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If it becomes a challenge for you to find the required stuff or tool when needed for your dog or you are suffering from space issues, then surely you need a storage cabinet to keep the doggie stuff organized. Many of such cabinets come with an elevated feeding station, food storage, a rack style cabinet, and a beautiful top and hanging facility, so all of these features make it a  complete solution where you can arrange and keep all the stuff of your dog. Here in this article, we list some of the best unique Wooden Furniture Cabinets For Dog Food Storage Containers. Hopefully, our efforts will bring some convenience for you, and you will find the right product. 

We recently review dog storage containers that are durable and can be used to store food and also can keep the food protected from unauthorized access.

Dog Food Storage Furniture

dog food storage furniture

  • Pin Wood: its constructed with the durable pine wood and several coats give it luxurious end look
  • Hand-Craftsmanship: no doubt its made with hand and each of its corners is fixed and have reinforcement that makes it reliable for daily use

JMX Brands Inc Solid Pine Pet Feeder Station comes with Tupperware food storage and stainless steel bowls that you can use for food and water. It’s constructed to store all of your dog accessories in one place, and a double pet feeder station allows you to use it for two dogs or pets. Solid pine wood used in its construction, so stays sure you are buying real wood furniture for your dog. It’s long-lasting and durable, to hang leashes and belts it’s too handy, and you can place jar and packets of treats in the upper portion. The good thing is a lot of colors are available to match the right one with your home furniture. 

Its an attractive and beautiful piece that will definitly add value to your house, strangers and guests cannot identify it as a feeding station because of its premium look.

Two-tone finish is its real beauty that gives its stylish and modern look. No assembly required because it’s an item that is shipped fully assembled.

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Zoovilla Windsor Dog Bowl Stand Pet Feeder Station

zoovilla Windsor Dog bowl stand pet feeder station

  • Food & Open Shelf Storage: its made to securely keep the food inside the cabinet and an open shelf that you can use to place other stuff of your pets
  • Hanging Support: hanging support provide you facility to hang leashes and other similar stuff so they ready to use and easy to find

Zoovilla Windsor Pet Feeders with storage is an ideal combination of the cabinet, storage and feeding station. If it’s hard for you to locate your dog stuff especially when you are in need then you must organize the stuff. You need the right place to keep the stuff organized and the product in the spotlight is one that you really need. Each of its elevated pet food bowls can hold up to 54 oz of food. Your dog will also love this ergonomically designed feeding station and will consider it a part of his personal space.

Easy to assemble, for the convenience of pet owners it comes with assembling instructions.

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Wooden Dog Food Storage Container

wooden dog food storage container

  • Durable Construction: its made with Eco FLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that won’t warp, crack or split, as well as the combination give it strength to serve for a long time and makes it’s suitable for daily use
  • Compact Design: feeding station, storage and a cabinet, as well as hanging solutions all, come into this cabinet, it takes less space while it provides more benefits.

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Dog Food Pantry is a stylish cabinet with a food storage capacity of 25lb. We like it most among all other products the very first reason is material which is used in construction the second one is its assembly which is quite easy and the last reason for us is its one-year manufacturing warranty. Just suppose that you are buying a wood product and getting a one-year manufacturing warranty that means your investment will remain secure at this time.

It comes with two steel bowls, each of them has a capacity of 48 oz. This space-saving dog cabinet is easy to clean you can use a damp cloth t clean it. Its feeding station is a real benefit that is designed to bring ease in your dog life because of its position.

While angled door pantry is easy to operate and it’s convenient to scoop out the food from inside as well as refilling. 

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Dog Food Storage Cabinet

dog food storage cabinet

  • 15 Inches High: its made for large and taller dogs who have difficulty to eat from the floor level, a storage and feeding station that looks great
  • Lid top slides open: that makes the storage convenient and also prevent unauthorized access of pets as well as ample space to store different items

ecoFLEX Piedmont Pet Diner with Storage is suitable for only selected breeds that are large and taller because its 15 inches raised from the floor and makes perfect feeding stations. Like hounds and other similar breeds. Its cabinet is made to keep the stuff safe from dogs and its enough space to arrange different items inside. When you use it for food storage it can accommodate full bag inside and it’s convenient to full the cabinet and scoop out.

Eco-Flex is used in construction which is easy to clean and a damp cloth is enough to remove the stains. It’s easy to set up without any tools and comes with steel bowls, each of them can accommodate 32 oz of food. An ideal choice if you have two dogs at home. 

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Unique Dog Food Storage Containers

unique dog food storage containers

  • Compact and Stylish: color is the real beauty of this engineered wood dog cabinet, its storage space is big and slid out elevated & style feeding station is made to bring convenience in easy
  • Made for All Doggie Stuff: along with storage and feeding you can use it place all of your doggie stuff at one place, the picture above is an accurate representation of cabinet

Premium Deluxe Pet Feeding Station is a most loved product in this category because of its design and construction. Engineered wood and other quality materials used in its condition. If you have a lot of dog stuff and its difficult for you to arrange that stuff, then you are a person who needs this cabinet. It provides a well-designed space for each dog’s item like you can hand leashes and best as well other stuff like wearing and can store treats and other similar in the above section and more precious things you can display on the top.


The sliding feeding station equipped with the two steel bowls, its easy to serve your dog food, and it takes little time. We recommend it for small and medium-sized dogs.

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Pet Food Storage Furniture

unique Wooden Furniture Cabinets For Dog Food Storage Containers

  • All in One Solution: its a food storage cabinet as well a food station for the dogs, ideal for medium-sized dogs, compact and stylish just like high-quality furniture
  • Reasonable Height and Size: Ideal height allow the dogs to eat with ease and two full-size bowls can be used for two different pets

Premium Deluxe Pet Feeding Station is a small all in one solution for dogs of small size as well as for mediums. It has a storage capacity of 10lb and a sliding feeding station along with a hanging facility and top cabinet. All of your dog stuff can be accommodated inside. Its a sturdy blend of solid mahogany and engineered woods.

Its kibble drawer cleverly disguises food and just minimum efforts required to open and close it.  Removable stainless steel water bowls can be used for water and food or either for the food of two pets. It comes with metal hardware, easy to assemble. Wood hanging hooks are also specially designed with the matching color.

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Wooden Pet Food Storage Container

Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage

  • Snap Lock: both of the lids are easy to use and keep the freshness locked inside as well as top covers provide clear visibility to see inside
  • Foot Paddle Access: yes the lower bin can be accessed with the foot paddle that is most easy to operate and also bring a lot of ease in operating lower bin

Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage comes with slid hooks that can be used to hang the leashes and bags with easy grasp. Many times a dog owner keeps adding new doggie stuff in his collection, and at the moment, it becomes hard to keep that all of the stuff organized. If you are experiencing the same thing or have a plan in mind to add new things for your pup, then undoubtedly, you need this solution. 

It’s not only food that you can keep in this cabinet, but other stuff that you want to hide from visitors that you also can keep inside upper cabinet, as well as its top, can also be used to keep the precious stuff.

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Large Pet Food Storage Cabinet

roomfitters White Pet Feeding Station with Double Pull Out Dog Bowl, Pet Food Cabinet, Pet Toy Storage Organizer

  • Large Cabinet: its large enough to accommodate all of your doggie stuff and you can arrange different things, ideal for large dogs, comes with large steel bowls
  • Engineered Wood: constructed to serve you and your dog for a long time it’s durable and easy to assemble, no one can guess it as dog food cabinet

Roomfitters White Pet Feeding Station is not different from others, but it’s a large one that is suitable for medium-sized and big dogs. Its pull out bowl tray keeps the freshness locked, and the room remains odor-free while slid drawer is easy to use and easy to fill.

The wide opening of the sliding drawer allows for scooping out easily; surely, it will keep the dog food pest free.

Bone Dry DII Bone Shape Pet Organizer Storage Basket

Bone Dry DII Bone Shape Pet Organizer Storage Basket for Home Décor, Pet Toy, Blankets, Leashes and Food

  • Ample Storage: ideal to keep all dog stuff organized, the feed-in bag also can be kept inside to prevent unauthorized access as well as leashes and mats all you can put inside
  • Stylish and Attractive: it’s completely different from other products because of its construction and storage space, the faux handle and strap that lock it is a real beauty of this box

Bone Dry DII Bone Shape Pet Organizer Storage Basket is 100% polypropylene, which is durable and long-lasting as well as easy to clean with a damp cloth. A bone shape storage option that your dog will like most and consider it a personal belonging. It’s a robust, wavey design with a faux leather handle that can hold up for more prolonged usage.

Bone shape and refreshing texture of this basket make it a decor piece for your home.

Medium Raised Dog Feeder & Pull Out Storage

828 Pet Supplies Medium Raised Dog Feeder, Pull Out Storage Compartment, Porcelain Bowls, Acacia Wood, No Assembly Required

  • Acacia Wood: Its constructed with the exotic Vietnamese Acacia Wood, handmade porcelain bowls which are beautiful and elegant as well as easy to clean and safe for dogs, and metal hardware
  • Sliding Storage: convenient sliding storage makes it easy to access the dog food, with one hand you can access the dog food, and its wide opening allows us to serve food to your dog easily

Medium Raised Dog Feeder & Pull Out Storage comes in a pre-assembled condition, so there will be no assembling. It’s a food storage cabinet that you will like most, and your dog will love to eat from the elevated feeding station. It’s ideal for large dogs and hounds.

Small dogs who are shorter than the 18” may not reach to the bowl, so consider your breed before buying.

Final Thoughts

All of these cabinets made to keep the dog food or dog stuff in an organized form so you can find easily and can access all of the stuff easily. These take less space and can accommodate a lot of things, so it will be easy to arrange different doggies things. Just consider your requirement and dog breed, then select the right one for your pup and to bring easy in your life.

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