15 New Dog Owner Essentials: The Ultimate Shopping List

new dog owner essentials

Are you a new pet parent struggling with the basics? Don’t worry! This is something almost everything dog owner struggles with due to the lack of a go-to guide! To help you be your pet’s hero, we are here with a list of some of the best essentials for new owners.

So, without further ado, let us check out this thorough guide comprising 15 new dog owner essentials!

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1. Sturdy Dog Collar: Xqpetlihai Tactical Dog Collar

As a new dog owner, the first thing you need is a sturdy dog collar. Given that your pet isn’t trained, you need to get a sturdy collar that doesn’t break off when taking your pet out for a walk. A well-designed option for you is the Xqpetlihai Tactical Dog Collar.

This reinforced dog collar comes in multiple colors with a buckle and button closure to provide extra security. The material comprises 1000D nylon fabric, making it wear-resistant.

Even with its durable design, the collar is just as soft on your pet’s neck with its breathable lining.

The rounded corners don’t entangle with the pet’s hair and protect the dog’s neck even when worn for days.


  • Double-security design with one-button unlock feature
  • It comes with an adjustable metal buckle
  • Features a useful patch with panel Velcro design
  • Features an easy to use the handle to provide daily training
  • Thick brie with a choke-proof design backed by soft-padded lining


  • A bit too bulky for small dogs
  • Metal clasp might start to come loose after a few uses

2. Training Crate: Midwest Metal Dog Crate

When you get a new pet, you need to train them, especially when someone has a job. The Midwest Metal Dog Crate comes in 7 different sizes with a double door and single door design. The sizes range between 18 inches and 48 inches. So, it is perfectly suited for big and small dogs.

The package includes a divider panel that can help you divide the space if you wish to use it for two small dogs. It also comes with a durably-designed dog tray and a carrying handle.

Unfortunately, most crates tend to leave unwanted scratches on the floor. To avoid this issue, the Midwest crate features 4 rollers. You can easily roll around the crate to the desired location.

Moreover, the crate is guaranteed quality with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Creates a safe, den-like instinct for new pets
  • Features heavy-duty bolt latch with sliding design
  • Easy to assemble & portable given its 4 wheels
  • Foldable design that can be carried around for long traveling expeditions
  • Designed with rounded and reinforced corners


  • Only corners are rounded; other sections do have some sharp edges
  • There is a gap between the bottom panel and the divider

3. Comfortable Bed: PETCIOSO Soft Dog Bed with Anti-Slip Design

Your new pet parent itinerary isn’t complete without a comfortable bed. So, investing in the PETCIOSO Dog Bed should be your go-to choice. Available in sizes between 22 inches and 48 inches, this bed is ideal for dogs of different sizes. It is available in 3 different colors: chocolate, grey, and pinkish taupe.

Made of high-quality polyester, this dog bed is comfortably warm, doesn’t rub against your pet’s hair, and ensures zero tangling issues. The bed is flexible, cozy, & decked with faux fur to add to the luxury. This self-warming design is stuffed with high-quality premium fiber that makes it fluffy.

The dog bed is perfect for long-term use. Its non-skid design in the bottom prevents shifting and moving while keeping the bed right where you kept it.


  • It lines up perfectly on your hardwood floors
  • 100 percent hand wash and machine wash safe
  • Retains its shape even after washing and tumble drying at low temperature
  • Breathable design that is warm but not too hot
  • Colors do not fade even after multiple washing sessions


  • Not ideal for dogs that are teething or with chewing behavior
  • Stitches might come off and need to be reinforced

4. Air-Tight Container for Food Storage: OXO Good Grips POP Container

Food is the number one priority in your checklist, and so is a container that can help you store it well. With the OXO Good Grips Air-Tight Container, you can keep the pet food dry and fresh for long hours.

Most dry pet food packages aren’t re-sealable and can lead to issues such as molding.

Made of clear plastic, this air-tight container helps keep your pet’s food fresh for a long time once you have opened the original package. The container has a space-efficient design that can be ideal when organizing the cupboards.

In addition, its fill line design makes it suitable for pet parents to measure the amount of food given to the pet.

You can push the container’s lid button to make it air-tight as and when required.


  • The button doubles up as a handle to help you open the lid
  • The lid comes apart to help you with a thorough cleaning
  • See-through design that helps you check the food level
  • Dishwasher-safe design that is BPA-free
  • Rectangular design that fits into most cupboards


  • The new design upgrade doesn’t seal well
  • Pricing is a bit high for the size

5. Baby Gate to Block Restricted Areas: InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate

The InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate is perfect for new pet parents who want to restrict their dogs from entering certain house areas. This black-colored baby gate is made of alloy steel and is available in 30 inches and 36 inches. The gate is light in weight yet durable enough to block your pet.

This baby gate’s width can be adjusted from 29 inches to 39.6 inches. It provides a great coverage area to block a bedroom, stairs, hallway, kitchen, etc. InnoTruth Baby Gate features a dual-locking design with a smart system.

Its innovative design features a pull & lift system and a locking design in the bottom that keeps it in place with no wobbliness. In addition, this baby gate is easy and simple to install with a wall-safe design that doesn’t corrode or leave marks on the wall paint.


  • Features a two-way design with an auto-close feature
  • Dual-opening that can swing on both sides
  • Adheres perfectly to the sides and bottom
  • Additional lock at the bottom to secure it from collapsing
  • One-handed operation lever to close or open the date


  • Instructions aren’t as clear
  • It isn’t as sturdy when extensions are used

6. Dog Leash for Walks: BAAPET Dog Leash with Comfortable Padding

Available in sizes between 2 feet and 6 feet, this dog leash is a great choice for long walks without having to worry about it snapping off abruptly.

In addition, the dog leash is available in beautiful colors that include black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, and silver. BAAPET Dog Leash is heavy-duty nylon material with a durable clip that hooks into the collar.

The handles are comfortably padded to relieve any strain from the hands, even if your pet has a habit of pulling. It also helps protect your palms from issues such as rope burn. The design also features reflective threads that help the ongoing traffic spot your dog during walks in the late evening.

The BAAPET Dog Leash provides pet parents complete safety, control, and freedom while keeping you in control.


  • It comes with a 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Features durable mountain-climbing rope that doesn’t wear off
  • The latch is tangle-free and swivels 360 degrees
  • Comfortable foam handle that is 20 percent more padded than competitors
  • Features a replaceable buckle with zero smell or glue


  • Spring securing the bolt is very weak
  • It needs to be kept away from teething pets

7. Food and Water Bowls: Amazon Basics Pet Dog Food and Water Bowl

Your pet’s food and water should always be served in a clean and hygienic bowl that is mold-free and rust-free as well. The Amazon Basics Bowl Set is stainless steel and doesn’t weigh a lot to ensure portability.

The bowls can hold about 38 ounces of food or water.

The rust-resistant material offers a great alternative to ceramic or plastic bowls. It features a no-tip design with a rubber base to prevent the bowl from leaving scratch marks. Additionally, the rubber base ensures that it doesn’t slide while your pet drinks or eats.

Moreover, the water bowl is dishwasher-safe to ensure easy cleaning. The stainless steel material helps prevent mold development even if the food stays inside the bowl for hours.

The side-lifted design ensures that water or food doesn’t fall from the sides.


  • Food-grade material that is safe for your pets
  • Big in size with higher holding capacity, which is enough for big dogs
  • Pocket-friendly pricing for the durability and design
  • The grippy bottom which is very stable on the floor
  • Tip-proof design for notorious dogs


  • Thin metal might bend or dent
  • The bottom rubber ring might not fit well in some bowls

8. Food Mat: Gorilla Grip Silicone Feeding Pet Mat

Even with a slip-free dog bowl, some pets are naughty and curious, making them topple the food or water. To prevent such messes from ruining your carpet or hardwood floor, the Gorilla Grip Feeding Pet Mat is a must-have.

This waterproof feeding mat is silicone and has a fabulous grip on the floor that doesn’t cause spillage.

The raised edges help prevent the food or water from getting to the store. The mat is available in sizes between 18 inches and 32 inches, along with 17 beautiful colors to choose from.

Gorilla Grip is dishwasher safe and doesn’t tear apart even with multiple cleaning cycles.

The mat is thick enough and helps isolate the floor from food particles that fall off when the pet is eating. In addition, its slip-resistant surface features friction-inducing dots to keep the bowls right where they are.


  • Food-grade material is safe for pets
  • An easy-to-clean design that is dishwasher safe
  • It can also be doubled as a litter box mat for mess prevention
  • 1/8 inches thick with 100 percent waterproof material
  • Available in a range of colors to choose from


  • Dogs with long nails can scratch the mat
  • Cannot contain heavy water spillage

9. Food Dispensing Toy: KONG Wobbler Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy

When you are dealing with your daily chores, you need to ensure that your pet is busy and not destroying your precious furniture. So, your savior for the day is KONG Wobbler Interactive Toy.

Available in small and large sizes for pets of different breeds, this toy has a unique treat-dispensing design to keep your pet busy for hours when you are gone.

The toy is made of high-strength and food-grade polymer, completely safe for pets to play with. KONG Wobbler Toy can also be washed in the dishwasher to keep it fresh and safe from mold development.

The top portion screws off to ensure easy filling of food. The bright-red color makes it look attractive for curious pets.


  • Perfect for teething pets that chew on everything
  • Durable enough for dogs of all sizes
  • Ideal for pets with issues such as separation anxiety
  • It helps reduce boredom, barking, or digging instincts
  • Helps with weight management by slowly dispensing the food


  • Small dog’s paws might get stuck in the opening
  • Cannot dispense big-sized food pellets

10. Dog Water Bottle: MalsiPree Leak-Proof Dog Water Bottle

If you have plans to take your dog out for long walks or hiking, you need to replenish their needs for hydration. To ensure your dog doesn’t have to face a shortage of water, you can bring home the MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle. This dog water bottle can be carried around on long trips.

The top bowl design helps dispense water to help your dog drink with ease. Moreover, the unused water can either be thrown or go back into the container when you press its water key.

The leak-proof design features a silica-gel sealing that doesn’t spill as you walk.

This portable bottle is made from food-grade material that doesn’t break or bend. It also has a reasonable capacity to last for long walks.


  • Easy one-hand operation
  • Press to fill design
  • It comes with a convenient strap that can be attached to your backpack
  • Big trough that fits perfectly for dogs with a big snout
  • Uses food-grade ABS plastic material


  • Requires a lot of pressure for squeezing
  • The lid becomes loose after being used for long

11. Flea/Tick Collar: Seresto Tick/Flea Collar for Dogs

Ticks and fleas are notoriously unavoidable pests that can trouble your pet and even lead to health issues when unchecked for long. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to your pet, you can get the Seresto Tick/Flea Collar. The collar provides continuous tick and flea prevention for 8 months.

Moreover, the collar is light in weight and doesn’t weigh down your pet’s neck, even when worn all day long. The dog collar works on both large and small dogs. The pests don’t need to bite on the dog’s skin to die and act on contact to kill them immediately.

The collar is conveniently designed to help you fix it on the dog’s neck and is completely odorless. The design is non-greasy and doesn’t stick to the dog’s fur. Seresto ensures a mess-free treatment for dogs with long or short fur lengths.


  • Activates almost instantly with 24 hours action
  • Helps control and treat sarcoptic mange & kills lice
  • Ideal for puppies that are 7 weeks or older
  • A vet-recommended product that is guaranteed to provide relief
  • Kills with contact action; doesn’t require biting


  • Some dogs might develop an allergic reaction
  • Not as sturdy

12. Dog Brush: Hertzko Slicker Brush for Dogs

If you have a dog with long hair, you need to keep them groomed, or it can lead to matting issues. The Hertzko Slicker Brush for Dogs is just what you need. Pet owners trust this slicker brush to remove nasty mats from the pet’s fur.

But, of course, you have to brush gently, and the loose hair will come off.

This brush helps keep off knots, tangles, dirt, and dander issues. It is also perfect for pets that shed a lot and help reduce the same. Hertzko gets rid of the tangles without pulling on the hairs. So, your pet won’t be irritated or hurt.

The bristles have fine wires with a bent design that gets deep into the coat to clean the undercoat.


  • Ideal for short-haired and long-haired pets
  • Easy to hold handle that provides a comfortable grip
  • Click-action to remove the hair stuck in the brush
  • Strong and durable design that can be used for years
  • It prevents wrist strain with its lightweight design


  • The joint between handle and brush isn’t as sturdy
  • Wires are a bit sharp for young pups

13. Dog Nail Trimmer: Boshel Dog Nail Clipper & Trimmer

Dog nails can be troublesome when left unclipped for long. They can accumulate dirt and dust, which might cause issues such as bacterial infection. The Boshel Dog Nail Clipper & Trimmer is your professional tool for home grooming. The clipper also comes with a nail file to help smooth out the edges.

Its ergonomic design helps you hold it for long hours without straining your palm. In addition, Boshel Dog Nail Clipper ensures a clean cut every time with its high-quality stainless steel blades.

Moreover, the blades are sturdy enough to cut the nails in just one move.

The material is completely rust-free and doesn’t cause unwanted infections. In addition, the non-slip grip helps you comfortable clip the nails while preventing accidental cuts and nicks.


  • Features a safety stop with a quick sensor to prevent bruises
  • Free nail filing tool
  • Stainless steel material that doesn’t rust
  • A sturdy and sharp blade that cuts off clean
  • It doesn’t split the nails and provides a clean cut


  • It might require extra strength to press the clutch
  • Guard might not work at times

14. Dog Shampoo and Conditioner: Bluefeather Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner

You need to keep your dog clean to avoid rashes, skin allergies, and other issues. The Bluefeather Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo & Conditioner is the perfect solution for pet parents to keep their fur shiny and clean.

The oatmeal present in the shampoo soothes the skin and moisturizes it from within. Its all-natural formulation is perfect for pets with skin allergies.

The shampoo conditioner combo also features aloe vera as a prime ingredient that relieves itchy skin issues. Moreover, it is 100 percent free of alcohol and non-toxic ingredients, making it safe for pets.

The conditioner deeply nourishes your pet’s coat while ensuring it doesn’t tangle.


  • It leaves the skin shiny and soft for days
  • The scent isn’t too overwhelming
  • Recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers
  • It conditions, cleans, detangles, and moisturizes skin/fur
  • It keeps the skin hydrated and relieves flakiness


  • Fragrance might not be good for some sensitive pets
  • Pricing is a bit high

15. Poop Bags: Amazon Basics Scented Dog Poop Bag

The joy of having dogs as pets does come with its responsibilities and drawbacks. One such drawback is getting rid of the poop. The Amazon Basics Scented Dog Poop Bag comes in a set of 18 rolls with a total of 270 bags.

It also comes with a dispenser and leash clip to ensure you can carry it on walks with ease.

This lavender-scented poop bag is also available in other fragrances, including Brazilian mango, talcum powder, and cucumber scent. If you are sensitive to fragrances, you can opt for the unscented variant.

These green-colored poop bags are made of sturdy polyethylene plastic and don’t rip when scooping the poop.


  • Minimizes bad poop odor and keeps your hands protected
  • Plastic dispenser to ensure easy removal
  • The carabiner clip can be attached to the leash
  • It lasts for months even when used daily
  • Lightweight bag while being sturdy enough


  • Isn’t environment-friendly
  • Some bags aren’t sealed, making them unusable

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With these products in mind, you can enjoy your time with the pet without having to worry about safety, comfort, and necessities. Make sure you do your research to ensure that you have the right products to invest in.

Regardless of what makes it to your itinerary, make sure you keep things pocket-friendly!