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Do you ever feel the threat that you will lose your dog during an outdoor activity or camping? If yes, then you are no different from other dog owners. We all love to spend quality time outdoors with your four-legged friends, and it gives real pleasure to see the dogs playing outside, enjoying and watching their outdoor activities not only leave memorable moments. But also improve the mood of dogs and increase bound between owners and dogs. To keeps the dogs secure out there, a portable electric dog fence is essential, which will not let them breach the boundary limits.

In the USA, the dogs who brought up in the homes not usually trained to live in an unsupervised environment. This is challenging and can be life-threatening for the dog when they have to make survival in an unsupervised environment. Moreover, they fed by humans, and this ends their natural ability to hunt and eat. So when they are lost, they remain hungry, and they always stay out there is a constant danger where large animals and traffic on roads are the biggest threat for them.  Such full of challenges life also hurts the brain and decision making of dogs as well as physical health. Even one found back need extensive training to become normal, and sometimes it’s not possible, so a portable invisible dog fence is an excellent option to keep them safe.

A portable wireless dog fence will keep the dog limited to the defined territory while providing humane shocks and warnings without hurting the dog. Even some dog owners and groups not agreed on its benefits. Still, we are sure it’s beneficial because in our circle, our friend, family member, and including our-self using portable wireless fences to keep the dogs secured. When we are in a situation where is no physical fence installed to keep the furry friends limited; it becomes essential to use a portable wireless dog fence.

We recently discovered some good fences that can use to make a physical boundary for the dogs on the camping site or along RV, that also can be an option and alternative. These are Best portable dog fences for camping and outdoor which are widely used to keep the dogs confined in a small area, these are quick to set up and easy to transport.

What is Electric Wireless Dog Fence & How it is invisible?

A fully electric wireless dog fence that is invisible consists of two components the transmitter and receiver; both of these make a perfect combination to use outdoor. The transmitter depends on the chargeable battery for power. It emits signals of a specific frequency, the strength of these signals can be controlled from the digital display and through electronics. While on the other side, the collar is called the receiver also depends on the chargeable battery for power and equipped with electronics that convert the power to beep, vibration, or shock. In the transmitter, frequency waves form a circular boundary that the receiver can detect, and when the dog moves beyond to that or move in the danger zone, the dog receives stimulation or warnings.

The collar of such systems is highly configurable and a user can select which type of stimulation he wants for his dog. Shock and vibrations level can be chosen where the dog starts bothering, and whenever the dog crosses the boundary limit and stimulation will remind him not to cross the border. Such systems do not use any wire and perfectly made for outdoor use, called invisible or wireless dog fence.

Do Dog Dogs Need Training for Outdoor Wireless Fence?

Yes, admittedly, dogs need training. Without proper training, the invisible and wireless portable electric dog fence will remain useless, and it will only punish the dog. So instead of getting any positive outcome, the punishment in the shape of static correction may lead the dog’s behavior towards disruption. It necessary part, but it’s not the hardest part. Usually, a dog needs 6 to 7 one hour sessions to become fully trained with a wireless dog fence. Once you trained your dog well how to react and respond when the dog receives a warning or static correction then surely we can use a portable invisible dog fence anywhere you want and a portable wireless dog fence will take care of your dog so you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind.

Things to Consider While Buying a Portable Electric Dog Fence

It’s just like gadgets, and similar to those, it also has some positive and negative sides, but if you outside criteria and first decide what features you need. Then surely you will look for the right products. Based on our experience, we outline some of the features that you need to consider while buying an invisible wireless dog fence, here are some:

Minimum to Maximum Range: range matter a lot consider the minimum range, as well as maximum for a camping and outside site; you may buy a long-range wireless fence but minimum range, should be 10 meters or near to it. Because when you are resting, you will prefer your dog to stay around, and a minimum range will help you to keep him around.

Durable Batteries: outdoor both devices transmitter and receiver depend on chargeable batteries; you need to look for the devices equipped with powerful and longlasting quality batteries, which should last for at least a week. 

Highly Configurable: the collars and device should be configurable like one highly configurable device will allow setting the level of shock and sound as you wish for your dog and one where your dog starts responding. It will help you to keep your dog safe from excessive shocks.

Waterproofing: yes, it’s also required, maybe not for transmitter becuase you can care for that but surely for the receiver because outside dogs love to play with water and if seepage makes its way inside that will harm the electronics inside. As a result, you have to make a new investment.

Humane and Equipped with security Features: the shock that the receiver provides to the dog should be within limits and equipped with security features to disable collar when it triggers excessive shocks after a specific number of shocks.

Lightweight and Compact: just like us, dogs also get in the mood to play and run when they are off-leash, and heavy equipment will limit their activity, so we advise looking for compact and lightweight collars/receivers that your can wear comfortably.

1. PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System – from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand – Above Ground Electric Pet Fence

PetSafe Wireless Dog and Cat Containment System is the most durable trustworthy, and reliable device. This is also the most recommended device, it’s a one-time investment that can cover you all of your pets, and its collars are energy efficient. In a single recharge collar battery lasts and protects your dog for more than a month. Many other amazing functions make it an ideal choice for pet owners the main unit also equipped with a battery that make it suitable for outside use. 

It allows the static-free re-entry into the boundary area, which is the most significant advantage because no other system reached to this advanced electronics that can handle a static-free re-entry. While on the other side, you can add an unlimited pet in the system while just buying additional collars. Even batteries for collars are also available additionally.

The collar emits human shock and also equipped with the warning functions that make it ideal for the training.

A light and compact receive will not add any additional burden, and while buying this equipment, you will remain free from the tension of recharging the collar again and again. Many might think that its big in size and not suitable for portability, but the reliability that it offers is not possible with any else option.

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2. JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Training Dog Collar 2-in-1 System

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Training Dog Collar 2-in-1 System, Stablest Signal Electric Wireless Pet Fence, Beep/Vibrate/Static Shock Remote Collar, Rechargeable Waterproof Collar

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence is another innovative solution where the ergonomic handle style transmitter looks beautiful in hands. Its equipped with duel functions the fencing and trainer yes you can train your dog with this wireless electric dog fence. It’s highly portable both the receiver and transmitter are equipped with the batteries and its possible to use it for fencing purposes anywhere.

Its signals are stable and it provides full control over the parameters as well as the collar itself is a compact and lightweight device that is easy to configure and single recharge run for more than a week when used on fencing mode while for training it depends on the usage.

We recommend this 2 in 1 fencing system because it’s highly portable and suites for those who love to enjoy trips and camping with their dog.

Its lovely shape, design and comfortable handling make it a perfect combination for camping and outdoor use. 

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3. KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Portable Electric Dog Fence

portable electric dog fence

KAROTEZH 2 in 1 Wireless Dog Fence designed with the built-in battery and full control for the training and fencing. You can use this fencing system anywhere even without a power transmitter and receiver both are equipped with rechargeable batteries which are enough to spend a few days camping. While its training features allow training your dog for behavioral modification.

It’s equipped with three functions beep, vibration and static shock that can be used in combination and as stand-alone. Warning function that can be used to keep the dog safe from the static correction and make training easy.

For the small dogs, you can avoid the static correction while for large dogs you can completely depend on the high power receiver.

Each of its functions is fully configurable, and it’s ultra-long-range and reliable connectivity will keep your dog secure on the camping site. 

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4. WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless

WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless & Training Collar Outdoor 2-in-1, Electric Wireless Fence for Dogs w/Remote, Adjustable Range Control, Waterproof Reflective Stripe Collar, Harmless for All Dogs

WIEZ Dog Fence Wireless is the most affordable and portable option, there is no need to fix the transmitter that acts like a remote, and you can train your dog with it while it allows marking a boundary when your dog is enjoying off-leash moments. While you are camping, it’s important to keep your dog secure becuase he may be lost there, and he may get hurt.

The product in the spotlight is a reliable one that is trusted by hundreds of dog owners, and it’s one that will serve you in your yard, outside, and even at any outdoor space where you camp. The range is selectable; you can have a different range for day time as well as for night time when there is a need to keep your dog near to you.

It’s simple to operate and easy to set up, and one single recharge will last for more than a week when used as a fence while on training, battery time will depend on the usage.

Moreover, it’s highly portable and compact so you can carry it anywhere.

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When Not to Use Portable Electric Dog Fence

When you are on uneven terrain like you are on mountains or in the forest, the frequency of these devices is not food to penetrate through large obstacles. These become useless when a large obstacle comes between the receiver and transmitter. In the mountains, such a system does not remain effective, and in forest and bunch areas, its range does not remain effective. These gadgets also become ineffective near the high tension wires. 

If you have any such usage, then you must buy a GPS based tracking system, the modern GPS systems also can mark a boundary, but that cost a lot.

Final Thoughts

If you know how to find a good working device to use outside, then surely you can find the right gadget for yourself that will take care of your dog. But if not, then from hundreds of devices, you may choose one that will remain unable to keep your dog limited in the boundary. The criteria that we listed up are a result of our experience, and if you follow this criterion, then surely you can find the best device for your dog. You may select any from the above listed electric fences we selected these with due diligence and found them trusted during our review.

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