Dogs love to travel in a comfortable environment and always leave a lot of memorable moments behind, in every journey. In RV dogs feel more comfortable as compared to the other ordinary vehicles. Because here in RV they get more space to roam and they always remain near to the owners. Moreover, traveling in RV means more time out there with your four-legged friend but staying inside always not an ultimate objective; you will stop somewhere to rest and enjoy the sceneries out there, and your dog will company you. 

Here the challenges kick in when dogs get an environment that they like most; they become more active and want to explore everything around and wish to chase every moving object. It’s good for their health and also natural for them, but it can be dangerous, as you may lose your dog or gets hurt by some other animal. Here the need to large portable dog fence panels for RV comes into play. 

A large portable dog fence panels for RV can be arranged to make a fence for your dog around RV or at one side that you keep your four-legged furry friend confined while provide providing him with enough space to roam and also protect him from other animals.

Just imagine you are out there, and in an effort to chase an animal, your dog disappears and never returns. Such a situation will lead to the search and rescue, and you will put all of your efforts to find your dog. Just imagine the mental pressure and tension that this situation can cause. A single solution in the shape of portable dog fence panels is best to avoid any of such a situation. on the other hand, a wireless portable electric dog fence also can be a replacement for a physical fence. 

A lot of options are available in the market like you can have one made from the plastic or metal fence panels, which are sturdy and durable, comes as single time investment. We advise you to focus on the under listed features and benefits while selecting portable panels for RV:

  • Lightweight: panels should be lightweight so you can carry them easily in your RV and can move at your own
  • Easy to Assemble: pay attention to assembly, an easy assembly without any specialized hardware tool will save you a lot of time and efforts
  • Compact to Store: panels should take less space when they are folded and not in use, it will help your store then easily and in your RV they take only a little space 
  • Weather-resistant: you are buying for outdoor use so a rust-resistant coating should be a preference
  • Safe for Pets: made form pet-friendly material and there should be no sharp edges that can harm the dog 
  • Securable Door: if you own a small pet then you may not look for the dog but for medium and large-sized dogs a securable door is a necessity that will help you to get in and make its entry and exit easy

Hundreds of options are available in the online marketplace but all of those are not made equally and you cannot expect the same benefits form each other. After careful selection, we list some of the best portable panels for RV you can select any with full confidence these are trusted products.

1. IRIS 24” Portable Dog Fence Panels

portable dog fence panels

IRIS 24” Exercise playpen Panels for Dog are made of plastic and are lightweight to carry as well as easiest to set up, you just need to pull in a rod to fix two panels with each other. These come in pairs of two and you can have a length while multiplying these panels. The ultimate height is best for small and medium-size dogs and the material, as well as construction, is completely chew proof and weather resistant.

You may choose to buy a complete playpen with a gate that is a four panels arrangement and you will get a gate that is equipped with a lock so entry and exit will become easy. While can add unlimited panels to make a length of fence that you need. It will create a private space for your pup to enjoy the outside environment. The design will not block the outside view and its completely indestructible.

This is the arrangement that you also can use inside your RV to make a limited are for your dog.

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2. Multipurpose Large Portable Dog Fence

large portable dog fence

The North States MyPet Indoor/Outdoor Pet enclosure with lockable pet door is another ideal fence that can be used with the RV it comes in different variants you can choose the number of panels and can increase the length anytime by ordering more panels. We suggest you to initially take a start with the 16 panels. The such a number of panels will give you the liberty to make a large restricted area for your dog and one side of your RV while with 8 panels you can set up nearly half are at one side of RV.

These panels are 28 inches high and constructed with plastic its colors are permanent and completely chew proof. Material is non-toxic and safe for dogs. More importantly, you will get a gate with these panels that will solve entry and exit problems. We suggest it for medium and large size dogs as well as for small pups.

As we write initially its a multipurpose fence that you can use as the gate, as a barrier or a playpen for indoor.

Its made to be used all where so when you are not going outside your equipment will remain in your use that is a really worth of investment that you spend on it.

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3. BestPet Indoor Outdoor Folding Metal Protable Fence

portable pet fence for rv

BestPet Portable Fence is made with high-quality metal and coated with the weather and rust-resistant material which is also non-toxic and safe for the dogs. We recommend it becuase it an ideal size for an RV owner, it can be kept inside the RV and it’s easy to set up and it’s easy to disassemble. Take only a little space when not in use. Available in different heights so you can select one as per the size of your dog.

We recommend it because a single eight-panel fence makes a reasonable space for a single dog to enjoy his vacation as the owner can extend it any time while ordering the additional panels. These panels allow clear visibility and also come with the gate which is securable, equipped with latches. It quickly collapses and convenient to store. You can make a shape that you like most, known best for longevity and durability.

You will have peace of mind that your dog is secure in his private are and no outsider animal can hurt him, and it also possible to make a large area while adding additional panels.

We recommend this portable fence for RV for those dogs who are hard to control and always remain in a challenging mood.

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4. IRIS USA 34'' Portable Fence for RV

portable dog fence for rv
IRIS USA 34” Portable Fence is a masterpiece from IRIS which is made from the plastic and make a perfect enclosure for the dogs. we include it in our list because it’s a one-time investment, it’s heavy-duty plastic is weather resistant and safe for dogs. Hinged door with double steel latches is secure enough to keep the powerful dogs confined inside. These portable panels are also available without the door. you can select from a wide range of colors and may match it with the color of your RV. It’s a single product that can be used for many purposes like inside it can be a gate or a barrier while outside it will be a playpen and when you are out for a vacation it will serve you to make a large restricted area for your dog.

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5. Amazon Basics 8-Panel Portable Plastic Fence

5 Best Large portable dog fence panels for RV
AmazonBasics 8-Panel Plastic Pet Pen Cage Playpen is designed to use for multiple purposes you can use to aside your RV to make a private and contained area for your dog where he can rest and a full playpen that is equally beneficial for outdoor or indoor use. it ‘s priced reasonably and its colors are permanent, the material is safe for dogs. It features a sturdy lock that can be used to keep your dog secure inside. It can take any shape that wishes to get and moded plastic will a material which makes the equipment long-lasting. No extra tool required for assembly. 

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Final Thoughts

Many dog owners are in the view that fencing is not an option for well-behaved dogs. A dog who is trained to obey the orders are not those who may be lost into bunches. But we are against the view every dog has a natural instinct and chasing a squirrel is their favorite among playing with other animals. A favorable situation can become the worst situation in matter of minutes especially when are away from the populated area. Dogs who are grown by in the houses of the USA are not trained to hunt their food in the wild and they also remain prone to become food other big animals and may be met with accidents on the rods. 

It always advised by trainers and vet as well as by many of known groups to keep supervised when he is out there to enjoy an RV trip with you. A physical fence is an easy solution and allows you to keep your dog near to you and obviously it will eliminate all above-discussed worries.

All of the above-listed products are already trusted by thousands of dog owners you can pick any that suites to your needs and style.

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