Is Almond Milk Good for Dogs?

You love your dog and wish that he eat and drink human-grade foods and liquids. Your top-rated choice is to feed almond milk to your dog because you consider it most energetic and healthy. Because it’s natural and can be purchased from anywhere and a human-grade solution for your dog to get all the required nutrients. But the biggest question in front of you is, is almond milk good for dogs?

To dig out the answer, we need to look into the nutritional profile of the main ingredient and also the benefits that dogs can get from it. Almonds can be a great addition to your dog’s diet because, almonds have tons of healthy vitamins, minerals, and many fo other nutrients that are beneficial for dogs.

almond milk for dog constipation

If you own a dog who loves to eat nuts, he might like to drink plain almond milk, but most of the dogs like flavored, and the most preferred flavor is vanilla that dogs love and do not show any hesitation while drinking vanilla-flavored almond milk.

You also can mix it with other food and may use it to make hard food soft and more delicious for your dog. Here are some signs that your dog loves almond milk and want more:

  • Pacing around the kitchen, waiting for more almond milk.
  • Wagging tail.
  • With excitement spinning around in circles.
  • Looks alert.
  • Whine and drool.
  • Cry for more and stare at you.
  • Bark and raise the ears.
is almond milk good for dogs

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Is almond milk nutritious?

There is no set rule for almond milk because every manufacturer adds a different quantity of preservatives, flavors, minerals, fats, calories, dietary fiber, and almonds’ concentration varies in every brand. So before buying one for your dog, you need to make sure the almond milk has the right percentage of almond concentration.

Before buying, read the pack’s nutritional facts to ensure that almond milk does not have any harmful ingredients.  You can expect a different level of energy elements in each product.

We advise you to buy plain almond milk with more than 10% almond concentration because your dog has to benefit from almond. Almond alone delivers a massive amount of nutrients like a 1-ounce (28-gram) serving of almonds contains:

  • Fiber: 3.5 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Fat: 14 grams (9 of which are monounsaturated)
  • Vitamin E: 37% of the RDI
  • Manganese: 32% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 20% of the RDI
  • They also contain a decent amount of copper, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and phosphorus.

Almonds are an excellent source of antioxidants, loaded with all necessary and essential antioxidants which provide protection against oxidative stress that usually damage molecules in cells and also produce inflammation.

The amazing fact is, these antioxidants are largely concentrated in the brown layer of the skin, so it’s a natural remedy for many common and serious ailments.

On the other side, the composition of almond milk is highly different and complex from almonds. Researchers believe that it contains every nutrient that your body needs.

Almond milk is safe for dogs because dogs’ teeth structure cannot chew the almonds and other nuts. The disadvantage is, they cannot turn that into small digestible pieces, and raw almond can become a choking hazard for dogs. 

When almonds are mixed with water, it becomes more digestible, and for dogs, it becomes easy to drink while bypassing the chewing process.

Almond milk is a perfect combination of nutrients that your dog can have, and making it a part of the diet can being your really awesome results. 

Almond milk for dog constipation

Almond Milk is beneficial for dogs if they are suffering due to lactose-intolerance. Almond Milk can relieve constipation in dogs just like they do in humans. But keep in mind providing a higher amount of almond milk can worsen the situation. Almond Milk can remedy constipated dogs, but almond milk with an excessive amount of almond itself can create stomach issues to be dangerous. 

So if you decide to offer almond milk, it can be beneficial but only when you offer small-quantity, and you may keep providing such small quantities after specific intervals. A large quantity may worsen the situation, or an opposite problem will short arise. But it’s totally not advised in the case of severe constipation.

Unsweetened almond milk for dogs

Most vets would say almond milk is fine as long as it is unsweetened. As sweet can bring many challenges for your dog, so it’s not advised to buy sweetened almond milk for your dog. Feeding sweetened almond milk regularly can cause diabetes as well as other health-related issues.

A variety of drinks are available without sugar, and almonds naturally have enough sugar for dogs. Two of our recommended brands are:

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There are brands in the market that comes with zero sugar but keep in mind they still have other elements and preservatives.

Generally, milk and nits are part of the canines diet—our four-paws family members service without milk and nuts. Puppies only need it right after birth, but after that, they start eating other natural foods. Almond milk is lactose-free, so the benefit you may expect from it for small puppies cannot be possible.

is almond milk safe for dogs

If your dog is not like the pure taste, then vanilla almond milk for dogs can be a solution because it changes the original almond’s taste and dogs love to drink vanilla flavored drinks.

You must offer plain almond milk to your dog at the start, and if he is not picking up, you may introduce flavored milk to get his attraction and offer more a brink with more taste. Our recommendation goes to:

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Is almond milk safe for dogs Suffering from arthritis?

Almonds are packed with many nutrients that are beneficial for dogs and adults and the aging years, and almond milk nearly offers the same and easy to drink option that makes almonds viable for dogs.

Many arthritic conditions result from inflammation, and an increase in inflammation can cause and worsen the problem. Almonds contain anti-inflammatory micronutrients that help to curb the inflammation that is a solution to secure and prevent arthritis.

Is almond milk good for dogs suffering from diabetes?

It can help to regulate blood sugar and prevent the disease. Many studies are agreed on almonds are nutritionally beneficial for diabetes. It simply reduces the rise in glucose and insulin level after meals in dogs. 

This all happens due to reduced calorie intake, taking almonds always pushes to consume more calories and it brings nice and long-lasting results.

Is almond milk okay for dogs suffering from diarrhea?

Almond milk is a suitable alternative of dairy milk for dogs suffering from lactose intolerance.

Diarrhea caused by undigested lactose passes down to the colon, where the resident bacteria ferment it. Results and leads to excessive gasses and many other associated discomfort like bloating. Almond milk contains no lactose because it is a dairy-free product. No lactose at all helps to deal with diarrhea.

almond milk for dog constipation

Is almond milk ok for dogs with bone problems?

Enriched almond milk will strengthen the bones of your dog. For bones, it’s not as powerful as dairy products are, but most of the producers add calcium to make it similar to dairy products. But it is still an excellent source of calcium, especially when your dog is not eating or drink any other calcium-enriched food/drink. In dogs, calcium is considered an essential element to keeps the bones healthy, and adequate calcium intake prevents many bone diseases and gives them strength. 

In dogs, regular intake of rich almond milk reduces the risk of osteoporosis in dogs.

Can dogs have almond milk yogurt?

Yes, dogs can have almond milk yogurt. The reason is mixing almond milk into yogurt makes that tastier and nutritious for dogs. Dogs love almond yogurt. Many dog owners are agreed that feeding yogurt and almond milk in the morning brings really awesome results and keeps the dogs healthy throughout the day.

Can I Wean My Puppy Using Almond Milk?

Not recommended, puppies should be raised only on the mother’s milk, and that enough for them, and if there is a need for some of the additional foods, you can choose the best puppy food in addition to mother’s milk. 

When a mother is not producing enough milk for any reason, instead of almond milk, use a specialist formula for puppies to offer them the nutrients they need.

Amond and chewing issues of dogs

It is a fact that dogs cannot chew almonds. Their teeth structure is not made for that. When you have finally decided on the almonds to include in your daily diet, then almond milk is an excellent solution that will free your dog from chewing, and even in old-aged dogs, it’s a blessing.

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It may contain ingredients that can harm your dog

Additives and preservatives can become a real challenge for the dog’s health. Naturally, almonds are not harmful to dogs. They can have almonds, but during the production, to make them more nutritious and preserve it for a longer time and to tune the taste, different preservatives and additives can make the almond milk unhealthy for dogs. 

Aside from additives almond milk may contain unhealthy and harmful ingredients like:

  • Carrageenan, it’s used to thicken the liquid, and it’s commonly used; look for it because it’s not healthy for dogs to have carrageenan; their stomach is not good to process this element. It may cause gastrointestinal inflammation in dogs, and the prolonged problem may cause serious conditions such as cancer. 
  • Chocolate, avoid chocolate at all, even do not share your chocolate flavor drink and food with your dog because chocolate is toxic for dogs. Humans can easily digest the chocolate, but dogs cannot; serving the chocolate to your dog will cause serious digestive issues. 
  • Gums are another element used to thicken the material; food manufacturers used different gums like Guar gum, locust bean gums, etc. Generally, these gums are safe for dogs, but they can cause diarrhea. 
  • Xylitol is a well-known form of artificial sugar; you may not see sugar in the nutritional facts chart, but if the product contains xylitol, that means it has sugar. It can be toxic for canines because it can quickly get into the bloodstream, releasing insulin from their pancreas, resulting in decreased blood sugar.
can dogs have almond milk

Owing a dog costs a lot and more if you decide to feed him healthy human-grade food and wish to provide him everything that you eat to keep him healthy and in good health. Regular checkups, grooming, tick of flea prevention, and even health insurance have a cost, and human-grade food regularly doubles the cost of owning the dog. 

Simply if you add almond milk to your dog’s diet, it will increase your expenses, and as we write earlier, naturally, milk and nuts are not for dogs, and even wild animals do not like these. 

Let’s admit we love our dogs, and we want to feed the best of everything but staying with the practical approach, it’s not possible to include almond milk in the daily diet because it cost a lot, maybe up to ten dollars a day. 

You may get cheap brands from the market for 2 to 5$, but the quality options cost $10 for one litter with 10 to 12% almond concentration. But if you prepare almond milk at home, it will cost you less, prepare the quantity for a week and store it in the freezer. 

As a practical dog owner adding almond milk to your four-paws family member diet may not be a good decision. But if you have finally decided to include almond milk in your dog’s daily diet, then prefer to prepare it at home so you can increase the almond concentration and also save some cost.

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How to serve almond milk to your dog?

Majority of dogs love to drink it as it comes, but there is another way that can help to make your dog’s meal tastier and soften the food as well, some serving idea is:

  • Offer it before a meal as it comes.
  • Mix it with yogurt.
  • Mix with commercial kibble to make the commercial food soft and delicious.
  • You can add it to homecooked food and hard foods.
  • Ocessinaly you can offer it as an alternative to water.
  • Dry food and items that your dog does not like you can offer that with almond milk.

Key Takeaways

To some of the dog owners, it may not be a good idea to offer almond milk to dogs because it’s hard to make at home and involve efforts and time, while on the other side it is a costly option that will double the cost of owning a dog.

But naturally, it is full of nutrients and minerals, which are necessary for dogs, and offering almond milk is an easy way to include almonds in the daily diet of your dog.

There are seven key benefits in the takeaways that we discuss above. While there are many others that your dog will get, and you can expect a healthy and active pup in results.

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