Dogs love to spend time outside off-leash, but it’s not safe for dogs to leave them free out there traffic, other dogs and outer elements can hurt your dog. Owing a large dog bring more responsibility because it adds to look after your dog that it may hurt someone. When you want your dog to enjoy some off-leash time outside with other pets or alone and wish to keep him safe and secure then the only choice is to buy a large outdoor dog kennel and run.

It becomes essential when you do not have a fenced-in yard or electric fence. It can keep your dog confined inside and allow him to enjoy the off-leash time, fresh air, sunlight and company of other pets at your home. Below we share our findings of some of the best available options:

1. Topeakmart 24/32/40-inch Foldable Metal Dog playpen

For small, medium and large size dogs

Topeakmart 24/32/40-inch Foldable Metal Dog playpen - Heavy Duty Portable Pets Playpen Foldable Dog Exercise Pen Barrier Kennel Puppy Fence w/ 2 Pcs Door Outdoor Indoor Black 16 Panels/32 Panels
  • Available in different height and size, can be extended to any size
  • Can take any shape, ideal for irregular shape and can be used as a single wall
  • Easy to connect metal bars, can increase and reduce size without any tool
  • Expandable and foldable large outside dog kennel that is flat to store and easy to transport

Topeakmart 24/32/40-inch Foldable Metal Dog playpens are ideal outdoor dog runs for large dogs. It is made to take any shape, and you can set it up in the round shape or any other shape that you want. It is made with the steel square shape tubes and steel wires, which are welded, and corners are rounded to make it safe for pets. It’s coated with the rust and corrosion-proof material that makes it long-lasting. Just connect the panels use bars to fix them and ground anchors can be used to make it sturdy on the ground, if you set up in round or square shape, then there is no need ouse anchors.

It’s compact when not in use and easy to transport; you can keep the desired number of panels with you to use at a camping site. Each of its doors is equipped with two slide-bolt latches for security and to prevent any possible escape.

Drawbacks, not suitable for small and toy breeds due to door lip, if you use it for small dogs then you need to help them to get in and out.

2. ZENY 31” W x 24” H Foldable Outdoor Dog Kennel

For medium and small dogs

ZENY 31'' W x 24'' H Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel - 16 Panels
  • Allows the dogs to play freely with complete security and safety
  • Constructed with sturdy, heavy-duty, rust-resistant metal
  • Ideal to keep outside danger away from your pet
  • Extendable and can take any shape, interactive style allow the pets to enjoy their time

ZENY 31” W x 24” H Foldable Outdoor Dog Kennel is a huge outdoor dog kennel that allows small pets to play freely inside and enjoy their time. You can order more products to increase the size of the play area. If you are a dog owner who wants to allow dogs to play freely outside and get some off-leash entertainment then this outdoor dog kennel is ideal for yours. It priced fairly and made with the material that lasts for many coming years. To make it weather and rust-resistant it is coated with high-quality material. Its firm, hard and reliable with the solid latches and stakes to secure your pet, impossible to destroy by pets. You can split it into two part consistent 8 panels and get two kennels for small dogs. It provides a huge 67 sq ft playing area.

Drawbacks, not suitable for large and anxious dogs, large dogs breach the height easily.

3. Giantex 16/8 Panel Pet Playpen with Door

For a medium, large and anxious dogs

large outdoor dog kennel and run
  • Ideal off-leash entertainment space for active, large and anxious dogs with 48″ height that is impossible to breach
  • Metal material, durable construction, rustproof and weather-resistant
  • Equipped ground stakes to stay sturdy and easy to set up, take only minutes
  • provides clear visibility, Compact to store, extendable and easy to transport

Giantex 16/8 Panel Pet Playpen with Door is a giant outdoor dog kennel that is made to keep the most anxious and large breed dogs confined. Made with high-quality durable material and finished to extend the working life. The design ensures safety and security of your dog, especially for outdoor use. We recommend this kennel most because this is the most secure option in the market and its one that you can use to leave your dog unattended for a short time period. No outside intruder can make its way into the kennel so you can feel secure that your dogs are safe out there. The 16 panels also can be used to make two separate kennels for multiple dogs.

Drawbacks, Small pets may feel scared inside this large kennel.

4. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Exercise Fence

For small, medium and large dogs

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel, Outdoor & Indoor,16 Panels/8 Panels
  • Available in different sizes and heights, strong and high-quality iron material
  • Corrosion-resistant and rustproof, ideal for multiple pets, can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Extendable, flat when not in use, easy to set up, panels connect with metal bars, not tools required to set up
  • Doors are secured with double slid bolt latches and raised from the floor for sturdy kennel grip on the ground

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Exercise Fence is a large outdoor dog run that is made to accommodate multiple pets. It’s strong enough to keep your large dogs confined. This product makes a spot on our list because it is the highest-selling item in the market and also customers love this product. Because it has all that a dog owner needs to allow his pet to play outdoor without a leash. This easy to set up playpen can be used indoor or outdoor. It’s compact to transport you can make a small confined area on your camping site by using four panels. If you own a house with a large yard then exactly you can extend this kennel to the size that you want for your dog. Its rounded edges protect animals from the injuries and it won’t cause any damage to the floor when used inside.

Drawbacks, nothing found not o love.

5. Advantek Pet Gazebo

For small, medium and large dogs

large outdoor dog kennel and run
  • Made to provide maximum protection from outside elements
  • Durable waterproof cover which works as shade from sunlight
  • No tool required to set up can be used for multiple pets
  • An ideal kennel to use in any weather condition

Advantek Pet Gazebo is a large outdoor dog kennel with cover, which is different from others because it is round style and made with high-quality material, its reversible cover keep the dog protected from sunlight and rain. If you have a small space outside or you want your dog to play and rest on a small confined place then it is a solution for you. It is made to last and silver colour coating turns it into a rust-resistant kennel. Features a window with a secure latch that you can use to feed your dog and to pat your dog when you feel love for him. It’s sturdy enough to hold the anxious dogs, ground anchors are also included in the package to fix it properly on the ground.

Drawbacks, it’s a costly item.

Important Features to Consider

When you are buying a large outdoor dog run you need to consider few things very keenly. Because it’s hard to disassemble the kennel every day and assembly always take time. So when you leave the kennel installed, it should be durable and strong enough to withstand the harsh weather and other outside elements like wear and tear from your dog here’s what to consider when selecting a large outdoor dog kennel:


It matters a lot because you are paying for the material, most of the dog kennels are constructed of stainless steel or galvanized steel or any similar material. We recommend buying kennel made with steel bars and wires which are welded in the centre of bars to provide smooth edges. Heavy-duty plastic kennels are also available but that change colour with the count of time and many time dogs chewing tear them. There is another side some dogs are great escape artists they can easily break the weaker types of material so its always important to consider the dog temperament while buying a large outdoor dog fence.


It is not necessary to buy all at once you can make a start with sixteen of 24 panels and if you feel that it’s not providing the required space thay your pets needs then you can buy additional panels. In height, we suggest buying anything 40 inches high or above because this is the height which even energetic dogs cannot breach, and it remains possible to breach for intruders.


It’s a coating that makes the material rust, corrosion and weather resistant, nice looking and pet-friendly. The most superior form is powder coating or electric coating which is long-lasting and provide all the benefits that we discuss. Cheap fences may be simply painted that do not last even a season so always pay attention to coating, the quality coating will keep your investment secure for a longer time.

Doors/Number of Doors

Look for multiple doors that will make the access easy and even you can arrange one door at your property side and one the other side that can be used to get out on the road. Look for hinged doors that are most strong and easy to operate. Additionally for large dogs slid bolt latches are perfect that is simple but effective to use and can be secured with a lock. When buying the best outdoor dog kennel for large dogs look for multiple latches on each door.


We can hope that this article will help you to find the right product for your dog, very limited options are available in the category of outdoor dog kennels for large dogs. To find the right product for you we reviewed more than 30 products and read more than a thousand comments then we reach on a decision of five best outdoor dog kennel large breed. We suggest you consider the temperament of your dog, area available and budget then choose the right kennel from the above-reviewed products.

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