5 Best Sentimental Dog Gifts of 2022

sentimental dog gifts

Nothing can be compared to the love between a dog and its human. After all, they are our best friends. Of course, each gift comes with a sentiment, and picking the right option requires much research and understanding of your dog-loving friend.

However, pet parents are easy to please. They are elated by nature and love even the smallest gifts that hold even a bit of sentimental value. It can be anything from dog beds to treats and sweaters to matching socks.

Gifts for dogs tend to be different from those meant for cats. However, lucky for you, we are here to help you pick the best sentimental dog gifts that will remind your friend of their dogs every time they see them.

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We also make a list of cool things for dogs that can be used as gifts.

Buying Guide: Best Sentimental Dog Gifts

Before you stress out about hunting down the best sentimental dog gifts, you need to understand your choices. Here is everything your dog-lover friend would want as a sentimental piece representing their love for their pet.

All you need to do is pick a gift from these categories. While you are at it, you might even want to get some for yourself.

1. Picture Frames

Pictures are the best way to hold onto the memories of your loved pets. The best thing about pictures frames as a sentimental gift is that they can be a vivid part of the home décor while being close to your heart.

You can place your best memories with your dog in these frames and place them in a desired location of choice. It could either be your bedside, workspace, kitchen, or any place you frequent.

2. Scented Candles

Candles are so pious and purifying in nature. So, if you are looking for a sentimental gift for a dog lover friend or even for yourself, scented candles could be the best choice.

Every time a pet parent feels low, these candles evoke beautiful memories of their pet and their love for them.

Moreover, scented candles diffuse in the area to create a sense of freshness while making pet lovers feel the intimacy they get from their dogs.

3. Keepsakes

Keepsakes capture timeless pet memories at the home or office to keep the fondest memories of the dog close by your side.

When looking for a sentimental gift for the pet parents, it can also be personalized & preserved with choices such as whiskers, hairs, and pet ashes.

Such personalized keepsakes are one-of-a-kind and can evoke a smile on your friend’s face. So, the next time you want to pay tribute to your friend’s pet, you can select from any of the gifting choices reviewed here.

Most of all, these gifts are also pocket-friendly and help preserve the memory of our fur friends.

Top 5 Sentimental Dog Gifts

1. The Best Sentimental Dog Gifts

The Pawprints Pet Memorial Frame is best for pet parents who have lost their pet and need something of a sentimental value related to their dog. This memorial frame comes in two variants with a pet tag or ash vial.

The pet tag can be inscribed with the pet’s name, while the ash vial variant can be used to store the ash from their pet’s burial.

The memorial frame can be mounted on the tabletop and features a beautiful poem representing the pet parent’s love for the lost pet. This lightweight frame can be carried around with ease.

In addition, the frame features a beautiful ribbon attached to create an amazing gift-like look. Instead of flowers, you can gift this memorial frame that will stay by the pet parents for years to come.


  • Features Pawprints poem that is written for grieving pet parents
  • A classic black frame that gels well with most home décor
  • A unique pet tag that can be inscribed
  • Ash vial to store the pet’s ash to introduce sentiment
  • The vial can be easily unscrewed for storage of ash


  • Assembly requires some instructions
  • Frame clasps might be a bit loose

2. Pavilion Ceramic Soy Wax Candle

Humans often associate a smell with memory. So if you have just lost your dog and need something sentimental to associate with their memory, the Pavilion Ceramic Soy Wax Candle is the perfect gifting option.

The candle holder features two different quotations representing your friend’s love for their pet.

This candle is made from high-quality ceramic material and introduces a fresh scent to the room, and evokes a beautiful sentiment and sense of love. The candle is light in weight and can be kept at any corner of the house.

The scintillating aroma also functions as an essential option for aromatherapy and helps instill positivity. In addition, it comes in a secure printed package that can be gifted as it is.


  • Made from soy wax which is natural and toxin-free
  • Safe for home with pets and children
  • In-house design with text that evokes beautiful sentiments
  • Beautiful and earthy tan tones that complement the home décor
  • Fragrance tends to give a heavenly feeling


  • Cannot be washed; Should only be wiped clean
  • A bit fragile and should be handled with care

3. Melix Home Dog Memorial Keychain/Necklace

Another great sentimental gift for pet parents is the Melix Dog Memorial Keychain/Necklace. This gift with sentimental value serves as the perfect souvenir for friends and families that recently lost their loving pet.

This keepsake can either be used as a keychain or a cute-looking bracelet that looks just as chic.

This gift comprises three different pendants: a beautiful angel feather, a paw-printed locket, and a square piece with some lovely words. The rings are durable and firm enough and don’t break down even regularly.

Clear engravings that are clear and readable. The pendant is sturdy alloy material with quality polish to ensure zero rusting issues.


  • It comes in a beautiful box that doesn’t require gift wrapping
  • Lightweight and comfortable design to be carried around with ease
  • A memorial keepsake that helps you get through hard times
  • Option for personalizing the footprints to enhance the sentimental value
  • Sturdy alloy material that doesn’t break or bend


  • Interlocking rings between the pendant and main ring are flimsy
  • It tends to stain due to moisture

4. YLSMILE Pet Memorial Heart Shaped Paw Print

The YLSMILE Pet Memorial is a perfectly crafted gift for pet parents who hold many sentiments for their pets. The memorial stone has a unique heart-shaped design and is crafted with high-quality resin.

The gift mimics the look of a heavy-duty real stone without adding to the weight factor. The memorial can be kept indoors as well as outdoors.

This unique design also features a beautiful wind chime embedded into the heart shape. The music it produces every time wind passes through it is something you should cherish.

YLSMILE memorial also comes with a cute poem and paw prints that honor the pet’s memory.


  • Can be returned within 30 days if the product isn’t satisfactory
  • Convenient sizing that can be kept anywhere include the garden
  • Durable poly-resin that doesn’t break down easily
  • Lightweight design that can be carried around with ease
  • Produces soothing sounds and automatically uplifts the mood


  • It might tip over due to heavy winds when kept outdoors
  • Strings in the wind chime aren’t as durable

5. Catrageous Pet Memorial Blanket for Heartfelt Sentiment

The Catrageous Pet Memorial Blanket is crafted from 100 percent high-quality polyester that is very durable and cozy at the same time.

This super-soft blanket features colorful paw prints along with a beautiful rainbow bridge that represents the crossing over of a beloved pet.

This blanket provides comfort & reminds you of the love showered on you by your pet. This gift is packed with a unique and beautiful card along with ribbons wrapped around it.

It can be washed by hand as well as in the machine. However, it is better to wash the same in lukewarm water & dry on a low tumbler setting.


  • Durable material that doesn’t rip easily
  • Big enough to cover you from head to toe
  • Warm and cozy design to keep you warm during winters
  • Pocket-friendly pricing for the quality
  • Seams are reinforced to ensure durability


  • A bit on the thinner side
  • Must not be dried in direct sun to avoid wrinkling

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Pets hold a special place in our hearts. Apart from boosting our physical health, they provide mental clarity and teach us ways to love without any conditions.

So, these sentimental gifts could be an ideal option for dog lovers to help cherish those blessed memories with their pets. If you are looking for a quick recommendation from the products reviewed here, our top choice is the Pawprints Pet Memorial Frame.

This pocket-friendly gifting choice holds high sentimental value, along with a choice between an ash vial and a pet tag. So, go ahead, plan out your gift and place your orders right away.