As a dog owner, the most challenging job you have is keeping your four-legged friend well-fed, and it becomes challenging in the old age of dogs especially when dogs turn 7+ and start losing teeth at that time soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth needed very much.

Athletic adults and energetic puppies scarf down any food that you offer them, but it’s not the case with old dogs as with age their nutritional requirements change and an owner needs to adapt their diet while keeping in view their old age needs. In this article, we discuss some of the top foods which are suitable for old age dogs. 

Sr.ProductTypeProfileBest For
10Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food--Small Breeds
9Purina ONE SmartBlend-For Seniors -
8Iams Proactive Health Wet Dog Food Non-Grain FreeFor 1+ year-
7Blue Buffalo Wilderness Senior FoodGrain Free--
6Hill's Science Diet WetDog FoodNon-Grain Free--
5Nulo Senior Grain FreeGrain Free--
4Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant MaturityNon-Grain Free-All Breeds
3Nutro Max Natural Chicken--Large Breeds
2Wellness Canned Soft Dog FoodGrain Free--
1Nutro Wholesome Essentials Non-Grain FreeFor SeniorsAll Breeds

1. Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Senior Dry Dog Food

soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth

NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS Natural Senior is made for the cognitive health of your dog to support the ageing immune system, it is a right choice if you compare ingredients of this brand with the costly option it will amaze you; they are nearly the same. It is at the top of the list as soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth.

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Lamb, Chicken Meal, Whole Brown Rice, Brewers Rice, Rice Bran

Type: Non-Grain Free

Profile: For older Dogs 

Best For: All Breeds

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Senior dogs always need the right formula to continue; you cannot make experiments while changing their food again and again. It can cause severe stomach issue and other health problems. This is a food which you can keep using for years as it contains all the elements which a dog needs in old age.

Pasture-Fed Lamb is the first ingredient that makes this food a preferred choice for senior dogs. This ingredient is top on the ranking to help support strong muscles

 Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food is a best soft dry dog food for seniors that is especially crafted for old age dogs, to support the aging immune system it has essential antioxidants

Easy on Teeth because it is not too hard to chew and digest, helpful for dogs with bad teeth.

Health Skin Shiny Coat is possible with this brand as this easy to chew dog food provides the nutrients which are necessary for an aged dog’s health, Omega-3 & 6 are the fatty acid ingredients to support shiny coat and healthy skin

Non-GMO Ingredients are used in this best senior dog food for sensitive stomach, so do not think about artificial colors and preservatives, because Nutro know that ingredients can be dangerous for aged dogs.

2. Wellness Canned Soft Dog Food for Older Dogs with Bad Teeth

Wellness Canned Soft Dog Food for Older Dogs with Bad Teeth

This complete wellness formula is crafted mainly with the premium chicken and contains all the necessary ingredients that are important to keep your old friend healthy. It contains enough moisture that makes sit soft and easy to chew for senior dogs, mainly suffering from teeth and gums problem.

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Broth, Chicken, Ocean Fish, Chicken Liver, Ground Barley

Type: Grain Free

Profile: For Senior Dogs

Best For: All Breeds

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The Wellness (Manufacturer) believe their process to manufacture the dog foods is a mission it’s not just a simple process, and this is the reality when you read comments you understand that people are really satisfied with this manufacturer.

Best for Skin & Coat of your old age four-legged friend, this food featured with premium chicken and essential nutrients which helps to promote healthy skin and shiny coat, once you feed this formula to your dog you will witness the difference.

Digestive Health is a most important thing to consider in the senior dogs, this easy to chew dog food featured with more fiber to meet the needs of aging dogs with the reduced calories and this perfect combination will keep your dog healthy and active.

Eyes on Teeth & Gums because this balanced and 100% complete best dog food for dental issues contain enough moisture which keeps the dog food soft; you notice that your dog will need to chew it hard, you can feed this food to a dog with no teeth

Energy comes from delicious proteins which become an essential part of senior wet dog food, Wellness Natural Pet Food takes care of it well and includes these in a balanced way

Immunity needs are critical in the old age, and this is the reason they feature this food in with more fiber and fewer calories to boost immunity.

3. Nutro Max Natural Chicken Senior Dry Dog Food

soft dog food for older dogs

Nutro has crafted this recipe for senior dogs while keeping in view all of their requirements like this is easy to chew and do not put a burden on gums also helpful for the immune system.

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Sorghum, Brewers Rice, Peas, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols)

Type: Grain Free

Profile: For Senior Dogs 

Best For: Large Breeds

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Natural ingredients used in this recipe along with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that provides enough energy to stay active and healthy.

Real Chicken Protein from the premium chicken makes this food an ideal choice where dog appetites decrease with age.

Tailored Nutrition for senior big dogs because vitamins are used, to ensure this food provides all that an older dog need to stay healthy.

No Chicken by Product is used in this recipe, as you know well chicken by-products are easy and cheap way to get proteins, this is the reason no chicken by product is used in this soft dog food for bad teeth.

Good to mix with wet food because this food already has some moisture so when it is mixed with wet food it will not sock all the moister of wet food and the mixture result in wetter and tastier for senior dogs.

Healthy Digestion is another feature of this senior dog food, the combination of balanced ingredients makes a perfect senior wet dog food.

Taste Great because of its main ingredient which is chicken, as humans like the taste of chicken so their four-legged friend too.

4. Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity Senior 7+ Formula Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity Senior 7+ Formula Dog Food

This soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth is crafted by Purina ONE and features with Turkey and Barley which make it a healthy choice for senior dogs above 7 years of age, this is a delicious flavour for dogs that is because of the real Turkey and it will be a different one for your dog which he will love to eat.

First 5 Ingredients:

Type: Non-Grain Free

Profile: For Senior Dogs

Best For: All Breeds

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Each serving of this food bring new energy in your dog and different will be visible to you, its omega fatty acids provide enough power for the muscles. It is a balanced easy to chew dog food that is right for large breed seniors.

No poultry by-product used in this recipe, Purina ONE committed to use only quality ingredients in this senior canned dog food, on the other side poultry by-products are most cheap source of protein and not a quality oriented so Purina Avoided it.

Made with antioxidants to support weak immune system of aged dogs, as we know well aged dogs need ingredients along with good to digest that good so that ingredient is featured in this product to make it best available food for immune support.

Designed with mature dogs in mind so, Purina make it soft enough for bad teeth’s and gums, this food is easy on gums and teeth an old dog can easily chew this food and it will not put any pressure on the gums, so we can say that this is best Purina senior dog food

Real Turkey real taste to enjoy for your dog, the use of pure turkey makes this food really delicious your dog will finish it more quickly as compared to other foods while oat meal and barley are other mouthwatering arrangement

5. Nulo Senior Grain Free Dog Food With Glucosamine And Chondroitin

Nulo Senior Grain Free Dog Food With Glucosamine And Chondroitin, Trout And Sweet Potato Recipe

If you want a formula for your dog which can control the weight and provide strength with the Glucosamine & Chondroitin to support the joints and hip function, then product from Nulo has not a competitor in the market you will be happy to know that this soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth is proudly made in USA.

First 5 Ingredients: Sweet Potato,Deboned Trout, Salmon Meal, Turkey Meal,  Yellow Peas, 

Type: Grain Free

Profile: For senior dogs 

Best For: All Breeds

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In the old age it is really necessary to keep an eye on the weight of dog, as once increased it invite many of hip and joints problem, this food is a solution to this worry as it is enough capable to control the weight with healthy digestion and support for joint and hip function is already included in this diet.

Totally Grain Free formula for your dog no corn; soy; wheat; carrageenan; artificial colors, preservatives or flavorings used in this best senior dog food for sensitive stomach.

Low Carb food gets most of its protein from the meat, its nearly 80% from animal meat for more amino acids, it is feature with low glycemic ingredients and few carbs, that is very helpful to support the immune system of senior dogs and makes the food easy to digest

Ancestral Diet for your four-legged friend, because it is not based on the gain carbohydrates most of every ingredient comes from real meet.

Joint Support is featured in this diet in shape of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, these two ingredients are best supporting solution for hip function and joints because of their anti-inflammatory properties

BC30 Probiotic supports the metabolism and digestion of dog, it is helpful to regulate the metabolism of dogs, infact it regulates the digestion process, this dry dog good with soft pieces promotes stamina and healthy weight with L-Carnitine

6. Hill's Science Diet WetDog Food, Adult 7+ for Senior Dogs

Hill's Science Diet WetDog Food, Adult 7+ for Senior Dogs

This product from Hill’s Science Diet crafted with the high-quality protein to support your senior dog to control weight and get the required energy to stay active. This is a highly researched product also the best solution to help the heart and kidney of your dog.

First 5 Ingredients: Water, Chicken, Liver, Brown Rice, Carrots

Type: Non-Grain Free

Profile: For Senior Dogs 

Best For: All Breeds

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This product from Hills is specially made for the dogs above 7 years and good for small breed and large dogs as well. It comes into small pieces that make it equally possible to eat and digest for small and large dogs. It is made in USA with global ingredients and perfect for your old friends.

Chicken & Vegetables combination makes this soft dog food for older dogs a delicious combination and perfect nutrition support to keep the energy level and activity level to optimum level

High quality protein is used to maintain the lean muscle which also help to control the weight, so if you are worried about the weight gain then your worry will be ended with the purchase of this food

Easy to chew because of its soft ingredients and level of moisture, it will not put extra pressure on teeth and gums and this feature make a it an ideal choice as soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth

Support heat & kidney with its balanced minerals, Hill’s Science Diet know the importance of a balanced diet this is the reason they keep balance in this softer grain free dog food

Natural ingredients are used in this recipe, just read the list of ingredient and you will be amazed to know that most of ingredients are natural in this diet

7. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Senior Dry Dog Food

food for older dogs

This manufacturer is known for its quality products and this is the reason they are costly as compare their competitors, they featured in this product with the real chicken and no by-product is used in this recipe. Your dog will get a real chicken taste and all the nutrients which need to stay healthy.

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Pea Protein, Pea Starch

Type: Grain Free

Profile: For Senior Dogs 

Best For: All Breeds

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No chicken and by-products, and grains are used in this recipe, it is a natural food with the wild taste, your dog will feel himself in the forest while eating this food. This soft dry dog food for seniors has all the nutrients and minerals that one old age dog needs to stay the active and healthy.

Food with real chicken that makes is testy as well, its natural with dogs to have a desire for meat and this high protein healthiest senior dog food features a real chick to help your old age dog to maintain lean muscle.

Grain free food for a dog in the old age is necessary to keep the immune system well support and its also necessary to regulate the digestion system of the dog in old ages, this grain free product provide all the required support so there is no need to worry for the weight gain and joint health

Best dog food for dental issues, even it is best food for dog with few teeth because it is easy on teeth and do not put any pressure on gums.

Support for skin and coat health is also featured in this food, omega-3 & 6 fatty acids are used for this purpose

Natural Dog Food crafted for the well-being of your old age dog and its natural ingredients support to avoid old age issues like hip and joint problems.

8. Iams Proactive Health Wet Dog Food Chicken - Senior

Iams Proactive Health Wet Dog Food Chicken - Senior

Iams is committed to providing quality products for our furry friends and this is one which if full of animal proteins and vitamins along with minerals to keep the old age dogs healthy and active, it is slow-cooked in real broth for better taste and to preserve natural ingredients.


Type: Non-Grain Free

Profile: For 1 year and older

Best For: All Breeds

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Make your dog dinner time special with best senior wet dog food; It tastes just like a home-cooked food and your dog will never refuse this food. This best canned dog food for seniors features the real natural ingredients and on Iams slow cooking give it right blend for old age dogs.

Slow cooked food to provide a better taste that dog cannot reject, we all know that meat loses it a natural taste when it cooked on high temperature, to avoid the same this food cooked slowly and this is the reason it tastes different

Pate meal that to the immune system and makes digestion better, contains high quality animal proteins, vitamins and minerals which are usually essential for old age dogs

Easy to chew for old age dogs, Iams knows that old age dogs need food which do not put any pressure on the gums and easy to chew they crafted this recipe

Wholesome dog food which contains all the delicious natural ingredients which considered being best for the skin and coat, with this food you can expect a better skin and shiny coat

Best to mix with dry food as it contains a lot of moisture in cane which makes it best to mix with the dry food, even after mixing it with the dry good moisture will keep the food soft

9. Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity Senior 7+ Formula Dog Food

Purina ONE SmartBlend Vibrant Maturity Senior 7+ Formula Dog Food

This is a veterinarian-recommended product that is crafted in a way to support the lean muscle and heart of your dog. We recommend this soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth because this food is easy to chew and regulate the metabolism which helps your dog to stay healthy.

First 5 Ingredients: Real Chicken, Omega-3, Omega-6, fatty Acids 

Type: Non-Grain Free

Profile: Adults 7+

Best For: All Breeds

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If you want 100% complete nutrition for your dog also make the brain of your dog sharp so ne can stay active in his routine life and perform task quickly, he will become more playful when you start feeding this food, this best dog food for older dogs is a best choice if you feel that your dog is lazy and not willing to perform give tasks actively.

Veterinarian Recommended brand have all the ingredients which are necessary for a dog in old age to support his metabolism and immune systems this is a reason this best senior dog food for sensitive stomach is recommended by most of vets

Protein rich food for your dog that get protein mainly from the real chicken which provide energy and taste great, meaty morsels and crunchy kibble makes a perfect combination for older dogs. This soft dog food for old dogs will become best food for your furry frined.

Promote mental sharpness with its balanced formula, Purina knows which ingredients to include and in which quantity it is because of their research and tests so this balanced food is crafted to support mental sharpness of dogs.

Healthy energy through a natural source of glucosamine that maintain his sense of adventure and also keep him healthy and active, so this senior dog food features with the ingredients necessary to support energy needs

10. Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food, Adult 7+ for Senior Small Breed Dogs

soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth

Hills craft this food with the chicken & Barley and this is the special food for small dogs with balanced nutrition. This best canned dog food for senior dogs comes in small tin packs which make the serving and storage easy for owners. Soft dog food for old dogs contains all the proteins which are necessary for lean muscle and good metabolism.

First 5 Ingredients: Water, Chicken, Cracked Pearled Barley, Whole Grain Corn, Pork Liver, Dried Whey

Type: Non-Grain Free

Profile: For 7+ Dogs

Best For: Small breeds

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If you want senior dog canned food for a small breed from a top brand that offer all the benefits which one dog owner thinks then this is a brand for you. Quality protein is a first ingredient in this wet dog food for senior dogs to provide proven antioxidant benefits.

High quality Protein is provided that is taken from the natural quality ingredients, this best wet food for senior dogs contains high quality lean proteins to sustain lean muscles

Easily digestible ingredients are used because hills know that which ingredients are good for small breed in the old age, these ingredients support immune system too

Easy on teeth and gums because of its small pieces and softness, even you can feed this food to a dog who lost his teeth or having very few teeth, it is a easy to chew product

Great taste of chicken, lamb and salmon so your dog will never refuse this food and within a week of feeding this food you will notice the difference in the coat and skin of your dog.

Do I Need Special formula for my Senior Dog?

In most of cases it is ok to feed the same normal dog food which you are feeding from the adult hood but with the age factor you need to decrease the quantity. As with the same quantity your dog may gain weight. This can be a case if your dog is healthy and active and not aging sign you witness until now.

It is not a bad thing to consider your do a senior it will not lose you any worth, in the last third half you may move on to a special formula, switching from normal food to senior dog will make your dog more comfortable and decrease your vet expenses.

When you switch on to best soft food for senior dogs, many dogs slow down developing hip problems, joint problems and arthritis, in such a situation a senior dog formula is helpful for all breeds in the old ages. Senior dog formulas are helpful in easing the issues of last age.

A solution in shape of additional supplements always remain there to prevent old age issues like arthritis and joint issues but feeding separate supplements is not as easy, when you get these in a balanced shape within your dog food that become an easy and worry solution for most of dog owners.

Dog always react differently to the different brand and sometime it become hard to switch the food but these senior dog foods which listed up are special your dog will never refuse to eat these dogs. You can opt in for trials or order small packaging to test how your dog react to new food, in this way it will also become easy to find a perfect senior dog formula. Our recommended foods are good in taste, until now no one complains about refusing the food.

My Dog is not eating his food!

In the old age it is also a common problem in dogs they become less attractive towards their food and because the do not like, even when you are sure there is not medical issue with them. So what is the solution to attract them towards good, here we list some check out these and pick one if you are dealing with the same issue,

Check with Your Vet, there may be a serious health problem which you are not getting so at the first option you need to consult with your vet to make sure that lack of eating is not because of any medical issue.

 Mix dry food with wet, we all know that dry food is most appealing and easy to store and most of dog owner prefer to buy dry food but sometimes, mixing a dry food with the wet food makes a good combination to eat for your dog. Mixing with the wet food and some water make a food attractive for dogs and easy to digest for them.

Switch to food with small pieces, some dogs become hesitant to eat because big pieces of food are hard to chew and put pressure on the gums. So, for a solution prefer to switch to small kibble food because it’s easy for dogs to chew and digest such food.

Buy wet food, wet food is always fresher and easier to digest and they require fewest efforts to chew this food. More than this, it has more energy and dogs attract towards it because of its appearance and smell.

Adding sardine oil also can be a solution for older dogs who do not eat. Mixing this fishy oil bring a good taste in food and also it makes the food soft to eat and easy to digest. Fish oil is also food for the dog’s skin and coat and joints of old dogs.

Small meals with small intervals, for older dogs it is beneficial in two ways the first one id digestion, small meals do not put pressure on the immune system and digestion and on the other hand it increase the will to eat more, because eating become easy in this way, you can offer multiple meals in a day to your old four-legged friend.

Make at home, when your old age friend totally refuses to cooperate and eat his food, especially when you tried multiple once at that time prefer to make dog food at home, with the consultation of our wet you can make good food at home.

Final Thoughts

We carefully select all of these foods, we consider thousands of reviews, quality and ingredients. Before buy any you can order a reduced quantity so you can test either your dog like that or not. We discuss all the aspect of these “soft dog food for older dogs with bad teeth”. If you have any question regarding these foods you can ask in the comments.  

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