What Does A Dog Kennel Need?

What Does A Dog Kennel Need

If you’re considering buying a dog kennel for your pet, it’s important to know what you need. The most basic of these is the size of the kennel. This will depend on the length and height of your pet, so be sure to measure them before purchasing one.

You’ll also want it to have enough room for their food and water bowls, toys, bedding, or any other items they might need while in there. Here is a list of What Does A Dog Kennel Need!

  • Blanket or bed
  • Water
  • Food
  • Interacitve Toys

It’s also wise to make sure that they can’t get out when they’re in there – no matter how determined they are!

For this reason, many dog owners use fencing around their yards instead of using kennels inside their homes or garage. If you do choose to go with a kennel, make sure it’s escape-proof. Some owners use a combination of kenneling while inside and fencing while outside to keep their dogs happy and safe.

To determine what you need in your dog kennel, measure your pet’s height, length, and width. This will ensure that they fit comfortably into the space provided by the kennel.

Once you know what size your pet needs, choose a kennel that provides enrichment for them. This can include a place to sleep, a soft mat, or even one of those hanging toys they like so much!

If you choose to buy or build your own doggie playpen or dog run, make sure it meets your dog’s needs.

Puppies require chew-proof and waterproof blankets. Pups will gnaw through anything while teething, which includes blankets, t-shirts, and any other sort of fabric. You might believe putting their puppy blanket or your t-shirt in the kennel with them is a smart idea, but they’ll most likely gnaw through it.

If you allow your dog to rest in your living area then you might need a dog blanket for the couch or a dog blanket for the bed to protect your belongings.

What Is The Best Thing To Put In A Dog Kennel?

While you might need to put your dog in a kennel, particularly if there are young children in the house or you have a critical situation that requires them to be separated for a time, it can be difficult to know what to put into their kennel.

It is not appropriate for dogs to be locked up without anything else happening, and they do need to be provided with a few creature comforts and some entertainment or, at the very least, something that will keep them calm.

When dogs are in kennels, it can be disconcerting for them as they don’t know what is going on and many of them will become stressed.

This will only lead to them being more difficult to deal with as they don’t know what is going on and might become frustrated, so providing treats or other comforts can help keep this from occurring.

In addition, the dog may have access to some water but not enough that they will feel there has been a deprivation of it if something happens.

However, many owners feel that restricting their water intake will encourage them to be quieter, and ultimately this can lead to an easier time.

A kennel should provide a comfortable space for the dog, such as warmth and shelter from rain or snow. If they are not provided with this, they might become distressed and uncomfortable, making the problem even worse.

The type of bedding inside the kennel will depend on the breed of dog, but it should provide them with softness and warmth.

If you are concerned about them being too hot, then taking a towel or blanket outside might help, or even having someone pop into seeing them during their stay to ensure they are okay.

In addition to the space and bedding, many dogs love having a chew toy inside their kennel as this can help keep them entertained and distract them from chewing other things that they shouldn’t.

The toy should not be small enough for them to swallow but can provide some entertainment while also being something that can help to keep them occupied.

You also can put dog teeth cleaning toys inside the kennel and maybe a good quality chew brush for dogs which keeps the dog busy and also contributes towards good health.

Do Dogs Need Blankets?

Dogs are natural den animals, and for this reason, they will want to have something soft in which to lie. If you don’t provide them with a blanket or some other bedding inside their kennel, it could make them uncomfortable and anxious.

While it is not appropriate to use your own blanket, which will lead them to become too attached, you can purchase a soft blanket from a pet shop or find something else that they might enjoy lying on.  This could be an old cushion from around the house but ideally, something they don’t already have access to so they don’t become too attached to it.

Toys, Treats And Water.

Many dogs love having toys inside their kennel, and these can be particularly helpful if you have a pup that is teething or is going through a period of high energy where they might want to chew more than usual.  

As a dog owner, it’s important to know what is safe for them in the kennel, particularly if you have other dogs that might try and eat it.

If there are young children around then, it might be best not to leave toys inside the kennel for health and safety reasons, but you can always place food or treats inside their kennel.  

These do spoil quickly, so you will need to replace them regularly, but this is a better option than leaving food or water as they may become ill or choke on it if it remains in their kennel for an extended period of time.

Can A Dog Kennel Be Too Big Or Too Crowded With Stuff?

If your dog is in a kennel for too long without access to some form of entertainment, it can make them anxious and unrestrained.  

For this reason, you will need to ensure that there is enough room inside the kennel for these items and that they are not overcrowded or uncomfortable.

When picking out various forms of entertainment, it’s important to ensure that they are safe and won’t injure the dog if it chews on them.

For instance, providing a toy that can be easily ripped apart could lead to parts of the toy being swallowed, which may not be good for them.  If you have any concerns about certain types of toys, then it might be best to avoid them and find something that has been specifically made for dogs.

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