5 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Dog Lovers in 2022

inexpensive gifts for dog lovers

Dog lovers tend to find their pet in every corner of their home, office, and even their vehicles. They treat their pets as their child and adore their antics. They tend to plan their vacations and holidays around their dogs and spend everything they have to make their pet’s playtime interesting and fun.

So, what would be the perfect gift for such pet parents? How could you get a smile from your friend without breaking the bank?

Let us check out the perfect gifts you can get without spending a lot for dog lovers.

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Buying Guide for the Best Inexpensive Gifts for Dog Lovers

Dog lovers shower their pooches with everything they can get their hands on. After all, nothing can be compared to the company, comfort, & unconditional love that come from having a dog as your friend.

So, here are some choices you can try to gift a dog lover while ensuring they are inexpensive.

1. Décor Items for Dog Lovers

Gone are the days when personalized décor items came with an expensive price tag. This was particularly true for the gifts for dog lovers. However, today you can find some amazing décor pieces at pocket-friendly prices.

Whether it is a cup holder, photo frame, dog figurine, or similar items, they can be purchased at a value price while evoking a dog lover’s emotion.

Make sure you check whether your friend already has similar items. If not, you can surely go for such gifting choices.

2. Inexpensive Clothing

The best thing you can gift your pet-loving friend is something they can wear and show off their love for their dogs. While we generally assume that clothing items tend to be an expensive gifting choice, it isn’t the same.

You can check online portals to get some amazing deals with cute messages or pictures printed on the clothes.

However, make sure you check in with your friend and get the right size to ensure it fits them well. You wouldn’t want to return the gift due to an ill-fitting choice.

3. Accessories

Another way you can bring a smile to your friend’s face is to gift them cute accessories that come in different shapes and sizes.

From cute dog-shaped pendants to cozy and comfortable bandanas, your gift could be anything that can be utilized as something to wear daily while serving as a keepsake as well.

So, let us check out some amazing gifting options available at pocket-friendly prices.

Top 5 Inexpensive Gifts for Dog Lovers

1. BukNikis Car Interior Accessories Cup Holder

When a pet’s essence surrounds the entire house, why not the car as well? So as your friend rides to the office, the BukNikis Car Cup Holder brings in an essence of pet love inside the car and looks just as cute.

These cup-holding coasters are crafted from silicone material and help keep the car’s cup holder dry and clean.

This standard-sized cup coaster can fit into most cup holders in trucks, cars, SUVs, vans, & even boats. The cleaning process for these car coasters is very easy.

It can be cleaned with a water faucet & brush to scrub off any coffee or drink stain. Make sure it should be dried in indirect sunlight or wind to avoid shrinking issues.


  • Features some lovely paw prints to add some pet love to your car
  • It comes with ridges to create proper friction and hold the cup in place
  • Uses high-quality and environment-friendly silicone
  • Dust-proof design making up for an ideal gifting option
  • Budget-friendly gifting option


  • It doesn’t absorb the moisture which might leak into the holders
  • A bit small for some car models

2. October Jones Texts From Dog

We all wish our dogs could talk to us. If this could happen, it would be nothing less than a miracle. Although this doesn’t seem possible anytime soon, you can surely gift your dog lover-friendly something that mimics this feeling.

The October Jones Texts from Dog features comical and imaginary SMS exchanges between dogs and their loving owners.

Available in a calendar form, there are texts for each day. The calendar has full-color pages with funny texts that will surely uplift a pet parent’s mood.

In addition, each page has extra daily tasks on its backside, such as trivia, fun puzzles, activities, & more. The calendar also lists the official and major holidays to help pet parents keep track.


  • Features recyclable plastic back for sturdiness
  • It can be used as a tabletop or desk display
  • It can be torn along the dotted lines and carried anywhere desired
  • Features combined pages for the weekend
  • Bright colors make the comic very attractive for pet parents


  • Not ideal for a gift for a family with children
  • Some jokes might not be as funny as expected

3. HiQin Dog and Bone Design Paper Clips

If your dog lover friend is bored of those regular bookmarks, why not add a hint of uniqueness to the process of reading books. These metal paperclips and bookmarks are cute and are designed with a dog theme.

These silver metal paperclips are available in bone and dog-shaped designs.

Perfectly suited to be given as a birthday gift, the HiQin Dog Paper Clips come in a metal box and are available in a set of 15+15. These paper clips can be used as memo clips for bookmarks or office supplies.

Further, these decorative bookmarks can secure wedding invitations and function as a unique holder for party envelopes.


  • Sturdy steel box for safekeeping of the clips
  • Shiny metal material that looks exquisite
  • A bit on the smaller side
  •  the updated and correct design for the bone paperclips
  • Lightweight pins with a sturdy design


  • Small parts might not be right for use around children
  • The previous bone shape looked like male genitalia post-use

4. VEEKI Corgi Butt Pillow Cushion Pillow

Who doesn’t love a cute and fluffy pillow to help provide comfort and coziness? What if this pillow is shaped like a man’s best friend? VEEKI Corgi Butt Pillow is a cute cushion pillow that can be gifted for birthdays or anniversaries for pet lovers without being heavy on your pockets.

Packed with high-quality and plush fill material, it doesn’t reduce in size with use. Instead, the polypropylene bounces back to its original shape after each use. We all know how cute corgi butts look.

This cushion pillow mimics the exact fluffiness of a corgi butt and looks just as good on your sofa or bed. Moreover, this gift isn’t just perfect for adults but also for children.


  • Instant mood lifter that keeps you positive
  • Exquisite sewing with perfectly stitched seams
  • It consists of an adorable paws design that adds to the cuteness factor
  • Delicate to touch with flexible fluff and very elastic
  • Perfect for use as a warm pillow for winter months


  • The colors might not be the same as seen in the picture
  • Ears do not have much fluff

5. PerfShirts Life Goal Dogs T-Shirt for Pet Lovers

Among the inexpensive gifts available for pet lovers, the PerfShirts T-shirt is a reliable gifting choice that doesn’t break your bank while sparking emotions of the love for their dogs.

Available in a wide range of colors, you can gift these t-shirts in hues such as black, dark heather, slate, heather blue, and purple.

These t-shirts come in solid colors and are 100 percent cotton material. However, the heather grey color is 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester. Other heather colors are 50-50 blends of polyester and cotton.

PerfShirts can easily be washed by hand and even in the machine. So if you are looking for a perfect present for your boyfriend, brother, mom, or wife, this t-shirt is an inexpensive gifting choice.


  • Provides a lightweight and classic fit for pet lovers
  • Features a double-needle sleeve with a high-quality bottom hem
  • Features an inspiring printed quotation for dedicated dog lovers
  • Comfortable and soft fabric that doesn’t cause sweating issues
  • Colors don’t fade away even when washed repeatedly


  • Kids sizes run smaller than average
  • Printed letters might start distressing with multiple washes

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Gifts do not have to be expensive to showcase one’s love and appreciation for the pet. You can gift inexpensive and highly functional products that represent your friend’s adoration for the dogs and can be used as well.

All these gifts reviewed here will surely bring a big smile to your friend’s face. However, if you are looking for a quick recommendation, go for the BukNikis Car Cup Holder.

It is an inexpensive gifting choice for pet lovers that can be a cute part of your dog-themed car.

Regardless of the gift you choose, they will surely get you some brownie points as a great friend who understands their love and admiration for the pet.