Why Use A Double Door Dog Crate? ( The Benefits)

Why Use A Double Door Dog Crate

Why Use A Double Door Dog Crate?

The dog crate is the perfect place for your pet to get some rest. It’s their personal space where they can feel safe and secure while you’re away from home. We all know how important it is that our pets are comfortable, happy, and healthy, but did you know there are different types of crates?

Let me share some information on one of the most popular varieties: a double-door dog crate. 

A double-door dog crate is great because it offers more freedom than other models. Your pet has access to two doors instead of just one, which means they have more opportunities to relax in any position they choose without having to worry about being cramped inside their enclosure.  

The extra door also provides flexibility when potty training, traveling, or moving to a new place. So let’s explore thoroughly Why Use A Double Door Dog Crate?

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How Does A Double-Door Dog Crate Work? 

The primary function is to keep your pet safe while you are away from home for an extended time. This means that it’s essential they have plenty of room to lie down and stretch without being at risk of bumping into walls or other items.

The doors allow them to do just that while allowing you to reach in and offer affection without having to go all the way inside their enclosure. In addition, if your pet isn’t used to being crated, then the double door may help calm them down by providing them with an escape route.

If you know your pet isn’t fond of being locked up inside a dog kennel, then the double door provides them with just that – an escape route.

When they face one direction and feel closed in on by walls, then they’ll likely try to go through the enclosure’s only doorway, which is not always possible depending on its size.

The doors also aid in potty training because you can set up a small litter box or other items near one side, so they have easy access to it while you are away.

If there is no door on one side, then your pet may choose not to use it at all simply because they don’t want to step outside of their comfort zone, even it means relieving themselves wherever they are.

Why Do Dogs Have Double Door Crates?

Dogs have double-door crates for a variety of reasons. The first is the fact that they offer more freedom than a single-door design.

Your pet can easily access both doors, which means there’s less of a chance of having accidents since they have two options instead of just one.

Another reason dogs love double door dog crates is that it provides them with an escape route, making potty training more accessible and preventing them from feeling cooped up inside their enclosure.

They always have an exit nearby, so if they need to let you know it’s time for walkies, then they’ll be able to do so without any problem.

Here are some Specific Benefits:

  1. Improves Crate Training
  2. Easier to Clean
  3. Better Positioning in the House
  4. Coaxing Scared Dogs
  5. Tending to Sick Dogs
  6. Better for Obese Dogs
  7. Ideal for 2 Dogs
  8. Feeding Your Dog is Easier

1. Improves Crate Training

If you are potty training your dog, then having two doors can help. You can use one side as an area where they relieve themselves to get the idea that this is where they should go each time nature calls.

When it comes to feeding, you’ll have much more room, depending on how big your pot is. Some double door crates even have divider panels that allow you to adjust the space your dog has available for lying down and stretching without them feeling cramped inside their enclosure.

2. Easier to Clean

Cleaning a single-door crate isn’t impossible, but double-door models make it much easier because there are fewer interior nooks and crannies where dirt, dust, etc., can accumulate.

With the double door design, you’ll be able to vacuum and wipe down surfaces in a matter of minutes without having to worry about missing spots or struggling with items that fall in between bars.

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3. Better Positioning In The House

Some dogs will lie down in the back, front, or even side of their enclosure depending on what is comfortable for them, so they must have plenty of room to do this.

If there is only one door in a single-door crate, then your pet may not feel comfortable getting in certain positions because they feel closed in by walls, leading to potty training problems. However, with two doors available, they’ll be able to go where they please, which helps train them much faster when combined with patience and repetition.

It’s also much easier for you to move around their crate because it is now wider, not taller like most single-door models are. So, for example, they can be placed in the center of a room or wherever you want rather than against a wall if that is where the door happens to be located.

4. Coaxing Scared Dogs

Many dogs become anxious when it comes to crating them because they feel closed in with no way out, which is why some companies make crates with doors on both sides or even front and back openings which create more freedom for your pet.

When trying to coax a scared dog into their enclosure, having double doors makes this task much easier since there is less chance of them feeling trapped.

5. Tending to Sick Dogs

Accessing your pet quickly is essential when they have a medical emergency or are very sick, so opening both doors from the outside soon makes this task infinitely more accessible and more practical.

With a single-door design, you would need to open that one door and then try and squeeze through it, which can be difficult if your pet is in the back of their crate where there isn’t much room for maneuvering around them.

This is why double door crates work better because you’ll never struggle with getting inside as you might with a smaller single-door enclosure.

Better For Obese Dogs Even though some pets lose weight when placed on diets, others do not, especially owners who love to share their meals with their furry friends.

If your pet is overweight, then having double doors allows you to place a large pillow or another type of cushion between the two for them so they can be more comfortable and content when inside. However, with single door crates, it may be difficult, even impossible, to fit something like this in depending on its location and how much your dog weighs, so you’ll want to look at all these factors before choosing which option is right for your pet.

6. Ideal For 2 Dogs

You don’t have to get two of the same crate if you plan to house multiple pets because some models feature pens, divider panels, and more than one entrance/exit point.

Suppose you’re looking for something genuinely dual-purpose. In that case, one of these double door crates is an excellent option as they offer much more flexibility and freedom than traditional cages do. Not only do they provide separate spaces for canines to rest, but there are doors on both sides, so each animal has the run of the place if desired.

This makes it easier to feed, exercise, and play with your pets because all their supplies and toys will be kept inside and food/water bowls, which save a lot of time, especially if your yard isn’t huge or you live in an apartment where space is limited.

7. Feeding Your Dog is Easier

When you’re trying to feed an upset or sick dog that won’t eat on its own, then let them see what’s going on around them is essential, which is why these crates with double doors are great.

With single-door designs, they can feel closed in and intimidated by this, so they may not eat at all if they don’t have a way out without a lot of coaxing from you, which can be challenging, especially if your pet is very ill. As a benefit, the more expansive space allows you to fit more food and water bowls inside so your pet will never go hungry regardless of how stubborn they are when it comes to consuming nutrients.

Prevents Chewing If you have a puppy that loves chewing up things, then getting them a double door crate prevents this, which is why it is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t spend hundreds of dollars on chewed up shoes, furniture, and more.

Ideally, your pet will learn what can and cannot be chewed. Still, some pups are stubborn and very persistent when they see something they want to taste, so putting them in a roomy enclosure with two points of egress makes this much easier for owners because the puppy can’t get into trouble as quickly.

This saves you time and money because there won’t be any damaged items to replace or repair after purchasing an enclosure like this.

8. Can Be Used Indoor or Outdoor

Can Be Used Indoors & Outdoors As mentioned earlier, these crates can provide multiple access points, which means you can use them indoors or outdoors with little difficulty.

They should be large enough to accommodate your pet comfortably, but adjustable dividers are available that allow you to customize the space based on their needs.

If your pet likes to spend time outside, then using one of these double door crates is perfect because it offers them a lot more freedom than standard cages do, so they will love being inside of theirs.

With second-rate enclosures, you may not be able to leave their side, especially if the section isn’t huge, so this type provides much more peace of mind for all parties involved.

What Type Of Dog Will Benefit From A Double Door Crate?

A double door crate is beneficial for just about any dog that needs to be kept confined, whether because they are still a puppy or your pet has some separation anxiety.

These models are beneficial if you own more than one pet, as they can enjoy the benefits of resting in their respective spaces.

Not only does this offer them an escape route, but it allows owners to feed, play with, and train them separately, which is why these enclosures are ideal for single pups, duos, and even groups of 3+ dogs, depending on what they’re comfortable with.

What Size Of Dog Is This Meant For?

The larger the enclosure is , the more freedom your dog will have because there won’t be anything that restricts how close they can be to you.

This also means that there will be more space for them to move around, making this an excellent option for aging pets or large breeds that need a lot of room when they’re resting or playing with their owners.

A smaller pet won’t have as much space, but these are still great options if your dog is too big for other crates because at least they can stand up, turn around, and stretch out in the enclosure, so it’s well-deserved rest time.

Which Breeds Work Best With Double Door Crates?

There doesn’t seem to be a specific type of dog that works best with this enclosure because they are beneficial to canines from all breeds and sizes.

For example, a young puppy will enjoy the extra room, while an older dog may appreciate having some freedom when you’re not at home.

However, the particular breed of your pup won’t matter as much as their size and age, so make sure they aren’t growing too fast or already full-grown before purchasing something like this for your pet.

Should I Get A Single Or Double Door Dog Crate?

The choice between a single door and double door model will ultimately depend on the needs of your canine.

Both designs have pros and cons, but each has its perks that pets will enjoy, so making a decision shouldn’t be too difficult.

While a single door crate is more spacious, they can’t provide as much freedom as these models do, which is why many think they’re better for rotational use only, meaning they should only be used when you’re about to leave or arrive home at the end of the day.

However, if you live in a house with several entrances, getting something like this would make it easier to transition from one side of your home to another without any hassle whatsoever.

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