Is Greek Yogurt Good for Dogs? “Quantity and serving Guide”

If you plan to feed but think, “Is Greek yogurt good for dogs?” you are worried because it is not a routine diet for many dogs. It’s a reason when a person feeds yogurt. They become worried about the good and bad of yogurt.

Yes, it is good for dogs when free from sweeter and artificial flavors; Greek yogurt is high in protein, and calcium can effectively act as probiotics supporting digestion and the immune system. It is not a necessary dairy product, but dogs can eat yogurt for additional benefits to meet the protein requirements. Plain Greek-style yogurt with lots of live cultures is suitable for dogs; it contains less lactose than regular yogurt, making it a perfect choice for your four-legged friend.

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What does Greek yogurt do for dogs? (The Benefits)

is Greek yogurt good for dogs

Dairy product allergy is not common in dogs. Rarely do dogs suffer from this disease. To dig more about is Greek yogurt good for dogs? We need to explore the benefits of Greek yogurt. The majority of dogs can enjoy the benefits of Greek yogurt that is one of the leading dairy product with a lot of health benefits. Let look at the greek yogurt benefits:

High in Protein Content

 Its manufacturing process makes it unique in which most of its liquid removed and makes it significantly higher in protein level than the standard/ordinary/plain yogurt. It helps meet the protein needs of the dog—especially where dogs are struggling to meet the protein requirement. Many dog food does not provide the protein that a dog needs or uses a low protein dog food. To meet the protein requirements, you can add some yogurt to that food to make that food protein-rich. Is Greek yogurt good for dogs? Is well answered with this benefit.

Full of Healthy Bacteria (Probiotics)

Greek yogurt contains a good amount/percentage of healthy bacteria; these are beneficial for dogs as for humans. Probiotics boost digestion and make the immune system reliable, and many other benefits are attached to these, like fighting with the harmful bacteria is another job at their end.

It is a fact, and many studies prove that Greek yogurt contains a significantly high percentage of probiotics as compared to plain yogurt. It contains probiotics that safe to feed in any health condition. It can benefit your dog in many ways, but that does not mean it can be a replacement for probiotic’s supplements.

For good health benefits and natural care, it’s an excellent addition to dog food. But do not attempt to feed a large amount of yogurt to your dog because a large amount of yogurt cannot mimic the effect of proper probiotic supplements. A large amount of Greek yogurt may hurt the digestion system of your dog.

Undoubtedly, probiotics are necessary and useful for dogs, and when you can get it from natural Greek yogurt, that is an excellent addition to dog food. But to stay safe, you need to follow the 10% treat rules. Even this amount is not right to benefit from active culture but to feed more, you need to take advice from the vet.

Greek Yogurt a Natural Infection Fighter

It’s considered a natural infection fighter, infect when you are feeding Greek yogurt to your dog regularly. It can help avoid many diseases, and for many, you will not need any antibiotic or treatment. Due to its properties, it is very supportive to prevent and cure skin infections and ear infections. It is also good to avoid many stomach diseases.

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When not to feed Greek Yogurt to the dog?

We discussed earlier that some rare dogs suffer from dairy products allergy, and feeding Greek yogurt can worsen the conditions or make them sick. Do not feed Greek Yogurt when feeding the Greek yogurt is an issue with lactose, then look for the common symptoms like:

    • Potty disasters even in trained dogs
    • Diarrhea/dehydration or increased thirst 
    • Vomiting
    • Flatulence
    • Abdominal gas  
    • Signs of abdominal pain and discomfort
    • Lack of appetite
    • Start losing weight
    • Not gaining muscle mass
    • Increased scratching and itching
    • Poor coat and skin/Poor overall body condition

If you are sure that your dog does not have a lactose issue, then you can feed the Greek yogurt in any situation. Even during recovery or disease to soothe your dog’s stomach and provide natural energy. If you suspect that your dog has a lactose issue, then start looking for the above-listed symptoms when you begin feeding Greek Yogurt. As per our findings, Greek yogurt is less likely to upset the stomachs, even in dogs suffering from the lactose issue.

If you witness one or two above-listed signs, then stop feeding yogurt and consult with your vet to deal with the matter.

Which is better, plain yogurt or Greek yogurt?

is Greek yogurt good for dogs

If your dog has a tolerance to dairy products and lactose does not create any issue for him, you can use any yogurt type.

However, if you have to pick one bet, then choose to feed Greek yogurt. The reason is the straining process that makes it superior and rich in energy and friendly bacteria. It is manufactured in a way to reduce lactose, and protein remains a prime ingredient. It offered under-listed benefits as compare to plain yogurt:

      • The lower level of lactose
      • Double protein
      • Less sugar (Nearly half)
      • Reduced salt

Are the Probiotics in Yogurt Good for Dogs?

When we talk about the benefits of yogurt, that is good, but feeding yogurt to get these benefits only is not the right choice. The yogurt in whatever form it is cannot replace the probiotics supplements. When you feed it as a portion of new food, then it is an excellent addition to the diet of your dog.

But specifically, probiotics’ benefits are not possible as compared to supplements.

Many dog owners prefer to feed more to get better results, but it’s again a wrong practice. It cannot bring you results like supplements, so when feeding, concentrates on the 10% rule. A specially formulated probiotic supplement provides better support.  

What brand of Greek yogurt is good for dogs?

A lot of brands are available in the market, and sometimes it becomes hard to choose one. I think you should leave it on your dog. At first, buy a reduced pack and check either your dog likes it or not. Some of the most common brands are as under:

How much Greek yogurt should I give my dog?

A very general and acceptable formula that vets also advise is 10% of the total calories a dog consumes in a day. It is not a specific one to feed more, but this is a rule to stay on the safe side. If you feed with this rule, then yogurt will not invite any health issues for your dog. Like the people who offer yogurt occasionally to their dogs, they usually offer more.

But when you regularly feed, you must not cross this limit, and it will provide you long-lasting benefits. Moreover, you can decide the feeding quantity based on under listed factors:

      • Size of your dog
      • Age
      • Weight
      • Daily calories intake
      • Underlying health issues
      • Your dog’s activity level
      • Neuter Status

An owner needs to know about the nutritional needs of his dog. And based on that, he can decide about the quantity. Taking all into consideration will make the calculation more complex, so the simple formula is calories per day and includes 10% of yogurt concerning the required calories.

Is Greek yogurt good for dogs with diarrhea?

No doubt you can feed it. It is a dairy product that acts as a natural cure for diarrhea. The reason is that very simple Greek yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that help cure the gut, and it also provides comfort during the disease.

It is beneficial in diarrhea, but that does not mean you rush to feed it as you notice the symptoms. At the start of this disease vet’s advice to stop feeding for some hours, like 12 hours that allows the stomach to settle down, and after that time, you can offer Greek yogurt to your dog. Even if a doctor suggests some other cure, you can feed yogurt; it will make the stomach easy and your dog stay comfortable.

How to choose the right Greek yogurt for my dog?

Many people think that yogurt is available in only one form with flavors, but this is not the case nowadays. There are many types available now. Like you can buy sugar-free and salt-free etc.

      • Buy sugar-free yogurt for your pooch, artificial sweeteners can be toxic for your dogs, and when you are feeding a natural dairy product, you must choose to feed it in the original form. Most artificial sweeteners contain xylitol, which is the most significant cause of drops in blood pressure in dogs, seizures, and even death.
      • Stevia, aspartame, and sucralose-free make sure yogurt is in pure form.
      • Buy yogurt with active bacteria; nowadays, it is optional, so you need to choose Greek yogurt that contains active bacteria so your dog can get the benefits of probiotics from the yogurt.
      • Avoid full-fat yogurt; low fat or fat-free Greek yogurt is best; look for fat-free yogurt, as fat can create multiple problems, and it is a product that your dog can have fat-free, especially when you have an overweight dog.  
      • Avoid Chocolate flavored because such yogurt contains artificial flavors and sweeteners that can be toxic for your dog.
      • Avoid yogurt contains fruit on the bottom.

When you start feeding yogurt to your dog, buy the reduced quantity pack, and if you feel that your dog likes it, you can buy a bigger or standard package. Sometimes the dog does not like one brand but like the other one, so with the reduced pack, you can switch easily.

What are the disadvantages of Feeding Greed Yogurt to your Dog?

There is no disadvantage of this dairy product if you follow the rule of 10%. The only condition is your dog is not sensitive to lactose. You can feed it with any meal, and it is up to you how you offer it to your dog.

The only disadvantage of excessive feeding that I found is weight gain. Yes, dogs can gain weight if you feed Greek yogurt in excessive quantities.

How to serve Greed yogurt to your dog?

There are several ways in which you can supplement your dog’s diet with Greek yogurt like you can add it in their daily meals, and Greek yogurt will make your dog’s meal more delicious and attractive.

      • You can freeze the meat piece, fruits, and Greek yogurt in an ice tray to make popsicles.
      • You can share few clicks of yogurt with your dog regularly. If you eat yogurt each morning, then it’s easy you can share a little portion with your dog, and it will make his day.
      • Use Greek yogurt as the topping off your dog’s meal, it will make the food delicious, easy to chew and swallow, and your dog also will get health benefits of Greed yogurt. You also use yogurt on the meal as a topping when your pup is not finishing his meal.
      • If you are making home food for your four-legged friend, then it’s the best time to offer Greek yogurt to your pooch. You can mix yogurt in your homemade meal. It will spice up the flavor, and it is the best way to feed controlled quantity.
      • In the hot summer, you can offer Greek yogurt as a treat to your dog. For this purpose, you can freeze, your dog will love to eat this treat, and you can add fruits to get further benefits. It will double up the entertainment of your dog.

Do not say limited to these ideas, it is additional food for your dog, and you can offer as multiple ways, one of owner tell me he gives few clicks of Greek yogurt to the dog when he finishes his meal reward. So, you can find your way to feed this delicious and healthy dairy product to your pooch. 

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