Is it Safe to Use Pine Shavings for Puppies?

pine shavings for puppies

Having puppies is a fun part of life; they are playful and grab a lot of attention. Keep you active and engage kids as well. But you will need an absorbent for puppies because it saves cost and a lot of work. Pine shaving comes into mind at first because it’s cost-effective, easy to manage and clean, and a sound absorbent.

Pine shaving is not recommended for puppies; they are soft, and absorbent can pose a danger to puppies. It is very harmful if a puppy eats pine shavings.

You need to be aware of the harm or risks involved in using them for your puppies.

Pine shaving should not be given to puppies as bedding. They are soft and can get it stuck between their throat, which causes choking. Or if ingested, it will expand in the digestive tract that can cause blockage.

Puppies are playful; it is a good opportunity to teach your kids about pet care and bring in much fun at the same time.

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What Are the Alternatives to Pine Shaving for Puppies?

A towel or used cloths can be used instead of pine shaving; towels and cloths both are good absorbents, soft, and easily available. Of course, you can always use straw for puppies; it is less harmful and provides comfort.

You can use paper-based bedding, which is safe for your puppy. You can also reduce the duration of stay of your pet in your home to prevent any allergies or diseases they might catch from the outside environment.

Pine shavings are not safe for puppies; it is absorbent and can get stuck in their throat. There are a lot of alternatives available to keep your home clean and safe from the risks involved in pine shaving.

What is the Best Bedding for a Whelping Box?

Pine shavings are traditional bedding used for a whelping box. However, under certain conditions, pine shavings can be hazardous to the health of the puppies and their mother.

For Whelping box, you can use butcher paper, newspaper, towels, or puppy training pads.

For the first few days of their lives, your puppies cannot control their body temperature. As a result, they can get cold quickly and suffer from hypothermia.

Paper-based bedding is best because it absorbs moisture while still allowing air to pass through. If their bedding gets wet, it’s easy to replace.

Lumberyard shavings from pine or cedar are usually safe as long as they do not come from treated lumber. However, these shavings can cause respiratory problems with newborn pups and young puppies.

A breeder is responsible for providing a clean, dry bed for their lactating bitch and her puppies.

Is it Safe to Use Pine Shaving for Puppies Potty Training?

Pine shavings are not the best choice for use in litter boxes. They can be dusty and do not hold their shape well when wet, making them difficult to clean.

You should select an alternative substrate for your pups’ litter box or opt for paper-based cat litter or training pads designed specifically for dogs.

Most dogs adapt well to paper-based litter, and it’s easy to clean up. The same holds true for training pads.

Pine shavings should not be used for training pads because they can crumble, which will create a dust problem when your dog stands on them.

In addition, pine shavings have been associated with urinary tract infections in cats and dogs, but this information is based on laboratory studies where animals were exposed to pine shavings via inhalation.

It is not known whether such dust produced by cleaning the box has similar potential health risks for your pet.

If you want to use pine shavings in a litter box, it’s safest to use them only in a box that is not used for urination or defecation.

You can also use aspen bedding, recycled paper pellets, wheatgrass trays, and newspapers. The best option overall is aspen shavings because they are virtually dust-free and benefit from being absorbent and biodegradable.

Pine shavings can be used as long as they are “kiln dried” and dust-free.

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Puppy Eating Pine Shaving What to DO?

Puppies can eat shavings, and this can cause problems. However, there is no reason to panic as long as you take proper steps. Be sure that the bedding is not moldy or dusty — both types of contamination pose a health risk.

If you suspect that your pup has eaten pine shavings, check with your veterinarian to determine whether treatment is necessary.

When you are certain that your pup has eaten shavings, never induce vomiting because of the risk of choking on them.

If you have access to a vacuum hose, it’s safe to suck up the shavings without risking aspiration or injury to your pet. Otherwise, call your veterinarian for immediate assistance.