What is the Strongest Outdoor Dog Kennel of 2022?

The strongest outdoor kennel is an enclosure to keep a single or several dogs for a longer period of time. Most of the shelter uses kennels as a temporary house for abandoned dogs, and breeders use the kennels to keep the dogs safe. In comparison, a household dog owner uses a kennel to provide a confined space outdoor to play, exercise, and many times to keep the dogs confined for a short time. You may use it as a permanent house for your dog in the corner of your yard while providing all of his accessories within this space. 

Kennels are extremely important for those who live in big houses and need to keep the dogs limited to outside. It the most secure way to keep the dog safe and unharmed, and do not worry, dogs can still signal if someone enters your property. In this article, we also list the best strongest outdoor kennels. Our list includes:

Sr.ProdcutMade ofExtendableTop Cover
1Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire KennelSteelNoYes
2Advantek Pet GazeboYes
3Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable KennelNo
4Giantex 16/8 Panel Pet Playpen with Door
5Lucky Dog Kennel with Waterproof CoverNoYes

It is a fact that dogs love to play outside in a fenced yard, but it’s necessary to use a kennel or boundary to keep them safe. Make it’s sure that the product that you are buying is strong enough to hold your dog inside and secure to prevent any possible escape so you can leave him unsupervised for some time. Let start exploring the strongest outdoor dog kennel.

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1. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel

strongest outdoor dog kennel
  • 6′ H x 8’L x 4’W with the cover installed (5′ H without cover installed).
  • Ideal for professional and personal use, made with steel bars and wire mesh, welded before coating.
  • No sharp edges that can harm your dog, rust, and corrosion-resistant.
  • Steel roof frame and waterproof cover included can be used without cover in winters to get sunlight.
  • Features added UV protection, easy to clean and maintain because of raised legs.
  • Simple to set up, ground anchoring is required for sturdiness.

Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel is the strongest outdoor kennel in the market, made to last for a lifetime. Its frame is made with durable steel and steel wires. Mesh is used worldwide, which is welded with tubular steel rods for maximum protection and security. It’s chew-proof. Your dog cannot damage it and ideal for anxious dogs.

It keeps your dog secure and safe; it is coated with pet-friendly material. Equipped with a full-size securable door that can hold the most energetic dog and escape, artists cannot make their way out. Its coating and added UV protection make it safe to use for all small and large pets and make it rust and corrosion resistant, and keeps it safe from other elements that can damage it.

The legs are raised to give your convenience while cleaning, and it is easy to seep or house out all dirt and unpleasant element, provide your dog with a pleasant environment to live in.

Drawbacks, Need ground anchors for sturdy support, which sometimes becomes hard to fix if you own an anxious dog; we recommend buy an additional wire lock to use at the lower section of the door.

2. Advantek Pet Gazebo

best outdoor dog kennel
  • 90*90*90 inches on all sides, Made of steel frame and welded wires mesh design.
  • Ideal for large dogs of 180 pounds and multiple pets.
  • Provides maximum protection from elements for your dogs.
  • No additional parts are required to set up multiple Gazebos together.
  • Compact design, easy to set up, can be used on camping.

Advantek Pet Gazebo is another mesh design with a steel frame all welded nicely and coated with high-quality material to make the structure rust and corrosion-resistant. Strong design to save the dog from the elements and prevent any chance of intruder intervention in dogs’ privacy.

It is a design that everyone needs basically; all of the five things that a dog owner wishes to have in a kennel becomes possible with this product, like Durability, protection, security, convenience, and size. We found that most dog owners look for these factors during our review, and the product in the spotlight is the best combination of all required features.

It’s durable enough and cannot easily knock down, whether from the inside or outside of the kennel. The dimension is ideal for two fully grown-up dows and even multiple small pets. The cover protects the pets in harsh weather conditions, and most importantly, it is engineered to keep the dogs safe.

Drawbacks, Door is equipped with a lock at the center that is strong enough, but if you own a giant breed, then we suggest you secure the dog with an additional lock at the lower point.

3. Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Kennel

strong outdoor dog kennel
  • Available in 4 sizes, Buy the full size; you can reduce the panels to make the small confined area.
  • Strong, heavy-duty, and extendable, you can buy more panels to cover a large area.
  • Ideal for multiple pet owners, Made with steel frame and steel wire mesh all-welded nicely together.
  • Engineered with rounded edges to keep the pets safe, coated with high-quality material.
  • Foldable and compact to store, no tool is required to set up this strongest outdoor dog kennel.

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Foldable Kennel is a professional-grade dog kennel that certainly has everything you need at a great price. Back then, outdoor kennels were constructed using whatever material found in the yard, and dog owners needed to rebuild the same every few years.

Buying professional-grade dog kennels were not as prevalent as it is today. Yaheetech makes it easy with its durable and strongest outdoor dog kennel.

This kennel from Yaheetech is made out of heavy-duty steel that has been welded and then coated to make it corrosion and rust-proof. It is made to last for life, and it is a design that offers all the features that one needs. It can take any shape, and its size can be reduced or increased. It’s not elevated and fix sturdy on the ground.

Compact when not in use and easy to carry. Especially you can carry a few panels to keep your dog confined on your adventure site.

Drawbacks, not suitable for toy and small breeds due to door lip, as they cannot get in and out at their own.

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4. Giantex 16/8 Panel Pet Playpen with Door

outdoor dog kennel
  • Sturdy and durable enough for long-term use, made with a heavy-duty material.
  • Made to keep the rowdies and anxious dogs confined, ideal for outdoor use.
  • It can be extended, and you can also reduce size while constructing with few panels, ideal for camping.
  • It’s foldable and compact, easy to store when not in use, easy setup without any tool.
  • Come with ground stakes and can take any shape you want.

Giantex 16/8 Panel Pet Playpen with Door is available in different heights and sizes. It is the strongest outdoor dog kennel that can take any shape you want. You can use it as a wall, and you can make a square shape or any irregular shape that suits your yard.

This model is ideal for those who plan to expand the kennel or want to cover the whole yard in the future. Its height is ideal, and it allows you to attach new panels side by side to extend.

The manufacturer cares about the details that make a difference when you work with dogs every day. Like each side, the panel has totally seamless welding, with no fixture or sharp edges that can harm your pet. Easy to clean and easy to set up without any special tool, you may wash it to keep it clean.

Drawbacks, not suitable for small tiny breeds due to door lip.

5. Lucky Dog Kennel with Waterproof Cover

best outdoor dog kennels
  • Provide wide space to perform any activity with cover to protect the dogs in harsh weather.
  • Constructed with 100% commercial-grade steel, it serves you for life.
  • Indestructible, even your more active or anxious dog cannot damage it.
  • The only kennel in the market with 8 gauge welded wire mesh.
  • Engineered with center weld process, raised feet to allow easy cleaning and large door provide easy access to owners

Lucky Dog Kennel with Waterproof Cover is a product that is made to serve for life. It makes a spot on our list because of its commercial-grade material and construction. It provides square space to the dog, and you can use it for your giant dogs and other small multiple pets.

Ideal for both puppies and adults, you will love this kennel if you have multiple pets at home. It is a single solution to many problems.

We like its dual locking mechanism system that can ensure to prevent any escape. Inside, you can divide the area for multiple dogs and use individual water and food containers to avoid disputes. The waterproof rood top cover protects from rain/leakage and penetration from the sun, also has UV protection.

Drawbacks, it takes time to put all together

Who Should Buy a dog kennel

We love to enjoy the companionship of your dogs, and it’s our responsibility to keep them safe and secure from outer elements. Dogs are at their best when they can breathe in the fresh air and play outdoor; they enjoy such activity a lot.

However, you do not just open the door and let your dog enjoy it everywhere. It can be dangerous. There is a possibility of getting hurt in a road accident, other dogs may hurt your four-paws friend, and even there is a chance of getting lost.

In many communities, it’s illegal to allow your dog to move freely outside. You need a dog space outside, and a large, strong kennel is the best option for your dog where he can stay without a leash and play as he wishes.

Outdoor kennels are also a great option if you have to leave your dog unsupervised for a short while. It needs many dog owners deal with dogs’ destructive behavior; such dogs become a threat to others outside. These kennels are also ideal for providing a space to your dog at camping sites out of the RV.


Every strong outdoor dog kennel that we list above is made differently. At first, you need to decide how much space you need for your dog outside,e then consider your dog’s size. These two things help decide about the right kennel that can become a fun place for your dog. All of the listed kennels are durable and trusted by thousands of people.

We consider more than 1000 reviews and 30 products initially to select this product list; then we reach the final list that we put here. You can buy any with full confidence.

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