An e collar is a training tool for dogs which consist of a transmitter (remote) and collar that dog wear (Receiver & Strap). It is designed to provide stimulus/feedback to dog on the right time from a distance. 

Remote, it is a fully functional control of a receiver, from this device a trainer can select which type of stimulation to provide and the desired intensity, as well as customizable e collars, offer to make series of stimulation for better communication. Its consist of sophisticated electronics, software, battery, antenna, LCD, etc.

A receiver is a device that remains connected with the remote to receive command and transmit then to the dog. It consists of an antenna, battery, electronics, contact points and other hardware.

Collar strap, it needed to fix the receiver with on the neck of the dog, so the contact points can make their contact with the skin and any trigger stimulation reach to the dog effectively.

What does e collar stand for? in simple words its behavioural aiding tool or training tools for dogs which is capable to deliver command on the right time and multiple types of commands makes the training easy. It offers a lot of benefits that we discuss in detail below. Basically each of shock training collar equipped with three basic functions which are:

  • Beed/Sound
  • Vibration or Tapping Sensation
  • Electric shock (momentary or continuous)

what is an e collar

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There is a lot of debate that shock collars are inhumane for dogs because they produce shocks. Here a dog owner needs to understand that an e collar is not similar to the shock collar that was invented in 1970.

The modern shock collar provides electric pulses instead of a powerful electric current and these pulses are not harmful to dogs and even do not left any burning mark. They are also equipped with two other functions beep and vibration to provide options when someone do not want to use shock as a stimulus.

E collars are complete training packages that can be used for multiple purpose & great tools to use in any type of training, Some of the e collars pros are:

  • Adjustable Intensity, Modern collars give the flexibility to select a suitable mode and intensity level, this is the comfort for people who are on the fence about using a shock collar. Such flexibility is available with only e collars.
  • Fast Results, it takes only a few tries to correct the behaviour, dogs quickly learn how to stop the unwanted stimulation.
  • No need to be in-ground, you can send a command from a distance and no need to stand beside your dog to train him. You may train your dog at home.
  • Affordable, human trainers cost a lot but e collar does not, with little learning you can train your dog at own and can save thousands of dollars

Under listed are 10 top-rated e collars that you can confidently use to train your dogs.

1 Fittor Shock Collar for Dogs Compat, Lightweight, Long Range, Advance FeaturesUnder $50
2 Pexup Small Dog Training Collar Stylish, Lightweight, Medium Range, Advance Features
3 TBI Pro Professional Dog Shock Training Collar 4 Functions, Lightweight, Medium Range, Advance Features
4 Pawious Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar Compact, Medium Range, Advanced Electronics
5 DOG CARE Waterproof Training Collar Compact, Highly configurable
6 OMORC Remote Wake Up Dog Shock Collar Reflective collar, Light Weight, Compact
7 PetSafe Elite Little Dog Remote Trainers Durable, Long-lastingUnder $100
8 PetSafe Remote Trainer for Puppies and Small Dogs Compact, Advance Features, Large LCD Display, Modren ElectronicsUnder $150
9 PATPET Dog Shock Collar with Remote Compact, Light Weight, New Design Under $50
10 DOG CARE Dog Training Collar with Remote Most Modern, Compact, Light-Weight Choice

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What is an e collar used for?

The basic purpose is to train the dog at own or to add convenience for trainers. As we know well professional human trainers charge a lot of money to train the dogs, on average a human-dog trainer charge $25 per hour in the USA.

Not all of household dog owner can bear this hefty cost and here comes the need of training collars which can be a good alternative of human-dog trainers. With an e collar, a dog owner can train his dog at home or at any open space, some of its basic usages are:

  • Adjustable Intensity, Modern collars give the flexibility to select a suitable mode and intensity level, this is the comfort for people who are on the fence about using a shock collar. Such flexibility is available with only e collars.
  • Fast Results, it takes only a few tries to correct the behaviour, dogs quickly learn how to stop the unwanted stimulation.
  • No need to be in-ground, you can send a command from a distance and no need to stand beside your dog to train him. You may train your dog at home.
  • Affordable, human trainers cost a lot but e collar does not, with little learning you can train your dog at own and can save thousands of dollars

An e collar is a complete training solution and usage is not limited to above-listed points. An e collar can be used for different types of training effectively and it makes training effective, time-saving and saves cost as well.

How does an e collar work?

An e collar for a dog employs a radio signal that delivers a mild stimulus sent via remote to the collar worn by the dog’s neck. It can encouragement on positive behavior or on the accomplishment of a task or a warning/punishment to discourage negative behavior with commands. The stimulation that the receiver produce on the commands from remote distracts the dog with an unpleasant sensation. 

The sensation from the receiver startles and is briefly unpleasant but it does not harm dogs, its designed to get the dog’s attention that helps the dog refocus. The basic function is the use of stimulation to reinforce the commands that dog already know such are come, sit, etc.

Dogs are quick learners they learn to stop receiving stimulus by responding positively to a command. The stimulus can also be used to curb the nuisance barking, chasing and even destructive chewing. As we write earlier the modern days collar provide a human shock that does not harm the dogs, it just acts similar to the tapping on the shoulder of the dog.

Benefits of E collars

How far of a distance do these collars work from? 

It depends on your budget and the model that you select for the training of your dog. Most of the e collars under $50 are made for an effective range of 300 yards which is more than enough. With such a range you can train your dog at home, in gound or at any open place.

For professional medium to long-range collars are also available, medium-range collars with a range of almost 2000 cost above $100 and long-range collars that can cover up to a mile cost more than $200.

What is the best e collar for dogs?

It’s not easy to find the best e collar for your dog because every collar is not the same and not manufactured with the same care. You need to set criteria to find the right training collar for your dog like you must consider below-listed points:

  • Look for the right range you need
  • Pay attention to battery type and times, lithium-ion batteries are good
  • Comfortable & adjustable collar strap
  • Compact & lightweight receiver
  • Quick processing/command sending
  • Easy to hold and operate the design of Remote

Our guide what is the best shock collar helps you to know more about features of best collars. For your convenience, earlier we listed the top ten e collars which are trusted by thousands of customers and made for safe and human training of dogs.

Where to buy an e collar?

There can be a lot of places to buy e collars but we recommend amazon because a huge variety is available with them and they are trusted at all, All of the above-listed collars are available at the Amazon on best price.

How much is an e collar?

It wisely depends on your requirement like, how much range you need to train your dog? how many numbers of dogs do you need to train simultaneously? what customization adn convenience you want? The overall cost of an e collar depends on many factors like:

  • Range
  • Configurability/customization of commands
  • Number of working dogs
  • Quality/controls on remote
  • Battery timings
  • Waterproofing
  • Quality of collar strap and size of the receiver

The range, working number of dogs and customization are three main factors that impact the cost of an e collar, long-range, higher number of working dogs and customization cost more. More options mean more cost, there are some well-known manufacturers who always priced their product on the higher side but the products with nearly the same features are also available in less cost.

Just research well before buying a training collar for your dog, you will definitely find a cost-effective solution.

What size e collar for my dog will be perfect?

Remotes and receivers are the same and collar straps are adjustable you can adjust the strap and can cut the extra length to keep the collar comfortable for your dog. As a general guideline, we advise to measure the girth of your dog’s neck and add two inches in that the size you get is your requirement. All of the e collars available in the market are universally adjustable.

How to put an e collar on a dog?

How should an e collar fit? this is a question that every new trainer must ask. here is a clear answer in this video:

What is e collar training?

Any training of your dog that you conduct while using e collar is called e collar training. nowadays there are three types of training the very first one is called human-dog trainers, second is pinch collar training and the third adn most effective one is e collar training. Nowadays it gets a lot of popularity, it’s cost-effective and brings quick results.

Do e collars hurt dogs?

Moderne collars are smart and designed for the safety of the dogs, like nearly all of the devices comes with a security feature that stops sending stimulation after a number of continuous stimulation which helps to protect the dogs from over shocking. Even the maximum stimulus level will not hurt your dog or leave a burn. Here is some consideration that will help you make the training safe for your dog:

  • The Shock, You may think that shocks are harmful to dogs, yes it can be but modern collars are designed to keep the dogs safe and they are equipped with the technology to control the intensity level so it’s you who need to select a right stimulation level for your dog, the best option is to start from the zero and stop on the level on which you start getting response.
  • The Fear, it can be dangerous in dogs and may lead the training to somewhere else, dog owner training is necessary to know when not to provide a shock to dog and how to get a response, some times it’s better to show dogs what you expect in the response of a command.
  • Over-Correction, unintentional and so often stimulations are also dangerous for dogs. Maybe a kid or a malfunction causes the overcorrection so keep an eye on the functionality and test from time to time, and to save your dog from kids use shock collar only during training time, put it off otherwise.
  • No Positive Reward, for positive and quick results you need to provide positive reinforcement to your dog in shape of treats on each good act and accomplishment of tasks. Your dog will stay more focused and pay attention to your commands when you provide reinforcement. Once he learns all of your commands you can gradually decrease the positive reinforcement.

There are a lot of negative views about the shock collars and many of them are real because when as a trainer or dog owner you do not pay attention to the safety of your dog, the training and shocks can become dangerous for dogs. You need to find an optimal stimulation level for your dog to get his attention, not the highest level is the only way to get a response from the dog. Below we listed some of the common mistakes that most the novice trainers do, put your efforts to avoid them:

common mistakes to avoid in e collar training

I want my dog safe and have a big life, everyone wishes in the same way for his dog. So prefer to train your dog at a low level, it will keep your dog safe. To get the right level for your dog you need to take a start from the lest setting and when finding one then do not change for at least three days even you are not getting the desired response from your dog. When someone is saying this training tool is cruel that means they totally ignore the safe use of e shock collar.

Are e collars suitable for dogs after surgery?

No, it’s not. After surgery of your dog, you need to allow him to rest until he fully recovers. During a recovery stage providing a stimulus to a dog is not humane and it’s not advised at all. Give him some time to recover and once he is fully recovered consult with a vet to know either he is ready for training or not. Do not decide at your end as it may harm your dog severely.

Should I buy one for my dog?

No dog is perfect, a chance of betterment always remain there. Even if you own a well behaved and trained dog you might need an e collar to correct him somewhere and in some particular action. But keep in mind you should have knowledge about their use. The collar becomes effective and brings really good results when you train yourself on how to use them or work with a qualified trainer. 

It’s not recommended that you try an e collar without fully familiarizing yourself with the training methods that can be used for e collars. Language, reward, voice, and method everything matters so watch a training video or consult with a professional trainer. Overall and e collar is a great tool to train a dog.

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