You may face a situation where you furry may have stopped eating. In such times there is a long checklist to follow, but here in this article, we make it concise either it is due to excessive feeding of treats, some psychological issue or a medical problem, we list all and possible solutions to them.  My dog isnt eating but acting normal the immediate thought is some bad mode of behavior because in medical issues dogs do not look normal but it can be a medical issue that is on its preliminary stage.

Sometimes it challenging and hard to recover the desire to eat, we need to give ample time to our four-legged friend and pamper their noses with tasty dishes.

A very first and quick solution put a bit of hot water on the traditional commercial food. As you know, well warm food smell more and become easy to chew and digest. It works for most dogs and problem will be solved with minimum efforts and no additional budget will be required.

Reasons why my dog isn’t eating

When your dog is off to his food, there can be several reasons, or he may have partial anorexia. According to vets, the ideas can be grouped into two major categories when your dog refuses to eat. The very first one is psychological reasons, and the second category is Medical reasons. When you are reaching solutions to “My dog isnt eating but acting normal” there at first you need to evaluate yourself that what you changed for your dog.

Psychological Causes

There are multiple reasons in this category when your dog is not eating due to psychological issues. Most of the time, a dog’s environment is responsible for the aspect, and there is not a medical problem or disease, and these issues can be addressed with little efforts. Most common reasons listed below that will make it easy for you to identify the cause, and you can have better solutions once you identified.

      • You bring a new pet at home
      • A new baby in the house
      • Unfamiliar company
      • Change of place/moving to a new home
      • Loud thunderstorm
      • Reconstruction/remodeling of the home
      • Switched food

These issues are easy to handle, like when there is a change in the environment you need to make that better for your dog, like offering treats and bring new toys in a new home. Give more time to your dog. Arrange some playful activity session. If your dog stopped eating because your switched food then, prefer to switch over a long time like in two weeks while offering the new food in small portions. Your dog may get confused when you change working hours, and instead of going on a job, you stay at home. When some stranger or a relative from out of town stay with you, prefer to introduce with your dog while offering some of the treats and good to eat. When there is a new baby at home, usually you start spending more time with newborn baby, your dog suffers at that time. Take care of your dog and never make him suffer from such an issue always give him time that he deserves. 

my dog isnt eating but acting normal

Medical Causes

Medical causes of anorexia include a lot of reasons and an extensive list of disease that cause your dog not to eat. There may be dozens of reasons, but here we list of prevalent reasons.

  • Gastrointestinal Diseases
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GI)
  • Liver Diseases
  • Pancreatic Diseases
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Airway and Lung Diseases
  • Blood Diseases
  • Upset stomach
  • Poisoning
  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Problems with teeth, gums, or tongue
  • Tumors
  • Parasites
  • Autoimmune diseases and neurological diseases
  • Problems with internal organs (heart, liver, lungs)
  • Recent vaccination

All of the above-listed diseases can be a cause when the psychological remedies are working, or you find a disease in your dog, immediately consult with the vet because it is a time to get proper medication for your pooch. Many of the time, when dog owners try homemade remedies that worsen the problem. If you consult the vet on the very start that can give you a clear picture my dog isnt eating but acting normal. The vet can suggest some proper medicine to deal with the disease.

my dog isnt eating but acting normal

How to Get Your Dog to Start Eating?

You need to take some extraordinary step and care of your dog, under listed some of the tips can work for you, you can try the following:

      • Start the same food that he is eating previously, especially when you changed his diet, and he stops eating new food and showing some of the above-listed signs, revert to previous food and offer some additional with that like add some supplement and liquid to make that better to eat.
      • Offer to eat meat, can be an effective solution you may add meat in commercial kibble or move on to the food that offers meat in cooked form. It is a very effective solution, and most of the times, your dog will react to this tip very positively.
      • Move on to canned dog food is also a right solution, especially when you are feeding dry commercial food from a long time and facing the problem like my dog isnt eating but acting normal. At that time, you need to switch the food from dry to canned/wet food.
      • Try some extraordinary treats, its not only commercial treats you can prepare some of the treats at home. Your dog will love homemade food. Homemade dog foods are always good for the dog they smell fresh and taste great you can freeze the food to use for the next several days if you put treats on the food that is also an excellent way to force your dog to start eating again.
      • Offer a blended diet, you may offer a mixture of food like mix dry dog food with the canned wet dog food that contains meat and rice. All of these foods are available commercially; you can buy it with ease. You may make wet food at home.
      • Try anything that is appealing to your dog, like if you remember that any good food that your dog, like in the past, offer that to start eating again.
      • Invest money and time on training, yes when you have a four-legged friend to company you, at that time you also need to spend money and devote time for him, especially on the training. Training is a good thing that can make your dog able to start eating again and keep him active and playful.
      • Exercise and Attention, when you changed your routine suddenly that may bring some behavioral changes in your dog, you need to give ample time to your pooch and arrange exercise sessions for your dog.
      • Stay patient and supportive, when your dog is not eating at that time, you need to say calm and do not punish your dog on not eating. Support on what your dog wants and make efforts to find an effective solution.
      • Stop giving table scraps, if you are in routine to offer table scraps in dinner then stop this practice on an immediate basis. It may invite some severe health issues too, as every day you offer him something different to eat. Offer him a balanced feed to eat.
      • Establish a feeding schedule, offer to eat on a particular time, and if you are feeding your dog three times reduce it to two times and never deviate from your time. When your dog is turning old at that time, he needs fewer calories and may he naturally reduce eating. When you follow the feeding schedule, you can feed him in a better way.
      • Smell nice and taste great food, make your dog’s food pleasant that must smell great and your dog love that taste. Many dog supplements are available in the market that you can use to address the no eating of your dog.
      • Avoid foods that can cause a loss in apatite, it is also a real issue here, especially when you picked a cost-effective option and that use by-product and not meat in the food. You can address this issue with good food that offers ingredients easy to digest.
      • Do not offer excessive treats, sometimes when a dog stops eating; owners start offering more treats as a stand-alone solution. That can make the problem more severe, and it will become hard to recover them from such a situation. Do not offer treats in excessive form when your dog stops eating food. When he stays hungry, he will become more attractive towards the smell and taste of food.

Final Thoughts

You can try these solutions but do not stick to these if not working, like if the problem persists for more then two days then you must consult with the vet for the general checkup and understand the problem in a better way. In this article, we try to cover all the aspects of my dog isnt eating but acting normal still if you have any other idea or technique in mind, please do not hesitate to share with us in the comments.

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