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Dogs love to travel, and new experiences help to keep them active and increase the bond between owner and dog. Dogs are curious creatures when they are out the want to see around; they love to chase, wish to explore, and check out amazing things. These are the main reason many of them get lost or hurt during camping. There is a need for an outdoor portable dog fence for camping to keep the dogs protected and secure. Carry a portable dog fence along with other equipment is easy; these are specially made to set up quickly and are lightweight.

A portable dog fence for camping is one that is easy to transport, takes less space when not in use, easy to assemble and dis-assemble, lightweight, sturdy, and durable that can hold the dog inside and prevent unwanted guests from entering inside.

A portable fence for dogs will keep the dog safe on the camping site, it can keep the dog safe, and you can enjoy your stay. It’s mandatory to keeps the dog safe and protected on the camping site for peace of mind as well as to camping trips without any fear or doubt. A portable fence will protect the dog from being lost. Portable outdoor dog fences provide clear visibility so they can enjoy the open space.

A lot of options are available in the market to buy only a few are good and have worth buying, here we discuss some of the features that you need to consider when buying a portable dog fence for camping.

  • Easy to Set up: look for portable outdoor dog fence for camping that is easy to set up without any specialized tool
  • Lightweight: you have to transport this equipment often so a lightweight fence will serve better
  • Compact When not in Used: most of these are foldable, one that is more compact will tale less space in your RV or car and even in your store at home
  • Securable Door: if you own a small dog then you can get one without a door but for large and medium-sized dogs door is a must-have feature, a robust securable door will keep the dog secure and safe inside
  • Height: choose the height that your dog cannot cross and also keep in mind the area where you are going to camp, pay attention to what type of animals found there becuase some intruder can jump inside if you buy a less raised fence
  • Material: it should be pet safe and environment-friendly
  • Build Quality: it should be strong enough to bear the pressure of your dog 

Portable fences that are mainly available for camping can be used for many other purposes like you may use the same in your yard as an exercise or temporary private area for your dog and inside to keep your dog confined. Extra-large plastic dog crates also can be an option that we recently reviewed. Here in this article, we list some of the best available options; hopefully, you can find one for your four-legged friend.

1. Best Portable Dog Fence for Camping

portable dog fence for camping

MidWest Homes for Pets Exercise Pen is the most reliable and cost-effective portable fence that is available in different heights, which makes it convenient to choose a very appropriate size that you can dog cannot breach. Our dogs love to go outside and enjoy the sceneries with us but for their security, it’s utmost important to have such equipment that can keep them confined. This fence makes the first spot on our list becuase it’s durable, easy to assemble and lightweight to transport.

One person can set up this fence in just ten minutes, pure steel construction and suitable height keep the dog safe inside and also protect four-legged friends from the intruders and guests. No outsider can jump inside, it’s for those who need a greater degree of confinement. Large inner space allows the pet to move freely and enjoy his stay inside. Some of its silent features and benefits are:

  • Step-Through Door 
  • Quick to assemble 
  • Eay to transport
  • Optional tops available 
  • Double latch at door

It is a highly portable fence that can be used for camping, and other outdoor activities and not limited to these you may use it with a cage to provide a free-roaming area to your four-legged friend. At home or in the yard it can be used to keep your dog confined and specifically for exercise purpose. So there can be many uses of this portable fence. It comes with anchors so you can use that anchor to secure it firmly in one place.

A quality that speaks itself, thousands of customers already trusted this product and its one that makes with steel bars which are coated with high-quality paint that protect the metal from weathers and rust as well as increase the life of the moveable fence. 

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2. Top Rated Portable Outdoor Dog Fence

portable outdoor dog fence

IRIS 24” Exercise playpen Panels for Dog are made to keep the small four-legged friends confined. It’s not a metal solution where small friends feel scared. Its made with plastic and its color make it’s amazing as well as good looking and safe for medium and small dogs. Ideally, it can be used for any medium to small size pets. When you are leaving for camping at that time keeping this portable camping fence is so easy, it takes less space and it’s lightweight as well as a durable solution to keep the pet contained in a limited space.

But features never end here if you want a bigger space your furry friend on the camping site, then you can order additional panels of this portable dog fence. Like 8 panels will provide a bigger area and when used at one side of camp or RV it will a large space where your dog can enjoy and stay in liberty to perform his activities.

You can make a shape that is your requirement and it will not leave its space for luxury floors its equipped with non-skidding rubbers and to keep the dos inside safe and secure at any place the durable and sturdy door is equipped with twist easy to operate locks that always need a hand to open, tuff efforts of your dog will not make a way to outside.

Easy to take panels will take only a few minutes to set up and it’s not only for camping and outdoor activities you can use it inside your home or can keep it with you to use at the vacation home.

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3. Portable Fence for Large Dogs

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Pet Dog Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel, Outdoor & Indoor,8/16/32 Panels

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Fence is available in the basic model of 8 panels where one panel contains the door while also available in 16 panels while on the upper side, it can be enhanced to whatever length you want. There is no restriction you can use four panels to make a small space for your dog, and you may use 32 panels to form an ample space where your multiple pets enjoy outside. For large pups, we are sharing basic eight panels with 40” height that is impossible to breach for a dog inside.

On the camping site, along with keeping your dog confined, its also necessary to look for the possibilities of guests and intruders who can jump inside and hurt your four-legged friend. The product in the spotlight is 40 inches high, and it will be nearly impossible for guests to breach this height. You can rest in your camp or RV with the peace of mind that your dog is secure outside, and not one can hurt him.

It comes in 8 individual panels that are easy to connect without any specialized hardware, and necessary anchors and rods included in the package. It’s easy to set up and easy to transport, you can have multiple doors, and you can set up a custom shape as per your need.

For easy entry and exit, as well as to keep your pup safe inside its door is equipped with two latches. The heavy-duty rust-resistant metal fence will serve you for long years.

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4. Portable Fence for Small Dogs

Tespo Pet Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence Small Animals, Puppy Kennel Crate Fence Tent

Tespo Pet Playpen Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence is ideally made for small pet and toy breeds. Its made with pet-safe material that provides a clear view and its solution that can be used for any small pet who is not aggressive and well behaved one. Some of the core features are:

  • Cable Ties: to fix it with the anchors, you can use these cable ties to fix it while using furniture, pillars, and anchors 
  • Anti-Slipping Feet: its a new addition, anti-skidding feet added that can make grip on luxury tiles as well as on the rough uneven ground
  • Large Space: it makes 20 sq ft space that is a large size for small four-legged friends
  • Clear View: translucent white material is used in its construction which allows the dog to see outside and owners also can have an eye on the dog activities

Its a portable fence that is lightweight because its frames are made with the lightweight aluminum, its easy to set up take only a few minutes as well as little space required to store it when not in use.

Your dog can have fun inside and you can have peace of mind that he is secure inside. 

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5. DIY Portable Dog Fence for Camping

portable dog fence for camping

PeerBasics Patio Lightweight Safety Netting Recyclable Plastic Barrier made for those who always want a custom solution and wish to do it everything on their own. It’s a complete solution that comes with every hardware that you need to make a temporary fence for your dog. Length is at your choice longer lengths are also available in this product, but we advise you to stick with 50 feet long; its enough for remote sites, and its one that easy o store and easy to roll back.

Strong steel tube stakes and ties which included in the package will make the job easy and reduce the setup time as well; there will be nothing that you need additionally. Moreover, in an area where there are more trees, this is an ideal solution to create a natural environment for your dog. It’s environment-friendly as well as pet-friendly; your dog’s chew efforts will not damage the material and fence, and surely pup cannot make way through the mesh when installing correctly.

We recommend it for well behaved small and medium-sized dogs because it’s to set up and there is no need to look for individual items all comes in one package. It’s lightweight and easy to store as well as a fence that can use anywhere either on the camping site or in your yard when you are out to enjoy a snowing season.

In your RV or your ordinary vehicle, it will take only a little space, and you will have a ready to use the equipment.

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6. Portable Pet Fence for Campers

North States MyPet Indoor/Outdoor Petyard: Pet enclosure with lockable pet door. Freestanding (26

The North States MyPet Outdoor Pet enclosure is a multi-purpose product that can be used indoor as well as outdoor. Outdoor usage required some of the additional features like dog owners look for lightweight and easy to setup options that also take less space during transportation. It comes with a lockable door that needs a human hand to unlock and hard efforts of dogs will not make him away outside. We recommend it because it a beautiful product that will look great inside your home, an attractive espresso brown finish will fit flawlessly anywhere inside or outside.

The swinging door is the beauty of this product when dogs play outdoor or at camping sites, they love to enter and exit quickly, and this is a door that allows them to enter and exit as they wish. It’s high enough to stop the intruders and unwanted guests from coming inside, who might snatch food and hurt the furry friend when confined outdoor. It’s a multipurpose product that can be used to train your dog for sleeping or a smaller area.

Anti-skidding pads under the panels placed perfectly that will not allow your dog to move the outdoor fence around when he is inside, moreover, it will not damage or scratch the costly floors.

It’s lightweight enough even a kid can quickly move this fence. It’s our preference because of its a product made in the USA.

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7. Expandable Dog Fence for Outdoor

BestPet Pet Playpen 8 Panel Indoor Outdoor Folding Metal Protable Puppy Exercise Pen Dog Fence

BestPet Outdoor Folding Metal Protable Fence is an ideal solution for those dog owner who always looks for expandable options. The basic package comes in eight panels while to enhance the resting area for your pet you can multiple your order and even can use fewer panels to make a custom and small area. It is an easy to assemble and easy to store option once you have it you can decide how much panels you need outside to make a private area for your dog and only transport that much panels to save labour, space and efforts.

When it comes to outdoor no one can stay sure what will be his needs in the future, but thanks God fences are available that can be expanded to infinity whatever length you need you can have that. BestPet product comes in the shape of panels that make the arrangement easy and it always remains convenient to expand the fence. 

We recommend it as an expandable option because it is made with the pure and high-quality iron and painted with the rust-resistant and weather-resistant paint that also increase the life of the fence. Locks and rods are also one that made to make life easy.

J-shaped locks are easy to open and easy to operate while for dogs it’s not possible to open it and even two locks keep the dogs secure fro kids.

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8. Foldable and Portable Dog Fence

portable fence for dogs

HACHI SHOP Foldable Pen for Dogs designed to set up quickly and an option that is durable and takes only a little space when folded that makes the carrying easy. We recommend it to those who have small or medium-sized dogs and even to those who love to travel with their multiple pets. It consists of 8 panels and can configure in shape that you like most. It can be round, squares or any other that suite to your taste and requirement even on one side of RV it can be a secure option to keep your loved ones confined.

These 8 panels provide excellent space that is right for exercise and to spend quality time, the clear outside view allows the dog to stay engaged with other others and a feature that helps to keep the dogs calm. It can be a perfect play paradise for your pet. It’s made for Camping, playing, exercising, training as well as keeping your four-legged friend safe, especially when on a camping adventure.

Its constructed with metal and a coated with high-quality material, a weather-resistant and durable to use for long years. It comes with anchors that bring a lot of conveniences to keep it sturdy in one place, folding and unfolding take only a few minutes.

We recommend it to those who do not want any extra work on camping site, just unfold and let your dog get in, lock the door and relax.

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9. Heavy Duty Metal Dog Fence for Camping

ZENY Foldable Metal Exercise Pen & Pet Playpen Puppy Cat Exercise Fence Barrier Playpen Kennel - 8 Panels

ZENY Foldable Metal Exercise Pen is a heavy-duty portable fence for camping, suitable to dog owners who are looking for one-time investment and have large dogs and always visit and camp in areas where large wild animals are found. The product in the spotlight is a durable and high-quality solution which is high enough to stop any of unwanted guest outside and ultimately will keep the pup safe and secure inside. Thick metal bars and tubes are used in its construction, which is rust-resistant and durable to bear the pressure of large dogs.

Metal rods that are used to attach the panels with each are high quality and made to make the job easy. The door is securable with two latches and the upper one is far away from the reach of children that also add security. It’s a multipurpose pent that can be used at any place like in your yard it can be a private area for your dog and outside on camping location, it will be a safe house for you the pups.

It can take any shape as you wish or as per your requirement, more importantly, you can use it as one sidewall of your RV or Camp where your dog can stay safe and you will also enjoy your company.

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10 Cheap Portable Dog Fence for Camping

IRIS USA 34'' Exercise 8-Panel Pet Playpen with Door, White CI-908

IRIS USA 8-Panel Pet Playpen is a stylish and cost-effective solution it’s one that every dog owner want to get. Its panels are constructed from the high-quality plastic which is durable and safe for pets as well as strong enough to serve for many of coming years. Inside your house, it will look like an interior and will match with any of your decors. While outside its fully weather-resistant and claws of dogs cannot damage it.

Once you confined your dog inside you can stay sure that your pet is safe inside and no intruder or outside can make its way in.

For camping its an ideal solution because plastic made fence is easy to carry and when folded it takes little space as well as not specialized tool required to setup. A single person can lift it and can set up in a matter of five minutes. In RV and in the luggage area of your car it will be lightweight equipment for your dog that will keep the furry friend safe on the outside there.

Hinged access door with steel latches and brackets will secure the in and out of your dog, the dog cannot figure out a way to get outside and chewing this fence will not damage their teeth. More importantly, it’s not toxic its made with safe and environmental material. We recommend it as a one-time solution and a solution that you will love to have in your camping equipment.

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Final Words

We believe that every dog owner have some different need and requirement with respect to the dog size, we list all of top rated options which are being used by thousands of dog owners, you can choose any that fit to your needs and requirements.

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