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A bark collar can detect the bark of a dog wearing a collar and provide a stimulus to disrupt the barking. It’s the most cost-effective and efficient way to stop excessive and nuisance barking, as well as it brings immediate results that no other way offer. Modern bark collars are also equipped with soft options like sound and vibrations which are used as warning signals to avoid static shock.

Providing shocks to dogs is controversial from the previous two decades many NGOs, pet-loving groups and other humane organizations are in the field to discourage the use of shock collars. But it’s not possible because this is the most cost-effective and time-saving solution to stop barking for household dog owners as well for trainers.

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We recently reviewed ten top rated bark collars, our review will helps you to find the right device for your dog. If you own a small dog you may choose one from safe bark collars for small dogs.

What are functions and stimulus settings available in bark collars?

Bark collars are made to curb excessive and nuisance barking. It’s a training tool so to make training safe and meaning full it is equipped with other functions like vibration and sound,


Professionally it’s similar to beeper but not powerful as a beeper, you may configure a dog collar to the only beep when the dog is barking but its not useful enough because in a house there are a lot of other appliances that sound in a similar way. So dogs do not pay any attention to the beep. But when a dog is trained for soft stimulation and warning signs to avoid the static correction there it plays its role well.


It is just like normal vibration but more powerful, just imagine a powerful vibration on a device that is directly connected to the vocal throat. It is powerful to stop the barking in dogs especially when they are trained for it and it’s considered a final warning sign before static correction.

Shock/Static Correction

An electric current in the controlled form is provided to a dog on his barking and device keep raising the level/intensity of shock until the dog keeps barking. But most of the time just one-time trigger played well and the dog stays quite. Training plays an important role to avoid static shock, and static shock is the most powerful and efficient way to control the excessive and nuisance barking.

Not all the bark collars are made equally especially when you have to use a bark collar for anxious and large breed dog. You must select a powerful dog collar that can provide strong stimulation to stop barking. Our review of strongest bark collars can provide all the information that you need to deal with the strong barkers.

Things to consider in a good bark collar

What is a progressive correction in bark collars?

A bark collar starts providing static correction from the level that is defined/settled by the dog owner and if the bark keeps coming then on every next bark the intensity is increased by one automatically and keep raising until the bark keeps coming. If it reaches to maximum and dog do not stop then the dog will receive a maximum shock in all of his next barks. There are ten best rated bark collars that are trusted by thousands of dog owners to stop nuisance barking you may consider one to deal with the situation.

Why is the purpose of modes?

Majority products in the market are equipped with three modes which are:

Tone, vibration and static shock this is the most common mode and you only have to select the intensity in this mode at very first the sound is provided and then if second bark comes a vibration stimulation is sent to dog and on the third bark a static correction is provided and after that device start increasing the intensity of shock on barks. this mode is designed to provide an opportunity to avoid static correction in a very organized way and well behave as well as trained dogs avoid the static correction many times.

Vibration and static shock mode, this mode of configured to provide vibration as a warning and then static shock on second bark and on very after bark it keeps raising the level of static correction.

Shock only mode, well this is the most aggressive mode it provides static stimulation from the very start and keeps raising the level of intensity on next barks. Usually, this is not advised even in training and when there is a need to stop nuisance barking.

How a bark collar detects barking?

To detect bark most if bark collars only depend on the sounds but a quality option equipped with two sensors vibration and sound. The mics (sound detection device) are made specially to catch the sound of a specific range of frequency and only transmit the right signals and vibration sensor detect the vibration in vocal throat for a specific pattern and if found it also gives a signal to a central processing unit or microprocessor.

What is the role of contact points in a bark collar?

Contact points are made of conductive material and act as a bridge between the electronics of collar and dog’s skin. Contact points transmit the electric shock to the skin and also make vibration meaningful. Quality of contact points and the size of contact points really matter. A right size according to the breed of your dog is necessary to transmit the stimulation properly. Quality contact points like made with silicone perform better and prevent skin irritation.

A safe bark collar usually cost more because they consist of sophisticated electronics but they can ensure to keep the dog unharmed and always provide a shock that will not damage the skin of your dog.

Is it Humane to use Modern bark collars?

Modern bark collars are completely human even now collars are available without shock that you can use to train your small friends and technology advancement as well as research makes it possible to develop electronics for the collar which can provide a safe and human shock which dog not hurt the dog. A shock is provided as negative reinforcement not to hurt the dog.

What is the Sequence of Automatic Operations of a Bark collar?

  • Detect bark through motion (throat vibration) and sound sensor, both are builtin in the collar
  • Process the data from both of censors in the central processor which is an intelligent chip to measure the parameters for a genuine bark, and if the signals found incorrect the process is killed by processing unit and if its right then
  • A stimulus according to the pre-configuration has triggered that reach to the dog in no time
  • Negative reinforcement force the dog to stop barking but if the second bark comes then with the same procedure a new more powerful stimulus triggered
  • This process continues until the dog stop barking
  • Security feature look after all the process and get activated if the number of stimuli increased to the maximum allowed and collar deactivated for some specific time
  • When the collar is in the sleep mode it takes one bark to get activated and on the second it starts acting normal
What is strength of shocks bark collar provides?

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There are hundreds of manufacturers but no on disclose the real intensity of the shock. As per our research and testing, most of the shock collars are made to provide a maximum of 5V 1AMP DC shock and on the lower side, it can be minimized to any amount. This DC current is more painful as compared to the same intensity of AC current and when it provides in momentary and in a combination of other warning functions it brings really good results. For your large and medium-size dogs, you can buy any good bark collar but if you own a small dog then you must go for bark collar for small dogs that are specifically made for small dogs.

Final Thoughts

A good quality bark collar is a competent device for behavioral modification that is a cost-effective way to curb barking behavior as well as effective. A bark collar brings immediate results. Dogs are quick learners and when they understand that on every bark they are being punished they stopped barking, once this habit is developed you can stop using the barking collar. Above we also discuss some of the considerations that can make a bark collar safe for your dog you must pay attention to them. Humane societies are advocating for safe and human training methods but that cost a lot and which a household dog owner cannot afford and modern shock collars are completely humane as we discuss earlier.

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