6 Best Strom Door with Doggie Door (Reviews 2022)

Best Strom Door with Doggie Door

It comes in many varieties and options, like you can buy one with interchangeable glass panels and window screen panels. A storm door with doggie door is the ultimate solution that allows the dogs to get in and out conveniently.

Just installing a dog door at the main exterior entry gate is not enough when you also have installed a storm door to protect your exterior gate. A storm door with a dog gate built-in providing under-listed benefits:

  • Un-restricted access to a dog, easy in and out.
  • Prevent flying insects from entering the home.
  • Protect against all kinds of inclement weather.
  • Make the exit gates highly energy efficient.
  • Increase the security.

Many options are available when it comes to storm doors, which come in different colors and are made of other materials. But it’s tough to find the right storm gate doggie door that matches your style and fits your needs.

If you plan to add a storm gate but already have a main entry gate with the dog door, you need to install a dog door in a storm gate; otherwise, the dog gate in the main entry door becomes not functional.

Before moving forward, let’s have a look at our recommendations:

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The Limitations of storm doors with doggie doors

During our research and according to our own experience, we conclude that most people only install storm doors to protect the main entryway gate from harsh weather or for ventilation. At the same time, it’s not too good to add a security layer until you install an iron-made storm gate, which may not seems beautiful.

Moreover, you will hardly find any good quality storm door that has a built-in dog door. We researched well but did not find any quality option to share with our readers except for two manufacturers. But yes, many cheat and flimsy options are available in the market, which is not made to last long.

While on the other side, design options and color selection are additional challenges that you will Definitely face when searching for the right storm gate with a dog gate that matches your taste.

We faced the real challenge while searching for the right quality storm door with doggie door was the doggie gate’s quality. Unfortunately, the few options that we found were equipped with very low-quality China-made dog doors, while we only recommend top brands like PetSafe, Ideal Pet, Perfect Pet, Barks Bar, and Petleso.

Investing in the poor-quality dog door is a waste of money, but investing in the gate is not the only action involving money. You need installation as well.

So we do not suggest investing or look for a storm door with doggie door because it’s a waste of investment. Such gates available in the market are not right in quality and are not made to serve the real purpose.

Keep in mind if you visit the local market or any store, you may find a gate there. Selecting one with no panel at the bottom or having a dog door without any panels sport, or panel just at one side is also not a good option.

We recommend you to read our latest article on the Best Dog Gates for Jumpers to get more information about the dog gates.

Our Recommendations for Storm Door with Doggie Door

Well, as we share a lot of detail with you, “why a storm door with doggie door that comes as a built-in option is not the right choice. So, here what can be a solution that solves your problem?

We recommend you buy a storm gate that meets your needs, matches your style, and then buy a quality doggie door to install in that storm gate. In this way, you will get a high-quality dog door that will last for many of the coming years and will serve you as well as your dog without any limitations. Here are our few recommendations for dog doors:

But in case you only want to consider the storm door with doggie door, then there are two manufacturers which we recommend most; these manufacturers are making storm gates for decades and are known for their best quality.

1. OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

storm door with doggie door

Dogs are lovely creatures, and it’s utmost necessary to keep them happy while allowing them to roam in the house freely where they can manage to play—voluntarily going outside and getting in is a requirement that dogs mind a lot.

A convenient pet screen door is a solution that allows the pets to get in/out on their own. Our first recommendation is self-closing, and lockable comes with magnetic closure that automatically closes the flap when the dog leaves. In addition, you can lock the gate to restrict the activity of your dog.

Screw reinforcement and high-quality build, as well as ABS material, make it a sturdy gate that dogs cannot tear off. It’s versatile and will last for a long time. It’s pretty easy for pets to handle this door; they can push and close it quickly.

2. Larson Pet Door

It’s a manufacturer, particularly making doors with more than decade-long history. Larson manufactures pet doors with different sizes of dog gates; you can visit them to get more detail. We like their premium pet view gates most, as these gates are made with high-quality material and equipped with the right size pet door where you have the liberty to choose the size of the door.

The premium view pet gates came with a pet gate and were equipped with the Wear Tuff Screen for extra durability to stand up to active pets. We believe that it will provide you real benefits of the screen gate and keep your dog happy.

The four-legged family member can see outside and enjoy the liberty of going outside whenever he wishes.

The standard gate comes with a 10” X 17” pet door that is the right size for dogs up to 100 pounds. Its indoor pet door security panel keeps unwanted guests out. Tear-resistant screen and full glass design allow maximum natural light into the home.

It’s a versa screen design that allows top or bottom ventilation, and the thing that we like most is, this manufacturer offer to design your gate where you can select the size and colors.

3. Andersen EMCO

storm door with doggie door

Andersen EMCO K900 Series Storm Doors with Pet Door built-in is another option that we review and recommend most based on quality and durability. EMCO Enterprises LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Andersen Corporation, which makes doors and other accessories. They are in this business for a long.

Their storm doors are equipped with high-quality pet doors, long-lasting and durable, while the full gate allows a clear view and ventilation throughout all seasons. We keep them on the list because we tested the doors and amazed to figure that their built-in pet gates are high quality, especially fitting, and flaps are praiseworthy.

It comes with style options to make your style and choose the color you’re like most. The built-in pet gate pet entry system provides pets freedom to go in and out as they choose. We like most features: the lower glass panel of these gates slides up to let the fresh air own for full protection.

3. PetSafe Pet Screen Door


There are chances that you may not find the right storm door with the dog door, so for the next step, you need to move on to selecting the right screen gate. A screen gate is a solution that you can fit into any storm door. At the same time, it gives you cat and dog’s freedom to go outside and get in whenever they want.

The product in the spotlight is the right solution to allow the pets to play outside and perfect for potty breaks. It will blend into your existing gate and will enable you to give freedom to your pet.

It’s large and has sliding wind locks which are sturdy enough to resist flapping open in strong winds. But, at the same time, it’s strong enough to bear the pressure coming from the dog.

We recommend it to keep the pets happy, and we also recommend it as the best storm door with doggie door.

How to install a dog door on storm door?

If you plan to install a pet door in your storm door, consider this fact while buying the storm door. Consider its pros and cons because it will be a change in your house that cannot be reverted afterward.

Once you cut the storm door, you cannot reverse that, but you can replace the door. It is quite easy to install a pet door in the storm door. Usually, the difficulty level depends on the door type; magnetic doors are easier to install in storm doors. And it does not require any additional doors.

Deciding how you want to integrate your dog door into the storm door comes at first; you can install it in the middle of the lower side or the corner of the door.

Determine the size on your own or follow the instructions that come with the pet gate; please do not forget to measure your dog before ordering the pet gate. Feel free to add few inches to keep your pet safe.

Cut the storm gate within the right size and use screen material to seal all sizes, mark the rough sides, and cut the edges, which can pose a threat to your pet. Using a sharp blade is necessary to cut the door and level no sharp edges behind. Finally, perfectly align the pet gate and screw properly from all sides.

You might get a different type of frame, but do not worry; all of these frames are similar but different in style. It’s better to take the door off and do your job easily; if the door stays on the hinges there, it will be difficult to cut based on the measurement. You might need to drill in the frame in a few cases to make it a perfect fit.

Things to Consider

You might not find any reasonable storm gate with a dog gate, but yes, when it comes to installing a dog gate into a storm gate, many choices are available. You will make a permanent change to your house, so be careful and pay attention to the below-listed points.

  • Size: It matters a lot every dog breed is different physically and every dog is grown differently so do not depend on the breed specs just measure height and width of your dog then start looking for a right size.
  • Security: it should be lockable, and closes automatically when the dog leaves, winds cannot open it and easy to handle for all four paws pets inside you house. Moreover, it can withstand the pressure of dogs licking cannot damage it. Securable locking mechanism allow you keep the unwanted guests away.
  • Quality and Durability: it depends on material which is used in construction. Usually plastic and mesh is used in construction while few quality producers also using steel in frames and flaps which make the gates more durable. A high-quality product will keep your investment secure for longer time period. We recommend to go for metal made frames or more durable like aluminum.

Wrap Up

We recommend you not compromise on your style because it’s tough to find a gate that matches your existing style, so we still advise you to buy a storm door that you like most and fit a pet door of the right size.

Many dog owners also express that it’s sometimes hard to allow the dog to use both the main entry and storm gates, especially when both are closed. However, in our opinion, the setup becomes unfunctional in this condition, so consider it too while making a decision.