Best Wireless Dog Fence 5 Acres (Large Acreage) in 2024

If you have dogs on the property of five acres, then Wireless Dog Fence 5 Acres is a must for you. The wireless dog fence is also essential to keep your Pooch safe while roaming your land without using an expensive fencing system.

If you have checked into wireless options but not sure which option to select? Here in this article, we have covered some of the best options that are very suitable for 5 acres of property. 

Before moving forward and getting into the detail of wireless dog fence for large acreage let’s have a look at our top recommendations:

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Why You Might Need A Wireless Dog Fence?

Make sure that your dogs are contained in a specific area; It is necessary for their safety. When they avoid wandering off surely, they will remain safe and healthy, especially when you live near a busy road near a forest or heavily wooded area. As pet parents, we know it’s easy to distract dogs, like when they smell something strange and hear a different sound they start wandering.

Some pet parents believe that trained dogs do not need fences, but this is not the case even trained dogs out there when the smell is enticing enough. So wireless dog fence 5 acres is a definite requirement. 

You will know that it will involve many costs if you try to install the physical fence around your five acres property, especially when you are living in an open area. So here, many property owners turned towards wireless options because it provides safety with less cost and no disruption. It’s easy to install and operate.

We recently reviewed Best Long Range Wireless Dog Fences and Best Invisible Dog Fences that you might like, available on separate pages.

Would my wireless fence work for multiple dogs?

Yes, the good systems offer to add unlimited dogs in the system, you only need to buy the additional collars for the dogs you want to add in the containment system. If you have multiple dogs at your property or plan to enhance, then prefer to buy a system that offers to add unlimited pets.

Also, make sure that the collar comes with the system and available separately are suitable enough for your dogs.

How Do I Install A Wireless Dog Fence?

No digging and no wires to burry like the traditional pet containment systems; it’s easy to install. Just configure the collar and install the transmitter at a safe place, prefer to install out of your home for better and accurate coverage, set the area, and you are done with it.

It will hardly take 15 to 30 minutes to set a two dogs containment system.

1. Best Wireless Dog Fence for Large Acreage

wireless dog fence for large acreage
  • Range: 500 M Approx 1600+ feet in Radius, ideal for properties above 10 acres.
  • Easy to Install: just plug-in transmitter and tune collar.
  • For All Size Dogs: either you own small dogs or large ones, it’s for all.

It is designed to keep the dogs confined in large properties. It’s the best available wireless fence system, and we are sure your search for the best wireless dog fence for large acreage will end here. It comes with waterproof collars, which are IP67 certified, so on your large property, your dog can keep protecting your belongings even in rains and can enjoy his liberty to swim and play with water.

It’s an all-weather system; unlike other poor-quality wireless fence systems, its range will not decrease or be affected due to bad and extreme weather. In addition, it’s safe and secure because it’s crafted with 2.4GHz wireless technology, which is good to penetrate through small obstacles. So when something comes between the dog and the transmitter, the communication will not be lost.

The portable transmitter is equipped with the dog training mode, so you can also train your dog when there is a need; it will save you money on the training devices. No need to bury the wires; it’s easy to set up and will keep you worry-free from the dog side in bad weather.

Both devices, transmitter, and receiver, are equipped with high-quality, durable high capacity batteries. Collars are highly configurable, as well as lightweight, and comfortable for dogs. It depends on dogs’ human shock and training flags; you do not need to spend on training material separately. In addition, it supports multiple dogs at the same time.

2. FunAce

large acreage wireless dog fence

  • Range: 17 Acres, 500 feet in radius.
  • Easy To Install: Plug and play transmitter and easy to set up receiver/collar.
  • Suitable Neck size: Suitable for small and large size dogs.

FunAce Pet Containment System for Large Coverage Area up to 17 Acres is a blessing for large property owners; it depends on secure 2.4 GHz wireless technology, which is considered more safe and secure for communication and remains effective bad and extreme weathers. It is a most advanced system where collar sand transmitters are both equipped with the security features to keep the dogs safe from excessive and unwanted shocks in the event of unusual happenings, like power cut and when some big obstacle comes between collar and transmitter.

Either you own a well-behaved dog or an anxious pet, it can take care of all, multiple settings in the collar allow you to set the required level of correction. It is a system where you can add unlimited collars means you can administer unlimited pets with this wireless fence system for that you need to buy additional collars. 

Reahcragable collars are fully waterproof and equipped with good quality batteries, which can last for multiple days and keep the dogs confined within a defined territory. Training modes make the training period easy without hurting your dogs.


5 acre wireless dog fence

    • A perfect pet containment system, no digging, no wires to bury.
    • Collars with multiple warning functions make it easy to figure out a soft warning before the static correction.
    • Completely automatic system, easy to operate.
    • The high-quality receiver is IP67 waterproof which makes it an ideal dog training collar and pet containment device.
    • Collars can fit from 6 to 28 inches neck size, adjustable soft TPU strap.
    • You can add unlimited dogs while purchasing additional collars.
    • Display the remote range.
    • Offer effective and exact range maximum up to 500 meters.
    • The transmitter comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which makes it a perfect remote to use outdoor.

4. WIEZ Wireless Dog Fence for Large Acreage

best wireless dog fence for large acreage
    • The basic system is for two dogs, and you can enhance to unlimited.
    • The effective range of 900 feet in radios.
    • The stable and accurate system performs well in extreme weather.
    • Collars are water-resistant IPX7.

With this system, you can add unlimited dogs; collars of this system come with a durable and rechargeable battery, making the whole job easy. It is an advanced, unique, and new type of product. Its advanced electronics are capable enough to send warnings first to avoid static correction. On reentry, dogs do not receive corrections.

Danger zone warnings keep your pet safe and allow them to return to the safe area without receiving static correction.


wireless dog fence for large acreage
    • Range: 1000 feet.
    • Installation: easy to install and easy to set up collar.
    • Ideal for: all dogs, whatever their size is.

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence Pet Containment System uses 433 MHz wireless frequency that is good enough for small and medium-size properties, but it’s not good with obstacles and walls. Some of its other features are:

  • The basic system comes for one dog, but you can enhance it to unlimited.
  • Vibration and static function options.
  • Effective even in extreme weather and rain.
  • Rechargeable and durable battery.
  • Collars are waterproof and can fit any neck size.

It’s a most cost-effective solution to keep the dog confined within the boundary limits and keep him safe from outside dangers that can be life-threatening.

4 Essential Things to Consider

1. Size

Not every system made with the same standards; wireless fencing systems depend on the signal strength and quality of transmitter also matter a lot, some will only cover a small backyard, but good systems are capable enough to provide coverage up to 5 acres, so select carefully and read the specification before buying.

2. shape

The only option available is the circular radios you can decide to while keeping your property and set from the transmitter; you cannot change it to rectangular.

For better radios coverage, install that away from the wall and outside your home towards the larger area where you want the coverage and make sure moisture does not make through it.

On the other side, when setting up, making sure that your dogs have ample room to move and play within your property, a bigger boundary will be easy for dogs to distinguish.

Do not mark a boundary in a zigzag; keep it simple; It will help you train your dogs quickly.

3. Costs

Wireless dog fences are the most cost-effective solutions for pet parents with large acreage. No digging and burring cost will be involved, just a cost of the system, and you can install it on your own, which is a cost-saving advantage for you.

Training becomes easy with flags and step-by-step instructions.

4. Time

Installing a wireless pet containment system only needs a little time, as you can install it in a matter of minutes but training your dogs to respect this boundary is time taking.

The minimum required time is 15 days, and you need to conduct a daily training session with your dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they do. Modern large acreage wireless dog fences come with options where you can set the stimulation level to maximum. That helps to get a better response from your dog. Moreover, training matters a lot. Right training helps your dog to learn how to act when he gets a correction.

Proper installation and role of trainer matter most. At first the wireless must be installed correctly and by a professional if you can afford. Secondly train your dog well that how to behave when he get a warning or a other signal from his collar.

Final Thoughts

All the system listed in wireless dog fence 5 acres can contain your pets within the boundary even in extreme weather. Collars are waterproof, but the transmitter is not, so install them safely. Before buying any option, consider your budget and the number of dogs this will make it possible not to pay extra.

The product at our number one is the most recommended option from our side, but cost-effective options are also available in the list you can go for that. Our top choice will keep your pet safe with no disruption and made to withstand the extreme elements.

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