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Large dogs need an ample amount of food to stay in good health, and it’s really difficult to afford for many. The majority of large dog owners look for a deal where they can buy large supplies for one to three months, but keeping the food safe when the large bag opened will create a challenge. Air, moisture, and pest are the most significant factors that large quantities of dog food turn bad. To prevent your dog food from being stale, you need the best large dog food storage container that can accommodate the full amount of bag inside either with a bag of without bag.

A large dog food container keeps the dog food safe from Air, Moisture, and Pests it also allows to keep the food anywhere, and stackable options take less space, we recommend these because it also protects the food from unauthorized access to the dog.

Other then these plentiful options, decorative food storage containers with small quantities are also available, which you can use to store small amounts of food. In this article, we list some of the best available large storage containers; hopefully, you can find one that suits your needs:

Large Dog Food Container

Capacity – 80 Pounds

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

  • Heavy Duty Airtight Storage: made with thick walls and its top open lid is equipped with a durable silicone seal which the food fresh inside and also keep the food safe from the outer circumstance
  • Easy Access and Built-in Handles: this container is easy to move and lift because of its built-in handle and provide easy access to the food so you can complete your job in less time

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is a specialized product in this category, which is the result of research. Thousands of customers are using this container to keep the dog food safe for a long time period. Its made from the FDA approved food-grade material and durable enough to serve you for long years. It can be placed anywhere in the house, even in your kitchen or outside under a shade.

You can stay sure dog food inside this container will not go stale, and its airtight nature keeps the food fresh. Its ideally made for large pets and can accommodate full-size bags. 

Large Pet Food Storage Container

Capacity – 55 lb

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers

  • Positive-snap latch: easy to open and easy to close, the full-wide opening allows to keep the opened bad inside and easy to clean as well as allow comfortable access to food
  • Roller Casters: it’s easy to move, quality roller casters help to roll it with the minimum force, and FDA approved material keeps the food safe inside

IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers can be used for multiple purposes. Basically, its made to store the pet food and ideally for the large dogs who eat a lot, and owners always remain in search of buy deals where they get a discount. Other then dog food storage, it can be used for cat food and birdseed; its high quality and trustworthy airtight seal keep out the pests, moisture, and humidity. Its translucent body allows checking the food from outside, especially the remain supplies inside the container.

It’s large enough to hold the full month supply, and scoop can be used easily. Well, it’s a complete solution to safeguard the food of your dog.

Large Metal Dog Food Storage Containers

Capacity – 50 Pounds

Bergan Smart Storage

  • Heavy Duty Stackable Design: without taking more space you can stack all of the similar large storage bins that will stay sturdy, and food remains accessible from all
  • Large top opening: well in actual it has two openings one small to access the food easily and second full lid that can be used for refilling and during cleaning

Bergan Smart Storage can cut down the odor associated with the pet food and makes it possible to keep the dog food without a food bag. If you always remain worried about buying big bags in a deal because many times, food turns bad. Then it is a solution that you need, it can preserve a full-size bag and can keep that fresh and healthy for your pup even you serve that over a month. We observe that it keep the weather out and allow easy access for pouring and scooping, and ultimately serving the food to your dog takes less time.

It is stackable, but in a stacking position, you can still access the food easily through its small lid.

Large Dog Food Storage Bins

Capacity – 60 lb

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback StackableAirtight Pet Food Storage Container

  • Large & Multipurpose: Storage Container can be used for water or for food of pets especially to store the food of large dogs, its stackable designed to keep the food safe in less space and food can be accessed easily
  • BPA Free and Airtight: its made with BPA free material which is pet safe and approved from FDA that means it’s non-toxic and safe for food use, its ait tight the outer circumstance away from food

Gamma2 Vittles Vault Outback StackableAirtight Pet Food Storage Container is ideal for those who own multiple pets at home, and food storage a challenge for them take care of significant supplies is an additional job as well as take a lot of space. The product in the spotlight is a stackable design; you can place one over one multiple large bags can be stored in a small area, and being stacked does not mean restriction to the food access. You can still easily access the food inside. This material is easy to clean as its large full mouth allows to store the food quickly and also makes it possible to use the scoop for serving. It’s equally beneficial to store water. You can place it outside near the cage of your dog.

It’s large enough to hold the water supply for multiple days, and it’s designed to stay in shape when used outside in direct sunlight.

Large Glass Dog Food Storage Containers

Capacity – 54 lb

Inspired Essentials Airtight Plastic Pet Food Storage Container

  • Food Container on Wheels: BPA free material is used in its construction and its rolling casters make it easy to move you can store ita st convenience place and can roll it near to your dog ‘s place while serving
  • Tight Seal and Transculant: while using this container you can stay sure your dog’s food will remain safe, and you can see through walls, and it will help you determine the food level and condition

Inspired Essentials Airtight Plastic Pet Food Storage Container is another solution that made for large dog owners; its large capacity allows you to keep the full bag inside and can be accessed easily through the wide opening. The lid equipped with an airtight seal, which makes it’s sealed. It’s not necessary to use it for one type of food if you keep food inside with a bag then you can keep multiple types of food inside this container and can serve one from them.

This airtight plastic container, or use it as a secure container for storing pellets, grain, birdseed, cat litter, and more. It’s a one-time investment, durable option that will serve you for many coming years.

Large Airtight Dog Food Storage Containers

Capacity – 35 Liters

simplehuman 35 Liter, 40 lb / 18.1 kg X-Large Pet Food Storage Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Brushed Stainless Steel: it’s heavy-duty, it’s large and durable its made to last for years, handle, and locking system both made with sturdy material
  • Lid Mounted Scoop: it’s a real benefit of this container, its cover made to accommodate the scoop, it a way to keep the scoop germ free and sanitized

Simplehuman Large Brushed Stainless Steel Food Storage Container is an entirely different product from its competitors, made of steel, for a beautiful finish, its steel brushed that give it a look which definitly you will admire. Fingerprint proof finish is a fantastic thing and is a container that you can keep visible that your visitors will notice. You will be amazed to know that its inner bucket which made with the BPA free plastic is removable, you may remove that for cleaning and washing.

Two wheels on the backside make movement easy you can lift the front side with the front handle and then roll it where you want. We include it in our list because of its usability and airtight feature.

Extra Large Dog Food Storage Container

Capacity – 24 Gal

Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage

  • Stackable and Multiuse: can be used to store various things but its ideal to store dog food and water, can be stacked one over one to reduce occupied space
  • Convenient to use: innovative lid allow to use it conveniently when its stacked and it can be used to store the bird and ats food

Bergan Stak-N-Stor Stackable Storage designed to be stackable and its made with the durable pet-friendly material, which is also eco-friendly and can be recycled to make a further product, you can easily stack it up to four, and it remains in its shape. The thing that we like most is its lid, which allows accessing the food quickly and also makes it possible to clean from inside with ease as well as filling.

We recommend it for those dog owners who have multiple pets at home and want some authentic solution to store the food conveniently.

Large Pet Food Storage Bins

Capacity – 65 lb

Buddeez XXLarge (80QT) Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container With Locking Flip Lid, Measuring Scoop (1 Cup) and Wheels For Kibble, Bird Seed, Rice and Bulk Food BPA Free

  • Bag in Feature: if you want to preserve nutritional information then you can place the plastic bag inside this bin its large enough to accommodate a large size bag
  • Easy to move: it equipped with the wheels on the backside it upper full-size lid is another feature that makes it ideal to use for large pups

Buddeez XXLargeFresh Dry Dog Plastic Storage Container is a real large solution for dow owners it’s big enough to keep a full-size bag inside so you can have a sack until your dog finished the full bag, it helps to preserve necessary information as well as the expiry date. If you are a dog owner who always likes to keep the dog food into the bag but sealing the bag remains a challenge, then its a solution for you.

It has wheels on the backside and a firm handle on the front side that you can use to lift from the front side and roll it to a place where you want to keep it or when having multiple pets at home this feature helps to bring it where you need to serve food to your pets.

Large Plastic Dog Food Container

Capacity – 65 lb+

Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Home Collection Containers

  • Innovative Design: it’s a slim and attractive design that you can keep anywhere in the house, attractive and stylish as well as secure to keep the safe food inside
  • Food Grade Material: it’s non-toxic and made with thick walls as well a durable seal at lid which prevents the outer circumstance from entering inside and locks in the freshness of food

Gamma Vittles Vault Stackable Home Collection Container is the most attractive piece from the collection of Gamma Vittles. It’s large enough, and its height is ideal, as well as side by side stacking is possible with this container, which makes it suitable for the pet owners who have more pets at home. We recommend it because it’s a protection against pest and moisture, which is a significant cause to turn food bad.

Ideally, it’s attractive and stylish that makes it possible to place it in the living room, kitchen, or garage.

Large Airtight Containers For Dog Food

Capacity – 50 pounds

Suncast BH181812 Storage Trend 18 Gallon / 72 Quart Stacking Tote Bin, Blue

  • Made from Resin: durable material which allows stacking the similar large-size containers one over one and it will not dent and stay in shape
  • Weather-resistant: hot and cold weather will not damage the container as well as the food inside, it’s color will not peel off due to weather factor

Suncast Large Storage Trend Stacking Tote Bin recommended to those who always look for a solution that can last for years. Its made from the durable material that is known good to stop the moisture, air, and sunlight as well. We recommend it for those dog owners who want to keep the food reservoirs outside of the room, even in the open space or under the shed.

Weather cannot damage this durable food container, and it can protect the food inside in harsh weather as well. Locks keep the dog food intact, and dogs cannot get unauthorized access to food.

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