds, so you can expect the quality that you will get.

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2. Top Rated Folding Metal Dog Crate For Indoor Use

extra large indoor dog kennel

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate comes in single door and double door variants. You will like most of its large swing-open doors and low threshold for easy entry and exit. To make the containment environment, reliable slide-bolt latches are used on the doors. 

Its wire mesh design allows air to pass through and keep your dog well ventilated, as well as the clear outside view that will help your furry friend to stay calm. A few of its other features are:

  • Durable Plastic Pan: heavy-duty pan will protect your floor and from water splashes and food spread over.
  • Durable Wires: high-quality wires are used in their construction to ensure maximum durability.
  • Easy to Fold and Assemble: it takes only a little space when folded, and it’s a matter of minutes to set it up.
  • Rounded Corner: rounded corners of wires and crate will ensure safety.

It provides a secure environment for large dogs, and its E-Coat finish is a feature that gives it a long life while protecting it from the outer environment and harsh weather. This e-coting also gives its color and look, which definitely looks good inside. 

A single person can assemble it in just five minutes, and you can keep the folded crate in your vehicle to keep your dog confined on some other location or a camping site.

It’s a crate that will make housekeeping easy and help potty train the dog and reduce unwanted behaviors; it’s completely chewing proof, and its material/coating is safe for dogs.

We recommend it most because your large dogs will not feel isolated inside this kennel, and the arrangement inside will keep your house clean.

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3. Wooden Style Indoor Dog Kennels for Large Dogs

indoor dog kennels for large dogs

Merry Products Cage is for those dog owners who always want furniture-style equipment for their dogs that also match their inside interior. The Product in the spotlight is a multipurpose product; it can be used as a dog crate, a barrier, and a dog crate that is durable and can be used to keep the extra-large dogs confined.

During our review process, we find that its height is also an ideal one that is hard to cross with a jump for large dogs. 

It’s fully configurable, and it’s a resting area that your dog will love most and consider its own private space. Inside your house, it will be an ancient price of furniture, and when your large dog is inside, you can proudly introduce him to others, then visitors will definitely appreciate your love for the four-legged friend.

It also saves you money on gates, and barriers like it can be used to close off doorways, complementing more space in a decorative way where the top surface can be used to place personal items.

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4. Comfortable Extra-large Indoor Dog Kennels

large indoor dog kennels

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate for Indoor is an option for those who want to keep the dog confined in a most comfortable space and give him privacy, its also for those dogs who become anxious when seeing more visitors in the home. 

The window covers that cover each of the full-mesh windows can be raised, mesh windows allow air to flow in, and also provide clear visibility so the dog can see what happens outside. It’s an ideal solution for nighttime confinement. All of its material is easy to wash and clean, the floor is leakproof, and can be equipped with any comfortable accessory. A few of its features are:

  • 600D and Hex Mesh Fabric: it’s made with durable and high-quality 600D and hex mesh fabric, making this large kennel well ventilated, stylish, and durable.
  • 3 Doors: top, front, and side allow to access the pat the pet easily, increase breathability.
  • Removable cover with pockets: machine washable cover will get a new look after every wash.
  • 2 Year warranty: your investment will remain secure for this long time.

It can fold in seconds, durable hardware inside fabric is used to give it the kennel’s shape, take little space in your storage bucket, and be used either indoors or for a car traveling. You can allow your dog to drink and eat inside as well; it’s an item that can use to keep the dog confined with a zipper that the dog cannot open on his own.

Equipped with pockets that can use during travel to keep the doggies stuff, you may use it to store the treats and other small items.

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5. Heavy Duty Indoor Dog kennel

big indoor dog kennels

iCrate for Dogs from MidWest Homes for Pets is another master price from the Midwest, which is ideally made in many sizes, and it’s convenient to find one that will keep your dog comfortable. It’s designed for the security and safety of dogs, this is a product that makes a spot on our list because of its long life and features like its easy to set up, and it remains in shape even after years of use and coating.

E-coat-finish not only gives it a good look but also makes it pet-friendly. Its finish is not toxic, and when a dog chews, it will not harm the dogs.

A removable plastic pan is another feature as you can see in the picture. It’s equipped with two handles that make it easy to grab the tray, and it’s fully washable. A single person can set up this crate, and folding takes hardly a few seconds. Its made for indoor use, but it also can traveling equipment and camping crate for your dog. Moreover, it comes with a divider that will help you to adjust the length of the crate.

If you buy this crate for your puppy, you will surely not need to invest the money again and again as your dog grows up.

This crate’s portable size makes it easy to store inside, and your large dog will not figure out how to come outside on his own.

Latches are strong enough to bear the pressure of dogs and always need human intervention to open.

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Is it Safe for Large Dogs to Keep Them Confined in Crates ?

It is a fact that crates do not allow the dogs to move freely, especially the crates designed to use indoor. These are compact and small in size. We believe that for large dogs, it’s hard to turn around in such crates, and they always feel uncomfortable. But crate is a necessity to confine a dog for training purposes as well on an occasional basis.

When buying a crate, you must pay attention to the dog’s size and measure your dog twice and prefer to get the only one that is bigger than your dog size and do not keep your pup confined for more than 2 hours.

If there is a need to keep the dog inside for more time, then offer him a short walk after two hours and something to eat and keep the crate on a place where your dog can see outside, especially kids playing there. It will help him to stay calm, and he will not feel alone. Keep plenty of water inside, and make sure you keep seeing your dog after short intervals.

Are Indoor Crates can be Used Outdoor?

The indoor dog crates that are compact and easy to move, and made of iron or plastic can be used outdoor. All of the crates listed above are durable and sturdy, rust-resistant, stay form during harsh and tough weather, and strong enough to keep your dog safe from outside threats and other big animals. 

These are equipped with strong latches, which are necessary to keep the dog inside until a human hand intervenes and free the pup. Either it’s inside your house, or outside, you can surely use these crates anywhere you want. When using indoor, you can place water and food inside and the liberty you can enjoy when using elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

We are sure you would not like to keep your dog confined when he or she is indoors, and you both are enjoying the company of each other. Still, sometimes it’s necessary to have an indoor kennel to keep your big dog confined because you do not know when you get in need to keep your dog limited. 

All of the above-Listed products are selected very carefully. 

We initially selected more than thirty crates that seemed good and were well rated to make this list. Still, then we dig out to find the necessary features that are required in an indoor kennel, then we become more selective and end up with the above listed ten indoor kennels.

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