What is Best long Range Ultrasonic Anti Barking Device?

An ultrasonic anti-barking device can detect the dog bark from the long-distance with its microphone technology and then process it with its electronics. If found a genuine bark, then a correction in the shape of the ultrasonic sound is triggered. A long-range ultrasonic anti-barking device can cover the larger area or deal with the neighbor dog who is at a distance. The majority of available devices in the market are made to work up to 50 feet effectively. So, we consider an ultrasonic device a long-range device when it covers more than 50 feet. It’s hard to find such devices because no one is manufacturing devices with a range greater than 50feet, but we find an option listed below.

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A human ear is good to hear any sound between 20 to 20,000 Hz, and any sound above this frequency is called ultrasonic because a human ear cannot hear that.

The devices available in the market emit sound between 25,000 to 40,000 Hz that only hearable to dogs, other small animals, and insects. It’s not appeasing sound for dogs. Research figured out that that ultrasonic sound is just like noise for the dogs they do not like. When an ultrasonic correction is provided to a dog on repeated behavior, it helps him understand that he is repeatedly punished for the same action. It helps the owner and dog to alter the behavior of the dog.

A long-range ultrasonic anti-barking device is more sophisticated and powerful than a normal device because it can detect the bark from a distance and emit a more powerful sound to reach the distant dog. But is it humane for dogs and other animals near you?

The ultrasonic sounds are not appeasing one for dogs when the device has to effective for long-range it emits a more powerful sound that can be disturbing for dogs who are not meant be part of this punishment and this sound travel far beyond.

This is the reason we do not suggest buying a long-range anti-barking device for your home. Many of the available options in the market claim to be effective up to 300 ft, but that is not humane, so we recommend not buy that option. From the below listed, you can find a humane device to deal with excessive barking.

Recommendations and Precautions

  • The device that covers the range of 50ft made according to the safety standard for humans and dogs. We do not recommend buying anything that is made to cover more area because a powerful device that can emit more powerful ultrasonic sound can be dangerous for animals and humans, especially for kids who come in direct contact with that vice. It can damage the ear and have many perilous effects on the family members. So, avoid using the powerful device within your house.
  • The ultrasonic sound bounces differently, and when you use a high-power long-range ultrasonic anti banking device within your home, sound from that device bounce and may harm someone at your home.
  • The normal range devices come in a smart and sleek design and run on portable batteries that last for months and weather-resistant and fully waterproof. So, when a dog is at a distance from you, you can hide, place the device outdoor, hang it on a tree, or hide anywhere to pointing towards the dog. It’s the easy and long-lasting solution instead of using a high-power ultrasonic sound, or alternately, you can use dog anti-barking collars to deal with the situation.
  • When you are not adapting to anti-barking collars and have to cover a wide area, they prefer to use multiple devices that are trustworthy and reliable. It will be safe for the animals as well as for human family members because the devices which are made to cover 50ft range are safe for humans and pets as well.
  • Moreover, do not use the ultrasonic anti-barking device when you have multiple sounds. One dog’s bark results in the punishment of all other dogs that can be harmful and dogs may become aggressive on the repetitive correction. Ultrasonic devices are only useful to use when you have a single dog at home.


A long-range anti-barking device may punish the dogs who are not supposed to be punished against the barking because the sound effectively travels to the effective rage but go far beyond that range. So when using a long-range ultrasonic anti-barking device, you are punishing all animals near to you. While considering this fact and all of the above-listed precautions and recommendations, we do not suggest buying a long-range ultrasonic anti-barking device. You can look for humane solutions. There are many available that you can use with confidence.

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