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Dogs are naturally born to be loved, what every they do we humans are fond of their habits, like some time we need them to be quick in eating especially when we are in a hurry to go out with them and enjoy an indoor game. Rather than that, do you know dogs who pick their food from the ordinary bowls always remain prone to many threats like bloat, joint pain, hip problem, and neck muscle tissues, and may one related to swelling? Yes, they exist and are connected with eating behavior. This is why a dog owner must be aware of the pros and cons of elevated dog feeders. 

Elevated dog feeders are the raised feeding stations that usually consist of four legs, a tray, and two bowls, these offer to eat from the heightened tray from where the dog can easily pick the food.
pros and cons of elevated dog feeders

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We always want our four-legged friends to be fine all the time; whether it’s eating behavior or the food itself, we pay attention to every aspect of their life to keep them happy and healthy. There are dozens of dog equipment specifically designed to keep the dog healthy and happy; you can see that the market is flooded with such equipment.

The elevated dog bowl is a cost-effective solution that can save a dog from many of the problems listed above. You may not feel the need to use an elevated dog food bowl for a young and energetic dog, but surely it’s a necessary equipment for an old age dog.

But if you start using it at the early age of your dog, he will surely suffer less in old age.

What They Are Actually?

Typically, we offer our dogs food in the traditional bowls placed on the ground, and dogs have to pick the food from ground level. But elevated dog bowls are bowls that are placed at a higher level than the ground surface. 

As discussed above, they come with a sturdy mechanism that keeps them in place. They are available in different heights for convenience, and products with adjustable heights are also available in the market.

Raised dog dishes, which we usually called elevated dog bowls, typically made on a four-legged stand raised through legs for anywhere between 6 to 14 inches; in this way, bowls came near the neck level dog can pick the food from the bowl easily.

Elevated dog bowls have become increasingly popular in recent years.

We recommend buying elevated dog bowls parallel to the dog’s shoulders; buying one with more height may strain your dog from eating, and lower height will not provide complete benefits of raised dog bowls. After knowing the benefits of raised dog bowls, many dog owners move to raised dog dishes from the traditional food bowls.

Pros Of Elevated Dog Feeders

Many dog owners believe that dogs are naturally born to pick and eat from the ground; this is what their ancestors do. It’s true, with the count of time, many things have been changed. We are not providing the food they get naturally in the wild, and their exercise is eliminated.

Now joint, bloat and neck issues are common in dogs, and these usually occur because of pressure that they face while eating from the ground/traditional bowls. Here are some specific benefits that a dog gets from an elevated feeder:

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Dog Can Protect Their Food Better 

Naturally, dogs are carnivores, and they remain cautious during mealtime and do not allow any other animal to share their food. But eating in the elevated dog feeder provides them with a better chance to protect their food. Their mouth remains near their food, and they can easily attack other dogs and animals who try to share food.

Prevents Pain and Joint Discomfort 

For the dog, it’s not suitable to eat from the floor level multiple times a day. It put pressure on the joints, and in the old dog, it causes pain. As a result, many old dogs stop eating or eat less. While dogs can eat while standing in the natural position that puts less pressure on the joint, then surely they eat more and feel happy.

Food in the raised feeders means less bending and less pressure on joints; when your four-legged friend won’t have to bend, he will feel happy and comfortable.

Helpful For Arthritic Dogs

It’s common in older dogs, just like humans, and most of us are very familiar with this problem. Dogs suffering from arthritis feel discomfort when they have to reach floor level for picking food. Raised dog feeder allows eating from a height.

Healthier posture for some dogs

Eating food in the head-down position has a worse effect on dogs’ posture; elevated dog feeders eliminate this threat.

Stop Bowl Flipping and Tipping

Elevated dog bowls made to keep the food bowl secure and food in bowls add weight on the stand, as well as their anti-skidding feet play a critical role in keeping the bowls and stand in place.

The wide space between legs and secure bowl holding mechanism eliminates the chances of flipping and tipping.

Cons Of Elevated Dog Feeders

Not A Good Idea To Eat Bones

While eating bones, dogs prefer to sit because the sitting position allows them to hold the bone, and proper grip over bones will enable them to break that and chew quickly. Even if you are using elevated bowls, let your dog sit down while dealing with a bone.

May Not Suit Fast Eaters

If you are buying such equipment because you want to slow down your dog’s eating, it cannot help you until you obtain a slow feeding bowl with an elevated feeder. If you use the ordinary bowl, then your dog will keep going at the same speed. If the manufacturer is not offering one, you can use any standard size steel bowl with an elevated feeder.

Not good For Dog with Deep Chest 

Some large dogs with a deep chest are more prone to dilation volvulus, which is called GDV; this is a condition that requires medical treatment. But frankly speaking, it’s rare in dogs; either you own a large one or a small dog, there are 99% chances your dog will not suffer from this problem.

Bloat And Elevated Dog Food

The idea of reducing bloat gives birth to elevated dog feeders. Previously thought and researched that raised food feeders are good to keep your dog safe from the bloat.

But the latest studies slip the side; yes, recent studies reached a different result and found that elevated dog bowls are a solution to the bloat, and even they do not eliminate the risk. It remains there, but there are a lot of other benefits that your dog can still get. Remember, there is a strong connection between elevated dog feeders and bloat. 

The latest studies revealed that elevated dog feeders cause gastric dilation, especially in deep-chested dog breeds like labradors. So, there is a direct relationship between elevated dog feeders and deep-chested dogs,s and if you own one, you should not move on to such a solution. 

Final Thoughts

Some groups think that eating naturally in a natural way is the only ideal way to keep your dog happy and healthy. But we disagree with this view as many things changed from wild dogs to household dogs.

When we feed them human-made food, we need to keep them comfortable expanding their life span, and elevated dog feeders are just one user equipment on the list.

To form your decision and better understand the topic, you must consider all the pros and cons of elevated dog feeders. 

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