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Barking causes frustration, but please know that barking is perfectly normal behavior—Dogs bark for many reasons. Nuisance or excessive barking may result due to boredom, to get attention, or loneliness. There are many small breeds with excessive barking, and it’s hard to control them in natural ways.

A bark collar is a gadget used to suppress a dog’s barking, and it comes with predefined configurations. It allows the user to select the intensity of shock, trigger vibration, and then shock if bark keeps coming, which often helps prevent delivering a shock. 

Training with a shock collar also helps a dog to understand how to stop getting static correction and a trained dog stops barking on the vibration because he knows if he does not then a shock will be delivered. Other than shock collars ultrasonic bark stoppers also can be an option but not as authentic and specific as bark collars are.

Bark collars activated and deliver stimulation that disrupts barking, In this article, we also include some of the best bark collars for small dogs.

Sr.ProductCompactIdeal for
1iWings Shock Collar for Small Dogs YesSmall Dogs
2PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar Small Dogs
3Small Bark Collar Rechargeable for Dogs Medium SizeSmall & Medium Dogs
4DoPuCo Humanely Designed Shock Collar Yes
5Dogtra YS300 Compact No Bark Collar Yes
6MiToo Dog Training Collar Medium Size
7BRISON Dog Bark Collar NoSmall Dogs
8FULNEW Small Bark Collar Yes Small & medium dogs
9GASUR Dog Bark Collar Yes
10SportDOG No Bark Collar Yes

All training collars are designed to prevent barking not to hurt your four-legged friend/pet. These collars provide current pulses in a controlled and limited way. Collars that are made for small dogs are more sensitive and humane.

We recommend using a bark collar only if your dog is barking excessively. If he is normal and obeys your commands, then there is no need for a shock collar. Like a good filter is, you can remove the collar when you are at home because most of the pets do not bark when the owner is near to them and put it on when you are not home.

Anti-bark collars come in various styles and with different configurations as well as everyone is made differently. Our list/review includes a collar that comes with all three functions modes and is trusted by hundreds of customers. These are lightweight and do not add any weight to the neck of your small furry friend.

A collar of a maximum of 7oz is recommended for small dogs.

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1. iWings Shock Collar for Small Dogs

  • Equipped with new technology anti-injury chip to keep your dog safe from harmful shocks.
  • The humane shock collar works as no shock collar on 0 intensity level to train the dog politely.
  • Only trigger correction on the right bark depends on upgraded bark detection technology.
  • Comes with a reflective nylon strap that will also keep your dog visible in low light, one charge lasts for seven days.

iWings Shock Collar for Small Dogs is made to deal with the most common problems of little friends. Its small and most advanced option available in the market its bark detection technology is awesome and designed to protect the small dogs from false triggering. It can intelligently detect and differentiate the bark of the dog wearing this collar and other dogs. Your small four-legged friend can swim and can play in the rain because it’s a waterproof device.

It’s lightweight and small enough for small dogs and will not become a liability for your small friend. With on recharge, its battery lasts for seven days.

2. PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar (Little Dog)

shock collar for small dogs barking
  • Designed with 10 intensity levels, ideal for indoor and outdoor barking.
  • A well-researched bark detection system is most reliable for small dogs.
  • Equipped with a security system that shut off the static correction when delivered for 80 seconds.
  • Water-proof, the dog can wear this durable and trustworthy collar during all types of activities.

PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar (Little Dog) is the only in the market with the automatic correction level, its start from the low correction levels but if excessive bark continues the correction intensity will increase automatically. This is a feature that we like most and gives this collar a spot on our list. It provides consistent correction every time your dog barks but its security system shut off the system when correction is delivered for continuous 80 seconds.

Designed to provide soft reminders, easy to use, and no programming or setting required to use it for your small pup. It works on autopilot.

3. Small Bark Collar Rechargeable for Dogs

bark collar for small dogs
  • Newly upgraded version with intelligent chip and test mode to configure a suitable setting for your four small four paw’s friend.
  • Noise and barking of other dogs cannot activate it because of its bark processing technology, which can differentiate between own bark, noise, and barking coming from other dogs.
  • Shock and no shock is a selection. It works well on vibration for well-behaved and trained dogs.
  • Reflective nylon strap glows in the dark, and it’s fully waterproof as well as comes with one year warranty.

Small Bark Collar Rechargeable for Dogs is made with small dogs in mind; when its intensity level is set to zero, it won’t trigger any static correction, and there is a special mode that only works with sound vibration to keep the small dog safe from the shock. The choice is yours. Either you want a static correction for your dog and or not.

Moreover, it’s a stylish collar that will look nice on the neck of your dog. The manufacturer is also offering a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can ask for a refund. Most customers express that this collar is awesome and an effective solution for the barking of small friends.

4. DoPuCo Humanely Designed Shock Collar

bark shock collar for small dogs
  • Equipped with high sensitivity calibrated bark detector, which processes the bark to eliminate false triggering.
  • It depends on the motion sensor and noise sensor to detect a bark, eliminating chances of false triggering.
  • A wide range of settings makes it an ideal collar for small dogs.
  • Single recharges of one hour lasts for three weeks. Waterproof and durable.

DoPuCo Humanely Designed Shock Collar is designed for maximum protection. To detect a bark depends on two technologies the very first one is motion detection, and the second is noise. The combination of these two brings very accurate results. The comprehensive configuration setting makes it possible to use it even for the toy breeds. The wide configuration makes it totally humane to use for small dogs.

There is another feature that most customers like most, it comes with silica get electrostatic contact points, which are design to shock but never harm your dog. Your dog will never get a burn on the skin because of these contact points.

5. Dogtra YS300 Compact No Bark Collar

shock bark collars for small dogs
  • Equipped with a built-in sound recognition sensor and a microprocessor to distinguish between right bark and surrounding ambient noise.
  • Vibration mode only nad six levels of stimulation where each begins with vibration to keep the dog safe from shocks.
  • Fully waterproof and can tackle any environment, it comes with a durable strap that is made to last.
  • Charge in two hours to eliminate the nuisance of barking from small to medium dogs.

Dogtra YS300 Compact No Bark Collar is a combination of the most advanced and successful barking limiting technologies which are tested extensively. If you want a competent solution from a renowned manufacturer then it’s a product for yours. Made for small and medium dogs and a good alternative to stop unwanted barking from small furry friends. At first sound, the recognition sensor only picks the sounds that matters and the processor eliminates the chances of any false triggering.

Its size makes it ideal for small and medium dogs. Your small friend will not feel a burden on the neck with this collar.

6. MiToo Dog Training Collar

small dog shock collar for barking
  • Fully automatic bark collar, increase sensitivity if bark continues.
  • Highly rated small, compact, and easy to configure bark collar for all size dogs.
  • For the most humane setting upgraded recently for small and medium dogs.
  • Made to successfully correct dogs weighing anywhere from 6 to 120 pounds.

MiToo Dog Training Collar is the most economical choice in the market for small dogs, which is one big reason it makes a spot on our list. It’s IPX5 waterproof and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Its automatic functions keep raising the shock intensity if a dog does not stop barking. Extra electrodes for large fur dogs are also included in the package to get maximum results.

Its recent upgrade makes it totally humane and sensitive to use for small dogs. Like it stops sending correction if previous stimulation did not bring any result for continuous one minute.

7. BRISON Dog Bark Collar

shock collar for small dogs barking
  • Innovative anti-barking collar with display and three functional modes beep, vibration, and shock with a blue flashing light to keep your dog visible in crowed as well as at night.
  • Effectively regulated the unwanted barking of dogs with its intelligent bark detection system.
  • Manually adjustable and ideal for all breeds.
  • Waterproof, quick recharge, take one hour .to recharge fully

BRISON Dog Bark Collar is a completely innovative design that is made to fit any breed. As compared to all the above collars, it’s stylish, but it’s also bigger in size that your dog may not like. We recommend this collar for occasional use, and as per our research, its battery only lasts for one week that is less than the other high-quality products in the market.

If you allow living the god inside in the nights, then it’s ideal for you, due to its light you can easily track your and find your small pup on the other side its style makes your dog different from others.

8. FULNEW Small Bark Collar

bark collar for small dogs
  • Digital display, visual adjustment, and stylish look along with most advanced bark detection and correction technology
  • Filters unrelated sound to prevent shocks on false bark and noise and can be converted to no shock collar.
  • The collar comes with easy clipping, IP65 waterproof.
  • 500 mAh li-on battery that takes two hours to charge and lasts for 15 days.

FULNEW Small Bark Collar is an iconic collar with four silicone covers and four electrodes to use for different sizes and breeds. The feature that the majority of customers like most is its charging. Once fully charged, it lasts for days and can be conveniently charged with just a portable power bank. It’s a complete package that you can use to deal with your small dog’s excessive barking.

Its shock is human for dogs, and you can fully configure it on the level where you start getting a response from your dog. Testing light also comes with it to test the setting before getting in real action.

9. GASUR Dog Bark Collar

bark shock collar for small dogs
  • Equipped with an anti false triggering sensor that collects data from vibration and sound, it corrects only if parameters are met.
  • Three training modes, gentle and safe shock with the highest safety standards.
  • Security feature to protect the dog from excessive shock, shut off for two minutes when static correction triggered seven times in a minute.
  • Smar sleep mode to save battery and wake up on a single bark.

GASUR Dog Bark Collar makes a spot on our list because of its smart sleep mode. Other traditional collars remain active all the time and consume more battery. It is made to save battery, went on sleep when there is no bark, or the dog is resting but become active when the sensor detects a single bark. We found that sleep mode is good for nights only when there is no noise around, but it remains active in the day because of noise and other dogs barking and even due to motion or vibration.

But only at night, it saves an ample amount of energy that can help it to stay functional of a single recharge for a longer time.

10. SportDOG No Bark Collar

shock bark collars for small dogs
  • Ideal for small and medium dogs with 3 functional modes and 10 adjustment levels.
  • Equipped with bar and motion sensors to only correct your dog on his own bark.
  • A fully waterproof collar so your dog can enjoy swimming and play in the rain.
  • The durable strap can fit any size dog and a long-lasting battery that lasts more than two weeks.

SportDOG No Bark Collar is a bark collar for you if you want to depend on the most reliable manufacturer and a tested and trusted collar for performance. It costs you more, and it also comes without any additional accessories, but it works great. We often tested its triggering on the false barking; we found it most legit and ideal for small pups who cannot bear the incorrect static correction. It is the most long-lasting device and a one-time investment that serves you for many of the coming years.


It is not easy to find the right collar for small dogs because all of us want to keep our dogs safe from the shock, and the collar is made for large and come in a standard size that can be harmful to small dogs. Just avoid the standard collars and prefer to use compact, lightweight collars made for small dogs. We recommend buying PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar (Little Dog) because it’s made by a renowned manufacturer and equipped with the most advanced and trusted technology and tested by us for false triggering and battery life. It is a collar that can keep your dog safe and also prevent barking.

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