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Every experience a problem where you go to sleep, and your four-legged friend doesn’t want to calm down? It is the worst situation when you want a restful sleep and tired a lot, but your pooch creates a position which you need to handle while sacrificing your nap. There can be multitude reasons why pooch is restless if you are searching for “what can I give my dog to sleep at night” then here in this article, we list some possible solutions whom you may call homemade remedies.

When every your dog have trouble sleeping, there are something that needs to be addressed to make him comfortable, from the below list of possible problems and solutions you may find one suitable for your dog.

      1. Address medical issues
      2. Provide a comfortable bed/Change the bed of your dog 
      3. Use comfort zone Adaptil, Melatonin, Benadryl
      4. Arrange an exercise session on daily basis at late evening
      5. Engage your pet in enrichment activities during the daytime
      6. Do not feed after a specific time
      7. Take on walk to do their business
      8. Adjust the bed of your dog in your bedroom
      9. Lock other pets away to create a better sleeping space for dog
      10. Confine your dog within a space, buy a crate or arrange a carton box
      11. Get a second dog to keep your furry friend busy
      12. Do not reward the Bad Habits
      13. Provide more mental stimulation
      14. Make them comfy
      15. Make them Friend

1. Address medical issues

If you suspect an injury or an illness, you need to visit your vet, because a disease can keep your pup up all night. It is a truth that medicines help ease soreness and help the dog relax, if you are suffering because of your dog that means your dog is suffering too and you need to figure out that as soon as possible. 

If it is not a new habit, then you need to visit your vet. Stop wandering to get other solutions for what can i give my dog to sleep at night? And consult the vet at very first space.

There is a possibility if your dog is not sleeping well and also disturbing your sleep then it might be because of under listed causes.

      • Anxiety
      • Stress
      • Allergies
      • Apnea
      • Dementia
      • Arthritis
      • Fleas
      • Diabetes
      • Kidney Problem
      • Hip dysplasia
      • Pain
      • Thyroid problems
      • Unseen injury
      • Urinary incontinence
      • Or any other medical issue

You and your family suffer from sleepwalking when your dog is unwell if there is any medical issue with your dog and you are not getting that then that can become serious with the count of time.

 Especially when your dog is not sleeping, and you feel that there can be some medical problem, you need to arrange a complete checkup of your pooch to make it sure that it’s not due to any of the serious medical problem.

In dogs, there may be some inherited sleep disorders, but you cannot identify that at your own, even if your vet identify that we do not recommend using medicines to cure that you can opt-in for flexible solutions from our list.

We recommend that you spend time with your dogs like a minimum one-hour daily minimum this will give you ample room to understand his health and health-related issues. If you do so, you can easily understand that either it is a habit or a problem.

2. Provide a comfortable bed/Change the bed of your dog

The uncomfortable bed may be a cause that your dog is not enjoying his sleep and try to stay away from his bed. Like in most of the cases when dogs have arthritis, joint pains or hip problem they prefer to not sit on the couch because they do not feel pain while walking and performing daily activities but when they sit or lay down there the real problem start. 

When they are on the bed and suffering with anxiety, they start whining and or leave their bed, again and again, it’s not their primary motive to disturb the owner when they are suffering, they do so. This is a problem, especially with the giant breeds.

Offer them a softer bed or a specialized bed with orthopedic support, and offer blanket with a bed and an environment that they like. Many times, changing the bed is a superb idea because a dog bed is a space which your four-legged friend consider his own and you need to provide the arrangement as he likes. 

If you are sure he is suffering with the pains, then you might put a few drops of lavender oil usually near to his bed this will soothes him more and provide additional comfort.

3. Use Comfort Zone Adaptil, Melatonin, Benadryl

Sometimes it is necessary to use quick options to settle down your dog and get restful sleep for that here are some choices, ask for the dog sleeping pills over counter, sleeping pills for dogs are readily available on medical stores and grocery stores. under listed are medication to help dog sleep through the night,


Be is a ubiquitous medicine for dogs, which is basically used for the allergies and readily available in all medical stores and grocery stores. It is the most effective formula, which shows results in less than 30 minutes. 

So if you use this medicine, you can enjoy your sleep, and your dog will remain comfortable with this medicine, and it has very few disadvantages. In 99% of dogs, it remains friendly and brings desired results. So, if you are still curious about “will benadryl make my dog sleepy” the definite answer is yes it will.

AsthmaHelpful allergies such as sneezing and runny nose keep in mind that it is a brand name of diphenhydramine, which is the main salt. So there can be a lot of alternative available you can get any. Just considered active ingredient is diphenhydramine. You can use this medicine with under-listed symptoms and issues.

    • Allergies
    • Itchy skin
    • Irritated skin
    • Insomnia
    • Anxiety
    • Insect or flea bites
    • Reaction to vaccines
    • Hay fever, sneezing, or coughing
    • Stuffy or runny nose
    • Car sickness
    • Nausea
    • Bee stings

Is Benadryl Safe for Pets?

The obvious answer is yes; it is safe for your dog, relatively harmless drug for your four-legged friend. Benadryl is a harmless drug that should be safe for your dog. Putting a dog to sleep with Benadryl is a common way among dog owners because it provides quick results, and this is no side-effects of this medicine.

Comfort Zone Adaptil

It replicates no fear and it is a pheromone product, if you have recently adapted dog then you can use it because most of new adapted dogs remain disturbed or start whining at night which disturbs the owners. 

If dog is scared from the new place this solution will help him to settle down, it is available in three forms like odorless vapor, a spray and a collar. We suggest to buy a spray and use only when it is extremely needed.


When does a dog owner consider medicines to cure a problem, the very first question that comes in mind is, can dogs take melatonin? And secondly is melatonin safe for dogs? The answer is yes; dogs can take this medicine and its safe for them. 

Due to the natural properties of melatonin, many household pet parents choose this product over the chemical alternative. In many cases, this medicine is beneficial and a quick solution to calm down your dog and get a peaceful sleep. Whenever you brought a new dog home, you need to have it with you and even when your best friend is not following your routine.

It is not an FDA approved the medicine for dogs because it is not suitable for your pooch. In many cases but it is a widely adopted solution and always bring quick results. It may invite some other issues and side effects like

    • Digestion and gas issues
    • Irritating
    • Confusion
    • Increase heart rate

If you use this medicine to make your dog sleep, then you need to take care of symptoms for any of above-listed issue and if found consult with your vet. If you can address at your own, you must immediately address the side effects.

It will be useful to speak with your vet before using this medicine. As age and breed also matter while using this medicine and its necessary to use the safest dosage for your four-legged friend.

Consider dog size, age, and breed before deciding about dosage. So, if you are wondering about how to make a dog sleep instantly? This medicine is a solution for your dog.

4. Arrange an exercise session on daily basis at late evening

Dogs are high energy animals we can see their real potential on the rescue missions and farms. It’s challenging to tire them, especially for household pet parents where the movement of a dog remain limited all day. Usually, they do not go to bed when they are not tired, so it is also your responsibility to make them tire.

For this purpose, you need to arrange activity sessions daily in the late evening. That must not be shorter than one hour, or instead a pure activity hour you also can offer them a long walk. 

If you are dealing with the dog restless at night, then exercise session can be the best solution.

You need to make efforts to make the tire, and it will pay off you in the shape of restful sleep all night. When dogs are tired, they sleep better, and they do not whine in the night. Its is hard to do, and maintaining a daily routine is tough for a dog owner, especially a household per parent. 

You also can use an activity monitor for the same purpose that can tell you how much your dog has done until now. How much he needed more? Here are some excellent suggestions for the same.

5. Engage your pet in enrichment activities during the daytime

It is also necessary most of the problems arise when pet parents confine their dogs for all the day, instead of that you need to engage your dog with some playful activities. Like you may allow children to play with the dog and take him outside on the other side if you allow your dog to move freely at home that is also an activity for them. 

They will never sit; they wander all day in your home if you are using a pedometer to track the movement of your dog.

Then in the day end, it will become easy for you to find how much your dog walk in a day and what he needs more. You can decide the walk time of your dog and based on his daily activities, and it will require less time from your side.

6. Do not feed after a specific time

Stop feeding after a specific time, like you must not feed your dog after 7 PM. The reason is sometimes feeding in the late-night invite digestion and gas problems. So the dog needs to do his business or need to walk to digest the food which he eats late at night. Dog waking up at night is a serious issue for owners because it disturbs the sleep.

When you do not feed after 7 PM and offer a walk after that, means your dog is ready to sleep, there is nothing left for him today. You can offer him multiple meals in a day but not after 7 Pm. 

If you make a routine to provide a walk the late-night, prefer to provide water before the turn and let him sleep after a walk, do not engage him in any playful activity after a walk.

Some people are in favor to offer more to ear if a dog is not sleeping, we are not recommending this because they may require it to get him again on the walk which allows him to do his business.


7. Take on walk to do their business

Whenever you take your dog on the walk, you need to monitor the bad habits of your dog. It is necessary like sometimes dogs develop a bad habit to pee on the trees and other items which comes into their way. 

In the evening, they do not mind their normal business, so they wish to visit outside for the same and this bad habit can cost you shape disturbance. If they developed this habit, then offer them a walk in late evening for the same purpose.

8. Adjust the bed of your dog in your bedroom

If your dog is suffering from the anxiety of being alone, then shift his bed in your bedroom, so he will not feel along there. Most times, we find that, instead of medicines, this trick works well and dogs become comfortable in the owner’s room.

Dogs are the animals that emotionally attached with the owners and they need patting and love from the owner side and when there is no other companion or pet to company them it is best for keep them with you and offer them a restful sleep in your bedroom. 

It is also a cure for their anxiety issue, and they get full rest in this way.

9. Lock other pets away to create a better sleeping space for dog

Another idea in shape locking the pets also work well most of the times, in fact when you allow all of your pets, they keep visiting your sleeping space and disturb you especially the playful pets like cats and dogs. 

So, keep bothering you at night, so you need to provide them the separate area and prefer to lock each one separately solves the problem most time and everyone including you will get a restful sleep no pet will bother you during the sleep. 

And also do not allow to scratch the door and other things when they are set to sleep, prefer to keep the toys and other things out of their reach if your dog sleeping in bed, then do not allow other pets to disturb him. 

Until now, you explore a lot of options and hopefully find a valuable answer to what can I give my dog to sleep at night.

10. Confine your dog with a space buy a crate or arrange a carton box

Their anxiety push them to stay uncomfortable and they keep wandering here and there, to avoid these issue it is better to buy a suitable create for them, confine them in the crate and you can keep that in your bedroom or living room, may place that at the same place where you arrange his bed.

This idea works well for small breed, as they have lot of business to do when they are on the bed even, they get engaged with cates. So, when you confirm them and they cannot move there automatically they fell asleep.

Offer them a soft bed within crate, when you provide a cozy space in shape of crate, they will go to that space when the time come and it will release you from hard duty to make different arrangements on daily basis.

11. Get a second dog to keep your furry friend busy

Dogs are highly social animals when we confine them to limited space and do not spend ample time with them. This develops anxiety and loneliness issues, and such dogs become a problem. In nights they start whining, and they prefer to stay awake.

This is the oldest and working idea to bring another pet home, so both can play and become a companion for each other. It will reduce your duties too because two dogs play all day and in the night they will sleep well and never bother you. 

Moreover, according to vets, it is an excellent solution to cure anxiety in dogs, and they remain happy. This idea is the best answer to the “how to put a dog to sleep home remedies,” especially where multiple pets are not a problem.

12. Do not reward the Bad Habits

If you dog is not sleeping and you start playing with your dog or offer some inhouse activity this is a wring reward for your dog, in routine he starts expecting the same and do not sleep on time. 

So, when you are sure that all the activities of the dogs are done for todays and he is still not sleeping at that time do not offer any further rewards.

A wring reward can be a treat or a food when he is not sleeping, so avoid these to stay in routine.

Your attention is also a wrong reward for your dog and he will start expecting the same again and again so stay away in such situation and ignore all of his efforts to get your attention.

If you make it a habit to get attracted towards him when he is not sleeping it will change his behavior and he start expecting the same and it will become barrier in your restful sleep.

13. Provide more mental stimulation

What Can I Give My Dog to Sleep at Night

It is only possible when you arrange inhouse games like puzzle games for dogs, it is not necessary to for yourself to play with dog you can allow your kids to play these games with the dog. It will be a mental exercise and your dog will feel motivated and satisfied.

A variety of games are available you can choose one as per your need also consider the time of playing while buying a game.

14. Make them comfy

When you have a pet at home it your prime duty to arrange all the basic necessities for him and provide him an environment which he needs and deserve so he can stay at your home happy.

At least in a day you need to pay a visit to his place and check for the  basic requirements and also take care of his sleeping bed with respect to the weather like in the summer he need to stay cool and needs arrangement for the and in winter he may need a heating blanket to stay warm in his bed.

15. ​Make them Friend

what can i give my dog to sleep at night

Dogs develop a relation with the owner and this is long lasting from their side, they want attention and love from you, from their own side their panting is a extreme way of express their love. 

It is natural with them to love their own and it unconditional but in return they want attention from you, like if you walk with them keep them with you when you go outside for a walk or for fun the like it. They take it as a bound.

Do not ignore your dog because it will make him disturb and you might need some additional arrangements in that case.

Should you wake a sleeping dog?

Yes, you should if you notice that he is sleeping in the day time and it can cause a problem in the night. When dogs take excess sleep at the day that results in no-sleep in the night, this will create a situation for you to handle in the night. 

Especially there is a need to keep them awake in the evening. So have to deal with the general problem “up all night sleep all day.” usually, no medication or training required you need to awake your dog when you find him sleeping at the wrong time. 

Do puppies sleep a lot?

No doubt puppies sleep a lot, in fact, they spend most time in sleeping, and this is a reason they save energy to grow, if you are dealing with puppies sleeping then there is no need to worry for the same they will neer keep you awake in the night, even if wake up they again sleep in a no time.

Final Thoughts

Parents of small children know that how much it is difficult to spend the sleepless nights, but do think that pet parents also suffer from the same experience?

Many dog owners learn the hard way that how to grow a baby while spending many sleepless nights. 

This is the reason which convinces us to share the possible causes and solutions, so now there is no need to further wander for the answer to what can I give my dog to sleep at night, we can hope that from the possible solutions you find one that can assure you restful sleep in the night.

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