Modular Dog Crates (Setup the BEST Stacked Kennels)

Modular Dog Crates

Many pet owners are searching for the best dog crates on the market. The problem is, there are so many options! We’ve done some research and found that the Modular Dog Crates from Great Choice Pet Products might be just what you’re looking for.

These modular kennels can be stacked in various configurations to accommodate any size dog and home décor style. They also come with a divider panel to help your pup feel safe and secure while still having room to stretch out or stand up if they want (see picture below).

You can order them in sizes like 20″, 28″, 36″ etc., but we recommend getting one size smaller than whatever your pup’s current length is because it will grow into it rather quickly!

These crates are constructed with heavy gauge wire, and they come in black or platinum. They also come with a divider to help control the size of the crate.

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What Is A Modular Cage?

A modular cage is a type of kennel that comes with multiple panels to assist you in configuring your dog’s home. For instance, let’s say you have a 24″ x 36″ crate.

In the case of most manufacturers, they’ll sell this as one unit, and you can’t break it up into two separate cages. However, with a modular cage, you can break it up into two cages.

So you would have one cage that’s 24″ x 36″ and another that’s 12″ x 36″.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits to using this type of crate, but the biggest benefit is convenience. It means that if your dog isn’t in the mood to be around other dogs in a kennel, you can close it in a smaller area.

It also means that if your pup goes through an “adolescent phase,” they won’t feel as trapped when you put them in a smaller crate.

There are several different brands of this type of crate on the market, but Great Choice seems to have the best reviews. You might choose escape-proof dog crates.

The biggest complaint with this type of crate is that they are not very durable. However, this probably isn’t an issue for you if you don’t have a dog that tries to escape or chew its way out of the crate.

What Is A Cage Bank?

A cage bank is a series of kennels that can be stacked to provide more space for your dog. They also allow you to separate dogs in the same household and give them different play areas or sleeping quarters.

For example, if you have an older dog that doesn’t get around well anymore, you would put this dog in the bottom level of the cage bank. The top-level would be for the more active dogs, giving them a place to run around and play.

Where Can I Find A Cage Bank?

You can find these types of kennel systems on Amazon. You will pay anywhere from $200-$500 depending on the size you get (and if you want to purchase the divider).

The Modular Dog Crates are what you would call a “hybrid kennel.” It’s not an unbreakable steel cage, but it gives your pup more options than just having one crate.

How Can You Tell if Your Crate is Stackable?

The easiest way to tell if your crate is stackable is by looking at the bars. If there are three, five, or seven vertical rows of bars that meet together in a corner post with a flat wire extending across it, and you can attach another crate’s top and front panels, then it should be relatively easy to stack those crates on each other.

We would not recommend stacking a metal crate on top of these, as the bars will bend and damage your floor.

Also, it will not be as stable as a wooden or plastic kennel.

You might be asking yourself, “what is the best kennel for my dog?”

There are several things to think about when deciding on what crate to get. For example, you must consider your pup’s size, age, and how destructive they can be.

Most dogs will do well in a medium-sized kennel that allows some room to move around. This will prevent them from getting too bored and restless over time.

Also, the crate should be “den-like” with soft bedding for comfort.

You can also use a dog pen as a temporary shelter for your pup if they need separation from other pets or kids. You can put a dog pen in a garage or shed if you have other animals that need to be kept safe from each other.

A standard metal kennel should keep a smaller pup inside, but it really depends on the size of your animal. If you have a huge Mastiff or another breed that can break out of almost everything, one of these cages will not do.

Things to Consider While Buying a Modular Crate

There are several things to think about while you are choosing the right crate for your dog.

Here are some tips to help you decide on what kind of kennel is best for your pet:

Do You Need More Than One Crate?

If you have multiple dogs, it might be better to invest in a modular system that allows you to attach more than one crate.

This will allow you to separate dogs if necessary or give them different sleeping quarters (just like a cage bank).

Which Crate is the Right Size?

The size of the crate should be big enough for your pup to stand up and turn around. If there isn’t enough room for them to turn around in it, they will not use it.

However, do not get a crate that is too big either because this will make the inside of the kennel less cozy or den-like for your dog.

You can get an idea about the right size by measuring your dog while they are standing up – be sure to add an extra 5-7 inches for the height.

Is it Easy to Clean?

You will want a crate that is easy to clean and maintain because your pup will get into some messy stuff during their time in confinement. If you have wood floors, get a kennel that can be cleaned without ruining the floor underneath.

A good rule of thumb is a plastic crate that can be wiped down. If you have many dogs in a household, then metal kennels could get too smelly because they are not easy to clean and maintain.

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