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There is always a cause behind a bark because this is a normal way of communication for them. Many of the time, when they are frustrated or excited, they bark a lot, and that becomes a problem for family as well as for neighbors like you.  

The good things about dogs are they can learn when to put a lid on it and when it is appropriate to bark, but more difficult sometimes is educating the owners about how to deal with their dog’s unwanted behavior. 

what to do if my neighbors dog wont stop barking

This is the reason you are searching for the answer to “what to do if my neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.” At first, please take note of the dog’s barking frequency and particularly note that when he barks and for how much time he keeps barking. This activity will let you know how much noise is actually coming into your unit.  

First Option 

Well, the very first option is to politely knock at your neighbor’s door and have a chat about the barking and ask for a solution. In most cases, when neighbors ask to discuss such an issue, the owners think of the solution. We can imagine how difficult it is to perform your typical jobs when you hear the continuous barks like you are unable to hear your television and perform your normal task; in fact, you cannot concentrate on anything due to this disturbance. 

The loudest ultrasonic dog deterrent with a good long-range can be a solution in such times as your neighbor cannot hear the noise created by ultrasonic devices.

What are the Possible problems behind barking?

Well, if your neighbor is not at home during the day, they might not realize the nuisance his dog is creating all over the day. You may advise installing a dog cam to really figure out what can set off the dog in such a situation. Maybe other dogs, birds, and squirrels are a reason behind the situation because they react when dogs see such things. If this is a reason, then the solution will be easy to restrict access to the room. 

In most cases, we find that most dogs need a midday walk, and when they do not get it, they start creating the problem; a pet sitter or interactive toys can solve this issue.

With such light issues as a good solution, you can advise your neighbor to buy the strongest bark collar, which provides long battery life and can work the whole day effectively. 

Collectively Ask for Solution

For a person who comes home tired, nothing is more frustrating and irritating than hearing the loud resonating bark over and over again, sometimes through the night also. Definitely, it is not a problem on which you want to fall out with your neighbor, but at the same time, you want a solution to the problem. There can be many soft options that work most of the time as we are a human being who cares for each other, especially when you are living in an apartment then consider that you are not alone. 

There will be many people who are suffering from the same issue so try talking to them and collectively ask for the solution to your neighbor.

what to do if my neighbors dog wont stop barking

So, you tried all the gentle approached but that is not working in your case and you do not want to file a legal complaint against your neighbor then I is the right time to think differently and start considering some gadgets which can be helpful in such case.

Start using Gadgets

Some smart gadgets can help you a lot to overcome the barking issue and the good thing is you can use these gadgets on your own there is no need for dog owner’s participation, let’s have a look at these,

Dog Whistle

The good thing is you can find dog whistles online in just the $5 to $15 range and can keep them with you as an ultimate solution to the barking. Like at home, keep the whistle with you or at a place from where you can find it with ease, and when the dog starts barking, just blow the whistle, and it will quiet the dog instantly. Dog whistle creates a sound that scares the dogs, and they stop barking.

But here, the real issue is you need to blow it manually, but these are effective as dog-whistle emit ultrasonic range sound that a human being cannot listen to. So, your neighbor will remain totally unaware of this practice, and on every bark, if you blow the whistle and keep this routine for the two-week time period, this will become a training day for the dog. And slowly, the dog will decrease his barking if you drive him nuts on every bark.

Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent of 2019

Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent device can be a fully automated solution to the problem; such devices are equipped with the sensor to detect the bark from the specific range and then trigger the ultrasonic noise as per pre-defined setting such devices are available for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

Most of these devices run on a 9V battery which is enough for a month, and an automatic setting makes it possible to quiet the dog automatically without human intervention.

what to do if my neighbors dog wont stop barking

These devices can be used for any age dog above 6 months and any breed. These Ultrasonic dog deterrents are more powerful then the whistle and durable, their waterproof capability make them withstand in any weather condition. 

Due to their tiny size, you can hide them in the tree, in a small plan and when no human can hear them that means it will hard to find them.


When you set them to work against the bark of a neighbor dog and hand in a place where it can detect the dog’s bark directly and can trigger an ultrasonic sound, it can automatically perform the job and get activated on the very first bark. 

As per our experience, it really helps to train the dog, and one month is really enough to teach the dog a lesson, and you will notice a decrease in the bark.


These devices are only good when they are placed within the specified distance and their bark detection sensor must face the dog. Most of the devices offer an effective range of 50 feet’s so if neighbors dog is within this range then you can fix this device in your home at outer wall at a place where it faces the dog and you are don, but if the distance is large then 50 feet then prefer to hide it near the dog or gift this device to your neighbor will also work for you.

Final thoughts

I think until now; you have found the right answer to “what to do if my neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking.” There is a bundle of soft options that you can adopt for a solution. Still, the most effective and the last one is dog whistle and then the automatic ultrasound device, if you are sufferings, are unbearable. You must choose the automatic ultrasonic device because nothing can beat it. It’s the most effective and reliable solution.  

When you start applying your solution, it might make them angrier, and they bark more, but your persistence will pay off; the dog will have ultrasonic sound but don’t worry, it will not hurt them when he realizes that sound comes whenever he barks as a punishment so it will stop.

We know that it’s not easy to quiet the neighbor’s dog but leaving a problem as it is not a solution because you may suffer on your resting time, so there cannot be a single solution every situation is different by finding a long-range and loudest ultrasonic bark limiter is a most authentic solution that has the capability to control the barking of your neighbor’s dog.

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