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Are you hesitant to touch the dog waste? Do you feel unsafe when collecting dog waste? Are you suffering from back pain and do not want to bend for waste collection? Do a stinky pile of poo irritates you and you cannot stay near? Are you a person who wants to remove the waste from the floor or yard quickly and do not want any after job left behind? The single answer to all of these questions is the best self bagging pooper scooper.

If you are searching for the answer to any above-listed questions and dealing with a similar situation then you need a tool that can quickly collect the poop or dog waste. The real tragedy is until now there is no fully automated tool available in the market but yes, some of the tools allow to use the bag and you can directly scoop the waste into the plastic bag that saves you from smelling the poo. We wish that some tools must be invested that can automatically collect and dispose off the dog waste but until now it’s not invented.

Here we list some of the best available tools that are made to use plastic bags and when you scoop the waste directly goes to the bag and you just need to seal the bag and dispose of it in the right place. These tools make the job easy because, no need to touch the poop/waste, oo need to wash the tool and hands after the job. Disposing of the poop one time also help you to keep your dog free from fleas and ticks.

Let’s have a look at the tools:

1. HealthPro Dispoz-A-Scoop – No Touch

self bagging pooper scooper
  • No Touch, Sanitary Dog Poop Scoopers
  • Cardholder handle keeps your hand away from warm poop
  • Made to easily collect the poop, seal and dispose of, reuseable
  • Proudly made in the USA with 99% biodegradable

HealthPro Dispoz-A-Scoop – No Touch, Sanitary Dog Poop Scoopers is made for the dog owners who are allergic to the dog waster or do not want to touch the poop, or they are very keen towards their own cleanliness. The pooper scooper in the spotlight is on the top among the self bagging pooper scoopers. It’s designed for a single operation and while just using the single-hand you can eliminate the warm and squishy poop. Once its self-sealing closure has done its job and you can dispose of it in a convenient place. Its design and sealing reduce odor and contamination of waste receptacles.

2. GoGo Stik – The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper

GoGo Stik, The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper. 24 to 36 inch. Small to Large Dogs. ST or XP Model Scooper. Optional EZ Wedge (Like rake). Or Scoop Set Combo. Use Store Bags Dootie Bags.
  • A clean pooper scooper, the only bag touches the waste
  • No bending, no touching and no after cleanup, long stick provides full control
  • Includes telescopic adjustable aluminum handle, you can take it on a walk
  • Any bad can be used with it, comes with 3 years warranty

GoGo Stik, The Totally Clean Pooper Scooper is available in the adjustable aluminum handle and fixed the handle. You can use the same bag multiple times until bag fills. Any plastic grocery bag that fits this tool can be used. With this tool no after cleaning or washing required. It completes its job nicely and can be used to collect urine samples. It is engineered to collect gravel and potty from indoor floors which are always challenging. You may use a bad at once and leave that sealed to protect the environment from odor and contamination. Bags on the tool not only create contamination barriers between you and waste but also act in the same manners for the tool. So there is not need to wash your tool after collecting a waste. Moreover, this simple but useful tool comes with 3 years warranty, your investment remains secure in this time.

3. Poop-N-Scoop – Dog Pooper Scooper

Poop-N-Scoop - Dog Pooper Scooper Pet Poop Picker Upper Animal Waste Disposal System
  • No poopy hands, no need to bed designed for convenience
  • Easy to use and can be used anywhere, floors, grass, sidewalks, and roads
  • Made to eliminate contamination, single-hand use
  • Features a clip to attach, lightweight and easy to carry works with every poop bag

Poop-N-Scoop – Dog Pooper Scooper is made to bring easiness in your life. It is easy to use the tool and while collecting waste with this tool practically you remain away from the mess. It saves you from back pain and makes the disposal easy as well there is no need to wash the tool. It is a portable solution that you can keep with you when are on a walk or in the park. It’s equipped to hook with the pant that makes the carrying easy adn even when you are on a walk to make sure you leave a clean environment behind.

4. Nomad Pets Self Bagging Pooper Scooper

Complete Pooper Scooper Gift Set for Dogs with Large Poop Bags Included - Best for Small, Medium, Large, XL Pets
  • Designed to keep your nose away from the odor
  • lightweight, easy to use and its comfortable arched hand grip ensures effortless scooping action
  • Less bending, keep you safe from bending, comes in 24 inches length
  • Runner bands can be used to keep the bad form on position and use the same rubber band for sealing

Nomad Pets Self Bagging Pooper Scooper is designed to bring ease in your life, either you are agreed or not but collecting or cleaning the dog’s waste is really an unwanted job. But when you have a dog at home then you can expect accidents so you need tools to deal with them. The product in the spotlight is a perfect tool to collect the dog waste without bending and without smelling the odor of waste. Even the easy bag fixation helps to keep your hands and tool clean, its new rubber holding mechanism allows you to fix the bag and use the same rubber to seal the plastic bag.

Easy to use with one hand and its innovative design and length keep you away from the stinky pile of poo and mess-free cooper mean it saves you a lot of time. You simply need to put the bag around the scooper and scoop the mess directly into the bag. You may use this pooper scooper without a bag but in that case, you need to give the scooper a quick rinse. It’s quick to clean because it’s made with the non-stick material.

5. Parachute Dog Waste Bags 

Parachute Dog Waste Bags | Easy Open Seals Shut | Bag OR Touchless Scoop Option | Compact Pocket-Size
  • Made to pops open and seals shut, no fumbling to separate the plastic
  • No band carrying, no guessing how many bags left behind, no dreaded knots, made to serve you for touchless dog waste collection 
  • Compact and easy to carry, easy to dispose of, fit to waste bag carrier 
  • Both of the components cardholder and bag Made from the recycled material

Parachute Dog Waste Bags is made for you if you want a no-touch option, it’s a quick and easy solution that separates the plastic, seals shut and converts into a scoop. Definitely its a no-touch choice for dog owners with this option you can clean the mess quickly and without touching it. If you are one who always hates to open rolling bags and then make efforts to open them then this is the right solution for you. It’s a complete package you do not need to use any other tool along with this one, it’s ideal to use alone and easy to carry. You can use it at home, in your yard or in the park.


Collecting dog waste is not a loved job, nearly all dog owner hats to do it because it questioned their own sanitation. Many dislike it because it brings many additional jobs with it like washing the collection tool and sanitizing own hands as well as if the mess is on the floor washing the floor or cleaning it with modern equipment. The above-listed products offer to collect the waste without touching the mess and make the disposal easy as well as with these tools there is not need to wash the tool after use and if you keep the tool clean then your hands remain sanitized.

Buy any of above-listed option and prefer to buy the right size plastic bags which fits the tool easily and also prevent contamination. You need to make sure that your tool remains clean and whenever there is a need to wash it, prefer to sanitize properly because your hands will touch it and mess on it may contaminate your hands. If you are using any other tool which is easy to use and allow to collect the waste touching the waste then please let us know about it.

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