7 Best Vibrating Collar for Deaf Dogs (Reviews and Buyer Guide)

Vibrating collar for deaf dogs does not have a shock feature. These collars provide a sensation to the dog’s neck, and he becomes active and starts searching hand signals or for whatever else he is trained. Keep in mind that the neck is a delicate part of the dog’s body and does not provide any sensation that is scary, painful, or anxiety provoking. Definitely, you are the one who does not want to use a shock collar for your deaf dog, and that’ why looking for a vibrating collar for deaf dogs.

We recommend using the shock collar when it is essential. For better results, introduce it during the training. Instead of using a shock collar, prefer to develop a deep relationship with your dog. With the use of a vibrating collar, you need to teach your dog to focus on you and at the same time reinforce any voluntary glance your way. When you teach your dog to focus on you at regular intervals, it will solve many problems, and the dog will look at you for the next instructions.

You should slowly introduce the vibrating collar at the pace that the dog is comfortable and find it a helping one. A vibration collar is a worthy option to train your deaf dog. In case you are training a normal dog can buy the best dog training collar, which can be used to train service dogs and domestic dogs.

How Do Vibrating Collars Work?

Many collars are available in the market, but most of them work in the same way. The device is attached via rubber or fabric collar, which connects with the buckle for fine adjustment.

The vibrating device features a pair of rubber-metal prongs that contact the dog skin to transmit the vibrating signal. Now nearly all vibrating collars are also featured in the audio-led tones, which are not useful for deaf dogs, but you can use that to locate your dog. These vibrating collars come with a remote, which is used to send a warning and correction. The vibrating only collars offer highly customizable vibrations.

Some of them also offer an anti-barking feature. Many of the professional trainers are in the view that deaf dog collasr are only be used to get their attention rather than to issue corrections.

Before using any device on your deaf dog, learn that device well through videos and manual, and try to make it the best choice for your dog.

Should A Dog Training Collar Be Used on A Deaf Dog?

Vibrating collars for deaf dogs are best as a deaf dog can only understand hand signals, and when you are training your deaf dog, a specialized vibration collar can be beneficial. The vibration that a collar produces is enough for the training needs.

The basic key is the command that you want to communicate to your dog in the shape of sensation/vibration. At first, you need to train your dog to look or search for you to follow the next hand signals, and then you can use the sensation for warning purposes during any task.

If is also recommended to use Best Shock Collars with Remote for Small dogs on deaf dogs, the most remote dog training collars made for small dogs depend on vibration instead of shock.

Can You Train Your Deaf Dog Without A Training Collar?

It would help if you produced the signals that your dog can understand visually, and it is possible without a training collar. It would be best if you learned first to produce negative and positive signals because such signals will become a benchmark for your dog to follow.

It is possible to train your deaf dog without a training collar, but the process becomes speedy and easy with the training collar.

On the signal to your dog, he will pay attention and notice what you are signaling. With the use of a signal/training collar, the first thing is to ensure that dog starts noticing what you are trying to say or order. Like I mention earlier if you not find any suitable training collar then get a Shock collar with remote for puppies, these are made to train puppies humanely and can be used for deaf dogs.

Do Shock Collar Hurt Deaf Dogs?

Shock collars are also featured in the vibration and sound mode, but using a shock for the deaf dog will not bring better results because they cannot hear your sound and commands. Vibrations are the best solution you can set the intensity as required but not the shock.

A shock setting can be used for the correct behavior, but that will not bring you nearly the desired results and cause pain that the dog would not be comfortable with.

Do Vibrating Collars Work Best For Deaf Dogs?

At first, there will be no regret in your mind while using the vibrating collar for your dog to provide a shock to your deaf dog. This peace of mind will give you enough energy to work with another training method in quite a professional way.

Vibrations will work as gentle reminders that the dog can feel.

What to Look for In Vibrating Collar for Deaf Dogs

If you look for the under-listed features, you can definitely find the best vibrating collar for deaf dogs. 

Training Collar Type: When you are focused on buying a vibrating collar for deaf dogs, there must look for vibrating only collars. Such collars featured more vibration options and will save you cost. I prefer to buy a collar with plastic probs. Such specialized collars also offer longer battery life.

Prefer Specific Needs of Your Dog: you must make an informed buy, like at first measure the size of neck and make sure that the collar which is buying will properly fit at your dog’s neck and then also take into consideration that it will never irritate your dog, a good quality plastic collar strap can be more comfortable for your deaf dog. Also, look for any other specific heed which you may need to handle first.

Quality and Durability: Invest in a product that can serve all the purpose that you are looking for, do not look for the extra cheap products because electronics and technology matter a lot, and a cheap, poor-quality product may star malfunctioning or remain to fail to transmit exact command every time. So, look for the best quality durable product.

Product Reviews from Genuine Customer: Always consider what other people/genuine buyers are saying about the product in consideration, read the review, especially the negative reviews, to figure that what’s might went wrong with this product. Reviews from the other buyers help a lot choose the best product, usually in reviews people share their own experience with the product, which helps you decide whether it is useful.

Brand: different brands offer different features. The top of the list brands is best; some new products have more features that make the job easy. You should consider the brand’s background that what other products they are offering, and what people are saying about their customer service. Or find some else who can help you find the best product. Best e Collars For Small Dogs also suffice the same purpose.

Effective Range of Transmitter: This refers to the functional distance between collar and transmitter/remote, simply how far the collar can work. Choose a collar with the minimum effective range of 500 feet. It will allow you to work with your dog in your backyard and an open public place like the park.

Waterproof: If moisture can make a way through, that can damage the electronics of the collar. We know it well that dogs like to play in the rain, swim, become more active at bay, or even panting can cause a problem. To avoid these issues, prefer to buy a waterproof product, especially the collar that your dog needs to wear all the time. With the waterproof collar, your dog can enjoy the liberty to play with water and perform all-natural activities with them.

Multiple Signaling Modes: A vibration-only device featured with multiple signal modes, which you can access from various buttons on the transmitter/remote. These are very helpful in sending different sensations that you can configure on your own. There is another option the same collar will work with multiple similar collars.

Look for Value-added Features: You will invest in a vibrating collar for deaf dogs, so look for additional value-added features like

    • Anti-Barking, with this feature, a collar automatically detects the bark and sends a sensation as a correction that stops the barking. It will be superb if you get this feature at the same cost.
    • Sound/beep, sound cannot help you while working with a deaf dog, but you can use sound to locate your dog.

We list all the information necessary to consider for deciding about a good vibrating collar for your deaf dog, so if you have set your standards then please have a look on our top picks of vibrating collars. 

1. DogWatch BigLeash V-10 Vibration Dog Training Collar

deaf dog collar

The digital display makes the operations easy as you can see the battery status on the remote and can adjust the correction level conveniently.

Its working range is another advantage, it’s equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries that last from 15 to 20 days with a single recharge. 

Its vibration produces a powerful sensation that forces the dog to pay attention to your command and also acts as a little punishment tool. Its price is a little bit higher as compared to other similar products but this is the most trustworthy product in this category that can ensure complete human training for your dog.



2. Paws Furlosophy Wireless Dog Fence Pet Containment System

vibrating collar for deaf dog

You will love this collar because it offers three functions for the training. The first one is the vibration, which is fully configurable, and the second is the sound, which is also crucial, and the third function is light, which becomes essential in the evening and at night.

Both transmitter and receiver come with quality batteries that can last for many days on a single recharge. This system is suitable for small, medium, large, and extra-large deaf dogs.

The long-range remote control offers to use this collar at any place and even a large place like parks.



3. WOLFWILL Humane No Shock Remote Dog Training Collar

collar for deaf dogs

This product offers a maximum range of 660 yards while in the dense area it may reduce, it featured in to control the intensity of functions from 1 to 16 levels. You can enjoy this product with peace of mind as it comes with two years warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty.

The effective range is 660 yards, which nearly become 2000 feet, enough for open space training like the park or ground.

You can use this system when you go outside for vacations or hiking. Its range and effective communication will support you a lot. Please do not leave it over the neck of your dog for more than 12 hours.



4. FOCUSPET Anti Bark Remote Dog Training Collar

collars for deaf dogs

If you wish to have bark collar features in your training collar, this is the ultimate product. Its collar can be configured as an anti-barking function that delivers automatic sensation to the dog.

Four buttons on remote make it easy to operate and its range offer to use at large space like a playground or a park. Well, all three training modes are available. It depends on which one you prefer to use for your dog. This product is not suitable for small dogs and dogs with long fur and extra large-sized dogs.

Well, you can use it for medium size dogs.



5. PetSafe Vibration Dog Training Collar with Remote

best vibrating collar for deaf dog

A product from a well-known manufacturer with sixteen levels of intensity to teach command and correct behavior. It’s an ideal training device for household users because its maximum range is 300 feet.

And its intensity levels provide full control over the pups.



6. Paipaitek No Shock Safe Dog Training Collar

deaf dog training collar

  • Easy to use the humane dog training collar.
  • Remote support more than one collar. 
  • No prongs and no shock for your dog.
  • Powerful vibration to get a response from the dog.
  • Durable strap and long-lasting quick recharging batteries.

Paipaitek No Shock Safe Dog Training Collar is specially made for deaf dogs and for those owners who do not wish to provide a shock to their dogs for behavior modification. It’s a humane dog collar with no prongs digging into the dog’s neck, no shock at all, even no accidental shock when operated by human beings. Manual operations are smooth, and it’s fully configurable.

This no shock training collar helps you to get more attention from your dog, and it also helps to stay effective with powerful vibration and sound. We give it a spot on our list because of its long-lasting batteries, receiver and remote both contain rechargeable batteries that can be charged from any USD port and last more than three weeks.

The receiver is waterproof, so no need to worry about your dog when the collar is on and he is playing with water. It’s IPX 5-6 certified and tested by us for the same.

Another benefit of this device is a range; yes, its range is almost 1500ft. That means you can have control over your dog in the open and large place like grounds that make training easy, and also, you can allow your dog to play freely.

Its remote transmitter is small and simple to use, and flexible. The vibration and sound level is adjustable from 1 to 100, so you can use the level on which you start getting a response from your dog. Another benefit is it’s a remote that can control two collars at the same time, equipped with two channels.

The product comes with a money-back guarantee.

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7. Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote Control

vibration collar for deaf dog

  • Ideal no shock dog training collar with Citronella Spray.
  • Ideal for deaf dogs.
  • A perfect bark controller that works without a remote.
  • Rechargeable, long-lasting batteries.

Spray Dog Training Collar with Remote Control is another alternative to the shock collars; instead of shock, this collar release citronella to punish the dog for the wrong behavior that is an effective and humane way to correct the behavior. It is popular among dog owners who wish to avoid the shock collars. It’s a fully automatic collar. You need to fill the spray and then get control of that on the remote from where you can release a correction in the form of a spray.

It is also an electronic bark collar; in the bark mode, it can detect the dog’s bark and release the spray for correction. So, it’s a two in one choice where you can avoid the shock but still have a proven way to bring positive change to your dog’s behavior.

The receiver is rechargeable and fully waterproof; it takes two hours to charge fully and lasts for seven days on its automatic mode. The receiver collar is fully adjustable and can fit any neck size. It’s a completely safe and humane dog training collar.

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Selecting the Best vibrating collar for deaf dogs

A right collar for a deaf dog training will help you send the right sensation, you can feel and recognize, especially when it needs to change a dog’s behavior.  

We recommend Paws Furlosophy vibrating collar for deaf dogs because this is a powerful choice that offers all the benefits which we discuss and you are looking for. It is easy to control and offers a comfortable body. They also feature a light which you can control from the remote and help you and your dog a lot, especially in the later hours of working.

The waterproof feature makes it possible to be used in any weather condition, and this is one that your dog can wear all the time. It offers extended battery life, which gives you more time in a single recharge; We discuss it because we know that it takes a lot of time to train the hearing-impaired dog, so a long battery timing will really help you.

With this best vibrating collar, you can train your deaf and hard hearing dog with comfort and ease.

Final Thoughts

Many dog owners believe that shock collars can also be used to train a deaf dog. Still, we do not support the same view and totally against using the shock collar for deaf dogs; there is a need to train a dog for excessive barking or regular behavior training. When we train dogs, they start following our verbal commands, and when they are not doing something that we want from them, there is a need to do the same act.

So, as a result, dogs associate the same command with such action, but it’s reverse in the case of deaf dogs. They cannot hear the command, but dogs are intelligent enough, and they can associate the hand signals with any action. Vibration cannot be a punishment for a dog; it only can be a reminder to see towards your hand, so it’s simple.

Complete training cannot depend on the vibration collar, but when you train a dog to see towards your hand whenever there is a vibration, it will bring a lot easy to train a dog.

Usually, deaf dogs take more time in training than normal ones, so do not too early presume that vibrating collar for deaf dogs is not working.

We recommend you to use the Best GPS Dog Trackers for deaf dogs so your loved one stays safe and will be get lost. 

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