Why Does My Dog Sleep So Close to Me?

why does my dog sleep so close to me

Dogs are notorious for wanting to be close to their owners, and many people believe that this is because they want to feel protected. However, dogs are known to be loyal and loving animals, and many pet owners swear by the close bond they share with their furry friends.

But why do dogs sleep so close to us? New research has shed some light on this question, and the reasons may surprise you.

So let’s explore why does my dog sleep so close to me!

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It’s in Canine Genes to Sleep Against You

As humans, we are not the only species that have close contact with other pack members. Dogs also enjoy getting close to their owners and love to snuggle.

It’s essential for dogs to feel like they are part of the pack by being physically close to you, so they will cuddle up next to you while sleeping or relax with their head on your lap.

It is a security behavior

Dogs are brilliant animals that have been domesticated for hundreds of years. They will sleep close to their owners because they feel safe and secure.

It is a social behavior

Dogs enjoy being near their pack, including humans and other animals. Therefore, your dog will likely sleep close because he wants to be near the rest of his pack members.

To Make the Bond Stronger

Dogs don’t sleep as much as humans, but they love to rest and recharge their energy. They will need as much as 10 hours of sleep a day, so if you’re wondering why your dog sleeps so close, maybe he wants some company.

It is important to note that the bond you and your dog share is ultimately up to you, even for these reasons.

By understanding why sleeping close to us can benefit both pet and owner, we can create a truly unbreakable bond.

To Overcome Separation Anxiety

Many dogs are known to suffer from separation anxiety. It is typically seen in younger, more excitable pets that haven’t had enough time to learn how to behave properly.

Sleeping close can help keep your dog calm and even reduce their stress levels during the day.

It makes it feel more secure

Dogs are very loyal pets who will do whatever they need to make their owners happy.

If your dog feels like sleeping near you is the best way to feel safe and secure, they will likely follow suit.

It is being affectionate

Countless studies prove how beneficial being affectionate with your pets is for both animal and human health.

Sleeping close will allow you to cuddle throughout the night, which can be very beneficial for your emotional wellbeing.

It gives them a sense of accomplishment

Dogs are known to be intelligent creatures that want nothing more than to please their owners.

By sleeping close to you, your dog will feel like they have done a good job and will be more inclined to follow suit the next night.

His bed is not comfortable

Many pet owners will buy a dog bed for their furry friends, but many dogs find these beds to be very uncomfortable.

If your dog sleeps close to you, it may be because he wants to be around the warmth of your body or doesn’t want to sleep alone.

He is looking for your warmth

Dogs are cold-blooded creatures, so they rely on their environment to keep them warm.

If your dog sleeps close to you, it is likely because he feels safer and more secure by doing so, which may mean that he feels warmer this way.

It gets rewards from you

Your dog sleeps close to you because they love being around you. If your dog is sleeping next to you, he trusts and loves you unconditionally.

He will be happier when he gets a treat or a pat on the head from his favorite person!

It means he is loyal

Dogs are some of the most loyal animals you will ever meet. When a dog sleeps close to their owner, they feel safe and secure around them.

Dogs are not packed animals by nature, but this may be their instinct if they have been domesticated for many years.

To educate dog owners we recently added a few new resources like why do dogs sleep with their bum facing you and the pros and cons of dogs sleeping in your that will help you to better understand the sleeping habits of your furry friend.

The solution to Convince Your Dog to Sleep Somewhere Else

Dogs need plenty of sleep to function properly and maintain their high level of intelligence.

If you are trying to convince your dog to sleep somewhere else, ensure they get at least 10 hours of uninterrupted rest every night.

If your dog hasn’t been sleeping alone for long, it will take some time before he falls; here are solutions that you can implement to let him sleep somewhere else.

1. Ignore Your Dog Sleeping Next To You

If your dog sleeps close to you, resist the urge to pet them. If you give him attention when he’s on your bed or let him cuddle with you, it will only reinforce his behavior and make it worse for future attempts.

2. Figure Out What Your Dog Wants

Try working on getting your dog to sleep somewhere else by using the same methods you use to train him for anything else, like sitting down or giving you his paw.

Sit on your bed and ignore him until he comes over so that he feels the need to follow suit.

3. Don’t Bring Him Up On The Bed

Many people will bring their dogs upon their beds with them at some point, but this is actually a bit counterproductive. It will make your dog more inclined to sleep up there and spend less time elsewhere.

If you place his bed near yours instead he may decide that sleeping on the ground isn’t bad!

4. Give Him More Attention Elsewhere

If anything, your dog wants your attention and affection. If you give him more attention and affection in your bedroom, he will be less inclined to sleep up there and may instead choose to go someplace else.

5. Reward Your Dog for Sleeping Elsewhere

Whether with a treat or a pat on the head, your dog will be more encouraged to sleep somewhere else if you reward him for doing so.

By rewarding him after he spends time sleeping in another room, your dog will learn that sleeping there is what gets him the most attention and affection.

6. Target Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If your dog has separation anxiety when you leave, you can consider using Treat-Dispensing Toys like the Pet Tutor.

The Pet Tutor allows you to teach your dog how to entertain themselves for periods by feeding them their favorite foods in it.