5 Best Window Sill Protector For Dogs

Dogs can damage the interior, especially at the point where they stand to see outside view. While seeing outside, they become excited, and their sharp claws damage the sill that cost yours after repairs, either you are living in your own house or a rented one. A best window sill protector for dogs specially made to make a barrier between the dog’s feet and sill is the best solution.

A best window sill protector is made with plastic or mixed material, which acts as a strong barrier between dogs’ sharp claws and sill and protects the sill from scratches.

Our beloved pets can do the damage, and we are well aware of it; we cannot stop them from looking outside because it’s their favorite activity when there is no one near. Usually, when dogs become bore inside, they start watching outside and enjoy the traffic out there, people passing through, and dogs out here.

Instead of restricting their access to the window, it will be a better idea to install and sill protector so the dog can enjoy watching outside. Here are a few things that you need to consider while buying a sill protector:

  • A thick and durable solution 
  • Right size (length and width)
  • Easy to apply
  • Matches to your style 

If your four-legged friend already does the damage, prefer to buy a color sill protector to hide the existing scratches. Installing a sill protector is an inexpensive solution, so instead of providing your dog a chance to damage the sill, you must install a shield. Please visit dog training collars that we recently reviewed to make a complete guide of training before moving forward. 

Here we list some of the best options. Hopefully, our efforts will help you to select one.

1. Clear Pet Window Sill Protector - Guards Against Dog Claws

window sill protector dog

Clear Pet Window Sill Protector – Guards Against Dog Claws is specially made to keep the windows sills protected from the dogs. It’s a clear product which is available in different dimensions. You can choose the right size for your window, and its non-toxic one means it is safe for dogs as well as for human beings, easy to install, and will make a sturdy barrier between dog and window sill that will keep the interior intact.

It’s clear and super durable, only needs two minutes to install, and possible to complete the job without any tool, along with protection from dog claws, it will also protect from the impacts. TWo coming pairs that allow dual lock is also included in the package for convenience. We recommend this product mostly because it will keep you worry-free and will not incur any additional repairing cost to you in the future.

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2. M-D Building Products Clear Windows Sill Guard

Sill Nosing, White

M-D Building Products Sill Nosing, White is another clear solution that you can install anywhere, but it’s a suitable product for the window sill if your dog love to see outside from the window. Then surely he will damage the sill that may cost you a lot, but an inexpensive solution like one in the spotlight can keep the window sill protected, and you can let your dog enjoy his liberty and watch the outside sciences as he wishes.

Its made with clear pet and human-friendly material which is long-lasting and easy to fix, moreover it a large product that you can trim as per your need. A clear barrier that will keep the window sill protected and your dog can touch it again and again, and his revisits will not damage the sill.

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3. CLAWGUARD Window Sill Protector for Dogs

window sill protector dog

CLAWGUARD Protection Tape is a solution to keep your stuff protected from revisits of your dog and the claws. Its a tape a clear and soft tape that can take any shape, and due to this feature, it can be used anywhere like:

  • Window Sills
  • Cars
  • Carpets
  • Stairs 
  • Furniture 
  • Door 

Most importantly, it is a tape that you can cut and trim with the ordinary household scissor. Due to its flexibility and thickness, it can be used at any place. It is one of the best window protector for dogs.

Surely it’s a solution that you keep your assets protected from the damage that your dog can do. When applied to the window sill, you can make two layers for extra protection. Its no sticky residue and clear to match any record. In fact, your record remains visible, and there will be no effect due to its clear nature.

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4. Magnum Plastics Window Sill Protectorfor Dogs

Magnum Plastics Window Sill Protector

Magnum Plastics Window Sill Protector is a heavy-duty solution for all large and small dogs. Clear material and strong construction make it an ideal solution. It’s large and durable, easy to trim, and easy to apply. In fact, a clear solution provides ample room to keep the interior visible and does not affect its look. This is a reason we recommend clear sill protectors most. These guards make a strong and protective barrier that stops dogs’ claws from reaching the sill.

Controlling the damage is the main purpose of this window sill guard, made of PVC material similar to vinyl siding. It’s clear and high tech plastic resin that will serve you for a much longer time. Easy to install inexpensive and s single solutions for many common problems.

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5. Window Sill Nosing/Ledge Guard Protectors

Window Sill Nosing/Ledge Guard Protectors

Eagle 1 Window Sill Nosing/Ledge Guard Protector is made of tin and comes as a solid solution to protect the sill and hide the scratches. It can be easily trimmed with normal tin snips and comes in two pieces. The solid construction allows rough use like if there is a window, which is the favorite of your dog, you can protect the sill of that window with this tin sheet, it comes with all hardware needed to install it. It can be used indoors or in outdoor weather, and sharp claws cannot leave their footprints on it.

There are two options that you can use for installation. The first one is using nails, and secondly, you can glue down to fix it properly without making holes in your sill. The manufacturer is also providing customer shapes, so if you need a tailor-made solution, you can give them a call.

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6. M-D Building Products Sill Nosing, Mill

Sill Nosing, Mill

M-D Building Products Sill Nosing, Mill is another solid sill protector that can guard the sill and hide the bad stuff under its surface. If your dog has already done the damage, you can use this colored sill guard to hide the damage and let your dog enjoy his freedom and see outside through the window.

Moreover, it’s valid protection against moisture, dust, and insect, so it not only claws from which it can protect; it also a valid product for many other threats.

Final Words

A window sill protector for dogs can surely save you on future repairs, and dogs can quickly damage the sill and leave a permanent mark even if you are using solid wood or marble type sill. A protective layer keeps the interior intact and preserves the interior look. 

A lot of options available we advise you to measure your sill before buying any option and then prefer to buy a little bit bigger option as these are easy to the trip but a large piece you can cut as per your requirement and can fully cover your window sill. Choices are very few, but we try to list only the trustworthy solutions.