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It’s natural with the dogs to visit every corner of the house. Either you install a specialized door for them or not, they will make their way, they can open the doors, and they can push them hard to make their way. Their sharp claws can leave scratches and marks on the doors and screens that look strange and will affect the overall interior look. If you do not care about it, then soon maybe there is a need to change the door or use the best screen door protector for dogs to keep your screens and doors safe from scratches. 

A screen door protector for dogs gently installs at the door where dogs usually touch or push to open it and make a barrier between door surface and dog to protect the door surface, few of them also can be used as a protective barrier for dogs and kids. Household dog owners who love to have big pups need to stay more cautious about the scratching, and they need an effective solution a screen that they can install at their own to keep the doors protected from the scratches. 

A small door that can allow small pets can be a good idea, but only when you have multiple small pets at home, but in case you love to have a big four-legged friend, then door screens are ultimate solutions. We are recommending to these door protectors because these do not look odd, a variety of designs and colors available that can suit your interior look. Well behaved dogs who are trained while using dog shock collars to act gentle obey the command may not damage the door, but in reality majority of dogs do.

A variety of screens are available in the market, and manufacturers are using a variety of material to make these screens, so there is no specific outline or material that we say its best for you but yes we reviewed more than a hundred items recently and finally selected the below-listed ones to share with you. 

Hopefully, you can find a suitable one from our list to keep your door protected.

1. CLAWGUARD Heavy Duty Big Dog Scratch Shield

screen door protector for dogs

CLAWGUARD Heavy Duty Big Dog Scratch Shield is an amazing and innovative solution to keep the doors protected from the scratches; it’s a screen that is made two different ideas. One of its sides is completely smooth, and when you dog scratch on that side, it will not make any sound while the other side is textured that surely make sound, and you can come to know that your dog is trying to open the door.

When your dog is making an effort o open the door, the sound will let you know, and you can open the door for him, only if you want to allow him. It is easy to fit and can be trimmed with the household scissors as can be used on any door. You also can fix it with screws if you want.

Made with the polymer plastic, which is non-toxic for the door, provide more coverage area, can be used for behavioral training, and you will be amazed to know that it’s 100% recyclable and no anchor required to fix it.

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2. PETFECT Door Scratch Protector Premium

dog screen protector

PETFECT Door Scratch Protector Premium Dog Door Cover for Interior & Exterior Use is made to keep the elegance of your interior intact. It’s a universal fit that can be used at any type of door from a standard door to the most elegant and costly one. It can protect the surface of the door from scratches. The installation of this protector will make your door scratch-free; either one who needs to push a door or an anxious dog will not damage the door.

It fits all pet sizes and will not put any negative impact on your interior look, and it will save you on end wood repairs and save your rental deposits as well. 75mm polycarbon is better than brittle plastic and had the strength to shield the door surface while, on the other side, it’s flexible enough can be trimmed to fit any door or door frame.

Its hook and loop fasteners make the fixation easy as well simple, and more surprisingly, it can be disconnected within no time. The installation will not require any cut or holes for handles, it adhesive fasteners do all the job conveniently.

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3. Safety 1st Screen Door Saver

Safety 1st Screen Door Saver,
Safety 1st Screen Door Saver is hardware mounted door protector for dogs, as you can see in its picture, it’s a sturdy and permanent solution to keep the door safe. Once it’s installed it can protect the door from the scratches as well as from kids and can be used on any standard size door. Its see-through mesh design allows seeing on the other side when purely used as a screen to stop the kids and pets.

4. Door Grille for 36 inch screen doors

sliding screen door protector from dogs
M-D Building Products Door Grille for 36-inch screen doors is a solid construction of aluminum, where the aluminum mesh is surrounded by the aluminum frame. It’s a sturdy solution which can be used in many ways like you can use to block the door passage, so your dog will stay limited to own designated area, and when used as door shield, it can surely protect the door surface from the claws as well as block the access for dogs. We believe that it’s a one-time investment that will serve you for a long time and will become your asset to protect your dogs and belongings.

5. Prime-Line Products Patio Sliding Screen Door Grille

Prime-Line Products PL 15942 Patio Sliding Screen Door Grille, Fits 48 In. Doors, Aluminum Construction, Bronze
Prime-Line Products Patio Sliding Screen Door Grille is a different product that is designed to use at the exterior side to protect the fabric of dogs from the kids as well as from pets, especially from the dogs who do most of the damage. It looks like a lightweight option, but it’s a sturdy one, it’s aluminum material is long-lasting as well as its color is permanent and sharp claws cannot damage it. Fasteners and installation instructions are provided in the package; the bronze color looks beautiful. It can be used with wide sliding screen doors to provide safety. Most importantly, its close weave aluminum construction makes it maintenance free.

6. ADFORS Screen & Storm Door Grille

ADFORS Screen & Storm Door Grille

ADFORS Screen & Storm Door Grille is a single solution for many problems like it can be used at the RV gate to protect form the pets or to make safety for small pets and kids. While at home, it can be exterior side protection as well as the interior side. It’s easy to clean and easy to fix, a perfect solution to prevents children and pets from damaging screens. The riveted mesh resists being pushed out of frame, make an ideal design as well as the protection machine that you will surely like. Screws and installation instructions are included in the package that will make installation easy and quick. Keep in mind you are investing on a durable extruded frame, which is maintenance-free.

7. Slide-Co PL 15515 Prime Line Products Screen Door Grill

Slide-Co PL 15515 Prime Line Products Screen Door Grill
Slide-Co Prime-Line Products Screen Door Grill is a cost-effective solution that is made of plastic and lightweight in nature and just similar to other heavy-duty solutions. It’s easy to fic and easy to clean, the weather-resistant construct makes it a sturdy option for all types of use either its an exterior or interior use. It’s a size that fits all doors.

8. KEBE Door Scratch Protector

KEBE Door Scratch Protector, Protect Your Door, Furniture and Wall with Clear Premium Heavy Duty Door Cover Scratch Shield, Large Vinyl Door Guard for Dog Scratching
KEBE Door Scratch Protector is the only protector in this market which is made with the industrial-grade thick vinyl with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that makes it enough capacity to protect the door from sharp claws. Amazingly it’s transparent which is hard to believe but it is so what every your interior style is; it can protect that and there will be no effect on your interior or exterior style, we believe that it’s unnoticeable and one only you can feel it when you touch its, its material is easy to clean and its an easy to fix. You may trim the size to make the right corner for your dog or small size for the little four-legged friend.

9. M-D Building Products D Door Grill

M-D Building Products 33381 M-D Door Grill, 36 in H X 19 in W, Aluminum, Bronze
M-D Building Products M-D Door Grill is a pure aluminum product that is made to use either on the exterior side or interior side, its bronze color makes is best to suit any interior style. it’s a specialized product that can surely save and protect the doors from the pets, bumps and another type of damage. Its easy to install and its easy to clean, all of the installation hardware is included in the package. We believe that its a premium quality aluminum screen door grill that protects and beautifies screen and storm doors.

10. Claw Shield Toughest Scratch Protector - Pet Claw Barrier System

Claw Shield Toughest Scratch Protector - Pet Claw Barrier System
Claw Shield Toughest Scratch Protector – Pet Claw Barrier System is a multi-purpose product that can be used to keep your doors protected and even other furniture. Its made with a material that is easy to trip, so you can protect your door from unwanted pet claws that can seriously leave the scratches on the door. The screen door, wood furniture, molding, car door, and even panels it can be used anywhere. it’s a product that is designed and manufactured in the USA with touch clear industrial-grade material.


NATIONAL SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI PL 15518 Black Screen/Storm Door Grill
NATIONAL SPECTRUM BRANDS  Black Screen/Storm Door Grill is the best screen door protector for dogs, it is made to fit any type of door and can protect the door surface from the dogs, while it can be a screen for the door that can protect your dogs and kids. Its a plastic molded product and best for those who do not want to install aluminum and metal sheets. Its a gray, vinyl glazing spline that is made of double glass thickness, designed in the USA.

12. Slide-Co White Finish Sliding Patio Door Grill

Slide-Co PL 15937 White Finish Sliding Patio Door Grill, 36-Inch
Slide-Co Sliding Patio Door Grill is made for sliding patio doors, it’s different from other competing products as you can see it’s not transparent and it’s not a mesh product. Moreover the clear white finish on the frame makes it elegant and yet an effective solution for sliding doors. it will keep the screens protected and make it sure not damaging claw reach to your costly item and also prevent noise that may bother you when claws touch to door.

13. Camco Aluminum Screen Door Deluxe Grille

Camco 43991 Aluminum Screen Door Deluxe Grille
Camco 43991 Aluminum Screen Door Deluxe Grille is a most favorite screen door it a solution that most of the dog owners are using and love most. It is a solution that can be used on the standard doors on RV doors to prevent costly repairs.  It helps greatly to prevent pets from pushing through the screen. All installation hardware included in the package, which will make the installation job hassle-free.

15. DocaScreen Pet Screen Pet Proof Screen

DocaScreen Pet Screen – 60” x 96

DocaScreen Pet Screen is the best screen door protector for dogs; it a solution that is a hot favorite and one that we recommend most. Once you get a package, you can use a piece of your own dimensions. It’s easy to cut, and its easy o fix as well as removing it will not damage the real color of your furniture. It will increase the durability and longevity of your doors and windows as well as door screens and patio screens. Dogs cannot damage your costly screens, and surprisingly its weather-resistant and can be used on exterior sides.

It is elastic and much better than fiberglass material, a flexible polyester mesh that is easy for hands and makes a protection layer between the sharp claws of your dog and screen. It does not crease, crinkle, dent, or unravel – install with spline and a spline roller like normal fiberglass screen mesh.

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