6 Best Long Range Wireless Dog Fences to cover large Area

You need a longest range wireless dog fence system if you own a large property and want to contain your pets within your property, especially when your canine is an escape artist. People with a strangely shaped property also need to consider these systems. When you look at the market, you will find a huge list of on-ground fence systems, in-ground fence systems, and wireless fence systems. To make your selection easy, we evaluate top systems to find the best long-range fence system, and here is our preference for long range wireless dog fence.

The large area wireless dog fence pet containment system allows you to restrict your pets within the large property let them enjoy their off-leash freedom, play in the free and fresh air. A lot of variety is available, but our experience with most of the products is not good, and here we list only a few systems which are reliable to be used on large properties. We select them based on:

Stable Performance in all weather conditions 

  • Human shock
  • Effective Range
  • Allow adding additional Pets
  • Waterproof Collars
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to set up and portability

Many players claim to offer long battery life in the long-range system, but we hardly find any. When it comes to the long-range system battery only lasts for a maximum of three days. This is a limitation with all the devices. Even some work for one week but only for the first few months. 

Before moving forward let’s have a look at our top recommendations for long range wireless dog fence:

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1. Blingbling Long Range Wireless Dog Fence

long range wireless dog fence

This basic system comes for 1 dog, but you can later extend the number while purchasing additional collars or order for two dogs. This is the longest range wireless dog fence with an effective range of 1000 feet. This wireless fence system is powerful enough to contain your pet within the specified boundary. This features to set the boundary limit from 10 feet to 1000 feet from the base unit. We test this system on the plain ground and test it up to 1000 feet, and it works well.

This pet containment system also features the training mode, which sends only vibration corrections to the dog. If you train your dog well, you can void the static corrections to your dog while using vibration corrections.

This is an intelligent wireless fence system and a totally new concept in the market; correction is not provided on your pet’s reentry. No need to bury the wire. It will take just minutes to set, and few training sessions of your dog will be enough to train with the system.

Range may vary in the dense areas, and this system is not for indoor use and not recommended for use in apartments. This system features to control the boundary limit with the signal strength, which users can control from the base unit.


    • The maximum effective range is 900 feet, enough to cover 10 acres in circular radios and five acres on a single side.
    • Offer fenceless perimeters to limit your dogs.
    • Training mode makes the job easy where you can preset the training range.
    • Transmitter shut down, and power cut will not harm your dog with correction.
    • An anti-over shocking system will keep your dog safe and harmless.
    • Collars are IPX 7 certified, and your dog can play with water, not need to worry about moister.
    • Offer long battery life and includes 2 separate chargers.
    • It can be extended to unlimited dogs and recommended for dogs over 10lbs.



2. Hokita Wireless Dog Fence for Large area

large area wireless dog fence

We become more curious about our pets in extreme weather and especially when they are out of home in such weather. This pet containment system with advanced electronics performs well in extreme weather, and collars are waterproof up to 1m in depth. So there is no need to worry about your dogs; they cannot go beyond the boundary; even with this pet containment system, you can send a manual correction to call them back.

This system features unlimited pets, so you can add collars to enhance this system to work with all of your pets. 

This Hokita​ containment system is designed to work with individual collars, as every collar is independently customizable, and no correction on the pet’s reentry. That makes it a Long-range wireless fence for dogs.

We test this system up to 2000 feet in normal weather, and it works really fine. The base station is tricky to use, but there is no need to worry a manual contains all the information necessary to operate this system.


    • This pet containment system will keep your dog within the boundary limit.
    • No need to dig and no wires to bury; it marks the area based on signal strength.
    • The receiver collar can fit any dog from 8lb to maximum.
    • Can add an unlimited number of dogs.
    • The perfect outdoor system, collars are water-resistant up to 1m, rugged collar withstands in the rain and muddy puddles.
    • It is a reliable and stable system for dogs.




largest wireless dog fence

If you live in the rainiest area or your existing system does not work well during the rainy season, this is the ultimate system for you. They design it to perform well during the rains. On the other side, you can charge the transmitter and can carry it with you while you are going out for a walk or run. It will help you keep your pet with you in a limited circle.  

The basic system comes with one collar, while you can add an unlimited collar to work with an unlimited number of pets. This system is featured in carrying when you are hiking, camping, or visiting parents with your pets. So you can enjoy your holiday and stay when depending on this system.

​JustPet is featured in an advanced system to increase the correction level if the dog does not respond to earlier correction and keep moving in the same direction or standing in the warning area. This long-range wireless dog fence features many other security options.


    • It offers a maximum effective range of 17 Acres, which is adjustable from 82 feet to 500 feet.  
    • It is convenient to use outside receiver and collar both are rechargeable.
    • Ideal for small, medium, and large-sized dogs with a neck from 7.8 to 27 inches
    • The waterproof collar offers liberty to movement and your dog can enjoy swimming.



4. WIEZ Large Area Wireless Dog Fence

wireless dog fence with largest range

Well, if you are looking for a very cost-effective system that suffices both purposes, the training, and wireless fencing, then this system from WEIZ is the best option for you; you can use the transmitter as a remote for the training purpose to provide manual corrections to your dog.

The rechargeable battery of the transmitter makes it highly portable you can keep it with you for your dogs’ safety when you are camping, hiking, or visiting a relative with your pets. It will make your holidays worry-free. You can create a wireless fence anywhere you want. its long-lasting battery will support each of your tasks with pets

We are not recommending this fence system for training as it offers limited customization, which is not then enough for fencing but not for training. For training, you may buy a professional training system. For fencing, it is a pet-friendly product that triggers sound and vibration warning before sending the static correction to dogs.


    • It offers an effective range of 2000 feet approximately with the lowest workable area of 100 feet.
    • This feature is the most reliable signal frequency.
    • It is a two in one system, a dog fence, and a remote training system.
    • Collars are fully configurable with sound, vibration, and static functions with the level setting from one to six.
    • Can work with multiple dogs during training.
    • The collar is fully waterproof, and the straps are reflective.
    • Collars are adjustable from 8 to 21 inches in neck size.



5. Feeke Pet

long range wireless dog fence

It is a modern best long-range wireless dog fence system that can create a virtual fence anywhere. Like if you are a farmer, you can keep the charged remote with you to create a fence in the area where you are currently working. On vacations, on adventure trips, and camping, it can keep dogs limited to prevent any chase. It makes a spot on our list because it’s a trusted fencing system, and some customers are using it and rate it as the best product in the market.


    • Easy to set up without wasting time on match code, maximum range is 330 Yards.
    • Receivers come with rubber caps to disable shock function for any of your particular dog.
    • The fully functional remote control can set range from remote, based on electromagnetic waves.
    • Adjustable collar straps can be used for small and large dogs and can be used for training functions with a remote.
    • Both devices contain rechargeable batteries, which last for a longer time and take less time on a charge.




longest range wireless dog fence

OKPET Wireless Dog Fence is the most reliable long-range wireless dog fence that is trusted by professional trainers, farmers, and household dog owners. It is equipped with the most advanced technology and work in all weather. It is made to last for a long time. We give it a spot on our list because of its effectiveness on large and stubborn dogs. Moreover, its remote is a stylish piece for your home that makes your Outerwall more graceful.


    • Wireless dog fence with the longest range for two dogs with a maximum range of 1000 feet.
    • Adjustable fence distance from 10 to 1000 feet from remote.
    • All functions become responsive when the dog crosses the limit and stays near to it.
    • No shock on return into the fenced area.
    • Durable and long-lasting batteries for long operations, the additional collar can be added to the system.




The electrical wireless fencing system creates round radios of the boundary in your property, and that boundary depends on the signal strength of the transmitter. These systems are easy to install and operate; most of the systems are sensitive to weather conditions and do not work well within the house, especially when they are mounted on the wall inside the house.

For better results, prefer to fix the device outside of your house. Before real implementation, test the system range manually because these systems offer a reduced range on the building side or fix the transmitter on the yard side where you allow your pets to play.

In this article, we enlist the longest range wireless dog fence systems with all the pros and cons; still, please ask us in the comment section if you have questions.

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