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In general, a shock collar is designed to train the dog, and it is made to communicate with the remote, from where a trainer can send the command/corrections which can be a beep, vibration or shock. The choices in shock collar for 4lb dog are very limited.

Shock collars are used with the remote that works within a specific range. There are several manufacturers that make these collars with the different settings and nearly with the same specifications. Some work for the long-range and costs more while some are made for small and medium-size dogs to suit for house hold pet parents. Small dogs are unable to withstand the shock and weight of the said collar.

The smallest collar available is not recommended for the dogs under 5lb.

eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs with Remote - Includes 2 Collars - Small & Medium and Training Clicker – 3 Modes (Sound, Vibration & Shock) with Rechargeable Batteries
eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs

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What are the minimum weight conditions?

Best dog training collars are available in the market but every shock collar comes with the restriction of minimum weight this is the weight of the dog that is recommended. As per our experience minimum weight is 5lb with most of the high-quality shock collars. So, if you have a dog under 5lb then it is difficult to find the right collar for your puppy.

When training and soft options are not working, there is a need for a shock collar, and this is the obvious reason you are searching shock collar for 4lb dog. Under the listed three collar, we found appropriate for small dogs because their adjustment levels make it possible to use these for small four-legged friends.

1. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Basically, this collar is recommended for dogs above 5lb but it works well for small dogs and the first choice as a shock collar for 4lb dog; your dog will not feel the shock on the last setting. You can tune the shock to the level where your dog starts responding.  

This collar is featured in with the tapping sensation which is a right tool to train your small dog, it is just like a vibration but more soft and helpful for training small dogs. It is a shock-resistant with a Pavlovian tone that can be used for tracking and warning purposes. With this stylish training collar, you can change the behaviour of your dog easily.


Small Receiver, it is perfectly made for small dogs this receiver is a smallest one in this industry, it will not be a burden on your dog’s neck

Stopwatch Style transmitter, it is made in a style to suit small hands and with the range of ½ miles it is perfect for small dogs.

Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries which can last for 15 to 20 days after one recharge and give you full controls over the bad habits of your small dog



2. eXuby Shock Collar for Small Dogs with Remote

shocl collar for 4lb dog

This is a right collar for a small dog and you can use it without any worry, but for small dogs, it is necessary to take a start from the zero setting and train them before using shock for their behaviour correction.

This shock collar for 4lb dog is fully waterproof with this collar your dog can play with water and there will no chance that moisture can make a way to electronics of this collar. Its remote make the training easy with the effective range of 1000 feet. Its collar size is fully adjustable. we believe that its hock is right for small dogs even on the intensity of 1 your dog will not feel it so you can calibrate it where your dog starts responding.


3 Functional modes, this shock collar for small dogs featured in with 3 functional modes, beep+vibration+shock which are adjustable from level 0 to 100

Free Training Clicker, when training the small dogs there is the need to be extra cautious this is a reason a free clicker is included in the package to train the dog first with the clicker.

30-day money-back guarantee, well you remain unsatisfied with the performance of smallest bark collar available then you can request a refund.



3. Puss and Pooch Dog Training Collar for small dogs

shock collar for small 4lb dogs

This is a most sophisticated device for small dogs which is featured in with four functions, you can train well your dog with the light, sound and vibration for your little friend you might not need the shock but static shock option is also available. With the help of the remote, you can send the right correction on time.

Small dogs need very little or fractional correction to change their habit and the setting levels of this collar offer that. All dogs are different when you are buying this collar for dogs under 5lb only vibration and sound is enough to change their behaviour and habits.


No Harm, this collar featured in with the four functions static shock, vibration, beep and light which make training easy. Before shock there are three options to use

Best behavioral Training collar, with use of remote you can correct the behavior of your dog wile transmitting the right correction at right time

10 Year money back guarantee, your investment will remain secure for 10 years, you can get a refund and replacement in this time



Which features to consider when buying shock collar for small Dogs?

On the internet, you will find a lot of recommendations like shock collars for yorkies and shock collars for the chihuahua but the reality is the smallest bark collar available is not recommended to be used for dogs under 5 lb. so technically there is no choice, but the collars that we list here are featured in with most adjustment levels, and sophisticated technologies so you can configure them as a shock collar for 4lb dog. When you ask most of the people that can you use a shock collar on a small dog the majority of answer will be no. In fact, most pet owners also consider using shock collars inhuman. When buying a collar for small dog prefer to buy a collar with maximum available functions.

Final Thoughts

There is no exact match to shock collar for 4lb dog, you can use our recommended collar and for this purpose you need to take the start of training with the least available level and if your dog is not responding you can increase the level gradually. Do not randomly test the level of your dog. If you train your dog well, then you can use Vibration only because small dogs full respond to the vibration level. The highest vibration level can shake the small dog so that is enough to send a warning and punishment.

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