What is the alternative of bark collars?

Whats a bark collar? A bark collar is a modern device, a combination of sophisticated electronics, hardware, and battery packed into a compact container that can be attached to a strap to tie on the neck of the dog. It can effectively detect the bark of a dog from throat vibration and sound then examine it and if found right it provides a correction either a beep, vibration or shock to disrupt the bark. Every time dog bark he receives a correction that disrupts his bark and it forces the dog to stay quiet and helps to alter the barking behavior of the dog.

Bark collars are specifically designed as training collars for the dogs with a tendency to bark excessively. The basic concept behind providing a powerful correction is to negatively reinforce the barking behavior that helps over time to alter that barking behavior.

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Technology plays a vital role in the development of modern ear bark collars, now such devices are equipped with many additional features like, with the dual sensor bark collars can effectively detect a bark and do not trigger correction if the bark is coming from some else dog, sleep and standby mode to save battery, safety features to save a dog from excessive corrections, etc.

In recent years it becomes controversial as many people consider it abuse to dogs. But its most effective and time-saving training tool to correct the barking behaviour of a dog, as we discuss earlier modern technology make it possible to provide a humane shock to dog, that does not leave burn marks and hurt him seriously.

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What are the types of no-bark collar?

(i) Humane No-Bark Collars

Humane bark collars also called no shock collars usually used for well behave and trained the dog because such dogs are good with soft commands and just warning bring good results from them. Humane bark collars can detect the bark and deliver correction either a beep or a vibration. They are based only on two types of correction beep and vibration that can be used in series and combination o form different commands. No shock means no harm to the dog, these collars are ideal for people who consider shocking an inhumane way to train the dogs. Read our review of top-rated no shock collar.

(ii) Citronella No-Bark Collars

It emits a spray of citronella liquid when the dog begins nuisance bark. For bark detection, it depends on the same technology as humane bark collar and shock collar does. Citronella spray is unpleasant for dogs and it irritates them and fears them and will deter any further barking. With citronella bark collar, you need to refill the citronella spray in the collar and recharge the collar for further working. Usually, it involves higher operating costs.

(iii) Shock Collars

Shock is not a very first and preferred way of correction in these collars but its the ultimate one. Shock collars are cost-effective and bring more effective and efficient results as compared to another type of training collars. These collars deliver a shock to the dog when a bark detected. For behavioral modification and teaching a dog to stay quite becomes easy with these collars. A lot of variety and a lot of features are available in these collars that you can choose as per temperament of your dog, or as per breed and size. Here you can find 10 top-rated bark collars and an in-depth review of them.

What does a bark collar do to a dog?

A good quality bark collar depends on a vocal throat vibration and sound detection, a good quality sound sensor is necessary that can detect the sound of specific frequency. The data from voice sensor and vibarion sensor then sent to the processor inside the collar, that decide about the legitimacy of bark and then according to the pre-defined setting deliver a correction.

A correction in shape of shock is provided if dogs do not bother to the warning signals, a shock collar basically equipped with three basic functions 

  1. Beep/sound
  2. Vibration or tapping sensation
  3. Shock

The first two functions serve as a warning, a well behaved and trained dog quite barking when the warning is delivered. If the dog keeps barking then a shock with a controlled voltage is delivered through the conductive connectors and dog feel that. Most of the shock collars are equipped with multiple levels of stimulation based upon how quickly the dog learns.

If the dog doesn’t stop the collar will keep providing progressive shocks until the dog learns. To keep the dog’s unharmed quality shock collars are equipped with a security feature that shut off the collar when the shock is provided continuously for a specific time.

The modren collars are made to prevent correction/shock on the bark of other dogs and on the head shaking, as well as their dafety machnism keep the dogs safe from excessvie shocks.

What is a static bark collar?

A bark collar that can deliver the shock to correct the nuisance barking is called static bark collar. Static bark collar and shock collar are the same things just different names of the same device. In fact, when people ask for static bark collar they mean to provide shock directly without warning signals that one can configure on the shock collar.

How much a bark collar cost?

A bark collar cost from 25$ to 100$, the more you pay the more you get, when you are paying a  higher cost you will get more features. Most quality bark collars with a good rating are available from 35$ to 50$ range. But the options from well-known manufacturers cost more because these are the most reliable and durable collars.

You must consider the temperament of your dog before buying a collar if you own a hard to train a dog or a tough dog then prefer to buy quality options instead of cheap ones. For a well-behaved dog, you can choose any of collar as per your budget. Also, look or features like progressive correction and safety features.

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What age can you use a bark collar?

The age to introduce and start bark training cannot be same for all breeds but most of the manufacturer recommends six months as the minimum age to use bark collars, it is always beneficial to hold off and wait for at least eight months. Six months is a good general guideline, do not start before. If there is a need to disrupt barking of the puppy then you can use a humane collar with beep or vibration but shocks are not recommended for dogs below six months of age. There is another factor that is the voice which is a basic thing to detect for delivering a correction. Puppies below the age of six sound different and their voice frequency is hard to detect by a standard bark collar so maybe a bark collar remains ineffective on a puppy and eventually, you use the collar on a higher setting, that may harm him.

Is it good to use no bark collar for toy breeds?

The shock from the standard collar may harm your small furry friend, the majority of manufacturers made collars for dog above 5lbs, if your dog weighs above 5 lbs then you can use any good quality bark collar. But if he weighs less then consider special collars that are made to control the shock at the maximum and minimum level or collars made especially for the small dogs. Or you may consider humane collar for small dogs that depend on vibration and sound only. Please read our review of the smallest bark collars these are human bark collars and depend only on vibration and sound. We also review the best shock collars for small dogs which comes with the highest configuration levels and can be configured to provide no shock stimulation

What is a good bark collar?

If you consider only the price then it will become hard to find a good no bark collar, we have outlined some of the features that you must look into a collar before buying one. If a collar has these features then surely you can buy that and it can serve you best to train your dogs. 

  1. 2 Detection sensors, a good bark collar must be equipped with sound and throat vibration detection sensors to detect a legitimate bark.
  2. Equipped with three functions, Should have all of three functions beep, vibration, and shock.
  3. Senstivity levels, at least five sensitivity levels, the greater number of levels provide better control over the intensity of the shock.
  4. Upgraded processor, must be equipped with an upgraded processor to process the data and eliminate any chance of the wrong correction, correction on head shaking or on other’s bark.
  5. Multiple configuration, can be configured to deliver warning first, configurable to form and deliver different commands while using all of three functions or have builtin modes.
  6. Quality Battery, equipped with quick recharge and a long-lasting lithium-Ion battery which can last for at least 10 to 15 days.
  7. Long-lasting and adjustable strap along with easy to use a buckle.
  8. Waterproof, a waterproof collar allows your dog to keep performing normal activities like he can swim, play with water and can enjoy the rain.
  9. Compact and lightweight, small size is easy to carry for dog and they may bother to carry a heavyweight collar all the time.
  10. The security feature is essential because in case your dog does not stop barking the security feature can stop sending the correction or turn off the device for a specific time.


What is the alternative of bark collars?

Truly, there is no such alternative available with the similar benefits, some people consider ultrasonic bark deterrents as an alternative but the sound emitted by ultrasonic bark deterrent become a punishment for all of the dogs who come in its range.

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